T-Mobile announces SCORE! officially – $5 per month gets you cheaper smartphones

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Over the past couple of days our sources have been feeding us information regarding T-Mobile’s latest program. Called SCORE! it would customers $5 per month and give them opportunity to get a budget smartphone for free after 6 months, or a flagship device discounted heavily after 12 months. Today, T-Mobile announced the program officially.

Starting today, T-Mobile customers can join SCORE! for just $5 a month. After six months in the program, members automatically qualify for a free entry-level smartphone. After 12 months, they’ll be able to get deals on all T-Mobile smartphones including the hottest new 4G LTE devices.”

SCORE! is open to everyone. It’s not limited to just prepaid customers as we’d previously thought. Customers on postpaid, prepaid, BYOD or any other plan can sign up to pay $5 per month and will get access to discounted smartphone prices once they get to the 6 month or 12 month points. As an example T-Mobile published the rolling samples. Bear in mind that in 12 months time, the devices available will be different. Flagship devices will include the next generation of those below, most likely, but the principle is the same.

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 21.55.53

It’s simple enough, and very little explaining needs to be done. In short, you pay $60 over 12 months and can save around $150 on a phone. The official SCORE! page puts it as follows:

For $5 per month, SCORE! gives everyone—from prepaid customers, to bring-your-own-phone types, to those who buy their phones outright—direct access to exclusive pricing on their next smartphones.

Here’s the deal:

After just 6 months, SCORE! members can upgrade at no additional cost to an entry-level 4G smartphone.


After 12 months, SCORE! delivers exclusive discounted pricing on every phone, including all of our 4G LTE smartphones.

Let us know what you think of the new deals in the comments, and if you plan on taking T-Mo up on the offer.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • JumpShip

    Eh. I get free phones on other carriers, like the Galaxy S5. Need a little more to entice me


      well entice your dumb ass on another site. im sick of people saying do more.. there’s no such thing as free in the united states marketplace. your the customer T-Mobile doesn’t want. why is this program hard to understand, at worst case i pay 30 bucks after 6 months, and can get a 130 phone as a backup or for a family member, just like everything else if you don’t like it , don’t BUY IT!!!!!!!

    • LoveToSave

      It’s not really free when you sign a contract and get stuck on a needlessly expensive plan with less value. Plus T-Mobile doesn’t charge 35-40 dollar activation and upgrade fees EVER. Yes you get a free phone but you get ripped off on the plan with very limited 4g access and no option for unlimited 4g, plus they charge expensive activation/upgrade fees just because they can.

      Plus with the JUMP program you technically only have to pay for half the phone before you can upgrade for zero down and the other half of the balance is wiped out. So essentially not only do you get a discount on the phone of your choice, you only pay for half of that special sale price if you JUMP after 12 months! Why wait 2 years to upgrade when you can have the latest and greatest every year and STILL pay less than half of the retail price? Plus get ripped off on the plan and sacrifice having truly unlimited 4g?

      When you crunch all the numbers you actually get the newest phones for the same exact price that other carriers sell them to you on a 2 year contract. PLUS your plan is unlimited and/or much more affordable. WIN WIN

  • Mike

    its a different idea which is kinda nice. but my personal opinion is that its not too amazing. you will save no doubt, but if we take for example the galaxy note 4 in the above picture (600 under score down from 750), you already added $60 throughout the year of having score on your plan to get you qualified for that price…so then you are really in the range of 660 for the phone…and if you are watching for deals anyway like those that happen online randomly or on black friday etc where they will sometimes offer 60 or so off of samsung smartphones….if you apply that onto the original full price…you might be looking at a note 4 around $690. final comparison……$660 with the added cost of the score throughout the year, or $690 on a promo anyway. dont get me wrong. savings is savings…..but $30 or so over an entire year is kinda “meh” to me.

    • Anon7463785

      The more interesting question is whether, at month 12, the NEWEST hero phone available as of month 12 (e.g. iphone 7, Galaxy s6/7, Nexus6+ etc) is eligible for purchase under the plan. (I’d argue it’s mildly ambiguous if the “all T-Mobile smartphones including the hottest new 4G LTE devices” includes those devices that don’t yet exist but will at month 12 or only those available as of now). Those new-as-of-month-twelve phones won’t be available for $60 discounts at month 12 (maybe at month 18) so you’d likely be saving, in your example, the full 750-660=$90 which is more compelling. I’m hoping, in any event, the $600 one would be paying outright at the time of purchase can be financed via EIP.

      • Mike

        that is kinda of what i was implying anyway. once month 12 rolls around, the galaxy note 4 i was using as an example will have taken a pricecut anyway. I was just trying to get my mind around this “score” program being much more than just a normal promo on a high end phone

        • LoveToSave

          But why wouldn’t you want the price cut on the Note 5 when the 12th month rolls around? That would make more sense no?

          Plus even if the Note 4 does take a price cut, you will get yet another price cut as part of the exclusive benefits of being a score customer.

      • LoveToSave

        I asked all this at the store today. When the 12th month rolls around not only will you be eligible for EIP, you will be well qualified credit class so you can get up to five devices for zero down, zero finance PLUS the discount on the flagship device of your choice.

        The well qualified credit class has only one catch. You cant have your service interrupted due to non payment for at least 12 consecutive months. If you make it the full 12 months, your automatically well qualified. No registration process, no additonal credit check, no asking. Its automatic in the system. Even prepaid customers can/will benefit!

        Long story short, pay your bill on time for 12 months and subscribe to score = Exclusive discount on the flagship device of your choice AND zero down financing with zero interest.

        • Allen Enriquez

          Sweet thanks so much LoveToSave you saved me a trip to tmobile store and customer service far out this is out standing, so I can get a free phone six months down the road, in conjunction six more months I get “well qualified” status by any chance did you happen to check on wearable device + accessories or for anybody for that matter? This is a big deal, because I want a top of the line headphone & speaker for gaming, jogging, 7.1 surround sound.

        • LoveToSave

          If you make it the full year without interruptions you can finance any wearables or accessories for zero down zero interest as well. Only requirement is you must spend a minimum of $70 in order to qualify for eip. Once you’ve claimed your SCORE discount and begin eip, it makes more sense to begin using jump to upgrade since you only have to pay for half the phone before your next upgrade and the remaining half of the balance is wiped away. Plus jump is also your insurance/anti virus/anti theft/lifetime warranty. Why settle for a hundred off when you can get up to half off right?

          P.s. in case you were wondering jump and score can’t be used at the same time. It’s one or the other…For eip jump makes more sense. For everyone else score makes more sense

        • Allen Enriquez

          Thanks some more that was extremely helpful!

    • People Don’t Read

      what else is amazing for 5 dollars a month at a cellphone company. GET REAL . if savings is savings your post is MOOT!

      • Mike

        Calm your tits. There was no rant in that at all. I even stated savings is savings. I was voicing my opinion on the promo and that it IS good, just not great compared to other alternatives presently available. Your response was pretty immature and and just makes you look silly. Next time you post, contribute something of substance and more worthwhile rather than just trying to pick fights behind the safety of your computer screen.

    • LoveToSave

      Promotional price is NEVER available on newly released flagship devices. Promotional pricing on phones only come around after the phone has been out for a while and beginning its inevitable path to becoming “end of life” (meaning the store is about to remove it from inventory to make room for the next latest and greatest). Take the Note 3 and Galaxy S5 for example. They recently had promotional price but that was well over half a year from when they were released. Why? Because they are no longer the latest and greatest.

      Guess what phone has promotional price right now? The LG G3. Guess why? The S6 and G4 are right around the corner.

      If your happy to settle for a discount on a soon to be outdated device, then Score is not for you.

      BUT if your the type who wants the NEXT BIG THING as soon as its released and want to be able to get exclusive discounts on it as soon as humanly possible, then Score IS for you!

  • CG

    For me this is a waste to sign up for this. If I want a new phone without the EIP I just put away atleast $20 a week and in 9 months or sooner I can walk into T-Mobile and purchase the phone. I just can’t justify SCORE! In a sense this is like the subsidize model to get a phone at a discount.

    • monkeybutts

      But this is paying $60 for $100-150, it’s not too bad. It would make more sense to join 12 months before you want a phone. Say you want the newest note or iPhone every year. It would make sense to add in October than in June. If you want a Galaxy S or HTC One newest model it makes more sense to add in March. If you are on EIP for 2 years add 12 months before your EIP ends.

      • LoveToSave

        Touche. Monkeybutts has a valid point there lol

        But then again the phone that you think you want is very likely to change in the course of a year. A year in the cell phone world is like a year in dog years. A whole lot can change in that time frame.

  • Aurizen

    John Legere was watching me, I asked for this hahah.

    • Allen Enriquez

      Aurizen you should write some more thanks if that’s really so!

    • archerian

      “John Legere was watching me” – sounds rather creepy the way you put it… :)

  • I signed up soon as it was offered. I’ll be one of the “stupid” ones. Either way though, I’m saving money, no matter how you put it. It’s like a 401k plan, I put in a certain amount, T-Mobile puts in the other half, or a little bit more. I can do that. Plus, I can put it like I’m already preparing to buy another phone, so T-Mobile is putting my savings aside with T-Mobile. It actually makes me better at saving and or putting money aside for my phone because it’s automatically charged onto my monthly bill, so I’m going to have to pay it. It’s like Direct Deposit where you can put a great deal to your checking account, and a percentage to a savings account. Automatically helping to manage your savings.The plans are now so inexpensive (I’m on the promo $100 unlimited everything , family plan), that it makes no difference in my pockets. I just tag it on as part of my plan. So all I need is about $600 to get one of the top in smartphones/phablets at the point I want to buy one. Which is fine, because $600 or $660, however you look at it, that’s past what I can personally afford or want to put towards a smartphone or Phablet, so I’m saving about $100, to get me what I may not have been able to get or wanted. I try to look at the positive, people will complain (like they do about everything),but it’s still a discount, so it’s a positive. Different strokes for different folks. If it helps you great, if not, just do what fits best for you. Kudos T-Mobile, you’ve added everything I ever asked for or wanted you to do in this last year or so.

  • monkeybutts

    I signed up to get a cheap back up phone for $30, cause thats a lot better than most of the sale prices in store. Will probably add again 12 months before I plan to upgrade if it’s still around.

  • LoveToSave

    I was at the T-Mobile store today getting the 411 on this new feature and it sounds like a pretty awesome feature that almost everyone can benefit from. Here’s why:

    Yes you pay $60 for the 12 months you have score but the discounts you get on the phones far exceed that. Yes there’s usually a promotional offer on phones that lets you get it discounted but thats rarely on brand new, just released phones. It usually takes a few months before that becomes available so this basically lets YOU CHOOSE which phone you want to buy at a discounted price. PLUS if you have made all your payments on time for those 12 months, you can finance whatever phone you choose for free with zero interest, zero down, EVEN IF your credit is TERRIBLE!

    Yes the devices displayed will be much cheaper in a year but thats not the devices most people are going to use their score discount on anyway! Most people are going to use score to save money on phones like the Note 5, the Galaxy s7, the Iphone 7, etc…

    Even if the net savings is only $100 its still worth it! Why would you say no to that? Between score and smartphone equality (which gives you “perfect credit” with t-mobile after 12 on time payments), not ONLY will you pay zero down on up to FIVE LINES, but you also get an EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT that regular customers are not eligible for!

    Zero down for up to five lines even with terrible credit and exclusive discounts on the latest and greatest devices. What’s not to like? If you ask me, its pure genius.

    • Allen Enriquez

      Thanks again this is incredible amount of information Love ToSave thanks for taking your time out of your day to show the goods thanks to you I am getting this plan Score I wish I can give you some sort of kudos!

  • Billy

    If this info was already put out please forgive me, I have not read every post here! I just got off the phone with a tmobile CSR and fully understand SCORE! After getting all the info, SCORE would not be beneficial for me! Yes after 6 months of having SCORE you can get free phones (older model phones) and yes after 12 months of having SCORE you can save around $200 on the newer phones (you’ll know their SCORE price)! But, one thing the CSR said that blew the deal and made me just stick with JUMP (you can have both JUMP and SCORE ) is that there’s no EIP with SCORE! Meaning if you have SCORE for a year and the SCORE price for the iPhone 6s is $599, you would have to come out of pocket in full for it! I really don’t see anything beneficial with SCORE

    • steveb944

      The benefit is you save up front costs on devices. If you have the money to pay fully at time of purchase, you have no issue.

      • LoveToSave

        Even if you have the money to pay fully at time of purchase, why would you not want an exclusive discount and save yourself money? Even $90 preferable to no bucks saved.

        • steveb944

          I meant the fact that you can’t use EIP with this offer according to OP. By paying fully I mean at the Score! rate, not full retail.

    • LoveToSave

      Hypothetical Example:

      Iphone 7 retail price = $800

      Iphone 7 Score price = $600

      Score cost = 60

      Total savings = $140

      This is geared towards people who bring their own device or paid in full for the device and did not finance their phone with EIP. If your on JUMP then of course this would not benefit you.

      Jump = upgrade plan for customers on EIP financing plan
      Score = upgrade plan for everyone else with exclusive discount AND potential eligibility for well qualified (smartphone equality), zero down EIP financing WITH JUMP (since your now on EIP).

      When you combine Score with Smartphone Equality, even people with shit credit on prepaid plans get a chance to upgrade in a year or less AND qualify for “perfect credit” with T-mobile, regardless of credit score.

      This is all about giving ALL customers the freedom to upgrade in a year or less. Not just those who sign up with good credit. Why should otherwise responsible customers who always pay their bill on time be penalized for mistakes they made with their credit potentially many years ago? Why should they not be allowed to get discounts, early upgrades, and zero down EIP financing when they have proven that they never miss a beat when it comes to paying their bills?

    • 21stNow

      SCORE! is not for customers that use EIP, in theory. It is for people who pay full price for their phones anyway.

  • Verizonthunder

    Signed up this afternoon for someone like myself who purchase a new high end smartphone every year or less this will be beneficial. For a measly five bucks you can get for the cheapskates a free smartphone or for the high demand person you can get a nice discount of a desired smartphone.

  • steveb944

    I’ll be signing up for this as soon as I get a new device. Right now it’s pointless as hardware doesn’t tend to release in this period.

  • gigis83

    Technically it’s 60 dollars for a discount

    • Roger Sales

      actually its 60$ + 6 months as a customer giving T-Mobile revenue for a discount. Big difference.

      • archerian

        its at least $60 + 6 months… no everyone will or can upgrade every 6/12 months. every extra month of payment beyond 6 or 12 month cycle is technically going into the black hole..

        • Roger Sales

          My point was to demonstrate it’s more than just “60$” to upgrade and that it benefits both sides and not just customers to offer this.

        • archerian

          Yes, I agree with that, the longer a customer waits to redeem the offer, the less returns (s)he gains

  • guatemala7

    5$ over 12 months is 60$. So is it possible to just pay the 60$ all at once and get a really good discount? Just wondering. Would be nice.

    • LoveToSave

      Does it make sense for T-Mobile to let you pay them $60 in order for them to give you a discount that exceeds the $60?

      Thats like me giving you a $50 and expecting you to give me a $100 in return.

      The point of score is to offer discounts to customers who have earned it by being loyal customers. Not to foolishly give money away.

  • taron19119

    3 hight end phones need more hight end phones and iphone

    • LoveToSave

      Are you drunk? lol that made little sense

      • taron19119

        Lol from what I understand there are only 8 phones apart of score and just 3 of them are hight end phones and no iphones are included

        • LoveToSave

          Ooooh ok i see what he meant now. From what I was told the above examples are just that…examples. Hence why it says “Sample Score” in the picture.

          Score discount pricing will be available on more than just 8 phones. That list is just for demonstration purposes. It’s not an official representation of the full range of discounts which will be available to all devices.

          Every phone will be Score discount eligible in 12 months.

  • taron19119

    So this will help t-mobile get back to to profit

  • Roberto Jaimes

    I have a question, so me and my sister share a account together, but once I turn 18 (in 16 days) we’ll separate accounts, and every time I upgraded my device throught jump I had to pay around $400, due to her credit. And since I’ll be starting credit would I have to pay more since It won’t get on her credit anymore?

    • Guest

      I’d talk to a T-Mo customer service about that. Reason being, just the other day the T-Mo CEO said they are going to take customer payment history into consideration — independent of what your credit says (or doesn’t, if you have no credit history).

      i.e. if you have 12 months of previous on-time payments with T-Mo, they will give you the benefit of “good” credit.

      Knowing you already have payment history with T-Mo, should help in your regard. Hence, why I’d say speak with T-Mo customer service.

      • LoveToSave

        The payment history is most likely attributed to the account owner, not authorized users. This would make the most sense, since the account owner is the one who signed off on the terms and conditions, and therefore, is the one solely responsible and liable for the service payments.

    • If you separate accounts, I don’t think so because you would be on your own credit. You would be the primary account holder, so it would be via your own credit; However, I think it depends on what your credit would be at the time. Then again, in addition to Smartphone equality, and considering if you are talking about a year from now and you make all your payments on time, you should be able to pay for whatever device as the price it should originally be for someone with great credit. But that’s just from what I can gather.

      • LoveToSave

        Thats exactly correct. Finally, someone who actually comprehends what they are reading here lol what a breath of fresh air

    • LoveToSave

      It may benefit you more to stay on your sisters account if she has made 12 or more payments without any interruptions. If this is true for you, then she’s probably well qualified for zero down EIP financing as of yesterday. I would visit the store or call customer care and find out! Plus if you guys aren’t on the 2 for 100 unlimited 4g plan yet I would jump on that before it expires! Its free to switch. No catch 22’s or fees

  • davidwal

    I wish I could do this but I share payments with my Sister and she fights about my bill. I may payoff my tablet and sneak this in. Maybe she will never know. Wish me luck people.

  • William Burr Winans

    What about newer phones?
    Like Note 5 or S6

    I used to always tell people that I think T-Mobile doesn’t respect customers that pay full price on their phones.
    T-Mobile just respected them HOW ABOUT THAT!!

    • LoveToSave

      Newer phones will surely be eligible. The question I think is, how much of a discount will be offered and how soon after they are released.

    • yankeesusa

      Those phones aren’t out yet so they wouldn’t be included yet.

  • MikeyP#1MC

    From what I gather, if you have JUMP and SCORE, you cannot JUMP and use your SCORE discount..correct?

    • LoveToSave

      Jump and score are conflicting features. Easy way to look at it is 2 different methods to upgrade for 2 different classes of customers:

      1) JUMP: For customers making monthly payments on phones using EIP
      2) SCORE: For virtually everyone else.

      After you redeem your score discount you have the option to continue with the Score upgrade program OR subscribe to the JUMP upgrade program. Not both.

      In my opinion, if you have poor credit and/or are bringing in your own device, Score is the best way to go.

      However, after a year, if you become well qualified under the Smartphone Equality program, if you get a flagship phone it’s in your best interest to subscribe to JUMP after you use your score discount because if you’ll pay zero down and if you play your cards right, you’ll only pay for half the cost of each successive device (assuming you JUMP right at the 12 month mark.) AND treat yourself to the latest and greatest every year.

    • archerian

      The customers on JUMP! most probably will be sticking with T-mobile for a while due to the EIP, SCORE! is to reduce the non-EIP crowd churn.

  • 21stNow

    OK, so T-Mobile may finally get me here. I generally buy my Note devices from T-Mobile and don’t want to pay in for 20 months before I can get the Note 6 using SCORE! so I’m going to think about it for a while. Plus, I have to get over my philosophical difference with paying for a discount.

  • Where’s The Value?

    Did anyone notice that T-Mobile eliminated the $30 Wal-Mart plan today? Also T-Mobile raised the rates of the Simple Choice Family Plan 6-10 line plan. Each line above 6 lines now costs $20 per month per line.

    Go Uncarrier!! Go!!

    • gmo8492

      The $30 plan was never widely advertised and some reps would even deny that such a plan existed. Sucks that they killed it, but T-mobile is known for introducing something new than quietly taking something away.

    • idisestablish

      They didn’t raise the price. It was temporarily lowered with the 4/$100 deal. It was always $20 for additional lines previously.

      • Where’s The Value?

        I hate to burst your bubble of spreading false information, but here’s a source right from the horse’s mouth saying otherwise : http://newsroom.t-mobile.com/news/10-line-family-plan.htm

        They raised the price without a press release. I wonder why?

      • Where’s The Value?

        I hate to burst your bubble, but you’re wrong. Google ‘T-Mobile Expands Industry-Leading Family Plan’ Newsroom article from the horse’s mouth. I have a 10 line family plan and each additional line is $10 per month. I was told this line access charge was permanent but in the plan description, it now clearly says each additional line is $20 per month per line. Go figure. Un-Carrier strikes again!

        • Where’s The Value?

          I just called T-Mobile about the line charges. All lines after the first two are still $10 per month per line. It just displays $20 per month after the first 6 lines in the plan description. T-Mobile said this information is incorrectly displayed in the plan description but all lines after the first two are still $10 per month with no planned price increase.

        • JE_25

          People are forgetting. 4 for $100, 5 for $110, and 6 for $120. They make it lookm weird but thats how it works.

    • yankeesusa

      Where do you see that they removed the $30 plan? It was never advertised and the only way to actually see it as an option when checking out on their website is to have a sim card ready to activate and the option comes up at the end.

      • Where’s The Value?

        I currently have this plan and it is no longer an option under the plan change page like it did a few days ago. Also, if you try to activate a new SIM, this plan is not listed as an option. Very sad.

        • yankeesusa

          That is very sad. I was hoping they would just leave this plan as is or just tweak it to at least have an option available. Even if they raised the price by $5 it would have been worth it or change it to $40 with unlimited everything plus 200 or 300 minutes. Let’s hope they introduce another plan. Unless their getting rid of it because it’s going to be introduced by google on their new mvno.

        • jdubtrey

          I didn’t think that the $30 5GB plan was ever a plan change option. You could only get it when activating a sim.

          Are you saying that you tried to activate a sim today and couldn’t select the $30 plan?

    • archerian

      oh no, Augustine will raise a riot… unless he’s GF in hopefully… :)

    • Craig

      The $30 plan is still showing as an option on the prepaid plan web page.

    • jdubtrey

      By the way, the $2/3 plans are indeed gone (as comment about here last week).

    • mrpickem

      Lines 7-10 have always been $10 each.

  • yankeesusa

    I still think it’s better to just buy used on swappa. You save money without putting money down. Only issue is having to deal with a phone that has a bad imei which has never happened to me but it can still happen. I guess for the security of having a brand new phone and getting it directly from tmobile it may be worth it for some.

    • Chris Fisher

      I agree with the Swappa idea. You put your IMEI in when selling to make sure it is clean. As the buyer you can also use their checking tool to make sure it is good. I’m not 100% sure you can’t get around this so there is still a small risk but I believe Swappa is a good company.

      • yankeesusa

        Yea, most of the times it’s a good buy. The only risk is that the phone could be on financing plan and it takes a couple months after non payment for it to show as imei blocked. That is the only issue. That is why you should only buy from people who have good feedback or ask for proof that the phone has been paid off. Ive never had an issue but the risk is there.

        • JE_25

          To avoid that, Swappa does not allow phones that are being financed to be posted for sale. They will deny the attempted post until the phone is paid off.

        • yankeesusa

          I understand they deny phones that are being financed but some phones that are being financed can still be sold if paid off and financed phones will not always show up as being financed. This is the reason why upgradeswap no longer takes tmobile phones.

        • Tim Work

          I got burned from a financed on Swappa. Bought a M8 and it took 7 months to be shut down. When I purchased it from Swappa it was CLEAN. Had to resell it on Ebay. Everything I saved was gone. DO NOT TRUST SWAPPA!

        • yankeesusa

          yep, iv’e seen several people that this has happened to. I still use swappa because I do my research and the phones I buy are from sellers who have sold dozens if not hundreds of phones. I also ask the person selling to provide proof that phone was paid off, if they can’t provide that then I don’t buy from that person. So this score deal is not that bad. But the financing issue I blame solely on tmobile. They need to fix their system to be more accurate.

        • thepanttherlady

          In all fairness, Swappa isn’t the issue. Purchasing a device through them is no different than Craigslist, Ebay or avenues of reselling. The problem is the IMEI blacklist database and how it is used. When this came up over a year ago (I can’t remember exactly when), I stopped trading on Craigslist or buying “used” through anyone else for this exact reason.

        • thepanttherlady

          You have to enter the IMEI # when you post a sale so if it’s being financed I don’t think it’ll let you complete the posting, or it won’t be approved by Swappa.

        • yankeesusa

          because of the way that tmobile finances their phones their is a chance that some phones will come up as clear to activate and then several months down the road they show up as being financed and not paid off. Their was an article on this.

        • yankeesusa

          Check out the article that was posted here on tmonews about upgrade swap and financed phone with tmobile. I posted the link but i guess it was taken down for some reason. Upgrade swap no longer buys tmobile phones because the system to check the imei on tmobile is flawed and doesn’t always work.

  • sushimane

    can anyone explain to me what’s the difference between score and jump?

    • Paul

      Jump – trade in your device and get credit towards the remaining balance on the device, up to half the device’s cost. Basically, you have to have half the cost of the device paid before JUMPing, in which you trade in the device.

      SCORE! – Get devices at a discounted price.
      No need to trade in a device. Any remaining balance on a device is still up to you to pay, but you can keep that device as well.
      You CAN do the monthly payments, “That’s right, whether you buy prepaid and postpaid, choose to finance your phone, pay in full up front or even bring in your own device, SCORE! is open to you.”, or pay upfront. Looks like the discount is $150 after 12 months. Also, this is based on 6 month and 12 month points.
      Does that help?

      • sushimane

        yes it did thanks. ok so i Just got a xperia z3 couple weeks back and i join the score program but i still have a balance on it what would happen? because i can pay it off in 5 month i only for 500 dollars left on it.

        • Paul

          I’ve got good credit and have been able to purchase 2 phones on my line, I don’t have JUMP. So, you could use the SCORE deal to get a discount this time next year, or a free phone in 6 months.
          As for your Z3, it won’t affect the SCORE deal. The balance doesn’t have anything to do with your SCORE discount so much as the 6 or 12 month time periods. You would need to talk to a tmo person about being able to get another phone, but to get the discount you’ll have to wait 12 months.

          A way to look at is like this:
          JUMP: trade in your phone.
          SCORE: no need to trade in your phone.

        • sushimane

          Ok thanks

    • jp

      Sure. Basically, JUMP is for people who finance phones, and includes insurance. SCORE is for people who prefer to (or must) pay full price for their phones.

      • sushimane

        thank you.

      • Paul

        From the press release on T-Mobile’s newsroom site; “That’s right, whether you buy prepaid and postpaid, choose to finance your phone, pay in full up front or even bring in your own device, SCORE! is open to you.”

        So I think you can do the monthly payments but they haven’t said how much you have to pay upfront. Not totally sure of how all the details work, and it’ll 12 months before anyone can take advantage of this discount deal.

    • archerian

      JUMP! aims at reducing churn via EIP, SCORE! is aimed towards the same effect for non EIP customers..

    • Dakota

      Seems like it’s all designed to increase your monthly bill. For all the talk from Tmobile about simplifying plans and pricing, the announcements of the last few weeks between prepaid, rollover, now this just makes it more confusing with more choices just like everyone else

  • Guest

    Too bad the map continues to be completely out of touch with reality where i live. There are places with NO coverage at all (voice)… and this map shows them with dark magenta coverage.

    • yankeesusa

      Dark means roaming partner so you have to make sure your phone roams or it will not work.

  • JJCommonSense

    Can u bundle this with Jump? It would be sweet if u could finance the phone at the lower price.. the it would be like paying nothing extra for the score! After your first 12 months

    • Verizonthunder

      Yes a store sales representative informed me that you can combine both jump and score.

    • Chris

      But by then you are paying $15 per month. Can’t you just save that $15/month and pay $180 down payment after 12 months to get a new phone and EIP it at a lower price.

      • JJCommonSense

        Well technically if I’m using jump I’m paying the $10 per month anyway to be in jump. If you’re not in jump u have to payoff your old phone to turn it in “early” so basically in a year you’re paying an additional $60 for a $150-$200 discount when u want to upgrade ur phone… since you’ll be making monthly EIP payments on a discounted phone price, that extra $5 kinda disappears

    • LoveToSave

      Yes you can actually.

  • gpt2010

    Instead of waiting 12 months to use Score, can we just pay the $60 upfront?

    • Chris

      on some phones as shown above, Nexus 6 is showing with $150 off after 12 months of score ($60). You can technically pay for $60 upfront instead of getting SCORE!. but it seems like this actually have some slight benefits on it.

    • bob90210


  • Dakota

    Are iPhones included? Sounds like just another way to get people to lock in to Tmobile without a contract

  • Ordeith

    T-Mobile already overcharges for phones. So they ask you to pay monthly just to get them to lower their phone prices to be more in line with other carriers?

    I would rather see them do what Cricket does. $50 credit towards a new phone for each year of service, just for paying your regular bill. While it isn’t a lot there is also no extra charge to get it either, it just happens.

    • mrpickem

      Try and understand, this is a business. They have to make money. Their service is priced better than anyone and they are only true unlimited still available. Phone cost are higher, but you save the money quickly in monthly savings.

      • Ordeith

        Their service is less than some, more expensive than others.
        Cricket is always a good example, dirt cheap phones and lower plan prices than T-Mobile, with much better coverage. It helps expose T-Mobile’s gouging.

        • mrpickem

          If you say so. Maybe a single Cricket line with 10GB for $60 is an ok deal for a single line, but for me 5 lines with 2.5GB each for $110 is unbeatable. 2 lines upgraded to unlimited data for $20 each and a tablet with 5GB for $10. Total $160 – discount + tax ~ $164

          I’ve tried Cricket and their coverage is good, LTE is throttled to 8GB and for the price I would prefer PagePlus 55. But to each his own, actually I don’t see how T-Mobile makes money selling service so cheap while constantly expanding their network. Coverage was shit here in N-Florida 2-3 years ago but outstanding now.

        • Dan Rubin

          If you like crap for phones then yes your right.

        • Ordeith

          T-Mobile does have crap for phones when compared with the combined offerings of Cricket and ATT (Since every ATT phone will work on Cricket just fine without unlocking).
          *and it’s “you’re”.

        • Dan Rubin

          Because both have the Galaxy S5 and the iPhone 5, we will leave those out of the argument but you really are going to say that LG G3, Note 4, Nexus 5 and 6, Sony Xperia Z3, HTC One M8, iPhone 6 and plus are CRAP phones compared to Cricket? Cricket has nothing but crap. Plus what’s the point of having an unlocked crappy phone? ZTE Sonata 4g, Nokia Lumia 630, ZTE Prelucle, Nokia Lumia 635, Moto G, and ZTE Grand X Max you are going to say is BETTER then what I listed above? You sir are nuts then…. that would explain the grammer nazi attitude you seem to have.

        • Ordeith

          You need reading comprehension as well as grammar lessons, it seems.
          You can use any ATT phone on cricket, so try adding those to the list.

        • Dan Rubin

          Wait so you’re saying that I have to use a different carriers phone now? “Their service is less than some, more expensive than others.
          is always a good example, dirt cheap phones and lower plan prices than
          T-Mobile, with much better coverage. It helps expose T-Mobile’s
          gouging.” Here is your original statement. You can’t make and argument and then bring something completely new into it. Technically I could say ANY UNLOCKED PHONE WILL WORK ON T-MOBILE AND NOW I HAVE TRULY UNLIMITED DATA ON ANY PHONE. WTF you doing on here anyway, just attempting to troll up T-Mobile?

        • Ordeith

          And my statement is correct.
          and my response to your misguided and ignorant “crap for phones” post is that if you don’t like Cricket’s offering, you can just get a phone from ATT.
          You don’t need to unlock it and drive the price up by doing so. You can use locked ATT phones on cricket just fine, which is why it works to combine both phone offerings when making a list. Every ATT phone is technically a cricket phone, just pop in a SIM and go.
          and this is the best part: (I’ll try to type slowly so you can understand) ATT phones are also available at lower prices than T-Mobile’s offerings. Imagine that,.

        • Dan Rubin

          I just find it funny how you require two companies in order to make your argument a win for you, even after your original statement only said one. And then you feel it’s best to insult me to show your dominance. You know when people have to use insults or violence to get their point across, they have already lost. GRATS MAN on your fake internet WIN!!! At this point, I won’t be replying to you anymore. You have more flip flops in your argument then a John Kerry House of Pancakes. LATER!!

        • Ordeith

          ATT owns Cricket. One company.
          But if you’re defending T-Mobile, you’ve already taken a losing position. Thanks for the grats. :)

        • Bratty

          Ordeith is about as smart as a pile of crickets. Ignore him.

        • Mr Paul

          I don’t think slow and steady wins the race with his type. It seems that virtually everyone ranging from Verizon to T-Mobile, and sometimes even Sprint users, tend to have these ancient perceptions and hearsay misconceptions about AT&T and it’s no different now with Cricket.

          Also, it doesn’t matter how it’s explained, no one can seem to understand that Cricket is now AT&T’s native network, period, unless one is still using their tiny, worthless CDMA network. And that WYSIWYG, period.

          Sadly, it will still be only the open-minded of the populace that will ever have the balls to actually look into AT&T’s offerings, and whether or not they do or don’t want to use AT&T’s services, stop calling them what they are not.

        • jc

          So how would you go about getting an att phone you either have to make 2 year contract or pay full price where is the saving here?

        • Ordeith

          Full price ATT is cheaper than full price T-Mobile. so there’s that.
          Only idiots would go into debt to finance a cell phone, which explains T-Mobile’s customer base I guess.

        • dpro

          Ya but you forget ATT charges a device charge on top of your plan price and montly payment for the phone. T Mobile does not. You will pay an extra $25 per month through ATT anyway you look at it . Plus I am not sure where you are getting the idea T Mobile charges more for devices? My IPhone 6 was the same price from T Mobile as it would have been from ATT except like I said earlier I would have to pay ATT a device charge on top of the plan and monthly phone payment. Don’t believe it go read their info carefully.

        • Mr Paul

          Fun fact:

          None of the 4 carriers make you choose between a 2-year contract and paying full price.

          AT&T has NEXT, offering ’12’, ’18’ and ’24’ month payment plan options (these are the early upgrade lengths, not the full amount of time for payment plans).

          Sprint has leasing and “Easy Pay” (24 month payments, early upgrade)

          Verizon has EDGE (24 month payments, early upgrade).

          Not all are the same are as good as they others, but NO ONE, I repeat, NO ONE needs to get a contract as opposed to paying full retail, on any carrier, or has needed one for well over 12-16 months…

          The companies also do not keep it a secret. It’s just that big corporations are not going to baby anyone into saving money if they’re too stupid and ignorant to figure it out themselves. Call it sleazy, I call it business.

    • Bill Berry

      You’re absolutely right; they do overcharge for their phones; one only has to look at the Lumia 925 which to this day is still $408, the same price it was the day it came out, or the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which is now $749.99. Which I believe is the only device in the stable that operate on L700 as of this typing. I’m sitting on the HTC One M8 for Windows but on hold onto they make up their minds about whether it will have Wi-Fi calling. Another in a long line of promises made and broken. I’m sick of this crap they do…there’s always a catch.

  • archerian

    I know you mentioned hypothetical prices, but is the discount $200 or more in the $100-$150 range?

  • Robert G.

    So in theory, could I pay for SCORE then get a free phone each 6 months? (basic 4G obviously)

    • Darren

      Yes that is how the rep explained it to me. You can get that phone free and then at 12 months get a discount as well on another phone with your JUMP used in conjunction. The free phone after 6 months you don’t even have to activate on T-mobile. You can sell it or give it away or whatever. I think the main reason for this plan is that now that people don’t have contracts people are just getting the newest phones (rather than at Verizon they will sell a Galaxy S4 for $1 with 2 year contract) but T-mobile probably has too many to get rid of and no one is buying them.

  • Steve Park

    Do jump members get the same deal for twice the cost?

  • Bill Berry

    How stupid do you folks think we are? Spend $60 over the course of a year and save $150? What is the depreciative value of a “new” phone once it’s release is a year old? But the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is now $749.99. What was it not that long ago, $699.00? Call it “Score,” I call it making making a down payment, something like layaway.

  • Randall Lind

    what if you already have the greatest Galaxy s5 or iphone 6? I don’t get this I would pay $5 instead of $21 a month and can I still jump anytime?

  • Gregoron

    It would be better if it were also insurance for the phone like Jump. Right now it’s just layaway.

  • Myzteziz

    Meanwhile Verizon is raising their upgrade and activation fees next week. lol

  • art

    I see lots of hate for this program, and it seems most comments are missing the fact that this program is for those not eligible for other programs. This makes it easier for those who cant afford phones to be able to always get a new smartphone free. Its probably not a good program for most of us who have ‘flagship’ models, but its good for those that need it.

    • 9to5Slavery

      Thank you for being well developed and more open minded!

  • randian

    Does SCORE apply to reseller plans?

  • SilentRick

    So let me see if I get this straight… I pay an additional $5 bucks a month on top of the $10 bucks a month for that other rip-off program Jump, just for the privilege of being able to get a discounted phone whereas being a loyal customer for years and years gets you absolutely nothing? You are basically paying extra for something they should already be giving their most loyal customers anyway. What a joke.

  • Zaphyl

    The score program costs $5 per month. And after just 6 months you can get a free phone. So thats 5+5+5+5+5+5=$30. Tell me where you’re gonna get a brand new smartphone(albeit an entry level phone) for $30 without any kind of commitment and Unlimited High Speed Data? Throwaways at your local big box store are $20. Others seem to now know what JUMP is. First you can only get JUMP when you purchase a new phone. You can get Score anytime. JUMP is a bundle that comes with insurance, extended warranty, mobile security AND the ability to upgrade after paying half the device balance. They can actually work together if you like Lookout Premium. Anyways. Just my 2 cents…remember it’s not worth a nickel. I’ve only been a cust for 1 year.

  • GersonT1000

    I love T-Mobile and their plans. However, it is unfortunate that the agents (at the stores, on the phone and on chats) don’t really know the plan and feature details. You ask them something and they give you some bad information, and then if you’re an informed customer and ask them about something that contradicts what they just said, they say “oh yes, I’m sorry for that previously wrong information. Let me rephrase that…”. This is why I only contact them via chat now so that I can have a record of what they told me. I contacted them today about Score! and I’ve decided to post the chat here (omitted the agent’s name so as not to get them in trouble if it might).
    P.S. – I know that this comments section has been dead for five months but I know there are still people out there looking for answers, like me.

    T-Mobile: We have received your information and will connect you with a T-Mobile Chat Specialist soon.
    T-Mobile: A Chat Specialist will be with you soon.
    T-Mobile: Thank you for waiting. A Chat Specialist will be available shortly. For assistance with payment processing or account cancellation, please call Customer Care at (877) 746-0909.
    AGENT: Hi, Gerson! Welcome to T-mobile live chat!
    You: Hi
    AGENT: I see that you are checking if Equipment Installment Plan (EIP) is eligible for Score. Let me go and ahead and verify that from here.
    AGENT: Please bear with me while I’m checking my resources.
    AGENT: Thanks for waiting, Gerson/
    You: ok
    AGENT: Score is an added feature which allows you to, after 6 months, you get select entry level phones for free. After 12 months, you can choose from select entry level phones for free or
    special pricing on T-Mobile’s whole phone portfolio.
    AGENT: Phone model and availability set at the discretion of T-Mobile. Tablets, Mobile Internet, wearables, and accessories are not included.
    AGENT: If you have Equipment Installment Plan you are still eligible for Score.
    You: Can I choose free mid-level phones after 12 months, like the LG L90? If so, what other free phones might be available in the mid-level range?
    AGENT: Let me go ahead and check what phones are available for free pricing.
    AGENT: Thanks for waiting, Gerson.
    AGENT: Here are the list of devices with free pricing after 12 months with Score feature.
    AGENT: LG 450, Alcatel 768 , Alcatel Sparq II, Samsung T199, ZTE Concord, Nokia Lumia 530, Nokia Lumia 635
    AGENT: Alcatel One Touch Evolve 2, Alcatel One Touch Fierce 2, and ZTE Zinger.
    You: One more question: Can I have both Jump! and Score! features on a line at the same time?
    AGENT: We don’t recommend of adding Jump and Score at the same time.
    You: Don’t recommend, or don’t allow?
    AGENT: Actually we don’t offer to add them both.
    AGENT: Here is why.
    AGENT: Jump covers all activations and upgrade the finance a device using EIP while score it covers activations and upgrade that do not use EIP ( Equipment Installment Plan).
    AGENT: This is because all phone that was offered through score is discounted or has a lower price.
    AGENT: SCORE! can only be redeemed 6 month tenure. Tenure resets each use. 6 months: Free entry level phones and 12 months: special pricing on entire phone lineup.
    AGENT: As for Jump JUMP2 customers have no upgrade limits, as long as 50% of the original purchase of their current device has been paid.
    You: I think this is why people are confused. It sounds like Score is not usable on EIP plans.
    AGENT: Yes, as I mentioned you can still add Score even if you have Equipment Installment Plan. However purchasing a device from score is not eligible to pay using EIP.
    AGENT: Score has special pricing on phone so we only offer the device to purchase in full price upfront.
    AGENT: I apologize for the wrong information, Gerson.
    You: So basically, I think you’re saying that if right now I’m on an EIP plan, I can get on Score! to that I can get a discount on my next phone which I will have to buy full price (not using EIP) if
    I want to get the discount. If I want to get that next phone on an EIP plan, I will not be able to get the Score! discount.
    AGENT: As I double check here Score also has the ability to pay through EIP.
    AGENT: I’ll take back on what I just said earlier.
    AGENT: The way we offer Score is a possible option for customers who doesn’t have EIP plan or not eligible for EIP.
    AGENT: This means it is an advantage if you have EIP at the same time you have Score because you got special pricing on the device and you can pay the device in installment.
    AGENT: I hope I was able to clarify this for you, Gerson?
    You: I think so. I signed up for Score! today because in about a year I planned to buy the Galaxy S7 or a similar phone with a Score! discount of around $150, on an EIP plan. So if the phone
    was regularly sold for about $700, I was hoping to use Score! to get the price down to around $550 and pay the $550 on an installment plan.
    AGENT: Yes, that is a good option on having an EIP and at the same time having Score on your account.
    AGENT: That is possible.
    You: Ok. Thanks for all your help.
    You: I recommend T-Mobile to set up a better Q&A page about the Score! plan.
    You: The plan is not made clear on the website.
    AGENT: I apologize if the way the feature was presented is confusing. If you have more questions about Score feature you can also go to this link https://support.t-mobile.com
    AGENT: I am glad that I was able to take care of your concern today, Gerson. Again my name is AGENT. Thank you for being part of T-Mobile. We value your business. May you have a
    wonderful day!
    The agent has exited the chat. Thank you for chatting with us today.