John Legere finally gets a reaction from Sprint CEO on Twitter


John Legere likes to berate the competition, quite publicly, on Twitter. And during the Superbowl event yesterday evening he took time to aim his jibes at Sprint’s commercials. Something which the CEO himself has said he does to try and get a response. This time he got one. Sort of.

In most cases, the controversial CEO doesn’t get a response from his competitors. But in this instance, Marcelo Claure the new Sprint CEO decided to take the bait. And – like me – it seems Legere was a little surprised at getting a response of any kind.

The picture Legere responded to? This quote:


Sadly for us, and for John, there was no other response from Claure. I was hoping it would brew in to an epic CEO-vs-CEO Tweetstorm. And I’m sure Legere was hoping for it too.

As for the ad which John Legere deemed to be “half-assed”, it was the fake apology to AT&T and Verizon for calling them “sheep”. And I have to say, Legere is probably right. It’s hardly high production value. It’s a couple of YouTube clips and some text. No professional shoot or editing anywhere to be seen. Saying that, the amount it costs just to place your ad during the Superbowl is expensive enough as it is and Sprint needs to keep its costs.

For the record, I definitely preferred the T-Mo ones

Thanks, MagentaSoul

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  • besweeet

    I guess one doesn’t necessarily need class when you’re wealthy and have little to worry about.

    • TK – Indy

      Marcelo = Billionaire w/class

      • Chad

        BORRING! John is much more entertaining, and doesn’t have a stick stuck up his buttt!

        • Jacob

          Wow how rude of you to say that part about Sprint. John has no style or class. That is why is Wifi deal needs to be effective due to his cheesy voice network not being so much better than Sprints voice network? Come on dude, you cannot be serious now. T-Mobile has you fooled. Goodbye now

        • Chad

          I mean i’m not that naive, i understand that T-Mobile, while they have been making great progress with their network improvements; still have network issues. I just appreciate that we have an unorthodox CEO…its different and excites you.

          Still doesn’t make me forget about the network and where it needs to be. case in point: i for some reason lose service through the night, just about every night.

        • gmo8492

          Voice is excellent in my area and I’m not ignorant of the fact that T-mobile’s coverage needs improvement. At least with T-mobile you see signs of improvement and their participation in the last spectrum auction. The direct opposite you see with Sprint.

        • Sprint LOLZ

          To be fair, Sprint is promising to upgrade its network, just as it has done since 1996.
          I’m sure one of these decades, you’ll finally be able to make calls, receive calls, send texts, receive texts, send picture messages, receive picture messages, upload data at a good speed and download data at a good speed on Sprint. Maybe at the conclusion of Network Super Vision V 7.1 in 2035.

        • calvin200

          I’m seeing improvements all around. In my region and three other cities across the US where I have travel. As far as I understand that spectrum is not the most ideal for Sprints network so don’t draw incorrect conclusions.

        • XXxXX

          Have you been with both men?

      • Who Dis Gigga

        TK- Indy = Deep throat Swallow

  • Raiterio Patterson

    In John’s defense those Sprint commercials suck. They’re not even funny. Neither are the ones where the people are taking lawn care equipment to their phone bills. I did notice not dissatisfied T-Mobile customer

    • peharri

      While no argument that Sprint’s are by far the worst, I have to admit I’m tired of both operators’ “We’re hip and down with you young people yo!” styles at the moment. I’m in my forties, but I can’t imagine I’d have found these ads anything other than embarrassingly patronizing at the age-groups they’re aimed at when I was that age.

      • TK – Indy

        Well, then there is Consumer Cellular – who patronizes the other end of the age demographics. Is that less offensive?

  • Willie D

    The Sprint commercials told us nothing, it wasn’t marketed to customers, it told customers very little and it did nothing to convince us their network or service has any edge or advantage over the others, unlike the Handler/Silverman commercials.
    Marcelo and Sprint both can suck it.

    • former tmo_rep

      The Budweiser commercial did none of these, but still ended up being the best Super Bowl commercial by far!

  • Guest

    Legere can dish it out, but he sure can’t take it. He is getting hammered on twitter for aligning himself with Khardashian whom most Americans view as a piece of trash. Yes, he is also receiving some supportive tweets but the negatives are far outweigh the positive ones.

    He made a mistake by hiring Kardashian. He has no female executives reporting directly into him and that’s part of the problem (it’s the all boys club in his ivory tower). If he had more diversity, I really doubt the commercial would have been made because he would have received different feedback than he heard from all the men.

    Mike Sievert (T-Mobile’s Marketing exec) is a good guy but he didn’t serve his boss well on this one.

    • John Johnson

      Just a little niggle here:

      John didn’t make the commercial. The T-Mobile US marketing department did, or had it outsourced it to some other firm.

      I highly doubt John had anything at all to do with it. He may be on Twitter playing with the plebs regarding it; but that’s his thing. He’s playing off of the reaction, good or bad. It’s his bliss.

      • Guest

        True that he didn’t make the commercial but he was given a heads up on the general direction of the ad and knew Kardashian was in it. He could have said no, but embraced it and allowed it to proceed.

        • Chris

          It’s getting buzz, right? Like he said above, good or bad. It’s an effective marketing if people are talking about it now even a day after the ad aired.

    • Richard Roma

      I actually want to disconnect my Tmobile service knowing that they have paid Kim Kardashian with my cash.

      • rick

        wifi calling is good if you’re oversea = free calls

        • kgraham182

          I agree with you and that. I used wifi caling when in Jamaica, but when in you home coverage it’s a gimmick for lack of coverage.

        • Think differently…

          In my basement, no carrier’s “native coverage” works. It’s WiFi calling or bust.
          So T-Mo actually has the best coverage, when all is said and done.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          There are a number of VoIP services that you can use via wifi; Facebook allows person-to-person voice calls via Messenger. So wifi calling via T-Mobile proper is more convenience than anything else.

      • Trevnerdio

        What they were getting at is, we get to make calls and text where no one else can. 6 stories underground, in a remote laboratory deep in the jungle, etc.

    • mattdistro

      I’m not a fan of the Kardashians either, but the ad made a lot of press, showing up on sites like Yahoo/MSN in the “News” section. The home page of your average internet user, not enthusiasts like us.

      I think that’s exactly what they were going for.

    • archerian

      T-mobile might have found it cheaper to not have female execs than to settle any sexual harassment cases with T-mobile money – something they learned from Global crossing.

      • Guest

        Good point. Legere definitely had three of them that became public while at Global Crossing (wonder how many more never became public) and he settled all three without getting Board approval which speaks volumes.

  • Deadeye37

    Sprint’s commercial may have been low production, but I thought it was effective. Made me laugh! I guess I’m easily entertained.

    • Adrayven

      Same, simple, funny, to the point. Always reaches more people.

      • calvin200

        I woke up because I noticed a change in tempo when the commercial came on. A black screen with white lettering catches a lot of eyes because it is the opposite of everything else.

  • sonastysorude

    They both need to shut up and worry about their own networks. But it was bound to happen that someone would fire back at John and he wasn’t to prepared for it.

    People can only take so much.

  • Maybe T-Mobile should’ve brought back Carly from the past T-Mobile commercials. It would’ve been great to see her in at least a T-Mobile Superbowl commercial.

    • Rorison Meadows

      And get naked on national TV please!

  • Jay J. Blanco

    The fact that the tumb nail is a donkey. I got so many jokes for that

    • What happened to vanilla ice

      Whatever you black thug

  • Rorison Meadows

    Not sure why Legere is getting shit in these comments. He’s responsible for making T-Mobile cool again and the fact that you can’t perceive that is beyond me. Go, John!

  • TK – Indy

    Rude, trashy leadership = Rude, trashy ads

  • kgraham182

    Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman are thugs, but Legere is entertaining and doesn’t have a stick up his butt.

    I’m sorry but Legere is childish, and I support Sprint on this. Twitter beef is one of the dumbest thing a grown man can do. As much as I hate Shawn Carter, I respect him for never coming back at anybody.

    • T-Star

      Bro this what you call friendly competition, Most companies are on the same page (talk to each other on how much they should charge the public or product releases… prime example ATT and Verizon) if more industry competitors would kick it up like tmobile.. maybe things would be more differentiated and interesting. I congratulate John for shaking up the industry. Good Job

    • Nick

      As a huge 49ers fan, my distaste for the Seahawks burns deep, but your idiotic comment is racist. Richard Sherman graduated from Stanford with a high GPA and is one of the more gifted minds in the NFL. He has a high IQ, as well as football IQ and puts in more hours than most. To call him a thug because he’s black is ridiculous. Let’s stop using thug to describe black people, huh?

      • Blue42

        He called him a thug for being a thug. Only a racist idiot thinks thugs come in black. What a stupid view of the world. Stanford has rapists, embezzlers, and more shadier graduates from its past. I’m in no way suggesting Sherman is any of the above, but I am making the point that graduating from Stanford does not mean you have a degree in moral or ethical superiority, dumbass.
        In conclusion Richard Sherman is a thug, and his team showed exactly why many believe this. They are classless losers, sore losers and starting a fight when the game is over is Thugery. I hope they never go to the super bowl again, because I don’t want my kids thinking sportsmanship does no longer exist. Richard Sherman is a sorry winner and a sore loser on top of being a thug. Accept it.

      • kgraham182

        I think you got my comment confused, I should of reworded my fault. I can see why you said that. I was repeating what people say about Lynch and Sherman. Lynch is a thug because he doesn’t talk to the media, Sherman is also a thug because he’s outspoken. But it’s OK for this guy to act an ass on twitter and people are ok with it.

        • AustinWH

          Damn dude, you are illiterate because what you wrote does not correspond with what you wrote. You got a lot of up votes for literally making some truthful comments. Now it turns out English is not your first language. Congrats.

        • shizkoff77

          Looks whose talking

        • TK – Indy

          I had no trouble understanding what you wrote. People use double-standards like you pointed out all the time. It should be avoided. Legere is foul-mouthed, self-centered frat boy and I don’t understand how he commands the devotion that he seems to.

        • MarylandUSA

          Sadly, kgraham182, readers like @Nick can’t “get” your sarcasm if it’s not in “quotation marks.”

      • donnybee

        His post was sarcastic. It was meant to prove a point.

        Relax, a bit.

      • White 49ers Fans Against Racis

        Your post lost before the playoffs even started 49 deeeer dee ders

  • S. Ali

    Most of you don’t understand marketing. The industry is fixated with T-Mobile, guess who we aren’t talking about. We aren’t talking about Sprints deal. We aren’t talking about ATT and Verizon coverage. We ARE talking about T-Mobile Data Stash, Music Freedom, WiFi Calling, and Contract Freedom. That’s why Kim was a brilliant choice.

    • L.Z.

      John, is that you?

      • Fabian Cortez


    • randomnerd_number38

      Or maybe it’s a result of having a kid and not wanting a rolemodel of what a “successful woman” is being a “reality” TV star who got to stardom via a sex tape. I don’t hate all women, just trashy ones ;)

      • trife

        Then maybe as a parent YOU should let the know that Kim K. is NOT a role model. And maybe you shouldn’t preach “hate” for anyone. Just sayin’.

        Parents need to take more responsibility and not let what’s on the TV dictate what their kid believes and understands as truth or what’s acceptable.

        Whatever happened to personal responsibility? Or are we simply at the mercy of what is shoved in our faces?

        • randomnerd_number38

          You are assuming I don’t use personal responsibility or think it’s okay for parents not to. I will resist the urge to hurl insults at you, but instead explain: I never said I let my kid have free reign over the TV and watch Kim K. I never said parents don’t have a responsibility to monitor their children’s media consumption.

          What I DID say was that being responsible for children’s growth and social development while watching people like Kim K be socially accepted and even praised in mainstream society could be a reason some people don’t like her. I didn’t say Kim needs to be censored for the sake of the children. So why are you attacking me as some enemy of personal responsibility?

          You could have held yourself accountable for reading comprehension, but you didn’t. Maybe you shouldn’t lecture people when you didn’t even understand their plain English. Just sayin’.

  • Tmo1082

    All Publicity Is Good Publicity. At the end of the day you are still thinking and talking about T-Mobile. Most people will pay attention (even it’s subconsciously) next time they hear the word T-Mobile on T.V. or radio to see what is going on if only for a minute.

    • Dakota

      All publicity is not good publicity. Ask anyone who works in the PR business. The crisis management field exists for a reason.

      • Romdude

        Some publicity is better than no publicity though.

  • Hector Arteaga

    The simple fact that we are all so passionate about these commercials means they both accomplished their ultimate goal.

  • Luis Espinal

    Maybe Marcelo is just bitter because John was 1st pick for his job, back when Softbank wanted to merge TMUS and Sprint

  • gmo8492

    Awww I kind of wished that John and Marcelo would be good friends. I specifically remember in an interview that John said he would go out and have a drink with the guy. Marcelo needs to have a sense of humor.

  • Ashton3002

    John needs to watch the way he talks to people. He is going to look up and end up in a funny space one day.

    • tony

      and sprint adminsitrative fee went from $7.99 to $13.98 LOL

      • TK – Indy

        A complete sentence is free, but you won’t use that either.

        • tony

          lol your ignorate sprint will rape you in bills. LOL they ripped off so many new verizon at&t customers just look at their facebook. they got scammed on the half off bill promotion. some new customers got hit $350 to even $500 just 2 of 3 phones bro.

        • Tony Tony Tone

          cool story bro

        • Romdude

          He’s actually right, just google it.

        • tony

          3 of my friends is already suing sprint they got their lawyers. and they were verizon customers also sprint fucked with the wrong friend one of my friend’c cousin is an asistant prosecutor for california district. all 3 of them didnt get their bills cut in half and fruadulant charges in their bills.

        • tony be dumb

          I don’t understand how our schools could fail so bad :( I would have a better chance to comprehend your “masterpiece” if you spoke russian…

        • calvin200

          Usually I give people more slack, but his poor English knows no bounds.

  • HeatFan786

    Legere is right though. If I took a Sprint phone underneath their towers, I would get 1 mb down/ 1 mb up. Sprinting in the wrong direction seems to be their plan.

    • TK – Indy

      This depends on where you are. In Indiana, you are describing T-mobile data speeds.

      • Teo T

        I was in Indy last week for a night while driving back west from NYC and had great service on both my iPad and Nexus 5.

        • TK – Indy

          T-mobile is in last place in RootMetrics for Indianapolis. Sprint tied for second with AT&T. T-mobile has no spectrum here.

        • Romdude

          Tmobile is first in Honolulu, AT&T is the next closest one. Sprint is actually faster sometimes than Verizon in some areas, it’s hilarious. My buddy on Verizon gets severely teased with 1.5mbps dl speed with a Note 4. You use what’s best for you, what’s best for me is t-mobile. Check rootmetrics and sensorly.

        • Mr Paul

          Wi-Fi doesn’t count.

        • calvin200

          Always love specific location ;)

      • HeatFan786

        I am talking in general.

    • tony

      dotn forget sprint charges an extra month on your first bill, some new customers got hit $350 just for 2 phones.

    • calvin200

      Once upon a time……………

  • tony

    sprint network is half ass data speed,and dropping calls. john legere #1

    and sprint is ripping off new customers, half bill= sprint will add hidden charges on your bills.

    • TK – Indy

      Clearly, you are a learned individual who we should pay heed to.

      • Fabian Cortez

        Clearly, you are a learned individual who we should pay heed to.

        Oh because we should heed to trolls like you instead?

        • Mr Paul

          All the while, ignoring the troll he originally responded to. Try learning sarcasm, also.

        • Fabian Cortez

          All the while, ignoring the troll he originally responded to. Try learning sarcasm, also.

          Yet you come out from under the bridge.

          Tony/jackie/Richard Yarell is not a troll. He’s an enthusiastic T-Mobile fan who feels very passionately about how much he thinks Sprint “sucks.”

          He’s been posting here longer than you have and unlike you, he doesn’t post anti-[insert carrier] nonsense while on a [insert carrier]-themed website.

          So would you like to try again?

        • Mr Paul

          He’s an enthusiastic T-Mobile fan who feels very passionately about how much he thinks Sprint “sucks.”

          He’s been posting here longer than you have and unlike you, he doesn’t post anti-[insert carrier] nonsense while on a [insert carrier]-themed website.

          And you’re a flaming hypocrite. Got it.

        • Fabian Cortez

          And you’re a flaming hypocrite. Got it.

          You try so hard but you just never get it do you?

          That would be a generic formula. Here, I’ll fill it out for you since it applies directly to you and your avatar.

          Unlike tony, you post anti-T-Mobile nonsense while on a T-Mobile-themed website.

          Now that you know your ABCs, next time TK – Indy will sing with you.

        • Mr Paul

          Thank you for informing me on Fabian Cortez’s rules of internet forums, and also picking another person you troll and dislike and putting them next to me. Cute.

        • tony

          3 of my friends lawying up since december 2014 to sue sprint for false half bill off advertisment, and fruadulant billing charges. i know there is a bussiness owner with 10 lines is going to sue sprint too this month because of the billing charges.

        • Huh What

          lawying? Did you hear this at the bussing buss stop?

        • tony

          and sprint fucked up they didnt know one of my friends ‘s cousin is an assitant prosecutor in california. lol they ripped off the wrong person.

        • tony

          sprint just raised their administrative fee from $7.99 per month to $13.98 per month. LOL half bill? lol riiiight sprint sales is deceptive bait and switch. $60 per month unlimited data on sprint is false, what their sales dont tell you is that they charge extra $25 service fee+ surcharges + they just raised their administrative fee to $13.98 per month from $7.99

        • IceMan

          Sprint’s $60/month plan is still cheaper than T-Mobiles $80/month unlimited. And you can apply a corporate discount. From my knowledge, T-Mobile removed the corporate discounts.

        • tony

          oh dont forget they tell you the tablet is free, only its not free. verizon and at&t customers got scammed switching thinking its half off bill its actually higher then verizon bill. sprint surcharges alone would rape you in the ass.

        • Bruce Wayne

          Is he your alter ego?

      • tony

        did you know sprint raised administrative fee from $7.99 to $13.98? lol isnt that illegal?

  • Teo T

    Looking at the disclaimer at the end of the commercial, it says other rate plans may get priority access to data and services.

    What in the actual hell? Wow, such a good deal.

    • TK – Indy

      This is a very smart thing to do right now, because it looks like at the end of the month, broadband data will join phone calls as a service that is subject to Title II of the Federal Communications Act (FCA). When that happens, this type of thing will no longer be allowed because of the discrimination clauses in Title II. Things that have already been sold will probably be grandfathered, or phased in over time.

  • Robert Christopher McGaha

    Kim K is successful doing nothing but herself. Even if I don’t care for her personality I respect her as a woman out there raking in bags of cash. I’d like to rake in bags of cash. I have no reason to hate the woman, nor does anyone else.

    And Kim K has been with T-Mobile for years. She had T-Mobile Sidekicks and Blackberries all over the Kardashian show. The entire family had T-Mobile at one point.

  • Mike Palomba

    Sprint refusing to domestic unlock fully paid devices is enough of a reason not to switch to them. With T-Mobile all I need to do is talk to a rep for 5 minutes and my phones unlocked

    • frank

      how you do that i wanna unlock my iphone give me advice please

      • Mike Palomba

        On sprint or T-Mobile?

        If it’s sorint you can’t so you’re out of luck

        If its T-Mobile call 611 and theyll unlock it

        • frank

          its tmobile iphone 6….. but wht should i tell them so i get it unlocked it >>/?

        • Mike Palomba

          Just call up and say you would like your phone unlocked, they’ll unlock it no problem

        • CRT24

          It needs to have been at least 45 days since you purchased and must be paid off before you will be provided the unlock.

        • randomnerd_number38

          Either this, or make at least 2 payments then tell them you need it unlocked for int’l travel. You also need to have no past due balance.

        • Mr Paul

          Yeah, I believe it’s two on-time payments, and the phone must be paid off.

        • randomnerd_number38

          You’re right, but unless it’s changed since I stopped working for them 2 months ago, there’s an exception to it needing to be paid off if it’s for international travel. You need to have made at least 2 on-time EIP payments to qualify for the exception.

        • Mr Paul

          Yeah, but I didn’t think of that until I saw your mention of international travel. Sure, he should definitely try to use that if he can.

      • Mr Paul

        Uhm, isn’t an iPhone 6 already unlocked? If that’s not the case, call or you could also use their web chat. That’s what I did and it was very fast to get a chap rep, and I got the unlock code via e-mail in like 20 hours on a Sunday.

        • TylerCameron

          The “Verizon” iPhone is the only iPhone that is sold by any US carrier unlocked as far as I know.

        • Mr Paul

          That’s true, I wasn’t thinking. But it’s the AT&T and T-Mobile iPhones that “can” be unlocked. My mistake.

        • TylerCameron

          Another fun fact: The difference between a “Verizon” iPhone 6 and an unlocked iPhone 6 is nothing at all. The both have CDMA/LTE/HSPA/GSM radios that are active. An unlocked iPhone 6 bought from Apple works on Verizon CDMA and LTE networks as long as you have an active Verizon SIM. yet sellers often sell a “Verizon” iPhone 6 for less than the unlocked model.

        • Mr Paul

          Correct. That’s one thing that sucks about getting an iPhone from any carrier but Verizon, especially Sprint who to my knowledge doesn’t usually unlock them, if at all. Even though I don’t use Verizon, I’d buy an VZW iPhone if I did want one.

        • TylerCameron

          Even if Sprint DID unlock a phone, as far as I know, they region-lock phones. They make it so that even if a phone is unlocked, it won’t work on any US-based carriers. And I had bought myself a “Verizon” iPhone to use on T-Mobile. Saved myself at least $100.
          Also, does T-Mobile have the IMEI of every phone in their database? They know my mom’s AT&T iPhone 5 is an iPhone 5 and that my Verizon iPhone 6 is an iPhone 6.

    • TylerCameron

      I doubt T-Mobile will unlock my S5 until I’m done paying for it…

      • Mike Palomba

        As long as you’ve made 2 months of payments on it they will unlock it no questions asked.

        • eanfoso

          They refused at first with me,(not fully paid, within 4 months of owning the device) told them I was going out of the country then they unlocked it

    • Josh Randolph

      If your device is paid in full or you have SUCCESSFULLY fulfilled your “obligations” with Sprint, they are required to provide you with an unlock code within 3 or so days of your initial request. Or inform you as to why your device is not eligible to be unlocked. At least until 2016 when they revamp everything again. Technically, your phone is yours again….. For the time being….

      • Mike Palomba

        Completley untrue. They will provide you with an MSL code and only if your phone is an android device. The MSL is essentially useless and doesn’t unlock the phone. If you have an iPhone they won’t even give you that. If you check the sprint unlocking policy it states that they only give you an MSL and that they don’t do anything for iPhones. If you have Sprint, your phone isn’t yours because it will only every work on Sprint. There are some hacks to unlock Sprint phones but Sprint will not unlock devices, that’s supposed to change late this month for the first time in nearly a decade but I’m sure they’ll have some hidden catches if they change it at all

        • Josh Randolph

          I must’ve misread, or dreamed that. I apologize, I thought the FCC deal thingy (technical terms) already went into effect? I figured that’s why we are seeing such a large increase in data available to use as well. I know the duopoly will push hard to return to the old ways come 2016. I’m gonna do some searching and hope my info didn’t come from the Onion News. Luckily, all my current devices are already carrier unlocked. My S4 was a “freebie” with a cracked digitizer, AT&T kindly provide the unlock code 3 days after request. My OnePlus was unlocked from day one. I even have a “Walmart” T-Mobile S2 (T989), unlocked by Tmo with zero hassle. I did, circumvent the unlocking of my Captive by changing a certain line of code and on that line, I changed a “1” to a “0” and saved it. Bang, unlocked! Shoot, Tmo has an unlock app in the Play store! Yep, a carrier supported unlock app…. Sure it only works on 1 phone currently, but that’s one more than the other 3…..

        • Mr Paul

          Doubt that. Sprint is not run by Dan Hesse anymore and is also now owned by a Japanese company who isn’t in it with Sprint to play more games.

        • Mike Palomba

          Sprint has been owned by a Japanese company for a while and they do still go by that policy until the 26th of Feb. I think. And they’re not changing it because they want to help customers theyre changing the policy because the FCC or some other government agency is making them

      • Mike Palomba

        Completley untrue. They will provide you with an MSL code and only if your phone is an android device. The MSL is essentially useless and doesn’t unlock the phone. If you have an iPhone they won’t even give you that. If you check the sprint unlocking policy it states that they only give you an MSL and that they don’t do anything for iPhones. If you have Sprint, your phone isn’t yours because it will only every work on Sprint. There are some hacks to unlock Sprint phones but Sprint will not unlock devices, that’s supposed to change late this month for the first time in nearly a decade but I’m sure they’ll have some hidden catches if they change it at all

  • ttwiitch yu

    Even with the low budget commercial Sprint put out, it still was 2x as funnier than T-Mobiles and it was true. Where’s T-Mobiles main focus was WiFi calling since the signal SUCKS lol.

    • dontsh00tmesanta

      Better than sprint for me so far

    • Mike

      Agreed. . Signal suck really suck in the suburban Philadelphia area. If not for WiFi calling I’d be out of luck with TMO. BTW I liked the Sprint commercial.

    • gameovertime1

      The main focus on a way to address their network deficiency is by allowing users to connect to WiFi as a stop gap – WiFi which is consistently relied upon by others with data caps (see AT&T and Verizon). Only when the subscriber base increases, can the resulting increased revenue actually improve network quality.

  • gameovertime1

    “Never sacrifice class to get even with someone who has none. Take the high road…” tweets the Sprint CEO whose ads inferred to his competitors as sheeps and jackasses. Ah, subtlety is now what substitutes for class. You know what’s classy? Failing to itemiz the final bill sent to Sprint customers when they leave, so that they cannot get reimbursed from T-Mobile (or the others for that matter) for ETFs and they cannot see that they’ve been charged for a NEW month service when it’s obvious they’ve cancelled.

    • eanfoso

      True that, t mobile did that to me

  • DontUnderstand

    Some of you people just dont get it, @JohnLegere has NO class he should be getting attention with his ideas and hard work not his smart arse comments, He needs to read his bible and act like a christian and lead by example. Look at the allegations against him for harrasement of female workers at Global Crossing and supposed payouts to seattle. This is your leader! He is nothing more than a paid actor waiting to cash out his 43 million in stock options when the company sells. Pull your heads out of your backside and see him for what he really is and quit worshiping him,

    • schweddyballz

      You lost me at bible

      • Reallytmo

        Ok let’s look at Legere for what he is….a person that harasses women….lays people off by the thousands…drops the Fbomb which makes him hip. Gives away the farm so Tmobile looses money…makes wise arse comments to insult people to make him once again hip. He is a great leader and a great person and he represents Tmobile. Kudos to you all for thinking he is great.

        • Guest

          To be fair, there is no evidence he harassed any women while at T-Mobile. Those charges stem from his time at Global Crossing and several articles by major news publications were written at that time (back in 2002-2003ish) about those cases and also reported on how he ran the company and treated employees among other things. Those articles can be located and read via a google search and some of them are very eye-opening.

          It’s possible he learned from that experience and changed for the better since then. Time will tell.

        • Josh Randolph

          Thank you for the info.

        • patt

          Lol legere is awesome(vzw customer)

        • Josh Randolph

          Didn’t you post this ?
          In the realm of public opinion….IMVHO, I’m going with yes.

    • calvin200

      You can make the same points without throwing the Bible in people’s faces.

    • Josh Randolph

      Read his “b”ible? Yet, you have served judgment upon another? Reading the Bible won’t make anybody, “act like a Christian”. No Christian “acts like a Christian”, they ARE ALWAYS Christian. Even when they stray from the path, they are still Christian. As for Mr. Legere and his smart ass comments generating discussion or attention, good for him!

      For the wisdom of this world is folly with God. For it is written, “He catches the wise in their craftiness,”

      Have a blessed day.

  • norman

    he may be the ceo but his company dont know what one hand does with the other you pay a bill to tex it is taken out in Washington st . them a bill comes out of the mid west and not one of those people. one dont know you cancled your account and keep sending a bill and when you call them on it all they can say is your still with t mobile even tho i left them on april of 2016 after many phones calls the bills stopped . now its 2017 and i start getting phone calls from lawers all over the country and i told them i dont owe them any money but does that help no so i had to block them from calling and now i find out its on my credit report . that was the last thing they could do .no everyone i see with tmobile i will let them know what kind of company this is not for a person just want all the money they can get people to pay when they dont have an account.and i will never tell anyone to go to tmobile but to att or verizon