Cleveland gets its first taste of T-Mobile Wideband LTE

Cleveland 15 15 LTE

It looks like Cleveland, Ohio has its first taste of T-Mobile’s faster LTE solution. Dubbed “Wideband LTE”, the network typically describes LTE with wider lanes for data traffic to flow through. Thanks to a post by Bradillac, a T-Mo fan and Redditor, we know that T-Mobile’s 15+15Mhz Wideband LTE network is now live in the area.

Early speed test showed speeds of around 35Mbps down and 20Mbps up, but after a little time, that seems to have increased dramatically with speeds approaching 70Mbps down now possible. Cleveland also happens to be one of the first markets to get 700MHz LTE officially. This means the city now not only has stronger signal capable of penetrating buildings better, but also a much faster LTE network than before. In short: T-Mobile’s LTE network in Cleveland is fantastic. Or at least, it should be.

On a nationwide scale, T-Mobile is attempting to reach 300 million people with its LTE network before 2015 is out. What’s more, it’s also attempting to deploy all of its 700MHz spectrum, covering 190 million people with its low-band, stronger signal. Whether or not it can meet those ambitious plans is yet to be seen. But judging it based on last year’s frantic rollout, I’d say nothing is impossible for this network team.

Speaking of Wideband LTE specifically, if you’re in the area, let us know in the comments if you’ve noticed a speed bump over the past few days. We don’t know how widespread this is yet since T-Mobile is yet to announce it officially.

Thanks, Bradley.

Source: Reddit

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