T-Mobile announces premium SMS charge refund program


Back in November, you may remember T-Mobile announced that it would no longer allow premium SMS vendors to bill for its services through the carrier. The move was pushed through in an effort to fight fraud. A movement which AT&T and Sprint also joined in on. Services included receiving messages for things like horoscopes, offers and weather. All of which are completely unnecessary in the modern day, and unwanted.

Today, T-Mobile has announced that it’s launching a proactive movement to start refunding customers who have been charged since that announcement was made 7 months ago. What’s particularly pleasing is that former customers will also be refunded:

Beginning in July and running through September, T-Mobile will notify current and former customers who paid for Premium SMS services and have not already received a refund to let them know the process to request a summary of these charges and then request a refund for charges that were not authorized. A special website will also be available in July to provide more information.

In short: From next month you can expect T-Mo to contact you in some way to give you further instructions on how to claim a refund for any Premium texts you’ve received.

For more on the announcement, head on over to T-Mobile’s newsroom.

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  • SEBA

    OMG, porn addicts hit the jackpot.

    • ChitChatCat


  • Nathan S.

    Thats awesome! I used to hate when those sneaky charges showed up.

  • Jeffrey Wang

    What about donations to the Red Cross? Send 10,000 texts, get $10 million in compensation?

    • kalel33

      If it’s the same as what Verizon did, then the Red Cross donations are still going to be valid.

  • TMUS is a consumer’s champion!

  • kalel33

    That was one of the policies that I like to have finally seen change. During the AT&T acquisition attempt, reps were told not to credit those charges and have the customer call the company that put it on T-mobile’s bill. These were very shady practices and was told by one coach(supervisor) that T-mobile made 30% off of the premium SMS charges and that we didn’t want to refund them. Glad they have changed that anti-consumer policy to the way it should be.

    • Goliath King

      Yup! I remember those Days….. I used to do it anyway until they took the refund option out the system.. So I would Always Add the Premium SMS Block to their Account ….

  • metcalf speights

    how do i get my refund charge through a third party ,i didnt authorise