Lumia 640 release date could be July 16th for T-Mobile customers

Lumia 640

It seems like a lifetime ago that Microsoft unveiled the latest in its lineup of Lumia devices. And by all accounts, both the Lumia 640 and 640 XL could be some of the best budget-friendly Windows Phone devices we’ve ever seen. But only one is coming to T-Mobile, and ever since they were announced we’ve seen “coming soon” plastered on the device’s product page on

Turns out, T-Mo might have been stretching “soon” to its limits, as it looks as though the 640 will finally be available to buy from the carrier on July 16. In response to a question on Twitter, the ever helpful @TMobileHelp responded with:

For Windows Phone users who like the experience offered by the lower end devices, and also like not having to shell out tons in cash, the Lumia 640 is definitely worth waiting for. Especially given that the device is not only running Lumia Denim, but also will be upgraded to Windows 10 for Phones as soon as it’s available. And from my first few hours with it at home, it performs admirably. Saying that, 4 months after being announced seems like a long wait in today’s consumer tech world.

I posted my unboxing video in an article yesterday, so those interested can get a small taster of what it’s like before it arrives in a couple of months.

Via: Windows Central

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  • VG

    If waiting until mid-July, this phone is DOA.

    • eanfoso

      DOA? You can get the cricket version, it’s already on sale and for only 129$ without contract, which is better than what t mobile will price, it has the same bands as t mobile so signal won’t be an issue.

      • VG

        DOA for T-Mobile, I mean. The Cricket version: a) is carrier-locked, so I can’t use it on T-Mobile without paying someone to unlock it; b) requires a month of service to purchase at $129, so that’s at least another $40; c) unclear if it has Band 12 for T-Mobile; d) probably won’t support T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling.

        • eanfoso

          the band 12 support I can promise you that it’ll have it, heck if the international (not for the americas version) has band 12, sure as heck the american version will, after all, it is an america-only frequency (and by america I’m referring to the continent as a whole), yes it will NOT support wifi calling at all, but you can still use apps like BBM or whatever you use to stay in touch with friends, I can tell you with complete certainty that EVEN WITH A MONTH OF SERVICE FROM CRICKET, it’ll still be cheaper than what t-mobile will sell it for, and if you were to be willing to give up a month with t-mobile, port your number to cricket for just that one month then go back to t-mobile afterwards (while they’re waiving the sim starter kit) you don’t have to add the extra 40$ extra, plus consider their service doesnt have taxes or added fees, anyway options are there bro and if you were concerned about the unlimited data cricket has 20 GB for 50$

  • Might as well as wait until Windows 10 mobile comes out. T-Mobile better be on their A-game with these phones come September!

    • phonefreak

      All wimdows phones get updated by microsoft not the carrier. I went to a windows even in kansas city kansas and microsoft comfirmed that. ANd they also comfirmed that all windows 8 phones will be updated to windows 10

  • Bert

    Wow, coming soon since March. Moving on. Really wanted this one. Not any more.

  • wetnoodl .

    Good lord why so far away?

  • that_guy

    Stretching “coming soon” to the limits indeed.

  • M

    little late i think……. Theyve lost alot of sales in taking so long to arrive, since march…
    That Said i just may still buy one but if arrived sooner maybe two or three brought. .

  • M

    Lg Stylo, here i come

  • Bob J

    Too little, way too late. This phone was announced back in February or March. Now a release date two months away? Microsoft has the oddest way of trying to catch up to other Phone OSs. At least half a dozen other compelling phones of have been announced since the Lumia 640 and will available sooner. I simply can’t my head around the long delay in the U.S. How many of us would have upgraded immediately in April if they had released the phone then? Now, I’m almost certainly going to be on a Blu phone or will move back to Android.

  • David C

    July 16?? Seriously?!

  • Ashra

    The Eff man…. I was ready to buy this when they started showing videos on the official T-Mo youtube channel, but I’m not waiting a 2 more months for this thing.

  • landmarkcm

    Really ridiculous! I am on Cricket right now and happy with My 2nd gen Moto G, But I thought about one of these also.. Why does Tmobile list things on their site and then take so long! July seems awfully far. Especially when Cricket has it already. & other outlets overseas do too.

  • anthonyfear

    You can buy it unlocked on expansys-usa.Com for $209 or get the xl version for 269.
    I’m very tempted to get the xl version but when you compare to something like the Asus Zenfone 2, it’s clear that windows phone is not quite good enough!

  • aggiefather

    Based on T-Mobile’s history with the Home Shopping Network, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Lumia 640 was offered on a Saturday morning HSN Special Event just prior to the July release date. If so, it will likely be bundled with some accessories (a car charger, screen protector, case, etc?) with free shipping and a three or four-payment plan.

  • randys123

    I’d blame Microsoft more than T-Mobile for the delays and confusion. Even after last week’s release by Cricket Wireless (yes, you can buy a Lumia 640 there NOW), and T-Mobile’s kind of projected release, when you go to the Microsoft Store (the giant’s retail site), the Lumia 640 says “Coming Soon”, with no release date. Microsoft really seems bent on making sure Windows Phone goes to an even smaller market share!

  • guatemala7

    I had the lumia 925, and was gunna give windows phone one last chance, but I just bought a Galaxy s6. Microsoft really had me hooked on the Lumia 640, but they fucked up by not releasing it.