Windows 10 for phones updates will arrive on all carriers’ phones simultaneously


If there’s one thing that’s frustrating about using carrier-locked Android phones, it’s waiting for software updates. Whether it’s having to wait months for the Android Lollipop software for the Note 4, or just waiting for a bug fix, it’s not the best consumer experience around. And it seems Microsoft will be taking a page from Apple’s book on this front in future devices.

In a post on its Ignite blog, Microsoft confirmed that it’s going to apply its “continuous update process” to every device running Windows 10 for phones. This means that – although carriers still test the software – Redmond is in charge of when it is rolled out to phones. This means, for customers, it won’t matter if you’re on AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile you’ll get your software refreshes at the same time.

Although this is great news, it’s still worth noting that it only applies to updates after Windows 10 Mobile is rolled out. In short – Upgrading from 8.1 to 10 will still be pushed by carriers. So don’t go expecting to find Windows 10 for phones available to download as soon as Microsoft makes the software public. That upgrade process could still take some time.

After that though, it’s plain sailing and you’ll get new features as soon as they’re launched. And that is pretty exciting.

Source: Microsoft Ignite Blog
Via: PhoneDog, ZDNet

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  • benjitek

    They said the exact same thing for Windows Phone 7, it won’t work out — Windows Mobile doesn’t have the clout in the marketplace to demand this. Carriers won’t devote resources to speed up their end to maintain compatibility with OS updates, so they just won’t carry Windows Mobile devices.

    The only people left with Windows Mobile phones will be those, that for some reason or another, are required to use them :-(

    • Jason Hendry

      windows phone 7 had to many things missing windows phone 8 hasn’t many and windows phone 10 is supposedly not gona have any, but then again android and iPhone lag behind my windows phone, none of them have live tiles, Cortana or here maps or even lumia camera.

      • benjitek

        “…android and iPhone lag behind my windows phone, none of them have live tiles…”

        No, but iOS and Android sure have a ton of apps, whereas the few developers for Windows Mobile are dropping like flies :-(

  • Deihmos

    Microsoft keep relaunching WIndows Phone with every release but it still fails.

  • About time. Every Windows phone that is LTE-capable should have the same updates.

    Only wish that the upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile was controlled by Microsoft for existing phones…

  • George

    This would be great if it materializes, especially for t-mobile which sucks big time with updates. (s4, s3, note2). Hopefully android will follow this with its M update.

  • UMA_Fan

    Just give it up Microsoft. No one who is invested in either iOS or Android is going to give that up and buy a windows phone.

    Also Microsoft has made this claim about updates before and at the end of the day it doesn’t matter. We’re at a point now in mobile computing where mimicking a desktop computers functions just isn’t necessary. If the biggest draw for upgrading from windows phone 8 to windows phone 10 is that apps written for desktop are going to be compatible with my phone well that’s isn’t really an appeal.

    Android and iOS have matured to a point where they work better than traditional computers what 99% of people out there use computers for.

    People bought into Macs because there existed universal pain points on windows computers 15 years ago. There are no such pain points on iOS and Android. Any of those legacy users switch to Windows Phone they are going to deal with compromises in capability… Somehow. Why switch?

    • Jason Hendry

      people are and will invest in windows you kow why, They fan base is already there and they will be using windows 10 on their home pcs, that will ignite windows phone sales, itll take 3-4 years but they will do it this time. I’m amazed you want Microsoft to give up cause if uytou only have google and apple os then guess what, your gona get higher prices, bring on the competition lets have a phone war with more companies so we pay less.

  • kev2684

    I think it’s too late for Microsoft. smartphones have reached maturity to a point where there are only 2 major OS too choose from. it’s an uphill battle for MS to be even considered a competitor with the lack of support from developers, let alone consumers. they make good hardware (nokia) but when you don’t have the apps or have to switch them with a poorly designed substitute it becomes a beautiful bright colored paper weight that shoots great pictures.

    • archerian

      Only a billion people use smartphones, the remaining 5 billion market is still available. For that market the Lumia pricing is very attractive.

      • whiskers

        Well said !

    • Keep and open mind

      The only way it’s too late for Microsoft, is if they spend all their resources creating a great product and then can’t afford to bring it to market (think Amiga). Saying it’s too late is nothing short of ignorant. Many people could have and did say the say thing about Google when Apple dominated the smart phone market. Times change and markets shift, there is absolutely no reason why Microsoft or some other yet to be seen company cannot make a splash in mobile computing and end up being the dominant player in the futrue. I fully beleive that if Continuum is as good as Microsoft is hoping and planning for, it can and will be a game changer in the mobile space. Heck, I’ve been using Android for a number or years now and am always looking at alternatives in case something will better fit my needs in the future. Who knows?… Windows Phone 10 may be just the change I’ve been looking for.

    • Jason Hendry

      yeh finishing above iPhone in 12 countries, it must be over. Actually it could be only 11 now lol.

    • JLV90

      Thats why they are making it easy to port apps from iOS or Android. Candy Crush for example is a port of the iOS version.

  • afive720

    When windows phone 7 came out, it was exciting. Back then I also happened to work in cell phone sales and was kind of upset that sprint didn’t have anything good. I ended up buying an ATT phone for a month, but canceled due to limited web and terrible service at my gym. Then, I ended up with HTC that sprint first carried. I liked the UI, I liked the performance, I really liked the potential of apps. Back then, android was very buggy still and really had major performance issues even on top of the end phones. iOS was cool, but so limited and ugly! Windows phone really was fresh. Music hub was cool, premise of iOS like updates was cool too. I dealt with bugs on windows phone, I’ve dealt with poorly coded first gen apps and poor ports. I’ve dealt with idiotic decisions by Microsoft to prevent all apps, even slacker from playing on the background and with screen lock. Then, I just couldn’t.

    Fast forward to a year and a half ago, and windows phone had some appeal to me still. I got a free lumia 920 from T-Mobile and was shocked to find out that barely anything has changed. Same old UI, barely any additions and app quality remained similar all while android and iOS have jumped leaps and bounds… Sure, camera was still very good. But man, email app was crap, not rendering ema content properly. Web browser was pure depressing, and app quality was subpar.

    Then, my company switched to verizon and we got iPhone 6 plus, I’ve been using iOS and android for personal for awhile outside of windows phone. Month later, we get free lumia icon devices to test on. Oh my fing God, I wanted to pull my hair out. Windows 8.1 update was ugly! The only thing left for windows phone was now gone… It was laggy! The UI got ugly, the new drop down menu was hideous, the new wallpaper was the same. So much premise gone…

    Bottom line, what happened to cool Nokia devices they were exciting when compared to others on the market? The well build software that was one step away from being a viable option to android or iOS?

    Microsoft had made these same promises before, several times. At this point, they’d need to prove it. I’m invested in iOS, im also partially invested in android. But, for me to want to give that up and switch to windows phone, many things have to happen that won’t. Windows phone is similar to the disaster that windows 8 on desktop was. It made me switch to OS X even, just can’t stand it. They took everything good out of windows and force fed tablet mode to every desktop user. 8.1 even worse. Now, they are attempting to return to basics with these moves, I only hope that it actually works, with time. But for now, there’s no consistency between anything. They are promising some cool features that iOS already does very well. They’re promising some cool windows sync between Desktop and mobile that iOS already does…

    But, it is a sep in the right direction. Hell, I’m running windows 10 preview on my main home rig that’s designated for gaming, it is a major step forward as compared to windows 8-8.1.

    • whiskers

      Your phone probably lagged because of all that Verizon BS they dump on the phones, my T-Mobile N925 works flawlessly with 8.1 and it’s two years old but has not failed yet .
      Love the 8.1 with the clear tiles and wallpaper behind it with the simplicity of the OS , the drop down notification works fine with me too .
      I guess it really comes down to the apps , if you really need 100’s of fart and game apps to get you through the day then WP’s won’t be your choice .
      Other than that what really can the WP not do ?
      In my opinion Cortana smokes Siri and Here Drive+ Maps makes Apple’s driving app look like a starter it with no real updates , and I won’t even get started on my Android nightmare experiences .
      Hopefully windows 10 will be a fresh start to turning windows phones around and more manufactures will offer to build phones with the OS on it for more choices .

      • whiskers

        I will also add and admit that the colored tiles on windows phones blow , thank god they added clear tiles as an option for 8.1 .
        Without the clear tile option I think the OS looks very bland and over clustered with colors which was your only option on the WP7 phones .

      • afive720

        Don’t assume, I uninstalled all bloat right away. It just didn’t feel smooth with added features. Like drop down wasn’t as smooth as overall os. Here maps sucks! Google and Apple maps are way better designed in my opinion. Again, just my opinion. But there’s a reason why every person who sells phones hates windows phone, and why nobody buys it. When I worked retail I actually advocated for it a lot before 8.1 rolled out, and I ended up winning every district award there was. I was shocked to find that the closest person to me barely sold 8 in a month! Every meeting for it we drove to, every customer, every sales rep hated it. It was very hard for the vendor to get people to change their minds on it.

        • whiskers

          “Here maps suck’ , you must be smoking some good stuff.
          Can’t tell you how many times my wife’s iPhone 5s sent us on the longest possible routes and the wrong way at times.
          Ask Siri and your lucky if it can actually understand what your asking half the time , with Cortana she gets it right 95% of the time compared to Siri .
          I know windows don’t sell like the others because they don’t have best apps yet , but I believe that will change after windows 10 .
          There is a lot of damage they have to fix after the WP8 , so it’s going to take time to change and show results .
          Of course it’s all just our opinions , what makes it great is to have other options other than Apple and Android so i’m hoping windows 10 gets it right and changes other peoples view of windows phones .

        • afive720

          Design wise they do, they also do not show nearly as much relevant stuff as competitors. Don’t get me wrong, they have a lot of potential still. There is still a market for them and room to take away some of the customers from Android and iOS.

          On iOS app quality is usually stellar. The issues you have is that some features are just plain annoying. Being on a phone call or navigating somewhere and leaving that app results in this giant blue or green bar atop that prompts you to return to the app. This bar pushes all content down and often times if you end up doing things such as texting or browsing the web, it still leaves content squished once you’ve ended that task, you manually need to close an app to get rid of it. Siri… you are right, it SUCKS. I prefer Google Now big time to it. I like the ability to type what I need to, to reference back to what I searched for. And to actually be able to find results as I type. I use Siri once a month maybe to ask basic crap such as weather. For everything else, I use Safari. There is no reason why Spotlight can’t be like Google now, as is, it’s lacking much functionality.

          Android, even if you take Nexus 6 that’s pure Google it has issues. From inconsistent battery life, to apps that are allowed to run in the background and drain your battery. Things still force close, things still get laggy. Design is better, but not as polished as iOS imo. App quality is still okay at best, and Google needs iMessage like service that’s better than current Hangouts. All third party ones kind of suck and require your friends to use that same service.

          For me to consider Windows Phone again few things need to happen. First, can we please have iMessage clone that is built in? High end hardware. Microsoft seems to want to focus on the low end marketplace since everything high end has been flopping. They need to pick a strategy and stick to it. Then, don’t add annoying overlays like iOS that push content down in order to give you a HUGE bar to press in order to return to call/navigation, not needed. Cortana I am a fan of so far, so long that it keeps on improving, I am sold on it.

        • whiskers

          You are right on one thing , Microsoft needs to step up the game with more high end phone builds and not the low end crap.
          But i’ll gladly use my Nokia any day over my wife’s iPhone .
          I don’t have the issues with my Here+ maps like your stating so I can’t respond on that , but now my wife prefers to use it over her iPhone .
          For me to consider Android again Google needs to tighten up their security flaws .
          As for Apple , they need fix Siri and driving maps to get my money.

        • Jason Hendry

          it looks like your opinons differ a lot from windows phone users that like the phone. I love here maps for what I need it for, and voice assistant well I use mine every day for nearly everything and even outside Cortana works under poor signals, that’s something the once great siri couldn’t do. If you don’t use voice assistant a lot then your missing a lot of the windows phone potential in my opinion.

      • Jason Hendry

        it don=snt mater how you cover it up windows apps overall are not up to the same quality as iPhone or android, I’m a windows phone user and that much is obvious after just a couiple of hours browsing the store. But its so much beter than what all the negative people say. I have pretty much all the apps I need but I have 2 apps id like but they are missing and 1 game that hasn’t made its way over yet. I also have about 4-5 apps that are so much beter than what I had on my iPhone, so its really horses for courses situation.
        I totally agree that Cortana is the best assistant out there, for me she was the deciding factor when I jumped ship from iPhone, and I was a siri fanboy.
        here drive even beats my tom tom that I used on the iPhone, very impressive. My camera app is fantastic and its built in the phone, to get some of the features but not quite as good you can pay 12 pounds on the iPhone for a app too.
        for me its all about live tiles, I couldn’t manage and don’t want to without them.

    • Derek

      You had me up until you said you switched to Mac from Windows 8. Then you lost all credibility. Mac OSX has gone down the tubes sense Lion and was NEVER as good as Windows. It sounds as if you’re just lazy and can’t seem to navigate away from a simple touch screen menu back to the desktop.

      • afive720

        You’re not worth it with your ignorance man. I’m stating personal opinion, I think since lion it has been nothing but great. Again, some things windows does better still, some OS X. To me, OS X works way better for my needs at work. And maybe doctor research on market studies prior to going on offense.

        • Derek

          I am a professional IT person. I use both actively all the time. My first hand experience in the IT field is my research. LOL

        • afive720

          Again matter of opinion. You’d think being an IT pro you’d at least not try to be a dick to those with different opinion. I work in design and development, I’ve worked with many companies of all sizes and can tell you that in my field, OS X makes a difference. Specially for me, specially if I need to be mobile.

    • Jason Hendry

      wow I have the lumia 930 and was 8.1 till 2 days ago. it lagged maybe 2 times in the 8 months I have used it, My iPhone would have been closer to 4-5 again very reliable too but still not to 930 8.1 lvl.. That’s a lot beter than any iPhone or android I have had. Its incredibly super buttery smooth. You must have been super unlucky cause I’m coming from a iPhone environment and I’m getting more reliability and faster phone than any of my iPhone up to and including 5. for me windows 8.1 was the first time the windows phone became acceptable. To me it was on par with the big guys but was missing a few features and very few apps.
      I agree apps over all are not the greatest quality but at the same time my third party Instagram and third party you tube app fits the wind 8.1 brilliantly and gives me a experience I feel is miles ahead of my iPhone experience. I use remotes that are exactly the same as iPhone. I also prefer Facebook. I used to love Facebook on iPhone then they changed it and brought in all these new features. Luckily windows phone doesn’t have all those changes and I love it
      I have to agree the desktop windows 10 is going well. I’m also on windows phone 10 I’m not liking the hamburger menu because I loved windows 8.1 phone method, but people like you might like it, I just feel its a big shame and a step backwards :(/

  • jj201367

    awesome i can’t wait

  • Jenny

    It’s sadly ironic that many commenters here are so adamant about being against a duopoly (AT&T and Verizon), but yet support the duopoly of iOS and Android. Sad.

    • g2a5b0e

      I’m not sure that I understand the point your trying to make. I’m supposed to buy a phone with an operating system I don’t particularly like just to not support a duopoly?

    • davidofmidnight

      To be honest, most people who ‘hate’ windows phone have never even tried one. (I’ve tried one, and they are actually nice. But not nice enough for me to use it as my daily driver.)

    • Zach Chadwick

      Personally, I’ve used Android for a month, and I didn’t like it. I’ve used iOS since 2010, and I can’t think of a more user-friendly mobile operating system. Android to me, seems to have so many settings, and hidden settings. It feels weighed down, and not optimized enough for the phones that it’s installed upon. I’ve also used a Windows Phone, and the most annoying thing, is that Tiled Start Screen. All of your Apps, are BIG, In The Way, and Blatantly ugly. iOS seems to be more harmonious, and packs horsepower while keeping everything minimalistic.

      • Jason Hendry

        haha for me its completely different, I used iPhone for 6 years and I never really liked the os on it but it just worked, I became bored and worryingly I move to windows 8.1 phone. Live tiles rules, I simply don’t ever want to go back to a phone without live tiles. It a notification after the notification and instead of a notification standing there looking like a error message, live tile beautifully conveys last messages on text, whats app, so much so that I don’t always even have to open the apps unless I need to reply. Then again watching my live tiles on news, weather, you tube music playing or albums , its amazing. What I find funny is how people on iPhone or android slag off live tiles but rave about have the time on the front screen, a widget of sorts, or seeing the weather on the lock screen. Theres no other way to say this but live tiles is the future and a lot of people are gone be waking up to that fact in the next few years.
        I’m sorry you find it ugly but transparent tiles to me is so refreshing. Apps are a lot beter and apart from 1 banking app and 1 vodaphone app(cause voidaphone suck). I’m not missing anything and I use a lot of appps. But then again I don’t use snap chat. I guess if you want candy crush, you know the game everyone moaned about, well its there now, ill certainly never play it.
        id defo say ios was more harmonious during ios6 but ios7 and ios8 changed all that, easily the most harmonious phone I have ever used is the 930 with windows 8.1 easily feels natural and well a lot more reliable than my 3gs, 4s and 5 ever were. And with win 10 prieview, though I’m not the biggest fan yet it certainly isn’t affecting my phone or battery life, I haven’t even crashed, something all my iphones went through with finished ios versions lol.

    • I have a big problem with an IOS/Android duopoly and wish something could be done to stop it.

      I have no problem with an AT&T/Verizon duopoly IF they end their unscrupulous business practices. After all, they have the good Windows phones.

  • Alex Zapata

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Aaron Davis

    So, does this mean they will push the carriers harder to release updates faster, or does this mean that they will simply hold back ALL updates until EVERY carrier is ready?

    Sometimes making everyone equal means bringing everyone down to the same low standard.

    • Adrayven

      Apple does it just fine.. Like Apple, Microsoft won’t be allowing ‘3rd party carriers’ from injecting their apps..

      Thats the ONLY reason Android must get carrier approval. Carriers include so much crap they have to have the ‘right’ to make sure their apps don’t break with an update.

      You’ll note Nexus doesn’t have that issue either = No carrier apps on a nexus.

      Carriers loose a lot of say when they cannot inject their crap onto a phone.

      • Brad

        Not true… Verizon’s held up nexus updates in the past…

      • JLV90

        I love how Windows phone lets you completely uninstall crap carrier software if you want to.

  • tomarone

    Where is the HTC M8 on this? Also, we have a 925 tmobile version. Are they all getting a snappy windows 10?

    • Whiskers

      Pretty sure the Nokia 925 will get it .

  • aggiefather

    A possible reason for the high android phone sales numbers may be that the only way most android phone users can upgrade to the newest confectionary level is simply to purchase a new phone. I’ve had three android phones (and one android tablet) which the carriers or the manufacturers abandoned/refused to upgrade. By contrast, I have had two windows phones and, with the developer preview app, am enjoying the latest version of the OS on each. These phones never crash, the cameras are excellent, the off-line HERE maps are useful, and hands-free Cortana is the best personal assistant on any mobile operating system.

    • Luck

      That is what google and samsung thought. Once the customers find out that google and OEMs literally abandon their flagship phones, they do not come back. That is the only reason samsung is bleeding its market share and apple is selling tonnes of iphones even in second quarter which is usally a slow period for iphone sale. If windows follow apple style with updates then I am sure it will pick up too. Google wake up. Otherwise android will crash and burn.

  • Jason Hendry

    I agree its all about individuality. If you find a phone you like loads then you should use that phone loads, if people don’t understand that concept then its not worth arguing with them. but I have to say I have a 930 a 830 and a 720 and none of them lag they all run super well.

  • D Velasquez

    the ONLY thing that will make me switch to Android again is if SoftBank renames Sprint to SoftBank and they bring their line up with the same services, FeliCa, au pass, au card, then ill give Android my money, otherwise i am a very happy Windows Phone user, my phone does not lag even though is a 3 year old Lumia 920. Cortana just works, is not robotic like Google Now or Siri. live tiles, boy don’t let me get started on that, i can’t live without live tiles anymore i just recently switched to my my old Xperia SP to play ingress and i couldn’t even last a day. is just not the same experience. I am so used to the WP UX that even a launcher on Android can’t capture the same productivity. yes is a matter of personal choice, i know, but people bashing WP don’t even bother to try.