T-Mobile has two more Super Bowl ads that star a trio of comedians and a vulture

Apparently that Data Stash ad starring Kim Kardashian West won’t be the only time that we see T-Mobile during the Super Bowl.

T-Mobile announced today that it’s got two more spots planned for Sunday’s football game. The first stars Chelsea Handler and Sarah Silverman and highlights T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi calling feature. T-Mo says that Handler and Silverman “essentially” wrote the ad themselves based off of a topic given to them by the magenta carrier. The full ad will be shown on Sunday, but today T-Mobile released a behind-the-scenes teaser to whet our appetite.

The second new ad created by T-Mobile will be shown exclusively during NBC’s online livestream of the Super Bowl. You don’t have to wait for the stream to start on Sunday to watch the ad, though, because T-Mobile has put it on YouTube today. The spot stars Rob Riggle and an angry data vulture, and it can be found below.

In addition to its three Super Bowl ads, T-Mobile has inked an endorsement deal with Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman that includes T-Mo and Sherman-branded shuttle buses that’ll transport Super Bowl fans between “key locations” related to the big game. Overall it looks like T-Mobile’s going to have a pretty big Sunday, getting its name all over the Super Bowl and enlisting several big name celebrities to help promote major offerings like Data Stash and Wi-Fi calling.

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