T-Mobile settles “cramming” lawsuit for $90 million


Earlier this year, the FTC filed a lawsuit against T-Mobile for its allegedly sneaking “bogus” charges for premium services on to customers’ bills. This was just around 8 months after the carrier announced that it would end Premium SMS content, and a month after it announced a program to retroactively refund any customers charged.

Today, government officials announced that T-Mobile has settled the FTC lawsuit for $90 million. This figure includes money being returned to subscribers who can show that they have paid unauthorized charges and around $22.5 million in fines.

FTC Chariwoman, Edith Ramirez stated that “consumers should be able to trust that their mobile phone bills reflect the charges they authorized and nothing more.”

So far, Verizon is the only carrier not to be sued or charged with “cramming”. Sprint has recently been accused of the same practice, and AT&T settled a similar suit with the FTC back in October.

Via: Re/code

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