Gold 64GB Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge now available to pre-order from T-Mo

galaxy s6 gold

When T-Mobile kicked off its Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge pre-sale a few days ago, it only offered up two color variants: Black or White. In fact, from its wording on the estimate shipping page, it seemed we may not see any other colors for a while. Turns out however, that “coming soon” on T-Mobile’s estimate for the gold platinum model actually meant “coming really soon.”

From today, customers can pre-order the 64GB storage option in gold platinum with expected delivery before April 10th. Just like the other pre-order options. If there’s one bit of bad news with the new availability, it’s that the 64GB model is the only one available right now. 32GB and 128GB store pages still have the “coming soon” notice. Hopefully it’s not long before all versions are available.

But for those of you wanting to add a little more bling to your Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge, at least now you have the option to go gold.

Source: T-Mobile

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    I want the 128GB Gold!!

    • Say the truth!

      It would be available April 10 .

  • My 64GB Galaxy S6 proper is 0ut for delivery as I type this. ✌

    • Jimmy James

      Good for you! That is awesomely the most awesomest like ever!

    • guest

      when did you order it? because i want to try and order today but im thinking it might say backorder

  • moiimoii

    It won’t show up on the list when I click upgrade 32gb shows up as for sale also throug tmobile

  • Hopefully it comes by the 10th!

    • Say the truth!

      I just received email from tmobile saying the gold 64gb it’s the only one available right now, and 32gb & 128gb would be available on April 10 .

  • patrice

    It looks available on the T-Mobile site, but when I click “upgrade” and go through my account, select my line to upgrade, etc., the option for the gold one goes away. Ack! I want my gold Edge!

    • Adam Wyson

      Yeah I called atnt, no one is getting gold for almost a month. I told my wife we just need to bite the bullet and wait for everyone to get colors and storage size.

      • schweddyballs

        Not true. The 64gb is on the upgrade page, and the 32 and 128gb will be there by the 10th

    • schweddyballs

      Look a little harder..its there.64gb edge gold platinum , the other storage versions will be there by April 10th

  • Jimmy James

    Yeah. I be orderin da black saffire on Sunday night and it be sayin back ordered and listed 7 to10 days before it ships. I ain’t select no 25 dollar shipping I selected dat express so I ain’t get that phone until after da release day. I should just cancel and go to da store on the release day. You know they reserved some for da stores. Pre-order is for sucka fools.

  • i thought i wanted Gold until i saw the fingerprints that accumulated on the back. i’d be constantly wiping that thing lol .. it shows so much moreso on the Gold S6 than it does the black or white one.

  • Ozgur Sen

    I’m still going to wait for the Note 5
    I hope they use a similar design.

    • Scooter Da Champ

      They will bro

    • Philip

      Including non removeable battery and no memory card? I hope not.

  • Joe

    Getting my 32GB black s6 tomorrow!!!!

  • Jazz

    I ordered my Gold 64GB last night at midnight and it now says it’s on backorder… ugh #upset!

    • Is this your first pre-order? If so, don’t worry it will go out. The status will always say ‘backordered’ because they don’t have them yet, it’s like this on ‘all’ pre-orders’ You will be fine.

      • Jazz

        Yes! OMG …Okay thanks. I hope I get it early like the others that ordered the black and the white.

  • Jazzyjeff215

    Think I might trade in my note 4 for the s6 edge. I’m on the jump program so why not. I’ll just jump to the note 5 when it comes out

    • Have you had jump since the beginning or more recently?

      • Jazzyjeff215

        Yeah so every six months I can jump. I think the newer jump program you have to pay half your balance

        • Yeah it sucks!

        • Ozgur Sen

          It doesn’t suck. People in verizon, att, and sprint can’t upgrade like us

        • It sucks that you need to pay off half of your phone with the new jump…it’s more switching every year than every 6months…leasing a phone

  • jim

    do you still get the netflix free deal when ordering online or in store?

    can you just sell the netflix to someone? i don’t use netflix but could use some savings on the phone. the pricing is a rip off

    • Justin Smith

      you still get the Netflix. You should be able to sell it but I’m not exactly sure.

    • Ozgur Sen

      They will give you a promotion code which you can give it to your friend

  • Gdm Laz

    When i go to the link it takes me to the regular page and only list the black and white one how do i actually order the gold one

  • Jay Holm

    Only the 64GB, not the 128GB also?

  • Jay Holm

    Has anyone’s Gold S6 been shipped yet? I placed my order last night and paid for next day delivery, sooo,I’m expecting to receive it by Thursday 4/2!

    • jazz

      Did you get it?

      • Jay Holm

        No! Latest uodate is “Order Confirmed!” nothing newer than that. I’m not a happy dude! I paid $25 for next day shipping. . .WFF?!?!?!?

        • Mathew Colburn

          Dude, you paid for next day SHIPPING not next day receival. When it ships, you’ll get it the day after it ships. Calm your tits.

        • samsung fan

          I payed for next day shipping, it shipped out on 4/2 and here I am 4/4 s6 edgeless.

        • Mathew Colburn

          UPS doesn’t deliver on Saturday and Sunday. Everyone knows that

        • Mr MeNaCe

          s6 edge gold?

      • Jay Holm

        Did you order the 64GB Gold? What’s your order status?

  • kngs06

    i want the emerald green they promised

    • David Lee

      Me too! Really frustrated.

    • Jeff Martinez

      Didn’t know they made such a promise

  • Ex Apple Fan

    I order my S6 32g on Saturday and it arrive on Monday. What a blast. It look and feel so much better when you hold it in your hand. Going to upgrade my wife S5 phone to this ASAP. The best things in this phone so far is an camera voice command and it’s crispy clear pictures
    Thank you Samsung to finally made a good device. and Good bye Apple.

    • Kahlayoh

      Same here, got mines on Monday as well. Only difference with mines is that it restarts itself at random moments and freezes all the time. Now I have been fighting to get a replacement since Monday and finally was able to order a new on today. Sad thing is that I don’t know when to expect it…..FML!

  • jim

    anyone got your netflix promo? if i get mine, i wills ell it for $30. that is only if i buy the phone cos it costs about $850 for 64 GB with tax. too expensive

    • 2TO8

      Let me know .

  • onthecouchagain

    A lot of people over at the Android Central and XDA forums are reporting that their Galaxy S6/Edge are suffering from really poor cell standby time. This relates to T-Mobile, of course. Apparently there is unprecedented battery drain due to cell standby even in areas of good signal strength.

    Maybe this story needs to be reported on to gain more traction so Tmobile and/or Samsung will address this potential issue? A lot of people are about to get the S6/Edge in the coming days as orders continue to go out…



    These aren’t the only threads either.

  • TheDonJ77

    Has anyone received shipping information regarding the Gold 64 GB S6 or S6 Edge shipping yet??

    • hondaking96

      Nope am still waiting mine say backorder

  • Say the truth!

    32 & 128 gold would available on April 10. I can’t wait.

    • Jay Holm

      Ahh…I think I will be ok with 64GB’s, or more accurately 55ish after system memory.

  • 2TO8

    I went into the Samsung store yesterday in soho and tried the new Samsung s6 edge and s6 and I find it kind of blahh.. I currently have the note 4. Anyone else who’s thinking of upgrading and has the note 4 feel the same way ?

    • Mr MeNaCe

      I have the note 4, and im probably going to be upgrading to the gold edge 64gb, for a few reasons: 1, iv realized as much as i like the screen real estate on the note 4 , its really uncomfortable to use and hold with one hand, something thats really important to me. 2. the fingerprint sensor on the note 4 can be a tad bit annoying with the swipe action 3. increased screen brightness (Nit Wise) 4. Wireless Charging. 5. The Kudos of having the Newest Gadget and 6. The Gear VR 2 , i just got rid of my Gear Vr 1 in preparation of the s6 edge and vr 2

  • Adam Wyson

    128 gold, come on Samsung ! I’ve been to 5 different stores and non of them have the right color/ storage.

  • Jeff Martinez

    Wanted the green one, but I gave in and bought the black sapphire version after using it at best buy, love how the respective colors shimmer depending on the lighting.

  • Anyone get shipping information on this gold one yet? Not I.

    • Billy

      Not yet!

    • Joy

      According to T-Mobile ‘s order status specifically for the S6 & Edge, their awaiting more shipments from Samsung and not expected to ship until sometime between 4/11-4/15 and that’s just as of right now. Things may change in a few days.

  • Billy

    Man, I hope this phone is worth it after all the things I’ve been through to get it!

    I received the s6 Sapphire Black 64g on the 30th of last month! I loved it, it looked and felt great in hand. I bought the Otterbox defender for it and again it felt super great in it but because I had a black case and a dark blue/black phone I was the only one who knew it was a s6, I had to take off the case several times even after showing the people at best buy the back of it it’s the only Samsung phone with the camera, flash and heartbeat reader where they are; I was testing if the Samsung Qi wireless pad charger will work through the Otterbox ( for your information it work perfect!)!

    So, me being the phone lover I am, I pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy s6 Platinum Gold 64g phone under my daughter line (I have 4 lines and I pay the bill)! I was thinking I’d give the s6 Sapphire Black phone to my wife and I’ll have the Platinum Gold one and we’ll both have the latest and greatest phones and everyone will be happy!

    In the mean time, I was on the hunt for a rugged case like the Otterbox for the s6 Edge! Otterbox had nothing and nothing “Coming Soon”, same thing with Griffin and the same exact thing with Ballistic! Then, I found the Trident Kraken AMS which list the Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge case as “Coming Soon”, I’m hoping and praying it’ll be available on April 10! I did my research on FB and youtube on them and they seem legit with a lot of positive reviews! Now that I can have a case that will protect the s6 Edge just like the Otterbox; I want it! So, I called T-Mobile saying they made a mistake with the order the day before and that I wanted the s6 Edge Platinum Gold 64g, they canceled the order but I could not reorder the s6 Edge on the same line because although it was canceled on my daughters line it didn’t fully go through! I told them to place the order on my wife’s line and it went through!

    Now back to the s6 Sapphire Black, although I thought everything would go smoothly with wifey it didn’t, it turns out she’s 110% satisfied with her Note 4 and really didn’t want to go to a smaller screen! Now what do I do? Knowing I’d lose money if I didn’t do anything with the phone by April 12 (the 14 days allotted by T-Mobile to return the phone to get your money back less the shipping fees) so I said to myself, “What the heck” and put the phone on eBay for 5 days (knowing if I had to return it it had to be post dated by Apr 11, Apr 12 is a Sunday)! Surprisedly, I woke up this morning and someone bought it! I immediately mailed the s6 Sapphire Black out this morning. And, now I’m waiting on the s6 Edge and the Trident Kraken AMS to become available!

    Hopefully after all of this I’ll be 100% satisfied with everything about the Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge Platinum Gold 64g!

    Lessons Learned!

    1. Do research before buying a phone!
    2. Never pay for Expedited Shipping for anything from T-Mobile, you can request it to be credited to your account if you do!
    3. The Samsung Qi Wireless Pad cost $34.99 and it can be Expedited to you for free (it might be just until April 10 though), I bought 3 of them! If you’re buying one of them contact me and I’ll give you my order number and T-Mobile will match it!


    • Billy

      For the Samsung Qi Wireless Pad, there’s currently a 30% off promo deal!

      • 50% with the code Samsung emails you after you register your phone.

  • Joy

    I pre-ordered on the 1st and just checked my T-Mobile account for any updates.
    I checked my order status and it still says backordered but I saw another link that said,
    “Check your order status for the Samsung Galaxy S® 6 and Samsung Galaxy S® 6 edge.”
    so I clicked that and found this little tid bit:
    Order Number: SXXXXXXXXX
    Item: Samsung Galaxy S® 6 edge – Gold Platinum – 64GB
    Status: Awaiting more shipments from Samsung. Expected to ship between 04/11/2015 and 04/15/2015

    • Where did you see that link? I saw my order will be delivered on 4/15 as well…but I can’t find my way back to that spot. lol Thanks.

    • Joy

      update today says “Awaiting more shipments from Samsung. Expected to ship between 04/15/2015 and 04/22/2015”

  • m3dvsa

    Pre Ordered the s6 gold with 64 gb on monday, does anyone know how long it will take to get here?

    • Billy

      I’m with you that’s the day I pre-ordered!

  • Billy

    I might just grab the 32gb on Friday when it releases and go from there! If I need the extra storage return the 32gb to the store if not return the 64gb! I can tell you this, when I had the s6 64gb Sapphire Black I opened an account with that Microsoft Cloud and you get 1000gb of storage free for 2 years so let T-Mobile keep on playing I’m sure I’ll be happy with that s6 Edge 32gb w/1000 gb of storage thru Microsoft Cloud! In the meantime I’ll be watching money between now and tomorrow with the s6 T-Mobile took out funds at 610pm the night before.

  • My card just got charged, so it’s shipping now. Finally! My 64GB Gold S6 is on the way now…

    • hondaking96

      Really mine didn’t

    • hondaking96

      My card was charged from the 5th and still showing backorder

      • They don’t normally take the money from you card, until they are shipping it.

      • Billy

        Was your card actually charged on the 5th or did T-Mobile put a hold on your card?

    • Jazz

      Mine got charged today as well… But my status didn’t change did your @jay

      • It won’t change until they actually ship it out. But they don’t take the money until it ships, it should change by the weekend.

    • Billy

      What time did tmobile charged your card?

    • Joy

      When did you preorder? Mines still says it won’t ship till a week-2weeks from now and I haven’t been charged yet.

  • Status just changed to shipped! Woohoo! 4/09/2015 10:56pm CST. I tried to upload a pic, but there is no option for it on here anymore.

    • Dew

      Congrats!! I ordered the gold 64GB edge but waited until April 2nd due to indecision between this one and the HTC One M9 so I think I will still be delayed. Just glad to see that they are actually shipping out and I’m sure it will be worth the wait.

    • Shawn Norman

      My Status says shipped and my card was charged.. Ups don’t run on Saturday tho.. Hope it was shipped yesterday

  • Matt

    So for the gold, my status is: SHIPPED and they charged my debit card. But does anyone know where to find the UPS tracking number of the actual shipment? Thanks.

  • Joy

    My card was charged today but the release don’t won’t be till the 12th.
    When I ordered my phone on the 4/1, the $24.99 shipping was called expedited shipping but now they have it called Saturday shipping… so does that mean we’ll be getting them this weekend?!

  • Billy

    T-Mobile charged my card! Checked alerts on my; Order Status: Shipped, Order Detail-Order History: Order Shipped 04/10/2015 at 12:30:17PM-Delivery Method: UPS Expedited Next Day-Tracking ID:1Z3V89…

    The Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge 64gb Gold Platinum is on its way! Just waiting for the tracking info to update so I know exactly when!

    I hope the Kraken AMS releases soon!

    • Joy

      mines shipped today to and just checked tracking, according to UPS, it’s being delivered 4/13 Monday by 3PM!

      • Billy

        Joy, although my tracking info has not updated I believe you’re absolutely correct my Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge 64gb Gold Platinum will arrive on Monday! I just got off the phone with T-Mobile asking them, why do they list their Delivery Method as UPS Expedited Next Day when it does not exist! There’s no such thing called UPS Expedited Next Day listed anywhere on the UPS site! UPS Expedited Next Day would imply if I ordered something from T-Mobile before the cut off time on Friday I’d received the order the next day which is not true, I’d receive it on Monday the next business day!

        T-Mobile stop doing lets call it what is truly is it’s UPS Next Day Air Saver! I’m about to post this on their FB page!

        • Joy

          Next day air Saver is what’s listed as shipping on my tracking which is weird since T-Mobile had it first listed as expedited next day which is now Saturday shipping.

          I was hoping they wouldn’t stick to business days and actually go with Saturday shipping cause UPS does offer Saturday next day air shipping.

  • Billy

    For all who have received their gold platinum, any comments? Was it well worth the wait and are you satisfied with your new phone?

    • Dew

      I ordered the edge and it is coming Monday, but I did see the S6 and edge in gold platinum at Best Buy yesterday and they look amazing and truly look gold and platinum at the same time…but they are fingerprint magnets so I recommend one of the clear cases.

      • Billy

        Thanks and I’m looking forward to receiving mine on Monday!

  • Gary Hernandez

    Anyone order the 32gb and has it shipped?

  • lulu

    Anyone order the s6 gold 128gb? Has it shipped?

  • Gary Hernandez

    4 to 6 weeks for 32gb edge in gold according to tmo website

  • Jalisa Thomas

    I ordered my gold 64gb s6 edge on the 10th. They charged my card yesterday and today, my order status finally changed from “backordered” to “shipped”. I’m in the same boat with most of you though, no shipping info to track exactly when it will arrive so I guess I must wait :( I just want my new phone already!

    • Jalisa Thomas

      Update: I got my tracking info via email today. My phone should arrive tomorrow, Thursday.

  • Duferia White

    Got my verizon s6 gold on Friday 4/24/15. It’ very nice looking phone. I order it on 4/1/15. The original shipping date was 5/1/15.