T-Mobile’s Nexus 9 launch has been postponed

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This year’s Nexus launch hasn’t exactly gone smoothly for T-Mobile. First, Motorola failed to deliver a shipment to T-Mo stores, forcing the company to delay its Nexus 6 launch by a week. Second, even after Nexus 6 orders wen’t live, delivery of the 64GB models has been hit-and-miss (to put it lightly). You only need to check this reddit thread, and this XDA thread to see that.

And now, an internal communication reveals that the carrier has decided to postpone its Nexus 9 launch.

Updated: Google Nexus 9 Launch Postponed (Retail, TPR, TPRi, EDPC)

Update: The launch of the Google Nexus 9 has been postponed. This article will be updated with the launch date once it is confirmed.

T-Mobile will launch the Google Nexus 9 on a date to be determined, which will be available on the web or through Ship-to (Direct Fulfillment) in HSO. This HTC device features a beautiful 8.9″ screen and a 64-bit 2.3GHz dual processor.

We don’t know when exactly T-Mobile is planning to start selling the pure-Android tablet built by HTC, but it seems that T-Mo itself isn’t sure.

The company had planned on launching the device at some point this month on its Underground site. But, the internal community message would suggest that this is a little less likely now. We’ll keep you posted if we hear any more. But it’s not looking good for those of you planning on grabbing it before Christmas swings by.  That said, it’s not at all impossible. Fingers crossed.

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