T-Mobile clear to launch 700MHz band 12 LTE in New York City

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 20.42.59

On Periscope, last night, John Legere confirmed that New York City should start to see some Band 12 LTE action at long last. As in many markets, one of the big obstructions to getting the 700MHz network live in New York has been TV broadcast channel 51 interference. In the often mentioned map by DanRant from Reddit, the areas affected and blocked by interference are indicated using the red circles (as seen in the screenshot above).

Yesterday, a deal was agreed which would see T-Mo be able to roll out its low-band spectrum in the Big Apple. One of our readers managed to capture the moment and uploaded it to YouTube. You can view that short video clip here. For those sensitive to the F-Word, be warned, he uses it towards the end of the 15-second clip.

Exactly how long it takes to go from this agreement to getting the network activated, I’m not sure. But this a major step to ensuring that T-Mobile’s network better penetrates buildings in New York. So I guess that’s one less thing for Donald Trump to moan about.

Thanks, John and William.

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