T-Mobile LTE network now the fastest in Kansas City, MO and Columbus, OH


T-Mobile announced in two separate press releases this morning that its LTE network is now the fastest for mobile data in Kansas City (MO) and Columbus (OH).

In Kansas City, the average download speed 19.3Mbps, which is faster than Verizon and 1.5 times faster than AT&T and Sprint. Jennifer Silveria, T-Mobile’s Central Area VP of Engineering encourages every single Kansas City resident to experience what it’s like to surf, stream, Facebook or FaceTime on a network built for the mobile internet by taking T-Mobile’s network for a Test Drive.” Noting that T-Mobile has more network capacity per customer than any other major national carrier. 

During October, T-Mobile customers in KC used an average of 1.9GB of data and streamed around 45 million songs on Pandora, watched 25.6 million YouTube videos and over 500k Netflix videos while posting more than 39 million Instagram pics.

And it’s much the same story in Columbus, Ohio. Download speeds in the area have reached as high as 91Mbps, while the average download speed hit 30.2Mbps for the month of October. That’s 1.5 times faster than Verizon, twice as fast as AT&T and 2.5 times faster than Sprint. Average use was similar, as customers used around 1.9GB of data each.

Real life speed tests, and the amounts of data being used by T-Mobile customers indicates that the company is right to label its network “Data Strong”. It’s built for modern mobile internet use. And its wideband LTE rolling out is improving that experience for millions of its customers.

If you’re in any of these two areas, let us know what performance has been like for you. Is it as speedy as T-Mobile claims?

Source: T-Mobile 1 & 2

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  • Jay J. Blanco

    Wow. T-Mobile is moving fast to their goal. Awesome!

  • Brenden Morris

    I live in Rural Kansas City MO, (Northern Part of KC) and 4G is very spotty. I mosly get 2G. Ya the “Immediate” KC Metro might be Data Strong, but no where else really is.

    • Jay J. Blanco

      You might want to get a small cell from tmobile. That’ll take care of that problem.

      • Plow Rox

        I have one of those…But all it does is boost the bad service outside to the inside. It will not give you LTE or 4G if it’s not available outside your house. Still they are free and worth getting one so you get some kind of service inside. And because my Nexus 5 doesn’t have WIFI calling it didn’t help me there either.

        • Jay J. Blanco

          That sucks

        • Jon

          Maybe if you’re lucky, they’ll soon add the band 2 LTE to the PCS band there that your 2G is likely running on as they’re doing most other places where it’s popping up (here in Indiana where I am, for example)

    • Seth

      169 to Smithville is LTE now. Excelsior Springs has LTE at times, sketchy though. Liberty is Great! Kearney sits there with unreliable crappy service. I’ve opened tickets for the area and T-mobile says everything is working “as expected”

  • Chimphappyhour

    I see everywhere from 4 to 50 depending on the time of day and where I am in KC. Big test will be Thursday on the Plaza for the lighting ceremony. We’ll see if their claims of having more data available for more users holds true.

  • KijBeta

    They are going to need wideband LTE in a lot more places if they keep adding customers like they have been this year.

  • mattdistro

    I work on the south side of Columbus and get 30mbps indoors. Outdoors I get 50-60.

  • Nick Gonzalez

    Go Buckeyes

  • GameBoi/KillaBit

    Now bring it down south of Missouri please, lol.

  • mreveryphone

    I will say when I would go to Arrowhead for the Chiefs games coverage would drop to Sprint level service… I couldn’t call, text, or use data but now when I go I can do all of those things with no problem, even with a sellout crowd! T-Mobile has clearly been beefing up their network. Now let’s get the boonies taken care of and we’ll be on Verizon level of coverage!

  • David Tyler

    I don’t want be any kill joy, but I live in Brooklyn, NY and T mobile is not a choice for me because in my house is gives no service. Fast speeds are good but I don’t think people that are not on the site, or hofo cares about speed. Give better coverage, give better building penetration.

    • William Burr Winans

      That’s the main reason why T-Mobile are buying 700MHz Spectrum! :)

    • Stormy Beach

      That is also why T-Mobile offers Wi-Fi calling and a free router to customers who have connection issues indoors at their homes.

    • notyourbusiness

      Seriously? I have a friend who lives in the Sheepshead Bay area and she gets LTE on her iPhone 5 and no problems with service in her apartment.

    • Spanky

      I live in Bensonhurst and T-Mobile’s data speeds are abysmal in my area. Fast speeds are good, but they serve no purpose when you can only get them sporadically.

  • I’m in Columbus and switched from AT&T earlier this year. Speed and coverage are definitely vastly improved on T-Mobile. I used to get no coverage in my office, now I have no problems. However, when I travel to southeast Ohio to visit relatives, I get no coverage at all, not even roaming. Zip. Zero. I could talk my whole family into switching over if they could just get coverage in their area.

    • mattdistro

      Similar experience here, I was kicking down to HSPA on AT&T and losing service in parts of the warehouses I work in. T-Mobile LTE is strong no matter where I’m at.
      I hope they expand more into southern/southeast Ohio as well, there’s massive areas that have no T-Mobile coverage at all. West Virginia has no T-Mobile coverage either.

  • gpt2010

    Did TMO just turn on 700mhz in Houston? I just got full bar LTE at work when I normally get around 3 bars of 4G on my Note 4? Under service mode it says I am on 12BW 5 MHZ. Not sure what that means.

    • Jay J. Blanco

      Yes that’s means 700mhz. Screen shot it and send it to Cam!!

      • tmobilesfinest

        Will chicago or milwaukee wi get this or wideband lte soon?

        • Jay J. Blanco

          It would depend on the spectrum that’s available in those markets

      • gpt2010

        I have a screenshot Jay but I don’t think it is possible to paste it in this post. How do you send it to Cam without a Twitter account?

        • Jay J. Blanco

          Cam @tmonews .com email it to him

        • gpt2010

          Done. Thanks Jay!

        • Jay J. Blanco

          Your welcome

    • Bori


    • besweeet

      Screenshot or it never happened :).

      • 50atomic

        Oh I am sure it did ;)

      • gpt2010

        It happened again and this time I have a screenshot available. I just can’t figure out a way to paste in this post. Is it even possible?

        • besweeet

          You can upload the image to imgur DOT com and paste the link here (removing the . and / and whatnot).

    • joe ma

      All Band 12 support will require software update…

      • 50atomic

        Note 4 is already live with LTE B12 support.

        • gpt2010

          I get back to work today to see if I can get LTE on Band 12, and nope! DAMN. I never installed any software update besides the first one for the Note 4 out of the box. Band 12 showed up last Friday and now is gone. Could TMO be testing it on certain towers for a limited time? Did I just get a preview on what coverage at work could look like when they do turn on the switch? Next time I see full bars of LTE at work, I will take a screenshot and post it. Big fail on my part for not doing it that day!

      • gpt2010

        I got home and checked. Now I am not in band 12. Will have to check again when I get back to work on Monday. Will send a screen shot as well if band 12 shows up again.

  • Mike Faigley

    I work south of Columbus, and there I get consistent 40Mbps on LTE and 20Mbps on 3g. I live in Johnstown, OH which has always been Edge, but within the last week my Nexus 7 has been picking up LTE, which I’ve mapped a bit on Sensorly. My Nexus 4 (with LTE enabled ROM) is still stuck in Edge, so I assume they have only lit up Band 2 LTE here. Is it possible they aren’t done setting things up here and will also do HSPA, 3G and Band 4? Or is this as good as it gets?

    • Nick


      Or just search LTE Discovery

      • Mike Faigley

        Perfect, thanks!

  • 9to5Slavery

    What about St. Louis?

  • Adam Bickley

    I’m in the KC metro area. Switched from Sprint in April. My last speedtest I ran on Sprint was at 11 at night with full bars of LTE. I hit around 9-10Mbps. I can fairly frequently hit 25-30+ on T-Mobile in the same areas.


      In the metro, ATT will peak at 60Mbps. But what good is the speed if you’re capped right?


      In the metro, ATT will peak at 60Mbps. But what good is the speed if you’re capped right?

  • Kyle C.

    I live in Grove City (suburb of Columbus). A friend of my wife’s came up a few days ago. He has T-Mo, was stuck on Edge in our apartment. We have ATT, get about 20 Mbs down. Where I work (outside Columbus) it’s still on Edge as well. I’d love to switch to T-Mo, but until they widen their coverage ATT will keep getting my money.

  • Kyle C.

    I live in Grove City (suburb of Columbus). A friend of my wife’s came up a few days ago. He has T-Mo, was stuck on Edge in our apartment. We have ATT, get about 20 Mbs down. Where I work (outside Columbus) it’s still on Edge as well. I’d love to switch to T-Mo, but until they widen their coverage ATT will keep getting my money.

    • RiskyBidThis

      Keep an eye out then, they’re working on it. The midwest is a tough place since they don’t have as much spectrum there as a lot of other places, but I suspect they’ll be trying to remedy that between 700A (Columbus is owned by Continuum 700 currently) and the current action.

      The price of places like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C. are driving the auction total sky high but things are far more reasonable outside of the major metros and other than Detroit there aren’t any really big (top 15) metros in the midwest.

      10x10Mhz (J block) in Detroit is going for ~$320M, Cleveland is going for ~$150M, and Columbus is going for ~$80M right now which helps demonstrate my point: Detroit includes about 2.6x as many people but is going for 4 times the price.

  • Shannon C.

    I live in Overland Park, but am get around most of the metro and Downtown to say sometimes it’s even better than advertised. T-Mobile is crushing it in KC.

  • pbxtech

    OMG! The Best Buy by Paramus Park mall, LTE is running 20×20.

    Bergen county, NJ.

  • Kyle Muir

    I live in Grove City (suburb of Columbus). A friend of my wife’s came up a few days ago. He has T-Mo, was stuck on Edge in our apartment. We have ATT, get about 20 Mbs down. Where I work (outside Columbus) it’s still on Edge as well. I’d love to switch to T-Mo, but until they widen their coverage ATT will keep getting my money.

    EDIT: Sorry for triple post. Disqus was being wonky.

  • Glen Barrett

    The speed is likely faster in Kansas because customers choose other companies.

    Just look at the coverage map. If your in Kansas, there’s a huge gap in service just to the west that doesn’t exist with anyone else.

    Also, T-Mobile’s new CEO seems to make daily statements about his unfavorable roaming agreement with AT&T. I’ve heard horror stories about T-Mobile creating “roaming caps” which turn off the service when traveling.

    This most likely puts a bad taste in many peoples mouths when they pay hard-earned American Dollars to a company to provide a “communications service”, and there aren’t many of John Legere’s WiFi Towers on the highways of Kansas.

    • gmo8492

      Tmobile doesn’t put those data caps when roaming on other networks and its always been known that they heavily invest in big metro areas rather than in rurual areas. I’m surprised how far they come with literally no LTE coverage just a few years ago. They’re also the least expensive option when it comes to mobile data. You can also use their test drive program for one week to see how their network holds up, if you don’t like it then don’t switch.

  • FILA

    And when is Google Music becoming part of our free music streaming!!??

  • Cole Toler

    I also live in Grove City Ohio but contrary to what the other person has seen I often pull down 75mbps. It is true though that if you go further out (toward Orient OH) you will drop to edge.

    • Kyle Muir

      I live right by 665 and 71 intersection. It’s right on the edge of Grove City. I’m sure if you go further in towards Columbus (like Stringtown Road) it gets better. I work in London though, it’s Edge country for sure. I get about 10 Mbps down there, when I was on Verizon I’d be lucky to get 2 or 3 Mbps down.

  • jayhawker520

    I live in Overland Park and for quite awhile now, I’ve had excellent download and upload speeds and signal all across the Kansas City metro area. I’ve definitely noticed a better difference with T-Mobile coverage the last several years, especially LTE signal virtually all across the metro. With Google Fiber and blazing T-Mobile speeds in Kansas City, I would say I am satisfied! :)

  • It seems like just yesterday everyone was making fun of T-Mobile’s “Faux G” (HSPA+). Look how far they’ve come :).

  • Brian Wolf

    Around Columbus I usually pull between 30-40 but around OSU Campus, on top of a parking garage on 9th Ave, I have hit over 80. Coverage is great around Columbus, but as soon as you go a little outside of 270, it drops to Edge. Luckily I live and work in an LTE covered area.

  • Glenn Gore

    Too bad data doesn’t work at all outside the KC city metro area for hundreds of miles (or more) in any direction. The EDGE-to-LTE upgrade program has yet to reach this part of the world.

  • HeWhoGameZ

    But half of my commute I have EDGE and my workplace is 100% EDGE. While every single other carrier has full LTE the whole time.