ZTE ZMAX going back on sale, with instructions for customers NOT to remove battery


T-Mobile, today sent out a memo to staff informing them that the ZTE ZMAX was going back on sale following a brief absence. Just over 10 days ago, the device was removed from stock. And, for a while, we weren’t 100% sure why, until it was revealed that it was customers trying to remove the non-removable battery which caused the concern.

Now, the phone is back, and T-Mobile and ZTE have worked things out. But staff have to make it clear to customers that they should not remove the battery, or attempt to.

” On Wednesday April 15, we temporarily suspended sales of the ZTE ZMAX to investigate a potential battery problem. That investigation (led by ZTE) found that the problem resulted from a very small number of customers attempting to remove the non-removable ZMAX back and battery. As a result, we are resuming sales of the ZMAX immediately. Going forward, inform customers considering the ZMAX that the back and battery are not removable (as stated on the original back cover cling), and attempts to do so can result in injury and will void device warranty.

Action Steps:

  • Resume selling the ZTE ZMAX device and return all corresponding collateral to the sales floor
  • Inform customers who are interested or intend on purchasing the ZTE ZMAX that the back and battery are not removable, and the device should only be opened by an authorized service technician.

With the ZMAX being one of T-Mobile’s best-selling devices, it’s great to see that logic and reason has prevailed. And it’s available again, from right now. I’ll update the story when/if I got more context on the reversal.

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  • Stone Cold

    It is sad it even had to come to that

    • V C Pittsburgh

      Hell Yeah!

  • brybry

    Common Sense isn’t so common ;)

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    Smart phones are only as smart as smart as their users.

    • myremarq


  • gmo8492

    So basically reverse instructions for people not to do anything stupid. Awesome.

  • skittle

    They even have to ask people not to text or talk on the phone and drive.

    • Christopher Olson

      It’s the basic law that when you tell a person to not attempt something that it’s guaranteed they will.

      • phonefreak

        I totally agree with you. Why can’t people leave stuff alone that isn’t broke. Most of the people that try to take battery out don’t know if you press and hold the power and both volume buttons you can restart the phone that way with no removable battery

  • Someone somewhere

    Has the design been changed?

    • Derek

      Nope they just wrote a warning to say don’t take back off phone…

    • steveb944

      Can’t fix what ain’t broke.

    • Matt

      Admittedly, it would’ve been nice if they had just allowed the battery to be replaced in the first place. The trend towards fixed batteries neither makes sense nor benefits the consumer.

      • It has a good battery? An externally accessible SD card slot?

        • Pedro Rios

          Yes it does have a great battery, and an external SD slot

  • fuego

    People are just that, I’ve told customers “the nexus 5 back doesn’t come off” and they reply with “I bet I can take it apart”. Same thing with this phone. ” just because its not suppose to come apart doesn’t mean I can’t”. Its almost mind blowing…

    • Stefan Naumowicz

      Tell them not to take it off, not that it can’t be taken off

      • myremarq


  • Matt

    It’s a good phone. Kind of a shame that it had to be pulled because the average consumer is so challenged.

    • V C Pittsburgh

      Hows the battery life.

      • Logan C.

        doesn’t matter, battery is replaceable if you’re brave enough ;)

  • myremarq

    I got thisphone UNIVISION/T-Mobile version I like it but I don’t know you guys know this but
    word start “e” auction site they sale battery for this unit
    Call “OEM T-MOBILE/METROPCS ZTE ZMAX Z970 3300mAh Li-POLYMER REPLACEMENT BATTERY US” when i so first time i was assuming batter can be replace But other day i find-out we can not replace

    • myremarq

      not batter BATTERY errors and errors sorry guys.

    • mingkee

      This can be an internal battery which rquires disassembly.

  • V C Pittsburgh

    Thank you Jesus!

  • Paul

    Good LAWD!!
    It doesn’t even appear as if it was meant to be opened. What idiots were doing this?? They should only be allowed to use flip phones!

  • niko6266

    Yes a lot of people who try to dis-assemble the battery aren’t capable of doing it. Unless the thing is soldered on like Stefan says they should tell the purchaser not to remove it and not that they can’t. After all they were installed, they can be removed. I had an old iPhone that we use as an MP3 player. The battery started to balloon and it needed to be replaced. Yes the iPhone has a non replaceable battery but there are a ton of videos on how to replace it. For $5 I replaced the battery and we still have it in use for one of our speaker device.

  • Peter Coia

    Batteries don’t last for ever, especially now that phones are now commonly used to play games and watch movies. You can only re-charge a battery ‘x’ amount of times, then it has to be replaced, so why are they stopping us from replacing the batteries.

    I carry a spare battery and always make sure my children have a spare when they go out, so that I can be sure that they can contact someone in an emergency.

    Many children have these and can’t afford to buy a new phone, or pay a shop to fit a new battery when the battery won’t hold a charge.

    I think this is a stupid idea. It was probably someone at Microsoft who came up with it, just another way to screw the public.