Nexus 9 will be available from T-Mobile Underground in December

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Along with the announcement that it will begin selling the Nexus 6 today, T-Mobile also announced that it will make the Nexus 9 available in December. The HTC-made device, which has received mixed reviews so far, will be available through T-Mobile’s Underground site for $0 down and 24 monthly payments of $29.16. Or, $599.76 full retail price, for the 32GB model.

The Nexus 9 is the latest in a long line of pure stock Android devices to be launched by Google, but makes a welcome change from the previous 16:9 screen ratio tablets with a return to the more sensible iPad-esque ratio. It features an 8.9-inch IPS LCD display, a 64-bit NVIDIA K1 processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB of onboard storage and a 6,700mAh battery along with stereo front-facing speakers and Android 5.0 Lollipop.


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  • dayaram

    24 payments of $29.16 for a $599 32 gb device. What are you smoking up there cam?

    • Jeb Demiolanski

      WTF Cam guy, you’re off your rocker pricing it this expensivly! You know we don’t get paid in Uros, right?

      • Stone Cold

        Cam doesn’t price these T-Mobile does

    • JE_25

      What are you talking about??? It’s the same price that is listed on the Play Store, for the 32GB LTE Model.

      • TechHog

        Try doing the math.

    • Stone Cold

      Not Cam’s doing. Strictly T-Mobile

  • scottle

    29.16 x 24 = 699.84!! OUCH !!

  • CalicoKJ

    If it’s 599.76, the math works out to 24.99 a month…probably still too high for me but better than almost 30 bucks…

  • Don Cunningham

    So much for wifi pricing for lte tablets… that lasted long.

    • jonathan3579

      Oh I tweeted them and called them out on it yesterday. Sure, some of their Uncarrier moves are great but that was one I was thinking was truly impressive and wanted to utilize the most once a tablet that interested me came out.

      • Jason

        That wasn’t an uncarrier move, it was a limited time promotion. Which ended many months ago.

  • skywalkr2

    For 32gb without ability to use microSD… $600 seems way too expensive.

  • Joshua Austin

    Speaking of T-Mobile’s Underground website – they really need to add more products there. What’s the point of a designated site for “limited edition” devices, if there is only ever 1 or 2 devices listed???

    • Dodgee

      The underground page for the Nexus 6 64GB just kicks you back to the main nexus page, I’m assuming this will do the same. Pointless.

  • Bklynman

    What is this about? Underground site???

    • Medion

      If I’m understanding it correctly, the underground site doesn’t list a price, just “coming soon,” leaving Cam to speculate on the price. In the course of his speculation, he did some really bad math. T-Mobile typically offers a product at a retail price, or monthly installments that add up to the same retail price (they don’t charge extra for EIP). In Cam’s example, he has an EIP price of $29.16, which he equates to a retail of $599.76 after 24 months. This is poor math.

      $29.16 * 24 = $699.84

      $599.76 / 24 = $24.99

      Given that the retail price from Google is $599 for the LTE model, T-Mobile charging $599.79, or $24.99/month makes more sense.

      • Bklynman

        I see,thanks for making it a little clearer.

  • monkeybutts

    I thought they would have the White Nexus 6s at the underground page when I saw it listed there but nope just takes you to regular T-mobile page :(