T-Mobile’s unlimited data refer-a-friend program ends tomorrow


T-Mobile staff are being informed that the limited time “lifeline” refer-a-friend unlimited data promotion is ending after tomorrow. In a memo to its employees, T-Mo states that “in order to make room for new and exciting programs, December 3 is the last chance for customers to take advantage of the Refer-a-Friend unlimited data promo.”

The carrier initially launched its unlimited data promo back in August in response to Sprint’s “disruptive” plans. T-Mobile customers could rescue their friends on other carriers by throwing them a lifeline. For doing so, both the T-Mo customer and their friend(s) got 12 months of unlimited data, free of charge.

From December 4th, this promo will no longer be available. But let’s hope that the “new and exciting programs” are just as exciting as this one was when it launched.

A few important details to note:

  • December 3 is the last day for referees that activate with T-Mobile to take advantage of the unlimited data for up to a year at no additional charge.
  • Referees must also register via www.t-mobile.com/referral within 30 days of activation.
  • Referrers must register via www.t-mobile.com/referral prior to making the referral.
  • Customers already enrolled in the unlimited data promo will continue to receive unlimited data at no additional charge until the end of their 12-month promotional period as long as both participating lines qualify.
  • Referees who activated between August 29 and December 3 will receive the full $30 credit toward their monthly bill for up to a year from the date of their referral.

T-Mobile reminds us also that the regular $25 promotional card refer-a-friend offer is continuing as usual.


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  • Viva la Tmobile

    If anyone needs a referral email me at dustin.scott15@gmail.com

    • Viva la Tmobile

      I meant to say actually if anyone needs ME to refer THEM.

      • Referral man

        He meant to say actually “I need SOMEONE to refer. Please email me at…”

        • Viva la Tmobile

          Indeed. Thanks!

  • Ryan

    Will it come with DT_Ignite? :P

    • Rex

      Only if don’t want it to

  • Craig

    In my experience, this whole promotion was a mess as far as billing. I referred 2 people last billing cycle. I got unlimited data on both of my lines within a few days. However, when I got my first bill after the referrals, it was wrong. The total bill amount was $23 more than it should have been. Obviously they credited me for some of the unlimited data, but not all of it. Nowhere on the bill do they show you the individual credits, or even the total amount credited, so it’s impossible me to figure out what credits were missing. A call to customer support got it cleared up, but something as simple as this shouldn’t get screwed up, especially when you’re dealing with your customers who are referring new customers to the company. I wonder if the people I referred got their bills screwed up too.

    • JE_25

      It says that it takes 1-2 bill cycles to take effect.

      • Craig

        It may say that, but for me it didn’t. I had unlimited data within days of each referral, and my first bill after the referral billed me for it.

        It may be referring the the $25 bill credit, which I have not received yet.

        • Guest

          Ok……. You’re just proving what I said.
          1-2 bill cycles means that you may at not see the discount for the 1st maybe even 2nd bill before it takes effect.

        • Craig

          Uh, no. I have to pay for my “free” data for 2 months before I start getting it for “free”? It doesn’t work that way. Even the lady I spoke with at T-Mobile said my bill was not correctly credited for the full amount of unlimited data.

        • Craig

          I replied earlier, but it got deleted. Must have been the link I added?

          But no, it doesn’t work that way. Nowhere in the fine print does it say anything about 1-2 months. Also, I did receive a partial credit immediately, and the lady I spoke with told me my account was not properly credited. She then credited my account properly and my account balance was as normal.

          Here is the fine print from referral DOT t-mobile DOT com: (it just says it starts “… after qualified referral”)

          LTE Data Reward: Qualifying Simple Choice plan required for referrer and referee; not available for pre-paid or Simple Choice No Credit. Referee must register at [link removed] and identify referrer within 30 days after activation. Bill credit provided for 4G LTE benefit and $10 credit, starting after qualified referral. Referee and referrer must maintain active service, and be in good standing on account, when monthly credits are processed. Limit one $10 monthly credit per account, and limit one 4G LTE offer per referral. Employee accounts, mobile internet lines, and business accounts of more than 10 lines are not eligible.

        • yaby1979

          Always a moron on here making excuses for this joke of a company. Pathetic.

    • Brad

      I can imagine… service is great… CUSTOMER service is rubbish. Waiting to hear back from the “supervisor of their supervisor” because absolutely nothing a rep has said to me has been true so far…

      • Irfan

        call Verizon wireless customer service and see when u get connected on its longest hold and BS support .T mobile have so many offers that some time REP get in trouble

        • Brad

          Well… the service isn’t bad. You get connected to someone that is friendly… however – they lie to you just to get you off the phone. I have never been given an honest answer by a T-Mobile rep… from delivery date of my phone to the ability to keep my router while still being a customer.

  • Mortonmanor

    Has anyone been successful in getting either the $10 per referral or the unlimited data on their account? The people I referred are getting this, but so far all I got was the $25 gift card.

    • Mike Palomba

      Haven’t gotten the $10 but I did get the unlimited data

      • FourFour

        You only get one or the other. You either get unlimited data for no extra cost or you get a $10 credit each month if you already have unlimited data.

    • Maxamillz

      I got my $10 referral just call them. I called and the customer service rep was very helpful.

  • jacky

    i refered about 48 familes to simple choice plan from sprint facebook last month.

    • Lion liar

      I bet…. I trained the local zoo monkey how to do dishes about as quick as a human…

      • jacky

        Hey im just trying to help t mobile to become #3 largest carrier in the nation. I am merely belping t mobile in reaching that goal. And when your dealing with tons of pissed off sprint customers onbtheir facebook it was easy.

  • Blue Mi

    Overall all the refer a friend was a major nightmare. I was referred by a friend and submitted the referral request with the temporary number that T-Mobile provided me while the porting of my number was pending. Once the porting ended since the temporary number was canceled I didn’t get the credit nor the $25 reward and both the person that referred me and myself were charged the $30 for the unlimited that T-Mobile added to our account. It was finally resolved after two billing periods and the involvement of the Better Business Bureau. However, my friend never received his $25 reward card. As someone mentioned, “service is great… CUSTOMER service is rubbish.”

  • Jason Crumbley

    The stories on this site have gone to crap since the phonedog takeover. It’s all generic stuff that you can find out anywhere. I miss the “leaks” and “scoops”.

    • besweeet

      To Cam’s defense, the site /is/ called Tmo/News/, which is what we’ve been seeing.

    • Stone Cold

      It has been a phonedogsite well before Dave left. But I also believe that Dave had friends inside Tmo. Cam may not have all the contacts Dave had but he is trying to keep getting us the news as best he can.

  • Oms

    If anyone will like to be referred before the promotion ends so that you can receive 12 months of unlimited Internet , please email me at omarsg2002 (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks!

  • Jim1348

    I came back to T-Mobile at the end of October. I have been trying to get this going for over a month now with no success.

    • neospade44

      It takes about 1 to 2 billing cycles as they say. Remember to call the Tmobile Refer-a-friend Customer service and NOT the regular customer service.

      • Craig

        Not true. Nowhere does it say 1-2 bill cycles for the unlimited data, read the fine print and faqs on the referral site. I got unlimited data within days of each referral and new charges and credits on my next bill.

        • neospade44

          That’s what they told me yesterday. I already had the Unlimited Data, so I’m pending the $10 off monthly. Supposedly, that’s what takes 1 – 2 billing cycles. I’m about to finish the 2nd cycle.

    • Craig

      Have you called t-mobile? What is the status of your referral on the referral site?

  • ruben

    If anybody is interested in refer a friend email me a t rgarcia(at) gmail (dot)com

  • jp

    It’s been extended to the 9th

  • Grant

    The press release gives a bit more information about the fine print of a “qualified referral”: http://newsroom.t-mobile.com/news/rescue-sprint-customers.htm It mentions the friend’s ported number. I referred a friend from Sprint, but I was told by a T-Mobile rep that because he got a new number instead of porting his, no free data/discount for either of us.

  • Austin

    If anyone will like to be referred before the promotion ends so that you can receive 12 months of unlimited Internet , please email me at romeodez (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks!

  • John A Smith

    I just received my $25 card for referring a friend. The rules say it is issued by Citi Bank so wouldn’t you expect it to be a cash debit Card? Not so, what I got can only be used at a T-Mobile retail location. Big let down.