New Stateside International Talk plan announced, $5/month for your entire account


T-Mobile is continuing in its generous pre-Black Friday spirit and from today you can sign up to a new Stateside International Talk plan. For $5 per month – for the entire account – Simple Choice customers can call from the U.S. to international landlines in more than 70 countries. To make that clear, that’s $5 per month, per account – Not per line. So if you have 10 lines, you pay $5 and get the feature added to all 10 of your lines.

If you’d like to call mobiles and landlines, there’s a $10 per month option. This gives you unlimited calls from the U.S. to mobile phones in over 30 countries, 1,000 minutes to mobile phones in Mexico and unlimited calls to landlines.

“The old-guard carriers never take a holiday from sticking it to their customers,” said John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile. “These guys have the gall to gouge you with fat charges every time you reach out to family outside the U.S. — even during the holiday season. How is that anything but pure humbug and greed? At T-Mobile, you can talk day and night without ever worrying about extra charges or overages.”

The offer is available from today until the end of the year. However, if you add it to your account, you can keep it as long as you want. And if you’re wondering how this offer stacks up against the competition, T-Mobile was kind enough to make a pretty table:


Compared to the previous International Talk plans on T-Mobile, this saves you an absolute fortune, and gives you more in return. Instead of paying $10 or $15 per line every month, you’re paying $5 or $10 per account every month. It seems killer value for money.

You can find out more by heading over to the dedicated page on T-Mobile’s website.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • notyourbusiness

    Sweet! T-Mobile is awesome!

  • Claude

    I wish I could get this deal calling the US from other countries, but I know they can’t do this because of the costs from the overseas carrier.

    • Delusion_FTL

      Wifi calling. It would be free. But yes, it would be nice if you could do it over cellular too.

  • Bordelais

    I was already a loyal customer, but this just locked me in to T-Mobile for life.

    • Bordelais

      I already had the $15/month international plan already added to one of my lines. This essentially dropped my bill $5 and enabled unlimited calling to Europe for all the phones on my family plan.

      I cannot believe I am paying $110 per month for unlimited calling and texting to the US and Europe, 2.5GB per line of data, free roaming and wifi calling while traveling outside the US, and unlimited streaming of music.

      That’s only $27.50 per line for unlimited everything (we never go over the 2.5GB LTE data).

      I am simply amazed at what T-Mobile is doing.

      • archerian

        not being sarcastic or anything, enjoy it while it lasts, the 2.5GB offer expires end of 2015 and the $10 UL Mobile calling is not sustainable at that cost for long

  • Shuang Li

    I wish T-Mobile could include more developed countries such as Australia Japan in the mobile to mobile plan

    • Rahul

      Agreed on Australia. But even Vonage is limited to Land lines to the Down Under.

      • Shuang Li

        Some small carriers cover Austrilia and Japan not the big ones lol.

    • Guest

      Australia is covered. Japan isn’t though..

      • Shuang Li

        Austria is covered. Not Australia

    • That’s what Hangouts is for, typically for a penny a minute.

      • EndlessIke

        or Skype at a computer. for zero pennies a minute.

        • Or Hangouts itself for that matter. But calling abroad, especially older generations, may have to be done only to a landline.

  • Rahul

    Just added. Time to cancel Vonage. lol.

    • Kim Sara

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    • SprintHater

      And Skype

  • Kev

    I wish T-Mobile could include all central american countries…

  • wsj


  • Narasimha Bharathi

    How do yo guys do it online or call the customer service. customer service has no clue

    • Kev

      You can do it online. Go to “Add services” on any of your phone lines, and add it from there. It’s already listed for $5.00, and once added; it will take effect on ALL your lines.

      • Nevsky2

        But if you want it to take effect immediately you must call customer service, otherwise it will start with you next billing period.

  • arak

    The unlimited international calls are only for Landlines, NOT mobiles. Please keep that in mind, as a majority of your international called parties are likely to be mobile users.

    • JohnnyBgood2

      Not true. Read. Landlines only $5, Landlines AND Mobiles $10
      (before $10 and $15 respectively)

      • John

        The $10 unlimited international calling plan only covers mobile phones in around 30 countries outside the U.S. There’s over 130 countries outside the U. S, so that $10 umlited international plan is great if you know people in the 30 countries covered.

        • Jason W

          Those 30 countries include China and India with a combined population of 2 billion people and most of Europe to boot. Thats most of the civilized world there and the vast majority of all international calls made.

  • Louie

    Will this be available for No Credit Check accounts?

  • Philip

    Well, what happened if you only have a $5 LAND and you call a oversea MOBILE number by mistake? Will it alert you?

    • Delusion_FTL

      No, but generally it’s only 5 dollars more (10 dollars a month) to have unlimited on both landlines and mobile.

    • neoslan

      Nope, it just charges you without notice. That’s why you need to call TMO, and demand a chargeable international calling block feature be added to their system.

  • twkidM3

    Need Taiwan and Japan on that list and I’m grand!

    • Philip

      It is on there. You mean for mobile?

      • twkidM3

        yah for mobile

  • twkidM3

    Also, if you have these plans… what happens if your overseas and call oversea numbers? Is that included as well? Or would that be roaming?

    • Delusion_FTL

      If you are in say, the UK, *and* on wifi calling, With this addon, you can call all the landlines and mobile phones in the UK for free.

      If you are in the UK and place calls over cellular (whether to the US or UK) it will still be 20 cents a min.

      • jcastill

        That is not correct. If you are roaming, Wi-Fi calls to anywhere else except the USA will be billed at 20c per minute, I just did a trip to South Korea and Mexico and got billed for some calls I did directly in those countries while on Wi-Fi. All the FAQ I found trying to find a way to have them cancel the charges are pretty clear about that.

  • elmo1182

    Do you guy think they can even make money off of this? I don’t really know how much international calling costs for them but unlimited international calling for $5 doesn’t seem like a lot. Awesome for the consumers but probably hard on them.

    • PP56

      they make a lot of money. International calls nowadays go through TCP/IP switches anyway (Internet)..

      • pbxtech

        That’s very true. The telco carrier they partnered within the 30 countries probably use IP voice switching. Also, inbound/outbound voice traffic within the partnered carrier possible cancels each others bill, if they were to go that route.

        TDM sucks. I get 2 free PRI from Lightpath and get charge almost $400 each (possible more) from Verizon.

      • archerian

        But they will still have to pay termination rates and that is typically set by the remote party government or policy, especially to many of the free destinations. Hopefully this won’t be so successful that it will have to be rolled back later.

    • Cam Bunton

      To my cynical self, this screams of T-Mobile trying to get its ARPU/ABPU (average revenue per user) up. If it’s $5 per month, per account, far more people will be signing up than the old $10 per line deal. And it’ll push up the average. Also, you guys get a great deal, so it’s a win win.

    • Gone are the days when international calls required an exclusive circuit between the parties, via sea cable or satellite, costing dozens of dollars a minute. Now voice calls, at merely 3Kbps, use an insignificant amount of bandwidth in links providing upwards of 1Tbps. Even if all of the US population would make a call, that wouldn’t use more than 100Gbps, or 10% of the typical Atlantic Ocean cable. So, $5 is pure profit.

      TMUS is right is characterizing itself as a mobile ISP. They may have all started as telephone providers, but the shift to data required such a massive network that carrying voice calls costs nearly nothing.

      First it was unlimited voice minutes, but soon enough voice calls will be free. Google already provides free voice calls on Hangouts. All that it’s going to take for carriers to offer plans based just on data is for the first one to do so. Then people will realize that calls are practically free to the carriers.

      • archerian

        not entirely correct.. To most carriers especially mobile carriers, a termination rate has to be paid by T-mobile. It might be cheap (1c per minute or less) but it still has to be paid. It can quickly add up especially if the calling is unbalanced (more calls terminated at the remote end vs incoming to T-mobile). I don’t see this being kept at the $10 rate for long especially for mobile calling. The call is carried across cheap internet lines, but the termination rate still has to be settled, and in most cases its a net +ve for T-mobile as there will be more outgoing than incoming.

  • TechHog

    LOL @ the way T-Mobile cheated in that table!

    • ChitChatCat

      That table is awful.

  • brybry

    It says limited time promotional price. If you get it now are you grandfathered in? Or will it go up when they decide to change pricing?

    • “The offer is available from today until the end of the year. However, if you add it to your account, you can keep it as long as you want.”

      You can add it anytime between now and the end of the year. You’ll be grandfathered in once the promotion is over, and can keep the $5 price until you decide you don’t want it.

      • brybry

        that’s awesome~ i’ll probably get the $10 add on since that covers mobile too. Much better than just calling a landline.

  • Giro

    How about if u already have the stateside in your lines how can you take advantage of this new prices that will save me 15 dollars a month?

    • Jason W

      Call up care, add the new family version, and tell them to delete each of the individual versions on the lines you have them on. Thats all.

  • Michael Perez

    Awesome. Already signed up for the $5 dollar plan for landline calling.

  • David Tyler

    Im not a T-mobile subscriber but it would be nice if Jamaica was on the list of countries for international calling. My Jamaican family would subscribe to Tmobile would love this package.

  • no2apple

    No dice for grandfathered.. Anyone got it ??.

    • The offer is only for Simple Choice customers, so yes grandfathered plans that are not Simple Choice won’t get the offer.

      • rtyguest5

        Not true. I have the (grandfathered) Select Choice ($45) unlimited everything 3GB high speed and did get the offer.

        • archerian

          isn’t that a plan offered to GF plan users as part of Simple Choice migration? Was it via phone or web/myTmobile?

        • archerian

          Select Choice isn’t a GF plan, its a current plan that some GF plan users were migrated to. The $10 offer doesn’t work on any plan offered before 03/2013.

  • gpt2010

    This is just awesome!!! Time to cancel Vonage in which I pay $38 a month for the world plan after taxes.

    • Using Hangouts it’s typically a penny a minute to almost everywhere. I seldom use more than 500min, so this plan, as generous as it is, is still more expensive for me than Hangouts.

      • Zacamandapio

        That’s correct. But both have to be using Android correct?

        • No. From Hangouts to Hangouts, whether on Android or on iOS, it’s free. From Hangouts to landlines, it’s free to the US and a penny a minute to most locations abroad: bit{dot}ly/1F4FaTH

      • Jason W

        Whether its 1 penny or 1 dollar nobody wants to be metered when they are making phone calls. It might only be 1 cent but there is a huge psychological difference between unlimited and knowing you can just pick up and call anytime and any system where you are being charged in increments and have to worry about prepayment etc. Its worth more than your penny plan for that single reason alone.

        • If that’s important to you, knock yourself out. I for one place psychological differences behind dollars and sense.

        • Jason W

          No you really don’t. You think you do of course, but knowing you are being metered, having to use silly third party apps, having to worry about payments etc consciously or subconsciously IS affecting HOW you use the service. You can admit to that or pretend that it doesnt. But try one of these unlimited plans and dolars to doughnuts you will find that voila your usage pattern changes when its unlimited and direct dial. Youll use it more without trying

        • I didn’t know that you had paranormal powers to get into my mind from afar. Even so, you’re wrong. I am an adult and can handle limitations to my wants according to my ability to pay and priorities just fine.

        • Jason W

          Thats the thing about human nature. Even the ones who think they are novel are stupidly predictable because human nature is generally human nature. It is quite predictable. I never said yoi couldnt adapt to the situation (the situation here being app limited, metered, and pay models). Of course you can adapt. We can all adapt to scarcity type situations as humans. What dis I say? I said your usage pattern changes as the constraint burdens go away. Predictable to the T. And it would, and thats the benefit of this. Completely different user experience for an almost throw away cost.

        • gpt2010

          Not everyone uses hangouts though. I don’t want to be limited at all. This new plans fits me perfectly but may not for you.

        • That’s the beauty of different offerings: meeting different needs and priorities.


        Hangouts is cumbersome. I have family members that visit me several times a year overseas. If they want to make a call I pretty much have to be around for them to use hangouts. You pay a price for convenience. I do love hangouts though. Google has saved me a ton of money. No janky calling cards required. $10 for all lines is a steal and is minimal.

        • Indeed it is. This plan fits your needs better. I’m happy that TMUS offers it and sad that the other major carriers rip people off.

        • Guest 532

          It is cumbersome and glitchy (Hangouts). I still use web based Google Voice though. Nothing easier than dial directly, as it should be.

        • You dial directly with the Hangouts Dialer app. I even removed the shortcut to the default dialer on my phone and use the Hangouts one exclusively.

      • John J L

        It is not a penny for all. Most places are around 5c to 10c (mobile) using hangouts.
        Please stop trying to confuse people. Unlimited is unlimited. 5 to 10 c/minutes is not better than a frigging calling card.

        • Fair enough. I get to call my family abroad for a penny a minute. It suits me just fine for 4 to 5h a month of talk time.

  • chrisstoike

    Well this makes me happy since I already cancel my METRO PCS account, I am ready to join T mobile, but I wish they will get coverage here in Michigan more in the Northern central Part of Michigan since there isn’t coverage, go T MOBILE !!!

    • brybry

      Do the test drive. and let me know if you need a referral :)

  • Narasimha Bharathi

    I just read online that we have 1000 minutes for internal calls and anything above that would be $.04 per minute. Not sure whether this applies to the whole group or by individual

    • Jason W

      What does ‘internal calls’ mean? Do you mean international? Its Unlimited (not 1000 mins) calling to landlines in a select list of countries for $5 for ALL lines on a family plan, and $10 per family plan for calling to landlines plus mobiles.

    • ett11

      That’s when you get $10 plan and you have 1000 minutes for call to mobile in Mexico.

  • pbxtech

    Sorry, off topic.
    15×15 LTE Bergenfield,NJ (NYC suburb).

    • pbxtech

      Dumont, NJ got 15×15 also.

  • monkeybutts

    nice but I just use facetime audio for free calls.

    • SpringHater

      And those that don’t use iOS?


        Send them an iProduct of course. IT SAVES YOU MONEY IN THE END.

  • steveb944

    T-Mobile just locked me down for LIFE with this offer. I LOVE T-Mobile’s ‘world is your network’ approach.

    • Jonathan Villicaña

      Att is trying to create the first ever North american network . They announced a deal to buy iusacell in mexico and im sure there eying a network in Canada. I wonder if that will affect tmobiles approach

      • steveb944

        I never travel within North America much, so Europe and South America are most important to me currently. It’s a step in the right direction to increase the competition, but they’re quite a few steps away from T-Mobile’s approach.
        No one has wanted to beat, let alone match, their overseas options. That along with Music Freedom hasn’t seen competition.

  • Irfan

    No .. Pakistan , not good , Vonage did once and sale over million Devices if T mobile make this arrangments can easly attract Million users

    • Ahmed

      Yeah it’s a shame

    • no2apple

      Great bcoz that is what we need

  • nutmac

    I have 4 lines in my account. One of the lines had $15/month unlimited international calling plan (landline + mobile). It’s a bit annoying that I have to make the change manually AND that I have to wait until the next billing cycle, but now I get to save $5/month and EVERYONE in the account will get to make unlimited international calls.


      Umm if you add it now it should appear immediately. You’ll get pro-rated charges of course. Also be warned that $5/mo nets you unlimited landline calls to certain countries but if you also want mobile in 30 countries it’s the $10 one.

    • You don’t have to wait till next billing cycle, customer service can backdate the service.

    • Bordelais

      I had the $15/month on one of my lines. Customer service added the $10/month option to the account and removed the $15 on the one account. I didn’t have to wait until the next billing cycle.

      I logged into my t-mobile and it shows each phone line now has international calling. It didn’t double bill me the $15+$10 for this month.

  • mingkee

    I am sure a lot of Cantonese and Mandarin speaking people will take the advantage. However, it costs $10 to call to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and China.

  • OZ

    Added the landline option. This is great. I will use my calling card just for cellphones.

  • guest

    Not available on Simple Choice No Credit accounts, which are the bulk of international callers. SMH

  • Philip

    I was thinking about it. Yah, its only $10 added to call overseas. But most people these days use Hangout or Skype to do video call. Or use Whatsapp. Or even use FB to chat. Its more fun. The deal might be good for those elders or less technical savvy.

    • no2apple

      bcoz some ppl pay for premium. So ppl are cheap.

    • Jonathan Villicaña

      its also about convinience its easier to just make calls from your dialer pad just like is to receive them straight on your phone. I aded the 10 dollar plan and all i do is call to Mexico. its cheaper than google voice 1000 minutes for 10 dollars…

  • kevin

    Sometime I just wonder, how the hell do they even make money??

    • Jonathan Villicaña

      Same here. But im sure there making money. Verizon and att have the power to over charge as much as they want. Tmobile is trying to gain subscribers at the moment

    • nate33j

      international calls nowadays are almost free (they are switched over the internet TCP/IP protocol) the cost is the connection to the other countries’ local lines hubs that is why you have different pricing depending on the countries. but overall it is not that expensive.

  • Nearmsp

    T-mobile is chaining us to the company with love chains. This goes to prove you do not need contracts to bind people to companies. Great service and great prices is all one needs to grow organically. I just signed up for the $10 plan. Can some one tell me what this means:

    “Calls and text messages must originate on T-Mobile’s U.S. network. T-Mobile may change countries at its discretion.”

    • OZ

      “Calls and text messages must originate on T-Mobile’s U.S. network” == Either using a T-Mobile tower, or through Wi-Fi Calling.

      “T-Mobile may change countries at its discretion” == Check the list every now and then before they decide to stop dicounting calls to your favorite country.

  • neoslan

    This is great, but there needs to be a feature that blocks chargeable international calls. I can very well see my family calling a international, mobile number that is charged (versus a free landline number) without knowing. Also, some family members have friends/family in various countries. Those that don’t pay the bills will definitely not diligently check the covered countries list to make sure there aren’t a bunch of unforeseen charges.

    • sammy

      Totally agree! Removing the intl call block really places the customer in a vulnerable position if a user on account calls a landline or mobile not covered under this plan. There are countried thay if called are $1.99 a minite, now that is pretty scary.

      Tmobile, in your no credit check plans, chargeable calls are blocked, so your system is already Capable of putting this into action a and making it available to regular postpaid consumer and business users. (I can see why tmo does this as if a user has no credit, any allowance to call overseas is seen as an extension of credit when the does not have any, hence it’s blocked)

      This will also take pressure off of their customer care as they will not field tons of calls like “I have intl calling, why am I getting charged” and many times rep will offer a credit.

      Conclusion: create a chargeable call block!

  • Tmo money

    Just called about this and the rep said it was $5 instead of $10 for the holidays. Locked in for the duration of your service

  • LostCause

    I missed it by a few days! :( I hope they bring back this promotion.

    • lekal

      They wouldn’t budge when I called them to try and get it after the deadline… :-(

  • Kim

    Question: I have the $10 plan that includes calls from the us to mobile. The second line is daughters phone and she’s in Italy. When I call her the call is initiating from my line to hers, both on same contract. When she answers do I incur .20 a min because call is received in Europe or is it included because the call initiated from the US?

  • CF

    I just checked with Tmobile. The rate is $10 or $15 per line instead of per account starting 2015. The promotion of $10 per account ended by 2014. Too bad.

    • Philip

      Per line now? Luckly I read your post.

  • DP

    I was just able to add this feature through Retention’s.

    First CSR said no flat out. Called the next day and was able to add it on.

    This is a steal of a deal if you ask me!

    Very hard to look at other carriers when T-Mobile makes it very hard for you to leave.

    T-mobile user for 13 years now…

    • dd

      how did you get this? I tried today, and they say no. no. no again.,

    • Philip

      I call 4 weeks ago and CSR say no. I only try 1x. He even ask the manager. Anyone else try? Will Tmo bring this promo back again?

  • Adam Thodey

    Apparently, all new plans are not compatible with the initial 5$ / month for all lines on the account from this promotion when it was first released. i consider this price gouging and against what John Legere has been promoting these last 2 years. why is this the case? this feature should be compatible with all Simple Choice plans regardless of when you created the plan to provide to customers…