Lumia 640 finally available from T-Mobile, yours for $130

Lumia 640

It seems an age has passed since Microsoft announced the 640 and 640 XL at MWC in Barcelona. But at long last, the phone is available to buy from T-Mobile. It’s good timing too, since it just about fits in to the carrier’s promise of releasing it “later this Spring”.

The phone can be yours for $129.84 full retail price, or on EIP with $0 down and 24 monthly payments of $5.41. And I have to say, at that price, this is an awesome phone. I reviewed it recently and was surprised at just how good the device is for the money. It has a good screen, great camera and battery life. What’s more, Microsoft’s ecosystem of apps and games seems to be improving all the time.

Key Specs include:

  • 5.0-inch, 720 x 1280 resolution IPS LCD ClearBlack display
  • Corning Gorilla Glass 3
  • Snapdragon 400 quad-core 1.2GHz processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8GB storage (expandable up to 128GB)
  • 8MP rear camera with 1080p video
  • 1MP front camera with 720p video
  • 2,500mAh removable Li-Ion battery
  • Windows Phone 8.1 with Lumia Denim (Upgradeable to Windows 10 when available)
  • 4G LTE with support for all three T-Mobile bands (2,4 & 12)

If you plan on buying the phone, let us know how you get on. In my mind, it’s one of the best value smartphones on the market and one of the most pleasant Windows Phones I’ve used so far. Hit this link┬áto check it out on T-Mobile’s store page.

Source: T-Mobile Store

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  • archerian

    Unless someone needs this urgently, better to wait for a few months and get it for around $50 from Amazon with Bestbuy price match.

    • Gary K

      My local Walmart has a display with a price tag of $99.99 but does not have it in stock yet.

  • besweeet

    Hmm… Decent replacement for a barely-working Lumia 925? Although 925’s in decent, used condition go for less than $90 on eBay.

    • JLV90

      For 100 brand new it’s a good replacement with more T-mobile bands and native wifi calling as well as VoLTE

      • besweeet

        $140 isnt’ as attractive as $100 :/.

        • JLV90

          it’s 100 at walmart.

        • besweeet

          Ah, found it.

  • Bronwyn Charles

    Unfortunately as of now it isn’t available through My T-Mobile for existing customers to upgrade and it isn’t available in tele-sales or the CS dept. inventory yet so existing customers may have to wait a while.

    • Daniel Darnell

      I bought one today at a local Walmart for $100, they only had one but I’m glad to get it. So far really happy with the phone and it’s quite an upgrade coming from a 635.

    • computermaximus

      It is available to upgrade via My T-Mobile. Tele-Sales have no idea about the phone. CS helped me out but you can’t buy outright. Tried to buy they said only available via EIP. I laughed.

    • ElliotDude

      just see if any are available at surrounding Wal-marts. I picked up two and popped in my SIMs. I will be selling my LG G3 units as these 640s will work for 1/3 the cost.

  • JR

    This phone was suppose to be available in April. Is Microsoft still liquidating the 635? T-Mobile existing customers will probably not see this until July or later. Frustrating at best.

  • Ordeith

    My God, FINALLY.
    I almost lost interest.

    • jay_max

      As a Cricket customer, did you really even have interest to begin with? Come on…

      • Ordeith

        As a T-Mobile customer. Yes. Yes I did.

  • Brian Kirby

    The 635 was $168 last year when I bought one. Boy, do I feel cheated!!!

    • Ordeith

      Of course if that means I will be able to pick up a 640 with Windows 10 in a year for $50 I’m all for it. :)

      • fentonr

        Well, this isn’t on T-Mobile exactly but I saw that Metro-PCS is going to be selling it for $39 after instant rebate on the 22nd. Might be worth finding out if it will take a T-Mobile SIM or what it would take to get unlocked. I don’t know if T-Mobile locks down Metro-PCS phones to not accept T-Mobile SIMs.

        • PHL

          Only problem is i think you need to activate the phone for the instant rebate. So that’s another $30-40 minimum right there. Latest I’ve heard is that Metro phones are locked. Not sure how long you need to keep the plan active before they’ll unlock it.

    • Brent Peterson

      feel for ya but microsoft had for 129.99 and add $49 for 2 year insurance plus a nokia shell it was best deal i found

  • VG

    It looks like the B&H web site is now selling the unlocked dual-SIM Lumia 640 XL for $270. According to the specs, this model supports 13 different LTE bands (including Band 12). Very tempting upgrade for my old Lumia 925. Probably doesn’t support T-Mobile WiFi Calling, but should work on T-Mobile nicely. Much better phone than the 640, but double the price.

    • VG

      FYI: it’s the RM-1065 model available in 4 colors (black, blue, orange & white). $269.99 includes free expedited shipping. All versions listed as “in stock”.

    • Ben

      I have this XL phone , works great on all bands, band 12 also. It is a awesome phone. Hope windows puts more app to its store.

    • Brent Peterson

      640 lumia has wifi calling, fyi

  • Ryan

    Is this a better phone than an HTC One M7 (boomsound aside)? I need a new phone and I’m on a budget, I’d appreciate the advice.

    • HTC SuX

      Anything is better than an HTC phone. Fact.

    • JLV90

      I wouldn’t say better, but it’s a really good phone for 100 if you buy at walmart.

    • notyourbusiness

      I have the One M7. Yes, this is a much better phone. I don’t have the 640 (yet), but I’ve had other Windows Phones and they’re smooth, reliable and a joy to use. Amazing screen, no lag, great cameras. You won’t regret it.

    • fentonr

      Specs might be a bit lower, but from a usability standpoint, I doubt you’ll notice a difference.

  • I’m getting this asap.

  • Derek

    Too little too late. I wanted this phone 3 months ago when it was announced. Ive already moved on back to Android. The way this phone launch was handled was extremely poor.

    • Yawn

    • fentonr

      Unfortunately, that’s true of all of T-Mobile’s Windows Phones. Not sure why they seem to be able to handle launching every other phone fine, just seem to screw up all of the Windows Phones.

      • JonBarros

        they handled the launch on cricket just fine, not to mention the rest of the world. so maybe it was a tmobile problem.

  • Raiterio Patterson

    With the addition of this phone, it brings the total of phones that support band 12 to 12. Cool beans!

  • Too late. I’m waiting on the Lumia 940 XL, which I strongly hope have Bands 2 and 12 LTE, regardless of whether it’s unlocked or not. I don’t have disposable income like most other commenters on here.

  • Nearmsp

    I would love to buy an unlocked version of this for use overseas on local sim cards during my travels. T-Mobile sells all phones including fully paid out in locked condition and then they have this 60 day usage to be anle to inlock fully paid off phones. They should sell unlocked versions too. They could make some money. I bought none of our 4 Iphones from Tmobile for this very reason.

    • David

      It’s a 40 day unlock policy.

    • fentonr

      Amazon has an unlocked version of this phone. Microsoft usually sells it unlocked through their website, I don’t see them yet, but I’d be a bit surprised if it doesn’t show up sooner or later.

  • Brent Peterson

    hey y’all let’s focus, I bought my lumia 640 at Walmart for $99.99 and added the $24.99 for 2 year insurance, then ordered the cyan shell from amazon, as after a lengthy hour drive, microsoft had neither the phone or shells. Wtheck

  • Keith Hooker

    Now available online at Walmart for $99.99 but only for local pickup.

    • PHL

      Does the Walmart version also come with Office 365 for a PC/Mac install?

      • Keith Hooker

        Don’t know, I just ordered mine a minute ago. Guess I’ll find out when I pick it up later today.

        • PHL

          I got one to evaluate. No Office code inside the box, as far as I can tell.

        • Ordeith

          you would get the code by installing the Office 365 Gift app from the Windows Store.
          I would link to it directly, but this site doesn’t allow links in comments.

        • PHL

          Thanks. I found that gift code as well. It’s pretty well hidden.

  • AlanHouston

    Rumours suggest MetroPcs stores may sell it for a really goofy price such as $30 or $50. It would be a cheap way to try out the world of Windows.

    People complain about a lack of Windows apps but many older folks (AARP members) use their phone only for phone calls, texts, and maybe for navigation around town. A $50 phone that does those things well would meet those needs very well.

  • Ben Oppenheimer

    I want to make sure that the T-mobile version of the Microsoft Lumia 640 for $130 has band 12 (700 MHz) before I buy it. According to the discussion here and the T-mobile website, the answer is yes; however according to multiple salespeople at T-mobile stores here, the answer is an emphatic no. I guess this is a new phone so not everyone knows about it, but I could imagine there are a couple versions of the phone and not all have band 12. Any advice here?

    • Main Line Wireless

      I own the phone and can emphatically state that it has LTE band 12. The website is the most reliable. It even tells you that band 12 is lower 700 MHZ T-Mobile/US and that band 17 is lower 700 MHZ AT&T US. The difference between the AT&T/Cricket model which is blue and the T-Mobile/MetroPCS model, which is white, is of course the WiFi calling feature and also the WCDMA, AWS, HSPA+ (there are so many names for this 3G, what T-Mobile called 4G before LTE came out. It really depended on the speed of your phone. The original HSPA started at like 7.2. The most recent ones just before LTE came out was up to 42.) T-Mobile is refarming the 1700 band for LTE. Any factory unlocked model is basically an AT&T phone. If you want WiFi calling and WCDMA band 4, 1700 MHZ, you need a T-Mobile phone. This is true of every phone. Even the iPhone has the same model number for both T-Mobile and AT&T. But the only way to get WCDMA band 4 and of course WiFI calling is a T-Mobile or MetroPCS model. Basically, if you’re going to be using T-Mobile or MetroPCS you should without a doubt use one of their phones. It’s the only way to have all of the features and the frequencies for their system.By the way, the reason that AT&T only has the 640 XL is because they just added the Lumia 830 last year. It’s WAY too big and more then TWICE the price from AT&T. You can walk into any Walmart and buy the 640
      with no service for $99.00 plus tax in the Simply Prepaid packaging. It’s not even on T-Mobile’s website. But MetroPCS gives you an instant $60.00 off and a $30.00 mail in rebate. Final price $39.00. I have both phones. They are IDENTICAL. Only when it powers up does it say the carrier. Cricket put their name
      on the back cover. The white is the nicest by far. T-Mobile/MetroPCS can do no wrong. MetroPCS is the only prepaid carrier with mobile hotspot and the only one with unlimited 4G LTE data. You can’t get either that with Simply Prepaid from T-Mobile. And you get 6 GB of data for mobile hotspot with the MetroPCS unlimited plan. For $80.00/month from T-Mobile, $20.00 more then MetroPCS, you get taxes, fees, and 1 more GB of mobile hotspot, 7 GB. And with MetroPCS even the
      hotspot is unlimted, just throttled at 6 GB. It’s hard capped on T-Mobile postpaid.
      T-Mobile does have 2 lines for $100.00. That’s a great plan. Best phone ever for the money. I will never spend more then this for a phone again.