Details on FCC’s AWS-3 spectrum auction revealed, T-Mobile bid a total of $1.774 billion


Just a day after we got word of the close of the FCC’s AWS-3 spectrum auction, some details of the bidders and their offers have been revealed.

The FCC today posted a 95-page document that details all of the spectrum licenses that were won, who won them, and how much the winning bid was. In total, T-Mobile bid $1.774 billion and won spectrum licenses in several different blocks, including the highly-coveted J Block. Some of the markets that T-Mobile won licenses in include Fort Wayne, Ind.; Bakersfield, Calif.; Tucson, Ariz.; Santa Fe, N.M.; Abilene, Texas; Kansas City, Mo./Kan.; and Mobile, Ala.

AT&T and Verizon also took party in the AWS-3 auction, bidding $18.189 billion and $10.43 billion, respectively. For a full rundown on all of the winning bids and bidders, you can check out all of the FCC’s documents right here.

Via: Phone Scoop
Source: FCC

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