T-Mobile’s Nexus 9 launch has been postponed

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This year’s Nexus launch hasn’t exactly gone smoothly for T-Mobile. First, Motorola failed to deliver a shipment to T-Mo stores, forcing the company to delay its Nexus 6 launch by a week. Second, even after Nexus 6 orders wen’t live, delivery of the 64GB models has been hit-and-miss (to put it lightly). You only need to check this reddit thread, and this XDA thread to see that.

And now, an internal communication reveals that the carrier has decided to postpone its Nexus 9 launch.

Updated: Google Nexus 9 Launch Postponed (Retail, TPR, TPRi, EDPC)

Update: The launch of the Google Nexus 9 has been postponed. This article will be updated with the launch date once it is confirmed.

T-Mobile will launch the Google Nexus 9 on a date to be determined, which will be available on the web or through Ship-to (Direct Fulfillment) in HSO. This HTC device features a beautiful 8.9″ screen and a 64-bit 2.3GHz dual processor.

We don’t know when exactly T-Mobile is planning to start selling the pure-Android tablet built by HTC, but it seems that T-Mo itself isn’t sure.

The company had planned on launching the device at some point this month on its Underground site. But, the internal community message would suggest that this is a little less likely now. We’ll keep you posted if we hear any more. But it’s not looking good for those of you planning on grabbing it before Christmas swings by.  That said, it’s not at all impossible. Fingers crossed.

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  • taxandspend

    Maybe this is a good move. The early ones have had so many problems and this will be a chance for T-Mobile to get good stock.

    • Ammy Taylor

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    • Steve R.

      Well I guess that’s one way of looking at it

  • TS50

    Love that my reddit post was used! Was just trying to see if anyone was in the same boat as me. My brother had received his 64gb that was ordered by jump upgrade 6 hours after I ordered mine by online order.

  • D_Wall__

    I wish i could trade in my Tmo Ipad air for this.. I can wait =)

    • monkeybutts

      better to sell

  • John Johnson

    I’m shocked….just…shocked.


    No big. Everything I’ve heard about leads me to believe a Shield Tablet would be a *much* better investment. Too bad though; really wanted HTC to get it right in the tablet space.

    • William Kestle

      I read the shield tablet has issues with heat and it causing its shell to crack

    • duder12

      Except the shield tablet sucks because it has worse issues. Do your homework before yapping

  • Richard Roma

    Classic Google, just as useless as their partners.

  • Nathan S.

    I too am waiting for my Nexus 6 64gb version to ship. I doubt I will be picking up the Nexus 9 though.

  • Chris

    Over 2 weeks later still NO UPDATES on my 64gb Nexus 6 order while others are getting theirs shipped. Bad, horrible job T-Mobile.

    • Ordered my 64 GB on Cyber Monday and just got a shipment notification! Stoked! Just kidding, I didn’t get a shipment notification. When I ordered it said I should expect to get it around 12/15.

    • FourFour

      How exactly did T-Mobile do a horrible job? It sounds like people either ordered a different version of the phone (color/storage size) that were available sooner and/or ordered theirs sooner. I’m sure there are no updates to send at this point since the Nexus/Motorola team seem to be unable to keep up. Is T-Mobile supposed to keep sending you updates that say “still nothing else to tell you so keep waiting”?

  • freydnot

    I really wanted a LTE nexus 9, but now I’ve decided I can get away with my nexus 10 running lollipop.

  • Philly Jim

    I was looking forward to this , I hope they work it out was going to be a christmas present to myself ……lol

  • akash drozario

    difficult to buy.not available in any retail shops

  • monkeybutts

    build quality on the wifi model was not impressive for the price.

  • Nina

    Grab the Nexus 6 and 9 for a discounted price only at (Nexus Phone Deals:com)

  • Babala

    i’m looking forward to this, i believe my surge protector with usb can fit it very well!