T-Mobile gives Cincinnati’s LTE network a speed bump

cincinnati copy
A couple of readers got in touch with us over the past couple of days to inform us of some very interesting and promising network news from Cincinnati. It looks almost certain that T-Mobile has upgraded the network to a 10+10 network meaning residents on T-Mobile now have twice as many “data lanes” to use. Speed tests done by these readers show that the new network has significantly improved download speeds. Although they’re not quite Wideband LTE speeds, they are hovering around the 50-60Mbps mark.


You may remember, the major Ohio city only got LTE for the first time last year. It was deployed on the carrier’s 1900MHz band 2 frequency. Since then we’ve also seen sightings of the 700MHz band 12 network in operation there too.

If you’re a resident, let us know if you’ve noticed the increased speed over the past week or two. With this new network update you should definitely see some faster downloads now. What’s more, if you have a band 12 compatible phone, you should also notice better building penetration.

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  • AxelCloris

    I’m guessing this must be happening closer to the hear of the city. I’m in Blue Ash, about 12 minutes north of downtown, and I haven’t noticed any change in the area of my office. I haven’t checked the speeds around my house recently but I’ll certainly check later tonight.

    • JB45

      Warren County also got the speed bump to 10mhz LTE. Butler County is the only county that is still running on 5mhz LTE

      • Nick

        Yeah hopefully btler will get 10 MHz soon. I know they have the spectrum in place to do so.

        • Jess

          Y’all don’t need it! LOL. :-)

        • Nick


        • Jess

          He he he ☺

  • sushimane

    Spartanburg,sc also got a speed bump into use to average around 30 mbps but now I’m getting 50-60 mbps. Pretty nice but I’m moving to massachusetts in July so im going to get even more faster and 700mhz

    • Jay J. Blanco

      Still waiting for wideband and here in the capital city. Luckily we have DC HSPA.

    • vinnyjr

      Live in a suburb of Boston, get over 50mb down and 25 up. gets faster every month. very happy

  • John Wilson

    I noticed faster speeds last night in Florence at the Florence/Burlington exit but it went back to normal slow speeds just a few miles away. I saw band 12 once just after it was posted it was available. Haven’t seen it since.

  • What what

    I got 41 down 18 up in Sharonville.

  • calvin200

    This is one of those cases where using a speed test would show improvements more accurately. Rootmetrics them dead last in almost everything.

    • Terry

      This is one of those cases where a person just can not stand a positive story. Improvement is improvement, let the People of Cincinnati rejoice in the fact that they have LTE and now even slightly Faster LTE.

      • calvin200

        I’m also glad for the customers. I was actually agreeing with Legere when he said that speed tests shows improvements more promptly than sights like Rootmetrics. It was a side point not meant to be argumentative.

  • refarmallpcsandchan51nowplease

    Got only 49 Mbps max. 13 up.
    PSA/warning: if the “Hosted by” server in speedtest.net app is not T-Mobile, the test will eat into your data allowance. Make sure not to use the Cincinnati server.
    I had a long unpleasant conversation with a representative last night. One doesn’t even know what speedtest.net is; another didn’t know that speedtest should not take data allowance.

    Now i burned all my data mostly through speed test.

  • Mike

    I’m downtown Cincinnati and only seeing 5.9 down and 8 up on an Xperia Z3

  • timmyjoe42

    I was complaining about ridiculously slow speeds downtownon my Nexus 5 for the past few months. I was getting .3 mb/s download speeds when on LTE. I called T-Mobile and they put in an engineering request to look at it. I changed my cellular network to 3G for improved speeds.

    Testing it out now gave me 3G speeds of 3.14 and LTE speeds of 6.33. It’s not great, but I’ll take any improvement that I can get. LTE network congestion downtown must be ridiculous.

  • TK – Indy

    How’s the footprint? Those speeds are fine, but I wonder how far they extend.

  • MagicMiguel

    So, for us non-network engineering types, what exactly does 10+10 mean? Are there better options?

    • Justin Smith

      10×10 means that you should be able to get speeds of up to the 60mbps range with 5 bars. It also allows double the amount of users on the network compared to 5×5.

      My explanation is a little complicated still but the jist of it is that the more you add to a network ex.(5×5,10×1,15×15,20×20) the faster and better the network will be.

      • Jay Holm

        Wish there were more 20×20 markets!

  • TK – Indy

    My daughter will be at Kings Island next weekend with her T-mobile line, how are things there? Also, she will be traveling down I74 to get there – I think there is not much coverage along the route. Has this changed?

    • Rory Crabbe

      Kings island has decent T-Mobile coverage. 3-5 bars, depending where you are. Shouldn’t drop below 3, due to the place being basically flat.

      • TK – Indy


        • JB45

          PKI has 10mhz LTE too should see good speeds as well.

    • YABD

      I74 coverage spotty, only calls and 2 or 3 bars and some places dead. If traveling from Indy it is a joke.

  • Jaramie Black

    Now fix Wilmington, Nc. Crap speeds and terrible signal the last 3+ months is starting to get annoying.

    • Justin Smith


      • Jaramie Black

        Of my speeds?

        • Justin Smith


  • wirelessnet2

    augusta georgia got a bump too. Just clocked in 106 Mbps at my church

  • Justin Smith

    The app itself is white listed on the T-Mobile network, so it shouldn’t matter what server you use.

    • Walt

      Same thing happend to me. Call and complain. They will credit your account for a free month like they did mine

      • kev2684

        are you looking at data allowance counted by your phone, not T-Mobile? whatever data comes in and out will be counted on your phone but on T-Mobile side, they remove speed test app and music data on qualifying plans. check their website for more accurate reading.

  • Johnnola504

    As of about 3 weeks ago, have been getting 35 down and 15 up inside my house. this blows away what I used to get with Verizon and Sprint.

  • Nicholas Barbati

    100+ in daytona beach 3aweosme

  • Xmill31

    Just got 17 down and 10 up in Western Hills. It used to be between 4-6 on both.

  • Jess

    Now looking forward to B12! :-)

    • eAbyss

      Take your vitamins! :-)

      • Jess

        Lmao!!! Damn that never even crossed my mind lol. Good one :-)

  • keith

    In blue ash Ohio I am getting 50/15

  • tmo3

    In Miami twp, Ohio I just got 30 down and 12 up

  • mary5652


  • Jess

    http://i.imgur.com/ijFWDvA.jpg my latest speed test here in Northern KY

  • eAbyss

    With 50-60Mbps LTE speeds who needs wideband? Right now I’d settle for stable LTE at any speed where I live. I kind of live in a dead zone where it’s iffy whether you’ll be able to get HSPA+, UMTS, or even EDGE but yet T-Mobile frustratingly claims is all solid LTE. It’s about an 8 mile drive in any direction to find a stable LTE connection (with very spotty LTE along the way). I wish they’d get on that band 12 rollout up here in Washington especially with T-Mobile being headquartered here and all.

    P.S. You couldn’t find a clearer picture of Cincy?

    • SBacklin

      Where in WA are you? I live in the West Seattle/Burien area. The times I used Android in the last month, I haven’t seen any band 12. However, I was driving along 509 SB and at the intersection to turn onto 518 going east and saw a tower. According to antennasearch, that is TMUS tower with what looks like a 700MHz panel on it. The site also said that TMUS got permission and did update it in April. I’m gonna try and take pics tomorrow to confirm. Assuming all is true, its begun.

      • eAbyss

        I’m over the water in the Port Orchard area. I’m not aware of any B12 deployed in anywhere in Washington but seeing an antenna is a good sign that work has begun.

  • AngusMightHaveABeef

    At this point I’d be happy to get 4Mbps/4Mbps in Louisville, KY.

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  • YABD

    I think any speed after 4Mbps is fast enough to stream videos and music. Other than that it is extra.