T-Mobile, Seattle Seahawks’ Richard Sherman ink new advertising deal


Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman is going to have a big weekend because he’s competing in Super Bowl 49, but the all-star player is making big news ahead of the Big Game as well.

T-Mobile and Richard Sherman have formed a partnership that’ll see Sherman appearing in T-Mobile print, digital, and out-of-home advertising. The tie-up will start this week, with three huge T-Mobile and Richard Sherman-branded shuttle buses that’ll offer free rides to fans between “key locations” related to Super Bowl 49.


The deal between T-Mobile and Sherman will continue through the Seattle Seahawks’ next full season. In addition to print, digital, and out-of-home advertising, T-Mobile and Sherman will work together on social media campaigns.

Richard Sherman is one of the most popular players in the NFL today not only because he’s one of the best in the game, but also because he’s intelligent and outspoken. That image fits well with T-Mobile and its CEO John Legere, no? Plus, Sherman plays for the Seattle Seahawks, and T-Mobile USA is based in Bellevue, which is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Seattle. Sounds like a great partnership to me.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Qbancelli

    Perfect match!

  • Roger Sales

    Awesome move, love this guy. Smart smart smart.

  • 1ceTr0n

    As a new local, seeing him surrounded by pink suddenly is VERY weird…but T-Mobiles home base is next door so…makes sense I guess. Poor Wilson isn’t getting as much love

    • Ceefu

      Wilson has Alaska Airlines and Bose, so I think he’s doing ok ;)

    • Tanner

      Wilson does insurance commercials lol

  • Mirad77

    As much as I like Sherman, I hope he falls short to Brady and the Patriots.

    • Verizonthunder

      Sorry Seattle Seahawks will win the super bowl. Cheaters will never win a super bowl.

      • Aaron C

        Haters gonna hate

        • Verizonthunder

          Cheaters cannot hide from the Justice system.

        • dtam

          yeah, if you’re on the side that thinks the patriots cheated, your story is unravelling. this is all media hype and nfl stupidity. hire lawyers to investigate instead of scientists

        • Aaron C

          Let them hate. They lose, so the other side has to cheat. Waaa.

      • Mirad77

        You must be very narrow minded. So Brady et al. cheated their way to six and won three supper bowl? Just hate but don’t kid yourself, this is an american sport we are talking about.

      • Mirad77

        Guess they do now.

  • ChristianMcC

    As awesome as I feel Tmo is, I hope they’ll be able to keep up with the Superbowl network congestion, otherwise that would be an embarrassment. I imagine they have planned ahead, though!

  • Blue42

    Omg this buffoon advertising for T-Mobile? Why couldn’t they get Russel Wilson instead of this thug? So glad I switched to AT&T for my personal line. That said, I won’t be too upset when Marshawn Lynch runs through the Pat’s D-line.

    • EndlessIke

      Thug? You people are ridiculous. Guy graduated from Stanford with a 3.9 while playing football.

      • Blue42

        Rapist, embezzlers and murders have graduated from Stanford moron. Now I’m not calling Sherman any of those things, not even close, but your dumbarse seems to think a Stanford degree is more than a college degree. Think a little more critically you wife beating idolizer. Who blogs with Ike Turner buttons anyway? You disgust me.

        • thepanttherlady

          Are you really not able to get a thought out without resulting to lame insults?

          Don’t make accusations you can’t backup with proof.
          If you can’t “play” nice with others, you won’t be playing at all. ;)

        • Blue42

          What? You really think a Stanford degree cures thuggish behavior? Wow honey, don’t put so much weight on institutional certificates. These aren’t centers of moral or ethical indoctrination. Don’t get me wrong, excellent school, but all kinds of people graduate from these schools including those I described. Fact.

        • thepanttherlady

          Let’s make one thing very clear, I am definitely not your honey.

          “You really think a Stanford degree cures thuggish behavior?” “don’t put so much weight on institutional certificates”

          My post stated nothing about degrees or certificates. You’ve made an accusation and when asked why, rather than educate, you result to childish insults. If you can’t post without resulting to
          insulting others, you won’t be allowed to post here anymore. Fact.

        • Blue42

          Sorry you took offense to my use of the word honey. I regularly call all my customers that, and honestly I didn’t expect such a negative reaction. My views of Richard Sherman are not far fetched. That said, have a good day, I’m done blogging.

        • You call all your customers honey? Lol very creepy

        • EndlessIke

          What has he done besides been hilariously confrontational towards the NFL’s hypocrisy? Has he been arrested? Hit women? Done Drugs? Fought anyone?

          And I’m going to really hope you’re kidding about the Ike Turner button line… Dwight D. “Ike” Eisenhower was the Supreme Allied Commander Europe in WW2, and the 34th President of the United States.

      • Aaron C

        Please stop perpetuating this myth or provide proof where he “graduated from Stanford with a 3.9.” A recent CBS Sports article noted the following, so I think you’re getting your facts messed up: “As a senior at Dominguez High School, Sherman had 28 receptions for 859 yards and 14 touchdowns, as well as 1019 all-purpose yards. He also had a 3.9 GPA.”

    • KingCobra

      How is he a thug?

    • Paul

      Not sure what makes Sherman a thug. He’s never been arrested so please elaborate on how he’s thuggish.

      • Blue42

        I guess you’ve never opened up a dictionary, am I right, idiot? By your definition MLK and Rosa Parks are thugs for ever having ever been arrested? That’s just dumb. Read a book once in a while.

        • thepanttherlady

          I’m guess your attempted use of insults is because you have nothing to back up your accusation? Nice.

        • Blue42

          I used the word Thug appropriately. Paul is clueless to its meaning and my usage. Yes I do take his lack of vocabulary offensive. Are you familiar with Richard Sherman young lady? If you were you wouldn’t accuse me of unfairly describing him as a thug.

        • thepanttherlady

          a violent person, especially a criminal.
          synonyms: ruffian, hooligan, vandal, hoodlum, gangster, villain, criminal; informal tough, bruiser, hardman, goon, heavy, enforcer, hired gun, hood

          I do know who Richard Sherman is and think he’s an idiot but wouldn’t call him a thug.

        • Blue42

          Thank you darling for furthering my point. Many of those words apply to Richard Sherman. You don’t have to take my word for it. Watch the tapes of Richard Sherman. Read the articles of his behavior in HS and College. You might even start describing him as such.

        • EndlessIke

          He was an honor student in HS and college. You are so wrong its a joke.

        • Paul

          Blue42, in an adult and mature manner, please share the instances when Sherman has been or acted as a violent person, especially a criminal, ruffian, hooligan, vandal, hoodlum, gangster, villain, criminal; informal tough, bruiser, hardman, goon, heavy, enforcer, hired gun, hood, etc. outside an NFL game.
          Please, do share to help backup your accusation and slander of Sherman.
          Otherwise, your lame and immature attempts to insult me have fallen short of their target. I know the definition of the word “thug”, and did prior to this article, and I know your initial post was beyond incorrect. Ergo, your trolling is lackluster.

  • Crystal

    I love T-Mobile. T-Mobile will surpass Nonsensible Sprint by the end of this year 2015. Come on T-Mobile we have faith that you will survive this year. Either do it alone, or perhaps have a partnership with Dish Network. Please have a Partnership with Dish. Or perhaps Dish buys T-Mobile. :)

  • Brian

    Alex, just an FYI that they don’t use standard numerals when referring to the Super Bowl in writing. It’s Super Bowl XLIX this time around. Of course, no one can ever figure out why they take the long route and don’t just call it Super Bowl IL.

    Interesting Fact: Next year they will actually be using “Super Bowl 50” in printing things as well.

    Having said all of that, bring on baseball season!!

  • D_Wall__

    God, i hate that guy…

    • dtam

      crotch-grabbing lynch is worse

      • bob90210

        Yes, being lynched from the crotch is the worst.

    • lomsha

      Me too, now we have to see him on all tmo ads, smh.

  • Aaron C

    I may have to leave T-Mobile now. Intelligent? Really?

    Go Pats!

  • Rob

    Love it

  • Android_God

    Snoop Dogg wan wasn’t available?

    • EndlessIke

      because they’re both black, right? Good one.

      • Android_God

        Wow man that’s pretty racist.

        • EndlessIke

          I know, you should be ashamed of yourself. What else do these two guys have in common, you puke?

        • dtam

          they both are/were spokesman for tmobile?

        • EndlessIke

          Oh well that changes things. haha. woops. I guess I overreacted to everyone else in these comments calling him a “thug” and thought this was more of the same barely closeted racism.

          Sorry Android God!

        • Android_God

          Why can’t 2 black people do commercials for T-Mobile? What the hell is wrong with you?

        • Aaron C


    • JLV90

      No they could only get in contact with Snoop Lion

  • Phx/Glen

    This is out of subject, but I wonder it tmo has enough capacity around University of PHX stadium do keep up with demand on super bowl day?

    • Paul

      I think I read that they were looking at devices that had a smaller coverage than towers but could support an area like a stadium. This would be a GREAT testing opportunity.
      I wish I could remember the details better.

      • Kidney_Thief

        No phones support it right now, so you can bet they’ll just set up a DAS at the stadium, if they haven’t already.

    • KingCobra

      I think all the carriers usually buckle under the Super Bowl crowd each year.

  • Paul

    I think it’s a good move, even past the super bowl. Sherman is a great football player and with his high GPA from college is a good example of academic achievements.
    Besides, dude is on fire so why wouldn’t anyone wanna ink a deal with him?

  • Mike Pontillo

    Meh. Bring back Carly.

    • Paul

      Carly in a pink football uniform throws a pass to Sherman.
      BOOM, commercial made.

  • Jermaine Coakley Sr.

    I am curious to all that are labeling Sherman as a thug, please explain how he is a thug? Do you know what the word means?

    • thepanttherlady

      It’s just one poster making that accusation and thus far no one has been able to ascertain the reason. He/She just comes back with lame insults to those asking why.

    • Paul

      He’s not and that individual didn’t know the definition until thepantherlady graciously shared the definition of the word “thug.”

    • Oliver Jackson

      They cant even tell you.It’s just their pathetic excuse always saying “I just don’t like him” but truthfully the “guy” below is saying F ing N***** . If you looking for thugs, go no further than Congress and Ferguson PD. He doesn’t like him because he loud,brash and that scares him. Muhammad Ali,Deion Sanders,Michael Jordan all talked the talk but backed it up. My beloved 85 Chicago Bears did the same thing as well the 80s Miami Hurricanes football team and the 2000 Ravens and 2002 Bucs.All champs too. So I’m like Jermaine,where are these thugs they speak of?

      Anyway,this is brilliant and I’m looking forward to it and get use to it when you see him on the cover of Sports Illustrated lol. #GOHawks

    • Rick Thompson

      I need to turn down my hearing aid and brush up on my ebonics when he speaks.

  • VG

    Big step up from posting a YouTube clip of Rob Kardashian! If you don’t know to what I’m referencing, just google “T-Mobile Rob Kardashian” and you’ll find the reference. :)

  • TK – Indy

    He is a great football player as deserving of endorsements as any other. Hope it is a successful campaign for him.

  • trife

    LOL @ Sherman being a “thug”.

    Be honest–a brash, loud, in-your-face black man scares you. And it really scared you when he was yelling in that pretty, white Erin Andrews face, huh? Oddly enough, SHE wasn’t scared at all, so what does that say about you goons calling him a thug? I’ll tell you what it says: it says you need to grow a pair.

    • Aaron C

      I don’t think anyone said anything about being scared? What’s wrong with you? I’d imagine most people would say the same thing about the stereotypical WWE wrestler who gets in peoples’ faces and screams about how great they are. It has nothing to do with race. Why you trying to make it into that?

      • trife

        Really? I’ve never heard anyone describe WWE wrestlers as thugs. Hell, Benoit offed his family and I’ve never heard that word thrown around with him, despite him being the true definition of a thug.

        And race gets brought into it because there’s a huge discrepancy with who gets called a thug. Ever notice it’s generally the brothers who are being called thugs? Why is that? If you really want to stick your head in the sand and act like race plays no part in this equation, feel free. I’m not naive enough to believe that, however.

        The guy is a Stanford grad with a ridiculous GPA. He earns millions in the NFL. He’s not a jailbird. Yet because he’s amped up after a HUGE playoff win in which HE made the game winning play, he’s labeled a thug by a lot of people. Why is that? How is that behavior thuggish, in the true definition of the word? I’ll await your logical, fact-based answer, sir.

        • Aaron C

          Tell you what. You folks are making such a big deal about his “ridiculous” GPA at Stanford, I’d like to see that fact somewhere. Then I’ll tell you how that behavior is thuggish.

          Truthfully, I could care less. I just don’t like the guy because he behaved that way after he got the better of an opponent. And I didn’t like it any better when Brady told the Ravens they better “study the rulebook” after that win either.

          If I was Sherman’s coach, I’d say dude, you made a complete fool out of yourself in that Andrews interview. The fact that Sherman felt he had to apologize afterward (and good for him) probably means that he, himself, was pretty disappointed in his actions as well.

        • trife

          Well that was a predictable response. Find me a site anywhere that NEGATES what many, many reliable, mainstream sites are claiming what his Stanford GPA was. Oh, and they better not be some right-winged, Conservative blogs. I’ll wait your sources AND why Sherman is a thug.

          Don’t worry, I’m not holding my breath.

        • Aaron C

          You still haven’t answered my question. Just one source to prove what you said about his “ridiculous” GPA. Just one. Nope? Thought not. Just another person who posts things without any evidence.

        • Washington Post.

          Google “Justifying Richard Sherman by his GPA at Stanford”,

          After you make an excuse why that isn’t a good enough source, come talk to me.


      • trife

        Oh, and I forgot to add that he’s apparently working on his Master’s degree. Yep. He’s a thug alright.

        Seriously, what’s the justification for folks calling this guy a thug? He’s like the complete opposite.

        • Cornell West

          You can tell, in no time he’ll have his Ph.D. in Thugery. In addition, you are clearly racist. You seem to think this has something to do with the color of his skin. Now that’s ignorant. Thugs come in all shapes and sizes. Let me guess this is Al Shaprton posting on TMO news and his race mongering rhetoric.

        • trife

          Cute, Dr. West. Real cute.

          Funny how nobody has given me any examples of WHY Sherman is a thug in the true definition of the word.

          Dr. West, surely someone of your brilliance and stature could answer that question for me, right?

          Pro tip: loud, cocky person doesn’t equal thug.

          I’ll await your fact-based, logical response. Again, I’m not holding my breath.

        • Al Sharpton is not the problem here. White privilege is. And it is usually whites who race bait and race hustle.

      • KingCobra

        They wouldn’t call them “thug” though. It’s like “thug” has become the new term for closet racism since that “other” word has become taboo in our society. Only applied to blacks.

    • Android_God

      Funny how this bothers black people so much yet black on black crime is like 1000% worse than some white guy calling a black guy a thug. Get over yourselves.

      • trife

        “Yeah but, situation ABC is 1000 times worse than what XYZ said, so that negates the fact that what XYZ said is wrong and entirely off base.”

        Nice logic, sir.

        Surprised you didn’t mention Chicago, either. I guess that’s coming next, huh?

      • eanfoso

        I just don’t get Americans, seriously, and more than anything, when black Americans tend to be so racist, I come from Mexico, at college I hang with nothing but Nigerians, which well are black, they take me as part of the tribe, even gave me a Nigerian name, yet when there was going to be a party, only black people were being invited, I approached one of the guys handing invitations, said couldn’t give me one, I walked away, looked back and he was handing more invitations to black people, I felt horrible, because 90% of my friends are black and they were going to go to this party but I couldn’t, and it’s not just this, but also black Americans seem to be more concerned with what ethnicity I am, it’s like, what’s it to you? And yes I’m a light Mexican, but still man, it’s not all black people that have issues, just the American ones.

        • trife

          That was one hell of a first sentence. Sheesh.

      • And funny at how calling a white person a racist bothers them yet white on white crime is through the roof, there have been more preventable massacres involving white people in the past 15 years than at any other point in our history and white people are getting away with cold-blooded murder of African-Americans. So, eat your own words in the last sentence.

  • Guest

    I hate Richard Sherman… As a football player. As a person you be lucky to have him in your life. It’s amazing how racist people still are in this day and age. Using the word thug incognito to further thier racist overtures is just sad.

    • Romdude

      I just don’t like him personally lol. Strangely enough, Legere says they are similar, probably but I like Legere and not Sherman, Sherman’s personality or lack thereof is annoying.

      • josephsinger

        Well, at least you don’t have to live with him.

  • Scoot

    Anyone notice that the tires on those buses are under inflated ?

  • Booty

    I hope they don’t bring this ad campaign to other NFL cities. My team may suck but I don’t need to see Richard Sherman reminding me of it while trying to push T-mobile.

  • Mike

    All I gotta say is GO HAWKS!!!!

  • xealo

    Go Hawks!!! Best corner in the game!

    • Aaron C

      Besides Revis.

  • I have no problem with Mr. Sherman being promoted by T-Mob. I do, however, have a major problem with a certain someone who goes by the name Mrs. West. I just saw the ad and I thought it was sexist and offensive. Sorry, but I hope Miss Representation gets all over T-Mobile for that ad.

  • VernonDozier

    Most of T-Mobile’s employees are in Albuquerque.

    Go Albuquerque Isotopes!

  • Susan

    Why is that guy with a bandana on the side of the T-mobile bus?
    Do T-mobile phones have a new feature to prevent carjacking?

  • Mirad77

    The Lord answered my prayers, Brady et al. Won.

  • Rick Thompson

    “Stash Data”? It looks like he is stealing it. Love the campaign. Strait dope. LMFAO.