T-Mobile announces SCORE! officially – $5 per month gets you cheaper smartphones

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Over the past couple of days our sources have been feeding us information regarding T-Mobile’s latest program. Called SCORE! it would customers $5 per month and give them opportunity to get a budget smartphone for free after 6 months, or a flagship device discounted heavily after 12 months. Today, T-Mobile announced the program officially.

Starting today, T-Mobile customers can join SCORE! for just $5 a month. After six months in the program, members automatically qualify for a free entry-level smartphone. After 12 months, they’ll be able to get deals on all T-Mobile smartphones including the hottest new 4G LTE devices.”

SCORE! is open to everyone. It’s not limited to just prepaid customers as we’d previously thought. Customers on postpaid, prepaid, BYOD or any other plan can sign up to pay $5 per month and will get access to discounted smartphone prices once they get to the 6 month or 12 month points. As an example T-Mobile published the rolling samples. Bear in mind that in 12 months time, the devices available will be different. Flagship devices will include the next generation of those below, most likely, but the principle is the same.

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It’s simple enough, and very little explaining needs to be done. In short, you pay $60 over 12 months and can save around $150 on a phone. The official SCORE! page puts it as follows:

For $5 per month, SCORE! gives everyone—from prepaid customers, to bring-your-own-phone types, to those who buy their phones outright—direct access to exclusive pricing on their next smartphones.

Here’s the deal:

After just 6 months, SCORE! members can upgrade at no additional cost to an entry-level 4G smartphone.


After 12 months, SCORE! delivers exclusive discounted pricing on every phone, including all of our 4G LTE smartphones.

Let us know what you think of the new deals in the comments, and if you plan on taking T-Mo up on the offer.

Source: T-Mobile

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