Unlimited data refer-a-friend offer extended to December 9


Earlier this week we were informed that T-Mobile was planning to end its current unlimited data refer-a-friend program on December 3rd (yesterday). However, plans have changed. The carrier has informed staff that it intends to extend the program for an extra week. Its new end date is scheduled for December 9th (5 days from now).

In a message to its workers, T-Mobile posted the following update:

The last day for customers to take advantage of the Refer-a-Friend unlimited data promo has been changed to December 9.”

As was mentioned in the original post, the $25 promotional card refer-a-friend offer will remain.

Important Details

  • December 9 is the last day for referees that activate with T-Mobile to take advantage of the unlimited data for up to a year at no additional charge.
  • Referees must also register via www.t-mobile.com/referral within 30 days of activation.
  • Referrers must register via www.t-mobile.com/referral prior to making the referral.
  • Customers already enrolled in the unlimited data promo will continue to receive unlimited data at no additional charge until the end of their 12-month promotional period as long as both participating lines qualify.
  • Referees who activated between August 29 and December 9 will receive the full $30 credit toward their monthly bill for up to a year from the date of their referral.”

So there you have it. You can now tempt your friends currently on Verizon or AT&T across to T-Mobile with the promise of free data for 12 months. And you have until next Tuesday to do so.


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  • neospade44

    “Referees who activated between August 29 and December 9 will receive the full $30 credit toward their monthly bill for up to a year from the date of their referral.”
    This is if you referred someone and already have the Unlimited Data, right? It covers 3 months. Has anybody received a $10 discount yet?

    • Sid

      email me for referrals. thanks. agroramesh(@)yahoo.com

  • Marvin

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  • Jermaine Coakley Sr.

    Email me as well for referrals: jrcoakley@gmail.com

  • Peebop

    I assume this doesn’t apply if switching from Tmo Prepaid to postpaid right?

    • Singleweird

      actually it does.

      • Peebop

        Do you have a source you can cite for that? Because if so, I will be using someone’s referral link in here today….

        • Singleweird

          i work here.

        • Peebop

          excellent. The url above goes to a file not found, is there a new URL for the referral program. And who is the most worthy poster on here to give my referral too?

        • Peebop

          Too answer my first own question: https://referral.t-mobile.com/

        • $22343803


    • jacky

      it does apply

  • Douglas Quaid

    Problem with such a promotion is that it’s an insult to those of us who are actually paying for unlimited @ $30 per month.

    • Singleweird

      you are eligible to refer someone…

    • jacky

      help t mobile to become #3 carrier by refering people :)

    • jacky

      also thanks for helping t mobile out, buyign those 700 aws spectrum and more wideband networks across the nation and bidding on those auctions isnt cheap. im 100% supporting t mobile for sure.

    • Big Willie4UrM

      What’s insulting is how stup1d you are not realize this promo is available to you. In fact, it can’t be had unless you’re a current customer id1ot. Haha, what mentally lazy and ridiculous comment. It only punishes people who lack people skills and can’t find a friend or acquaintance to refer. Loser

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  • ruben

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  • jim

    does it work with adding a line from sprint to a existing T Mobile account

    • Singleweird


  • John

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    • GuyGaysome

      Can you help me? It’s says I need the referers phone number. What is it?

  • Goat

    I’m hating the advertising in these comments..

  • ltnstar

    I placed an order for the nexus 6 but its backordered. So won’t get it by the 9th. Called tmobile and they said not a problem. Anyone know if they would honor it? Kinda sucks since I wanna leave sprint already

    • Oms

      If you don’t get it by tomorrow, I would go to a store and have them give you a loaner phone for a $50 deposit (given back to you as soon as you return the device). That way you can start the porting process right away without missing out on the deadline. When you have your account set, send me an e-mail to omarsg2002 (at) gmail (dot) com so that I can set you up for FREE unlimited high speed internet for a year!

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  • SocialTechFeed

    Can customers who reactive there account, do this offer?

    • Oms

      It only applies if you are switching your number from Sprint, at&t, or verizon.

  • sp

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  • Mr Paul

    No thanks, I don’t want unlimited 2G and HSPA+ with 2G speeds. Been there, done that…

  • Oms

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  • H Fawaz

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  • H Fawaz

    Does anyone know if the person you refer has to activate today for both of us to get unlimited data?