John Legere: Don’t let Dumb and Dumber bulldoze American wireless consumers

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In his latest vlog published just a few hours ago, John Legere pleads with American wireless consumers not to let AT&T and Verizon (Dumb and Dumber) get in the way of a competitive low-band spectrum auction. As you almost certainly know by now, T-Mobile is due to take part in a 600MHz spectrum auction next year. If successful, T-Mobile could land some valuable low-band spectrum to help expand its coverage in to rural areas and build a stronger network with better building penetration.

The FCC already changed the rules last year to reserve a portion of the spectrum for carriers/companies who don’t currently own a lot. Sadly, it still left a huge amount unreserved spectrum which will almost certainly go to the big two carriers. Since last year’s decision, T-Mo’s been pushing the Commission to make even more spectrum available. The logic is that Verizon and AT&T already have so much low-band goodness, why help them grab more when carriers like T-Mobile could mount a serious competitive challenge by winning a bunch?

If you want to join in the move to unseat the duopoly as spectrum favorites, you can join T-Mobile’s side by sharing your thoughts with the FCC on Twitter or heading over to

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