On May 13: T-Mobile will give you $100 for buying a Samsung Galaxy phone and tablet together

Galaxy S6
T-Mobile is set to launch a new Samsung promo in which it aims to tempt customers to buy a new Galaxy flagship smartphone and a tablet together. The company sent out communications to staff earlier this morning stating that customers buying a qualifying Samsung phone and tablet together will get a $100 T-Mobile Prepaid MasterCard. The deal is good across all channels from May 13.

Handsets included in the deal are the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge. The tablets eligible will be the Galaxy Tab S and the Galaxy Tab 4.

As you’d expect there are a few terms and caveats to wade through. Customers won’t have to buy both devices on the same day, but they will need to buy them both on EIP and make the second purchase within 30 days of the first. The second device also has to be upgraded or activated on a postpaid rate plan. This could include the “Best Tablet Plan in Wireless”/match your phone data tablet plan. Both devices have to be active and with payments up to date when the $100 rebate is processed in order to get the Prepaid MasterCard.

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Once all those criteria have been met by the customer, they mail their receipts off and should expect to receive their $100 prepaid card back within 8 weeks of the second device receipt being accepted.

I’ll be interested to see how many people sign up for this offer, given the fact that customers will effectively have to sign up for two EIPs and have two plans running, just to get $100 back in a couple of months, on a prepaid card. Maybe I’m just cynical, and maybe this is an awesome offer. But considering it only includes the most expensive Samsung phones, I’m not seeing it as being of tremendous value. What do you think? Are you in the market for a new Samsung phone and tablet?

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  • Frankwhitess

    Dam…… Keep the $100.00, Give me MORE Data!!!!!!!!!! I’ll buy both of them at full price if you give me 20 gigs of tablet A month for $10.00 with the normal unlimited plan….. Yes,… Data is that more valuable to me..


      I love my Phablet Nexus 6 best of both worlds with T-Mobile Unlimited data its all the computer and phone that I need…………………………….

  • PmC

    I’m in the market for a new smartphone, and am probably going to buy a Note 4. I guess I’m also technically in the market for a new tablet, since my Nexus 7 was stolen, but I don’t think this deal is worth it considering what those two new devices will do to my monthly bill…

    • brybry

      it’s really not. Plus samsung tablets value drop like nothing else. If you dont need android, i’d pickup a unlocked 4g ipad mini 2 or air on ebay anywhere from 230-400 bucks depending on the storage needed

  • brybry

    No thanks

  • Sean

    I’m good. My iPad Air complements my Galaxy S6 pretty well.

  • Derek Brooks

    You want me to add 40 to 60 to my bill for 2 years just to get a $100 card thanks but no thanks

    • BillSmitty

      Ha, yeah, big deal. $100 off a Galaxy S6 only and now we’re talking.

      • Cam Bunton

        Or even taking $100 off the total Retail price of both devices at time of purchase, or crediting it to your bill when you’re in store. Something.

        • skywalkr2

          Agreed. When I went to TMO from ATT I think it took almost 3 months to get my gift card.

  • Satisfied

    I’m good with my Note 4.

  • It would be nice to see promotions like this with Windows phones/tablets too.

    • JLV90

      We’ll probably see something when Surface 3 with LTE and phones with windows 10 are released. Supposed to be 2 high spec devices coming out by the end of the year.

  • ssjchaseutley

    Would rather have Lollipop for my SG4.

    • no2apple

      How about you upgrade phones every 3 years….LOL

      • ssjchaseutley

        Oh sure, give me money and I’ll go get a new phone.

      • Zed

        Hey look, another ignorant person who doesn’t realize that every other major phone that was in galaxy s4’s generation has been updated to Lollipop. And every other variant and version of the S4 has been updated to Lollipop in the US and internationally except the T-mo version. But yeah we here on T-Mobile should be the ones who need to buy a new phone while everyone else’s gets an update right?

      • RLB63

        The sg4 was top of the line less than 2 years ago. Maybe you should know your facts before making stupid comments.

      • Luck

        Yeah, why NOT? why we should buy a phone every two years? Only because is T-mobile is lazy and stupid not to update S4? Even sprint updated S4 (verizon and ATT already did). In fact, for many of us who bought S4, two years in not over yet. I bought in Oct 2013 with good money. I am still paying for it. Lollipop was released when S4 was less then 18 months old. Samsung released update. Everybody else (including SPRINT) released. T-mobile sucks.

        • IceMan

          I like how you emphasize Sprint being the carrier that is bad with updates. Sprint’s known for being the best with phone updates. Verizon is the one you’d want to compare updates with.

  • Mark McCoskey

    When Samsung comes out with a 7″-8″ smartphone, then I’ll upgrade. I want a tablet that also makes calls. 1 device, not 2.

    • JC

      you can make calls on the samsung tablets as long as you have a samsung phone and you know how to use Sync 3.0. This app will allow you to have your phone on your tablet screen and make calls using your tablet speakers

  • wetnoodl .

    Any news on when the lumia 640 is going to be released on Tmobile?

  • Wow, spending over $1000 to get a $100 gift card? That’s an offer to set one back over $900!

    • Philip

      Plus paying another $10 a month for the tablet data that you don’t need.

  • B.Hariharan

    No way!!!I am satisfied with my iPhone 6plus,Motorola e gen 1 and Samsung tab 2!!

  • RLB63

    Hate the sg6. Do not even a consideration. Might think about it if they had the sg5. Though I don’t think I would even then.

    I’m waiting to see if Samsung makes the sg7 with a replaceable battery and an sd card.

    • Joe

      Ok why is removable battery so important. I had the s2 the battery life suked I also had a spare battery but still maybe used the spare only like 10 times just cuz it was such a hassle to keep them both charged. Now I do get the SD card slot even though I never used it I still like having the peace of mind that I will never run out of storage. And I would like to c a 3,000 mah battery in the s7 so that we can finally get 2ish day battery life.

      • MadJoe

        The battery is important because if you plan to hang onto your device longer than 1.5 to 2 years, the battery will start to fade, so being able to replace it is a nice option. If you trade your devices in, or just toss them in the trash after that time, then removable battery probably doesn’t matter to you as much.

        • Joe

          Actually I don’t trade my devices in as I had an s2 for 3 years. And the battery was still holding its charge fairly decent even though it never had good battery life. I do get what u are saying but if they could save space by not making it removable and adding an extra 200mah in that space than its a good trade off in my opinion and if you have 2 day battery life than in 4 years you will still be getting 1 day battery life so yeah.

  • Verizonthunder

    T-Mobile is upgrading Baltimore to wideband! Just got a response from T-Mobile they are currently upgrading the towers!

  • Derek

    I don’t know anyone or anyone who knows anyone who has purchased a tablet from a phone carrier. I could only see businesses and corporations actually doing that and 9 out of 10 times, they have the money and don’t care about rebates/incentives.

    • 21stNow

      Hi Derek, I’m 21stNow! I bought my Galaxy Note Pro from Verizon Wireless.

    • fhritp

      That’s interesting, I talk to a lot of people everyday who already own one through a cell phone carrier.

  • Derek

    It’s stupid promotions like this, that keep the “uncarrier” still grouped together with the rest of Americas stupid carriers.

  • 21stNow

    No, not in the market for a new Samsung smartphone or tablet. I already have the ones that I want.

    I (again) think that T-Mobile needs to drop the UnCarrier slogan. By requiring a customer to sign up for EIP to get $100 off and requiring a data plan on the tablet, T-Mobile has actually done worse than a service contract for customers on these devices.

    Verizon Wireless (which many on this site call evil robbers/rapers/pillagers) even gives $100 off for the tablet purchase alone when signing a two-year contract. The phone gets even more off the device price for a two-year contract.

    T-Mobile should offer the $100 gift card to all customers without requiring the EIP agreement.

    • JC

      I hope you know that contract prices are more expensive over the two year period versus tmobile uncarrier.

      • 21stNow

        Honestly, I haven’t compared the prices since VZW instituted their latest price changes. It can be quite close for those customers that qualify for a service discount on VZW, but not on T-Mobile.

        • JC

          Look at it this way.
          Verizon contract prices. (Directly from their website)
          $140.00 per month for a galaxy s 6 and a galaxy tab 4 with a two year contract. you get unlimited talk, text, 6 GB shared between your phone and tablet and protection plan for both things. The cost over two years is $3360.
          T-Mobile uncarrier prices. $120.00 per month for the same devices. you get unlimited talk, text, 5GB for your phone, another 5GB for your tablet, (Thats 10GB between both devices), protection plan for both devices and that includes the installment plan on both. Your overall cost is $2880.
          Thats a $480 savings over two years that you can save.
          Contract prices suck.

        • 21stNow

          I don’t see the device prices factored into your VZW calculation, which would probably bring the money part closer together than $480. Maybe I overlooked it.

          Either way, the price would be the same for me, and I get more coverage with VZW. Each person has to evaluate what his cost will be, including any employer discounts that he/she would be eligible for.

  • Ha! This always happens to me. I just did exactly this two months ago (purchased Note Edge and Tab S). Figures. Oh well. I hope others take advantage as they have been pretty outstanding devices so far. In all transparency though, I have no plans to upgrade my Edge to Lollipop. I’m not hearing too many positives so far (specifically with the Edge on Lollipop).