Google Nexus 9 now available from T-Mobile online

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The moment has arrived! Google’s Nexus 9 tablet has now available to buy on T-Mobile’s online store. The latest tablet showed up on the store this morning along with the long-awaited “buy now” button. It costs $599.76 full retail price, or $24.99 per month on EIP with $0 down payment.

This news comes as something of a surprise after T-Mobile informed its staff that the device launch was being postponed until further notice. Key spec include an 8.9-inch IPS LCD display, 64-bit NVIDIA K1 processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB storage as well as 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi technology. What’s more, an FCC filing indicates that it could be band 12 (700MHz) compatible. It supports all North American LTE bands, but no CDMA. It also hints that HTC has at least tested a 64GB model, despite the fact that – at this moment – no one sells one or acknowledges its existence.

Head on over to the T-Mobile product page to check it out, and order it for yourself.

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  • D_Wall__

    Hmm. Guess Im selling my Ipad air for this..

    • Singleweird

      me too!! :)

  • Jaramie Black

    Yes! I’ve been waiting for this :-)

  • 9to5Slavery

    Enjoy those glitches bitches!

    • patt

      enjoy iOS 8 :D oh wait it’s even worse.

      • 9to5Slavery

        I’m on android you dumbass

        • patt

          You sound like apple fanboii. Dumbass

    • Singleweird

      pure lollipop? whats a glitch

      • 9to5Slavery

        the nexus 9 what else you incompetent freak show.

  • Jesslyn Hendrix

    Thanks! Just ordered one. They have a ‘match data’ plan for existing users. Since I have unlimited data on my phone, I get 5GB/mo for $10. Sweet!

    • Singleweird

      love that plan

  • besweeet

    No band 12 LTE support. I wonder what tablet will get it first?

  • Is this correct: LTE 2, 3, 5, 6, 13? In most places, TMUS operates LTE in band 4.

  • peralta61

    Guys off topic … I did a warranty exchange on my note 3. 40 days ago so I went to t-mobile store to use my jump and they said I couldn’t because I have to wait 60 days after I send a replacement phone is that true

    • Bklynman

      Call customer care,or retention,they can tell you.

    • Singleweird

      thats true. tmobile forced assurant to put the block in place because of tons of fraud. you will NOT be able to get an exception, so just wait a few weeks.

      • peralta61

        Thanks guys I will have to wait … that sucks because I wanted a new phone for Christmas lol

  • Philip

    I didnt like the Nexus 9. It feels too plastic. They like to cut corner now by putting the buttons on the screen.

    • Singleweird

      those buttons are a function of android, and to have physical buttons would be to mess with android even more. those buttons improve your experience.

    • Orion

      How is that cutting corners? This is stock android. Get with the times.

  • Did anyone buy this?

  • Karl

    Ordered mine last night. I’ll be using it for work in conjunction with a Windows PC, so I’m thinking I’ll scoop up that folio case as well.