Microsoft Lumia 640 unboxing and first look

You guys asked for it – or at least a couple of you did – so I wanted to make sure I shared this unboxing with you. Although we don’t have any concrete release date just yet, the Microsoft Lumia 640 is going to be landing on T-Mobile’s store shelves very soon. I got my hands on the unlocked international model so that you could have a quick first impressions and overview before it eventually arrives in Magenta flavor.

It features:

  • 5.0-inch, 720 x 1280 resolution IPS LCD ClearBlack display
  • Corning Gorilla Glass 3
  • Snapdragon 400 quad-core 1.2GHz processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8GB storage (expandable up to 128GB)
  • 8MP rear camera with 1080p video
  • 1MP front camera with 720p video
  • 2,500mAh removable Li-Ion battery
  • Windows Phone 8.1 with Lumia Denim
  • Upgradable to Windows 10 for Phones once available

As far as budget Windows Phone devices go, I think we could be on to a winner here and definitely one worth holding out for. From what I remember of my time with the 635, this is a much better handset in almost every way. And the great news is that it has LTE support on T-Mo, something that has been sacrificed on some other budget Microsoft devices.

What do you make of it? Will you be upgrading from your old Windows Phones?

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  • David c

    I have been waiting for this forever!! It was supposed to be released in March on tmo. No point of buying it elsewhere, because it wont have tmo wifi calling

    • Zacamandapio

      Is better reception wifi calling’s only advantage?

      • Derek

        Wifi calling is only as good as 1) the wifi speed your on, and 2) the software compressing/decompressing the voice on your phone. My galaxy S4 was awful at wifi calling despite my decent internet connection.

        • Marcus

          3) The router you are using. The T-Mobile routers are optimized for wifi calling, the others are not.

        • Ordeith

          If T-Mobile’s network were optimized for coverage WiFi calling might not be as big of a necessity.

  • jakematic

    It’s a great phone without a huge price tag – been very happy with mine for the last month or so on T-Mo.
    There’s going to need to be a seriously compelling reason for me to upgrade to a flagship Windows Phone later this year when they come out.

    Would be nice if it had Hey Cortana, but Band solves that problem anyway…

  • Derek

    I wanted one of these… but after waiting for 2 months, i couldn’t wait any longer. I went with the Blu Win HD LTE phone and never looked back. Gotta, say. I love my Blu. I like the design a lot more. The nokia’s are nice, but I always felt the buttons were kind of squishy.

  • M

    Lumina 640 or 640 xl i gonna pick up one for my daughter probably… Would have already brought two of them(One for me) but after taking so long to arrive Other Phones have started tickling my fancy… Like the LG STYLO

    Guess price on Stylo my worry but seem we will find out by the 20th……

  • “Coming Soon” I’ve seen that on T-Mobile’s page for a lot longer than “Soon”.

    • Marvin Arnold

      Would love to know what’s taking so long. E-mailed Microsoft store and they don’t know either.

  • o donis

    they already have it for it in cricket wireless

  • If this phone or the Lumia 640 XL have volte, then I will get a dual SIM version, depending upon price.

    • JLV90

      I don’t think the dual SIM will support VoLTE from T-mobile. Only official phones, Nexus, and iPhones.

  • frankinnoho

    Over at forums, someone got a tweet from tmo support with a date of 7/16, so…. not soon.

    Before you say it, there was a link to the tweet

  • Acdc1a

    I’d love to have it as a spare phone and/or a cheap way to Jump out of my S5. It seems like it’s taking an awfully long time to release.

    • Wolfenstein

      That is what I am going to do with my LG G3. This battery sucks. Then I am going to get rid of jump. I don’t see the point in paying the price of the phone in a year for such a cheap phone.

      • Acdc1a

        We are in the same boat. I can’t remember hating a phone as much as this. Maybe the Nokia 8260 but that really dates me doesn’t it?

      • the good person test

        I am thinking the same thing. I am a JUMP legacy customer and I may JUMP to this cheap (no price listed yet) phone and quit JUMP.

    • I’m selling my Asus Zenfone 2 now in anticipation of this being released soon. hopefully in the next 2 weeks

  • Chris Adams

    Nice review but I could barely hear you over the adds playing on the same page.

    • eanfoso

      He’s gotta make his money somehow

      • Ad_Happy

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        Phonedog et al simply needs to remove one or two of the obnoxious, in
        your face, loud audio, shift the page up and down, ad sites and I think
        most of us would all be happy to assist them in generating ad revenue so they are paid. But after 2 months of continuous complaining Phonedoc LLC chooses to keep them and refuses to change anything. It seems no one at phonedog seems to care about user experience.

        • eanfoso

          I don’t meant to tell you what to do, but here’s a tip, download hola browser, it’s an add on to Google chrome, the ads only come up when you’re in the US, but this let’s you browse the internet with an IP of the country of your choice, thanks to that I never have to listen to obnoxious ads when listening to YouTube either, it also goes amazing with Netflix!

  • Derek

    According to the news on windowscentral, the release date for the 640 on T-Mobile has been pushed back AGAIN to mid July.

  • Derek

    According to the news on, the release date for the 640 on T-Mobile has been pushed back AGAIN to mid July.

  • Bourgeois

    I was going to buy one and give it a try. That is, until I realized it is a micro sim card instead of a nano.

    I have an iPhone (T-Mobile) for personal and an HTC M8 Android (AT&T) for work, both use nano sim cards. I wanted to get the international version and see how a dual sim experience would be with both lines on the same phone.

    I’m not going to use a SIM card adapter and damage a phone.

    • Bourgeois

      What I really want is a dual-sim iPhone and the ability to run a vm hypervisor with a virtual android or windows phone OS.

      I know, I know… the mobile industry would have my head for even considering of such a thing.

    • jt

      They make nano to micro sim adapters that can ne had for $1 or 2 on eBay.

  • Ordeith

    Thank you for this. Nice to see.