ICYMI: Kim Kardashian and Sarah Silverman’s T-Mobile Superbowl ads

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T-Mobile’s hometown football team may have been beaten by Tom Brady in the Superbowl yesterday, but that doesn’t mean there was nothing to enjoy. Perhaps the most talked about feature of the massive sporting event is the marketing. Superbowl ad spots are an opportunity for companies of all kinds to push the boat out and get noticed. And – of course – T-Mo got involved.

Our favorite carrier teamed up with a number of stars, including Sarah Silverman and Kim Kardashian West to promote its Data Stash and Wi-Fi calling services. And, just in case you missed them airing during the football game, here are a few for you to enjoy, uploaded to YouTube yesterday. And, although they don’t quite come close to the iconic Apple “1984” ad from 31 years ago, they’re still pretty entertaining. If nothing else, it’s nice to see a celebrity not taking herself too seriously.

In fact, the company has been very active on YouTube over the past couple of days, uploading outtakes and behind-the-scenes footage from each of their ads.

Sarah Silverman & Chelsea Handler for Wi-Fi Calling from T-Mobile

Kim Kardashian and Team Selfie Get To Work with T-Mobile

Selfie 101 With Kim Kardashian and T-Mobile

Behind the Vulturing | T-Mobile Commercial

What do you think of this year’s ads? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Jeffrey Wang

    None of these showed on the Super Bowl :(

    • taron19119

      Yes it did only on the live stream are the Superbowl

    • Joe L.

      The Sarah silverman one was played for the superboawl as well as at least two other tmobile commercials.

    • Deadeye37

      Watched on TV and I saw the Sarah Silverman commercial along with a different Kim selfie commercial. I did have to step away for a little bit, so I might’ve missed another commercial (was gone too long to rewind the game – would’ve made the guests angry).

  • mnaz105

    That commercial made want to leave T-Mobile.

    • El_Chuletas

      Leave plz

      • eanfoso

        Why would you tell at mobile customer to leave? Don’t you know it hurts a company when people leave?!

    • Sean W

      The TMO commercials are a reflection of TMO’s tastes and of the customers they’re targeting. Don’t you think the Kim Kardashian commercial accurately reflects John Legere’s self importance?

  • Rorison Meadows

    I’d hammer Sarah Silverman with my giant member

  • humpfh

    I am as loyal to T-Mo as they come, but I was *horrified* by this. :(

  • Winski

    Someone needs to invent butt REMOVER soon… Get this trash off the public media.

    • gorilla

      I think the data we don’t use is stashed in her butt.

  • itguy08

    The Silverman commercial was great. We all liked it.
    The Kim one was universally disliked.

    • Bill

      “Sorry its a boy”?? Really Tmobile??? Not a great time to go all feminist / anti-male – during the superbowl. Lots of members of men’s rights groups are in outrage and are protesting that commercial. Im pondering moving my phones and Ipad over FROM TMobile now because of this. FURIOUS!!!!!

  • JaxChris


    Ugh, after seeing the waste of money you made on these “people” (I’m loosely using that word), I realize that T-mobile doesn’t want anyone other than 20-something under-educated women as their customers — and that probably disqualifies 80% of us current customers. Legere you’ve fucked up. The only people dumb enough to give those fools cash for publicity are supermarket tabloids. It’s time to see if Verizon makes any pricing moves in the next two quarters. If they offer unlimited data, capped LTE unlimited data within 10$/line of T-mo the list of defectors will be huge.

    As of now, I am no longer recruiting converts for TeamUncarrier — because everyone should have some standards.


    • Rorison Meadows

      It’s a commercial. Get over it. It’s not like baby turtles were fucking killed.

    • El_Chuletas

      Keeping lower rates than the rest of carriers, offering unlimited data and keep expanding its LTE coverage is all I care about. They can spend their money in hookers for all I care. Don’t be a moron guy

    • Goat

      We don’t need people like this on the UnCarrier- I know money is money, but the attitude is unbearable. I’ll welcome you back after you’re done carrier hopping..

    • BillSmitty

      Completely agree, JC. I hate the thought that some of my monthly payment is going to pay these two a$$hats, especially Kim. I’ve been with TMO for a long time and like many things about them, but this marketing decision was awful. Can’t imagine the waste of money they paid these 2. How about you spend the money on better coverage, I’m sure you can find 2 better promoters, for cheaper, than Sarah/Kim.

    • Daniel Holmstock

      THANK YOU – I left ATT for big red – big red messed it up for me – I went to ATT instead of TMO on principal. I know i am in the minority – but i sleep better at night.

  • UMA_Fan

    I hope they air the WiFi calling one some more. A good chunk of Verizon subs hug WiFi wherever they can because they don’t want to get hit with data overages. All those places are where T-Mobile will work perfectly for them.

    Great they came up with a humorous way to advertise the feature.

    • eanfoso

      You forget that Wi-Fi is still a limited range, outside of their homes, miles away from civilization it’ll suck being with t mobile

  • John Doe

    Why was the kardashian slut doing a commercial?

  • Irfan

    we have much better beautiful whores in market on cheap price , i think the Marketting director may fall in love with this one .

  • gorilla

    What did she put in her @$$?
    So unnatural.

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    Rob riggle the best ad the others sucked

  • RandyJones

    the last thing i want to hear is some obnoxious jew screaming