Wi-Fi calling coming to T-Mobile Nexus 6 by the end of Q1?


Back when T-Mobile announced its Wi-Fi unleashed Uncarrier move, it claimed that all smartphones it sold thenceforth would be compatible with T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling. The only exception was the Nexus 6, which it stated would get a software update to enable the service at the beginning of 2015. An update which is yet to surface.

If Twitter interactions with the company’s product guru are anything to go by, however, we should see the update arrive before the end of March.

In the same conversation, Des stated that band 12 support, VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling probably won’t come in a single all-in-one update. That said, he has a test build of VoLTE working on his Nexus 6, and it’s “coming along nicely.”

As for other devices, there’s no official update on when the Xperia Z3 will be enable to access T-Mobile’s low-frequency band 12 network.

Source: Twitter
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  • Anon7463785

    wait a sec…..I thought VoLTE was already running on Nexus6!!

    • UMA_Fan

      Nope. We’re living in a crazy time where the Apple iPhone has better T-Mobile network support with VoLTE and wifi calling than a flagship Android phone.

      • TMOTECH

        No 700Mhz though

        • Justin Smith

          The Nexus 6 doesn’t have 700Mhz either. Well it isn’t activated in the phone yet.

    • Bradley Karas

      Nope. Neither is band 12, that’s why I went with the Note 4

      • Brian Perez

        Im.thinking note 4 as well

  • Chimphappyhour

    Just waiting for my bonus check to pull the trigger on the Nexus 6. Oh. Wait. No. I’ll probably be waiting for the 64GB Nexus 6 to come into stock…. for quite some time.

    • Brandon

      You should be able to get it soon, I got my 64 GB two weeks ago.

  • Groovshooter

    This still leaves the HTC One M8 for Windows.

    • KlausWillSeeYouNow

      And the two people who bought one. :-)

      • Joe

        LOL you got two likes from the two ppl who bought one

    • monkeybutts

      You’d think they could just use the same one Lumias use. Wonder whats up with that.

    • CatBoy

      Yes, I got the HTC One M8 for Windows but it went back when I discovered there was no WiFi calling. So much for the promis that ALL phones sold at TMO would have WiFi calling. I don’t know what the problem is. Isn’t this 2015? Maybe if there’s an M9 for Windows it will have WiFi calling.

  • Rob H.

    Is anyone actually using wifi calling, who does have it?

    • KingCobra

      I have an iPhone 6 Plus and use it during the workday as some of the buildings I’m in are underground with no cellular service.

    • trife

      All the time at home. Using the Asus router from TMO w/ the 6+ has given me crystal clear phone call reception. I was legitimately amazed at how much different phone calls sounded when on WiFi. I have LTE at home, but depending on where I am in the house, the reception can be shaky. WiFi calling solves that issue.

    • Justin Smith

      I may be the only one but sometimes the calls drop on Wi-Fi even with the T-Mobile router so I don’t use it.

      • eAbyss

        The problem is likely your phone. Older phones lack the hardware for seamless handoffs to and from WiFi so if you have a hiccup in service or go beyond your WiFi coverage your call will often just drop instead of falling back onto cellular.

    • Chimphappyhour

      I work in an area that’s underground. Absolutely no cell signals down here… but we do have wifi and it’s great to freak everyone out when your phone rings. :D

      It’s also supposedly good for international travel now. Looking forward to my next trip with it.

    • Chris Fisher

      I’m with the others. It helps at my building (downtown Cincinnati) and quite a few spots at home. It saves me battery as well. I’m not sure if this is due to the power consumption of the cell radio not being utilized or just the fact that it is not always looking for a signal in bad signal areas. I just got the Nexus 6 and as much as I love it I was going to possibly return it before the 14 days were up as it is hindering my ability to use it to its full potential at my house.

    • jay_max

      I use it on the Washington coast, because the area I frequent has spotty 2G service which hasn’t been updated to LTE yet (although the LTE has been/is being activated in neighboring towns).

  • Philip

    Do you still use Wifi call even if you get unlimited phone call?

    • Justin Smith

      Wi-Fi calling is meant for if you don’t have service say in your basement or out in Montana

    • Willie D

      All WiFi calling is, is an extension of your home service. It is a way to route your call through a means (in this case VoIP) for times when reception may be flawed, or you may not have service at all.

      Case in point – When I was in Lake Tahoe I had decent T-Mobile service, however, where my cabin is located, I do not. I do have WiFi at my cabin, so I was able to connect to WiFi and all my calls, in and out, were flawless. T-Mobile just routes the call over that when your phone registers where you are at, what WiFi you are using. Its simple. It helps in areas where you do not have coverage, overseas, and even in your own home.

      The billing is per minute based on your plan, to which it may be billed per minute on older plans, or unlimited if you had the Free Unlimited WiFi Calling add-on plan, or inclusive of your existing unlimited Simple Choice plan for current customers. It all depends.

  • too big phone is too big

    • Justin Smith

      Not for everyone

    • Cruise Guy

      I want bigger. You must have tiny girl hands. :)

  • Austin

    Nice job stealing that from the T-Mobile subreddit.

    • Hector Arteaga

      Looks like they gave proper credit.

  • lion7718

    I just hope when it drops, that it will be ported to the Nexus 4 running Lollipop.

    • eAbyss

      First off WiFi calling is going to be native so no porting needed. Secondly the Nexus 4 and 5 lack the nessisary hardware for seamless handoffs to and from WiFi so WiFi calling being enabled on these devices is unlikely.

  • Philip

    If I am oversea and I use a local Wifi, I can use this feature to call someone in USA free?

    • deibed

      NO the wifi calling feature is there for when you’re in an area where you get no cell signal, you’re still charged the same way as if you’re using a cell tower to make calls..

      • Willie D

        See above.

      • Ky

        Definitely not true.

        While you are using wifi calling, it is as if you are sitting at home in the USA – you are virtually at home when you are connected via wifi regardless where you are physically. That’s the beauty of the internet. I have traveled to many countries so I speak from experience. T-Mobile doesn’t count & charge per minutes for USA calls so you don’t need to count period, regardless which plan you are on.

    • Willie D

      With T-Mobile WiFi Calling, if you are in a foreign country, and use WiFi Calling, you can make and receive calls to/from the USA without charge. They bill you the standard per minute rate (if you are on Simple Choice, the minutes are unlimited, if you have the old Free Unlimited WiFi Calling add-on plan, the minutes used over WiFi are unlimited and free) – However, if you are in a foreign country, and call within that country or any other country other than the USA, the call is billed a variety of rates. It depends.

    • Kendrick Vargas

      Yes, I’ve used it like this in the past. It’s quite handy. Mind you it isn’t “free” unless your minutes aren’t metered. Your cost is the same as it would be back in the states.

      • UMA_Fan

        They would have to block VOIP completely and even still non cellular ISP have no financial motivation to block tmobiles wifi calling service.

        Also T-Mobile doesn’t meter minutes anymore period on all post paid plans. Even older legacy plans. Everyone got unlimited voice minutes.

        • Kendrick Vargas

          I mentioned the metered minutes because T-Mobile still offers a $30 prepaid plan with 100 minutes but a ton of data. I mention this because it’s actually a popular plan for people for the data.

  • Philip

    I do know you can use Wifi calling when you are on the Go Go network and txt is free. I dont know about voice calling. I have not try this as Southwest do not use Go Go. I think Delta does. Have anyone try?

    • Willie D

      Roommate CLAIMS to have done it on the plane, but I called her out and said that GoGo and T-Mobile block the voice portion when connected via GoGo. And yes, T-Mobile DOES know what WiFi terminal, where it is at, the provider, etc, so even if it technically is possible, T-Mobile will block it and only allow Visual Voicemail and Texts/MMS to go through. I learned the hardway in England, when I used WiFi Calling and Stateside International Calling to call FROM WiFi in England TO England, and got charged. So yes, they are well aware of where you are, what wifi terminal you are using and block calls or bill accordingly.

      • Philip

        It doesnt seems too correct because Wifi calling is suppose to be free when you use a Wifi from a router.

        • eAbyss

          WiFi calling is free in the US or if you’re making a call to or receiving a call from the US. WiFi calls made internationally to or from another international number are charged the same fees as roaming ($0.20/minute).

      • Cruise Guy

        I have made many calls on Go Go with my T-Mobile WiFi calling, FYI. It worked pretty well. Its been about a year and a half so who knows if it still works but it worked every time I tried it before but the call would eventually drop as (guessing??) you switched towers. It was interesting.

      • eAbyss

        Wrong. WiFi calling can be made from airplanes but you have to pay for the WiFi service.

        T-Mobile provides texting, picture messaging, and visual voicemail to it’s customers on planes equipped with GoGo WiFi without requiring you to pay for GoGo’s service. If you want anything beyond that such as WiFi calling or data access then you have to pay for WiFi.

  • Deadeye37

    Because this is coming on the Nexus, does that mean that it may officially make its way into vanilla android, or at least be ported to other vanilla android versions?

    • Don Cunningham

      That’s what I’m hoping. It’s the only feature keeping me from running an aosp build.

    • Rob

      I’m sure they will have safe guards in place to insure that it only works on T-Mobile phones just like they have with all the others.

      • monkeybutts

        Probably will work on Sprint also, especially if Google’s MVNO plans on using both T-mobile and Sprint networks.

        • Willie D

          That is not likely. The Google MVNO will be using a dual network meaning it will either use Sprint or T-Mobile based on where the signal is strongest. I would not be surprised if WiFi calling in some form is inclusive, but it wont be from Sprint or T-Mobile, as the billing would be wack…one loves WiFi Calling, the other only offered it a short while and discontinued it – leaving Google the provider of it, through Hangouts/Voice, which is totally doable.

        • eAbyss

          The Google MVNO will choose the best connection available between T-Mobile, Sprint, AND WiFi.

    • Kendrick Vargas

      This is what I am hoping. The Nexus 6 is basically an AOSP phone, and thus the mod should theoretically work for other AOSP based phones and ROMs. If T-Mobile doesn’t make it available, someone else will port it, though it would obviously be better if T-Mo did it themselves.

      It wouldn’t make sense for them to limit this roll out to a specific phone since it would only serve to de-congest their towers (thus increasing their lifetime), increase penetration in large buildings, and increase the overall customer experience. T-Mo has taken steps to show the handset shouldn’t matter, and this would go a long ways for them in proving that.

      Besides, it makes the Cell Spot initiative all the more relevant.

    • eAbyss

      Yes. This will be a Android feature, not a Nexus only one.

  • fort

    What of the Nexus 5? I’m holding out for the project ARA phone.

    • eAbyss

      Word is that the Nexus 5 lacks the hardware nessisary for seamless handoffs to and from WiFi calling so it probably won’t have it enabled.

  • Rob

    I guess I’m going to be giving the One M9 a look… I have a jump credit coming in a week and if the M9 has these things out of the box, I’m probably going to jump ship.

    One of the biggest annoyances with the Nexus 6 is the notifications are too quiet, not to mention the encryption issue which caused me to lose 4 months worth of stuff (thank God I had a backup from my HTC One_M8 that was dated August so I didn’t lose years (we are talking I’ve been moving my backups since the HTC Hero and EVO 4G to my next phone). The boot time is ridiculous as well. I don’t mind the size but I had the M7 and the M8 so I’m not terribly worried about going back to a smaller screen.

    • Kendrick Vargas

      Titanium Backup w/ a bi-weekly update of modified data, uploaded to Drive, or Dropbox, or whatever (needs paid version, but totally worth it). Also letting Google+ Photos backup my raw photos. I haven’t lost data since.

      • eAbyss

        Much of your app data is now backed up by Google as well if you let it and the app supports it.

        • Kendrick Vargas

          That’s the theory, but the reality is different. Of the apps I use, the ONLY one I’ve seen that does this is Hitman Go. Most of the Google apps don’t (gmail is an easy example), and that’s enough of a damning example if there ever was one.

  • Willie D

    If you bought the device directly from Google Play, you would have got Band 12 700Mhz A-Block frequency active right out of the box. However, when asked if Google Play editions will be able to update and access T-Mobile’s WiFi Calling (as this is the first time it will not be baked into the software), I was specifically told, they hope to update all devices, however, only T-Mobile sold devices were guaranteed.

    • Chris Hilbert

      Google/Tmobile/Sprint are all the same I thought. I would think those 3 would be active out of the box and no issues.

      • eAbyss

        Willie used incorrect information. None of the N6s had band 12 enable out of the box, that came with 5.1.

        Yes all the N6s are the same. In fact they all ran the same build until 5.1 and even those builds are pretty much identical and probably only exist due to carrier certification schedules.

    • gmo8492

      I wonder if lollipop has the ability to enable wifi calling, will developers at xda be able to port this feature to nonspecific T-mobile phones like the Mi4, Find 7 or the OnePlus One. That’s a question I normally ask myself, but I wonder if someone has an answer.

      • eAbyss

        Native WiFi calling will be added to Lollipop soon.

    • Walt

      So if you buy from T-mobile you will get wifi calling once they release a carrier update, right? But if you buy from the google play store you dont get wifi calling but get Band 12 already enabled?

      why isnt Band 12 enabled out of the box if you buy the t-mobile version? i’m confused lol

      • eAbyss

        Nexus software isn’t carrier specific so it doesn’t matter where you buy one from. Band 12 and VoLTE were enabled on all N6s with 5.1 and WiFi calling will be added to all of them in a future update. The only requirement is that your carrier supports it.

        The band 12 rollout was barely started when the N6 was released and coverage is still very spotty. It’s common practice for manufactures to disable bands that aren’t in use as it simplifies things and avoids interference and other issues.

    • eAbyss

      Incorrect. NONE of the Nexus 6s came with band 12 enabled out of the box, that was enabled with 5.1. Also all N6s will receive WiFi calling just as they did VoLTE and band 12. There’s no real difference in the software between devices. They all ran on the same build with 5.0 and 5.0.1 and the 3 (D, E, and M) US ROMs are identical except for a slightly different radio firmware in E which they reverted back in a later build.

      Google doesn’t build carrier specific features into different OS builds like other companies do. This means you’ll have the same experience on the N6 no matter where you bought it from or what software build you have installed.

  • Brad

    Just to clarify for all of the misinformation below… ALL NEXUS 6s WILL RUN THE SAME VERSION OF ANDROID. THIS IS BEING BAKED INTO ANDROID, JUST AS IT IS FOR iOS

  • Hansika

    Nexus 6 is now on sale and available online only at http://goo.gl/Nfr0hT

  • Mirad77

    Bring it on, bring it on.


    How about some love for my Nexus 5?

  • igot2bme

    So, correct me if I’m wrong… bring your own phone to T-Mobile (ie. Motorola Nexus 6) and you won’t get wifi-calling because I didn’t buy my phone directly from T-Mobile. That is just wrong!

    • Cruise Guy

      No, its not wrong, but I see your question. Wi-Fi calling is not simply some little app you can download. While Skype and other VOIP apps work this way, Wi-Fi calling does not. Its deep baked into the operating system. Its not just an add on. That’s why it took so long to finally get Apple to bake it into their OS. So its not wrong at all. If it was, T-Mobile would LOVE for you to have it. If you think about it, it takes the load off of their network, so why not let you use it immediatly. If it was simply an app, T-Mobile would have had it working day one on the Nexus 6. Its a huge deal, and way too complex to just have it on any phone instantly. Maybe some day though.

      • Dial

        Hmmm… in what (specific) sense is it “complex”

        • afive720

          In a sense that it requires major OS modification on the backend. There were plenty bounties to developers over at XDA for many different Nexus devices to get WIFI calling enabled, thousands of dollars on the table and nobody claimed it…

          Hate it or love it, Apple does many things well with iOS. WIFI calling, built in Visual Voicemail are just two off the top of my head. It sounds like T-Mobile is working on WIFI calling update and not Google, which is an issue because it will be a carrier required update, and not something baked into OS.

        • eAbyss

          Native WiFi calling IS being baked in…

      • UMA_Fan

        Apple actually added wifi calling in the very next iOS update after they became a Tmobile U.S. partner.

        Really impressive and kind of disappointed at Google.

        • Durandal_1707

          I thought the whole idea was that Google *was* building this into the base OS. Hence “making it the first-ever Nexus device that will support Wi-Fi Calling thanks to enhancements in Android 5.0” in the press release.

        • UMA_Fan

          Considering T-Mobile has supported Android since the beginning it is very disappointing it’s taken THIS long. Tmobile has offered wifi calling since 2007

        • NinoBr0wn

          That’s because phones sold by T-Mobile, or any carrier as I’m sure you know, have their own custom ROMs. This is the first time Android itself has it natively, with Lollipop.

        • eAbyss

          First off all the carriers/manufacturers have their own custom ROMs that they’ve been building stuff like WiFi calling into themselves so this has only really effected the Nexus line and ROMs that run AOSP.

          Secondly Google has most likely been waiting for the hardware to catch up. While WiFi calling has been available for some time the ability to seamlessly transfer between WiFi and cellular calling has not (resulting in dropped calls). This required changes to be implemented in the hardware that haven’t been available until recently.

        • BillSmitty

          Impressive…unless you had an iPhone 5. Apple totally screwed “us” with wifi calling.

    • UMA_Fan

      No you should still get the software once a Tmobile sim is in

      • eAbyss

        They all run on the same software. It doesn’t matter what SIM you have. All Nexus 6s will receive WiFi calling and VoLTE you just won’t be able to use it if your carrier doesn’t support it.

    • Gh0st665

      Correct, I have a BYOD Nexus 6 on TMO, and I do not have wifi calling. However, it’s of no importance to me because I use Google Voice and when I need to call in low-signal area, I use Hangouts. Your SIM card has no relevance on what software gets installed on your device.

      • monkeybutts

        unless you are on iPhone, then your SIM card determines your carrier update.

      • Jeff

        Hangout call forwarding is not 100% reliable. I got burnt using it on few occasions.

        • Jeff

          I prefer Groove IP instead.

        • NinoBr0wn

          What call forwarding? I just make direct calls.

      • inick1

        Gh0at665 did you bother to read this thread? That update is not out yet for the nexus 6.

    • Medion

      Google and T-Mobile are baking T-Mobile’s WiFi calling into the Android framework as of a future update (5.0.3? 5.1? 5.1.1? Who knows?). The update will hit all Nexus 6 devices. If you’re not on T-Mobile, the software wil essentially be dormant. If on T-Mobile, you’ll be able to use it. So no, you won’t be limited if your phone wasn’t purchased at a T-Mobile store.

      However, this is bigger news for OEMS and users of certain unlocked phones (Moto X). With it baked in by Google, OEMs will no longer have to shoehorn it into their software. This was part of the problem with TMO often being among the last carriers to offer a software update.

      Lastly, since it will be part of the released version of Android, phones like the Moto X should eventually see it as well when they upgrade to that version. In fact, it was leaked shortly after the 2014 Moto X launch that a “future software update” would enable WiFi calling for T-Mobile on that handset. They’re likely talking about the same software, just waiting on Google/TMO to put the finishing touches on it.

      • Nick

        Though I love T-mobile but I hate the fact that I am stuck using Wifi Calling app because of worse reception in my house. I am seriously thinking of moving to Cricket Wireless with their $55 (Auto Pay) per month 20 gig per month plan and I will be better off using AT&T towers without using any Wifi Calling app. When my internet is down, I end up having no (or intermittent) service.

        • Bob Archer

          Seems fine, if your ok with 8Mpbs throttled data speeds.

  • Fabian Cortez

    What about VoLTE to Wi-Fi calling handoff and vice versa?

    • eAbyss

      Should be seamless on newer headsets.

  • zx6guy

    How about the Moto x?

  • carcomptoy

    Reasons why I’m so happy with my Galaxy Note 4 in the end, even though I had momentary buyer’s remorse not waiting for the Nexus 6.

    • inick1

      I got the Note 4 right before the Nexus 6 dropped and I liked how it’s felt like a premium device but in the end I wanted front speakers and an Stock Android feeling for once. So I returned it for the Nexus 6.

      • n900mixalot

        For the bubbling battery and letters that peel off?


  • Tim

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  • Raiterio Patterson

    Does this mean I should sell my Nexus 5 since its not getting an OTA update?

    • Brad

      It absolutely is getting the ota

      • inick1

        not the OTA for WiFi Calling.

        • Brad

          It is. This is going to be a part of Android. There is no hardware requirement to enable this, so all nexus devices with lollipop will have it.

        • inick1

          Mind sending me a link on it?

        • Brad

          I mean, that’s the entire point of the nexus program. So just go to Wikipedia.

        • eAbyss

          There is a hardware requirement for seemless handoffs which WiFi calling isn’t very useful without. Don’t expect any devices that don’t have the nessisary hardware (e.g. the Nexus 5) to have it enabled. Companies have long said that they don’t plan on continuing to support WiFi calling on devices that don’t have the nessisary hardware for seemless handoffs as they lead to bad customer experiences.

      • thecodye

        The device will get the OTA, but the feature will not be enabled. The Nexus 5 hardware does not support WiFi calling.

        • Brad

          It’s software based. It’s a hand off… it has both radios, it needs the software to hand off. The problem with the Nexus 6 is that it’s not baked into stock android yet, so it doesn’t have it. Guess what other phone runs stock android…. Nexus 5.

        • thecodye

          No where anyone can find evidence supporting that claim, it is said that the nexus 5 will not receive the feature. The nexus 5 hardware cannot support that kind of handoff, at least from what I understand. I will do some more research, but it is already been openly stated that the nexus 5 will not support tmo WiFi calling

        • Brad

          It’s not openly stated. In fact, on T-Mobile’s own forum (and xda) it’s explicitly stated that it’s a software feature and it’s baked into the OS. There’s no hardware requirement. The OS needs to access the sim card at a low level.

        • Shawn Quinn

          Use Hangouts dialer with Google voice. Boom, wifi calling ;). Works on my Nexus 5.

        • wired_flesh

          The nexus 5 hardware does in fact include the ability to use WiFi calling…I had it on a few Roms and it worked perfectly…..the nexus 6 has the same option and at first T-Mobile said it wasn’t going to have it but then they said all new phones are going to have it and scrambled to come up with an answer….and we still wait….I’m sick of companies lying to make a damned sale…..class action anyone?

  • James

    I have the htc one m8 for windows. When will it get wifi calling?

  • Walt

    If you buy the Nexus 6 from T-mobile, does it come with Band 12 enabled?

    • eAbyss

      Nope. They all run on the same software. It’ll be soon though and band 12 isn’t exactly a life changing experience on T-Mobile yet anyways.

  • eAbyss

    Only one more day of Q1 and no WiFi calling in sight…

  • Jack

    yesterday I got device updates over network, downloaded and installed, but I still don’t see wifi calling option in my nexus 6

  • Ning

    no wifi calling!!!! half day to pass Q1 now.

  • John Bokilo

    The “uncarrier” T-Mobile has been very economical with the truth when it comes to Wi-Fi calling on the Nexus 6. Where I live, the T-Mobile reception is deplorable. As I needed WiFi calling, I was informed by T-Mobile that the feature will not be on Nexus 5. Consequently, I bought the Nexus 6 hoping that the feature will be available by end of Q1. However, nothing has happened. Even Customer Service and the T-Mibile could not confirm when it will arrive, if it will be be a push from T-Mobile or it will come with the Android OS 5.1. Now, Android OS has been been upgraded to 5.1 with not sight of the Wi-Fi calling feature. It has been frustrating with poor call quality and phone not ringing because of poor reception. Yet, nobody is giving any guidelines.

    Seems T-Mobile is just talk with little follow up. Well, I guess they were good at sales gimmicks that convinced me to change carriers. Now, Verizon will not accept me back with my Nexus 6 from T-Mobile. What a mess from the “Uncarrier” carrier!

    • Kristan Thiel

      My nexus 6 just updated to 5.1.1, I have WiFi calling

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    Its now april

  • Steve

    april 13 nothing yet…

    • Jared Bryan

      Maybe they meant Q1 of 2016. Ahaha, this is the reason I’m not remaining a customer of T-Mobile. Hopefully Google Wireless comes out soon.

  • catchxxii

    Garbage article. Click bait for ad revenue.