John Legere finally gets a reaction from Sprint CEO on Twitter


John Legere likes to berate the competition, quite publicly, on Twitter. And during the Superbowl event yesterday evening he took time to aim his jibes at Sprint’s commercials. Something which the CEO himself has said he does to try and get a response. This time he got one. Sort of.

In most cases, the controversial CEO doesn’t get a response from his competitors. But in this instance, Marcelo Claure the new Sprint CEO decided to take the bait. And – like me – it seems Legere was a little surprised at getting a response of any kind.

The picture Legere responded to? This quote:


Sadly for us, and for John, there was no other response from Claure. I was hoping it would brew in to an epic CEO-vs-CEO Tweetstorm. And I’m sure Legere was hoping for it too.

As for the ad which John Legere deemed to be “half-assed”, it was the fake apology to AT&T and Verizon for calling them “sheep”. And I have to say, Legere is probably right. It’s hardly high production value. It’s a couple of YouTube clips and some text. No professional shoot or editing anywhere to be seen. Saying that, the amount it costs just to place your ad during the Superbowl is expensive enough as it is and Sprint needs to keep its costs.

For the record, I definitely preferred the T-Mo ones

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