Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 edge updates bring battery life improvements


Fresh software updates are a nice way to cure a case of the Mondays, and apparently T-Mobile feels the same way.

New updates are now being pushed out to the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge. The edge-less GS6’s update bumps the phone to baseband version G920TUVU2COF8 and includes some battery improvements. Meanwhile, the GS6 edge is moving to baseband version G925TUVU2COF8, and it’s getting battery improvements and a fix for the Cocktailbar error.

These updates may not have huge changelogs, but I think we can all agree that battery life improvements are always welcome. If you’ve got a Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 edge, keep an eye out for these updates in the coming days. Those of you that are feeling impatient and try to pull the update by going into Settings > About device > Software update > Ok.

Sources: T-Mobile Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge

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  • Abay Tadesse

    So far, ram managment has also improved. Not quite perfect, but a huge step in the right direction. Hopefully 5.1.2 or 6.0 will compeltely solve the problem.

    • dontsh00tmesanta

      not a google problem but a samsung one

    • calvin35

      I have a T-Mobile S5 and the 5.1.1 update is the worst update I’ve ever had on Android. Multitasking is terrible ever since the update with apps being closed very quickly in the background. I won’t be leaving T-Mobile but I will be leaving Samsung if they continue produce phones that can’t multitask. Is the S6 any better at keeping apps open after the update? Not constantly closing apss in the background would be a good way to save battery.

  • sidekicker89

    my Galaxy S 5 is so laggy after the last update!

  • resource

    Gmail sync still broken on the S6.

    Oh and Android 5.1 destroyed the S5.

    • KChristainsen

      Yep, Lollypop has killed my wife’s GS5. On a replacement phone to see if its any better but i doubt it will. Unfortunately my LG G3 is not much better.

  • Joe

    How about memory management samsung? My phone force closes apps while using them, has completed frozen up 3 times where I need to hard power off, my dad’s s6 is even worse of a nightmare than mine it can take 5 sec to get the home screen after clicking home, and it lags like a 4 year old phone from 2011.

    • mreveryphone

      I thought I was the only one experiencing this… In every other forum no one else was having this issue and I was told I had a fake s6 edge… I still say 5.x.x is not optimized to these beefy specs in this phone

      • eric

        Definitely not the only one. Not sure yet if this update fixed or helped the problem, have to give it some time to see. Seems ridiculous Samsung can’t get such an obvious problem fixed though.

      • dontsh00tmesanta

        everyone experiences it but most do not even notice

  • mreveryphone

    My battery life is average at best… I hope the note has that 4100mAh battery… I’ll be going back to the note for sure… Hopefully they get the s7 right

    • mreveryphone

      Just clicked check for updates and it’s downloading as we type…

    • steven berson

      It amazes me how they decided to put a smaller battery then there previous model.

      • mreveryphone

        Yeah… That’s half ass backwards

        • steven berson

          If they didn’t want to invest in a new battery they should of just used the 2800mah on the s5. They probably have a shit load in inventory anyway. The efficiency of the new phone and 2800mah battery would of been ideal.

    • Marcus

      I’ve had the GS6 since April 1st and have always had great battery life, I guess it depends on the apps you install and the settings you use.

      • mreveryphone

        I don’t consider myself a power user but I would like to make it through a whole day… Some days I don’t… I thought the battery would hold up due to the new tech they threw in this thing but the age old problem still exist…

        • Use Debloater (no rooting required) to disable the crapware your carrier installed on your phone. With my LG G4, I went from out of juice by 8pm to 50% after disable several worthless packages. Google for it.

  • meach13

    Should have done Advanced Messaging at the same time.

    • Chris

      No, because then the update would’ve been delayed and customers would’ve been mad.

      These software updates have been in certifications / testing months before it gets released.

      It’s much more valuable for them (for their image and their developers) to release this one out. and have another incremental in a few months.

      • Don Goyo

        I wonder how many months, tests, certifications…the 5.1 GS5 update went through…

  • mekso

    Is advanced messaging coming to Note 3?

  • Jimmy James

    For myself so far, this has fixed the issue where it was showing two voicemail notifications. I would get one for dialing voice mail and one for the voicemail app. Now it is just showing the app notification as it should.

    • mreveryphone

      What about the hangouts pop up bug

  • vinnyjr

    little snappier I think. I just like updates.

  • Rydnlow

    Well after the update battery life is worse. Google Services and Android OS both using more than the screen. Cleared cache and all that good stuff. Good 20% used by these in background.

  • J.P. Avila

    This site officially sucks now. I don’t like these bulk updates at one time. I really miss our old TMoNews guy, he was a lot better about updating this as things happened.

    • thepanttherlady

      Alex was recently married and on his honeymoon. Things are getting back to normal. Take a deep breath, it’ll be ok.

      • J.P. Avila

        Omg I feel like an ass. Lol. Congrats on the marriage!!!

        • thepanttherlady

          No worries. Unless you read through the comments on other articles, you wouldn’t have known. :) Glad you’re here!

  • Andre Rosas

    Why are the updates weighing different..I received 103mb and over on Sammobile site there’s ppl getting a 230mb update and talking bout ram fix and battery fix…um in California anyone get 230mb update in the STATES??????

  • Andre Rosas

    Just seen a post on Twitter with a pic showing 83% with 43 hours remaining wtf um at 71% with 6 hours left smfh

  • Suhas

    Samsung S6 edge had very serious problem of calls getting drop

  • FCoulter

    I was hoping that the update would include the fix for the text messaging security lapse. I should have known better.
    I wonder how long, or if at all, that security hole will remain part of the phone’s software.