T-Mobile guarantees the best value device trade-ins ahead of iPhone 6 launch

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T-Mobile this morning announced that it’s launching a new initiative to help customers get the best offers when they trade in their old devices. And if you find a better trade-in price at another national carrier, it’ll beat their price by $50.

The move is being put in full swing ahead of a “huge wave of superphones and tablets coming to market”. These devices will undoubtedly include the iPhone 6 (or whatever Apple announces tomorrow), the Galaxy Note 4, the Xperia Z3 and other new products arriving between now and the holiday season.

“To make good on this guarantee, T-Mobile will track the market every day to ensure we keep our promise. If a customer can find a better trade-in offer from a major national carrier, T-Mobile will beat that offer, give them the difference back and because we value this help from our customer we will top it off with another $50!”

All you have to do to take advantage is call T-Mobile or go online within 7 days of completing a trade-in at T-Mobile and then tell them where, when and for how much they saw a better deal for their old device. But of course, the press release wouldn’t be complete without John Legere’s usual challenge to the other major carriers.

“We’re going to see some of the most phenomenal devices ever in the coming months, and that means a whole lot of Americans trading-in their devices and upgrading,” said John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile. “For years, the big carriers have been ripping off their customers with low-ball trade-in values, so we’re putting an end to that and guaranteeing we’ll give customers what they deserve ? the best value in the industry.” 

Price-matching trade-ins is only available when you compare prices from the other national carriers (AT&T, Verizon and Sprint). So it won’t matter if you find a better offer for your device from the likes of Gazelle, NextWorth or Apple’s own retail stores. There’s no specified end date, but it is a limited time offer. Full fine print is below:

Best Trade-In Value Offer: Participating locations only. Eligible device trade-in, qualifying credit, and new device purchase with qualifying postpaid service required. Verification reflecting trade-in value from AT&T, Verizon or Sprint must be presented within 7 days after trade-in; value match (plus, for limited time, additional $50) provided as bill credit. Special/promotional trade-in offers excluded. Additional validation may be required. Customer must be active and in good standing at time credit is processed; applied within 2-3 bill cycles. One trade-in per active line, up to 10 lines. Trade-in transactions are final; after you trade in your device, you cannot get it back

The iPhone 6 is expected land in store shelves on Friday, September 19th, while the awesome-looking Note 4 will arrive at a non-specified time alongside the Note Edge later this fall. Will you be JUMP!-ing to any of these new devices? Or will you just hang on to your current phone?

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Adrayven

    5.5″ iPhone 6 for sure.. only question is how much will they give me for my iPhone 5s 64GB? I owe $280 on it… Gazelle offered $320… soooo…

    • T-Mobile Cares

      If you head on over to the T-Mobile website to you can get an estimate of your device. Currently your trade-in is valued at $330. I hope this helps.

      • rgalverson

        Sounds good, but on ebay he would probably get better than $600 for it.

        • themask128

          True but on ebay you have to deal with the hassle of selling shipping payment etc

        • jeremyvbk

          For an extra $200 I wouldn’t say eBay is a hassle.

        • themask128

          Ebay also does not guarantee your phone will sell – to some people knowing they can get a guaranteed price outweighs the potential advantages such as ebay. also on ebay you have to setup a seller account get your bank information verified and deal with potential fraud of people who bid but don’t pay.

        • jeremyvbk

          I’ve yet to have those issues selling in EBay, even though yes they do exist. But looking at a financial standpoint EBay is the better way to go, or even craigslist would net you more.

        • themask128

          I am not advocating it as the way to go but there are people who simply do not want to go through the extra steps even if it makes them a little bit more money. Some people do prefer simplicity

        • jeremyvbk

          It is no more difficult than this trade in price match program will be. EBay is pretty darn simple from my uses. And almost doubling a value of a device in this case is why I recommend EBay

        • Mike Palomba

          Ebay is a better deal. I sell all my phones on ebay and its great. Plus $600 is better then $300 its totally worth it

    • Sell on Swappa or Craigslist – you could probably easily get $400~450+ privately.

    • chris

      T-Mobile trade in site is quoting around $230. Verizon is quoting $240. So you should get $240 plus the $10 difference and then another $50 for $300 total if this holds. To take advantage of the ETF payment you must trade in a phone too so the $300 would be a great deal if you need out of your contract still.

      • Dark enV

        I just checked Verizon’s trade in site and they’re currently offering $350 for a 64GB 5S

      • AJ2

        I’m sure there will be a lot of asterisks and fine print

    • DirkDigg1er

      Craigslist may be your best option. That’s crazy that your 1year old $850+ phone is only worth $320!?

    • Bud


    • monkeybutts

      Collect the box from Gazelle and use that for free packaging sell on Swappa or ebay. Thats what I did when I sold my 4s :P

  • Mindtrouble

    Cam it’s give you the difference plus $50! That’s an awesome deal.

  • Dark enV

    My buddy and his wife are literally switching over at the best time possible. My question is will the money they get back be able to be put towards paying the EIP for their phones instead of the phone bill? They’d rather pay the phones off.

    • JE_25

      I doubt T-Mobile will do that but there is a simple fix. Once you get the bill credit use the bill credit amount you were originally going to use to pay the bill and put it towards EIP. So, if you get $50 bill credit that means your bill will be $50 less. Pay $50 towards EIP. It balances out.

      • Dark enV

        Yeah I was thinking that just a but annoying but it works

        • RLB63

          Maybe. It depends on it the 2-3 bill cycle credit is for all trade ins our just if you find it cheaper….

    • jp

      If you trade in your phone at the time of purchase when you’re switching over, the trade-in value comes off instantly, thus your EIP is reduced. If you’re trading it in already having an existing EIP, it’s applied as a credit over the whole EIP plan.

    • DictionaryMan


      99% of people can’t use that word. Give up.

      • Are Vee

        nobody cares. give up.

  • nutmac

    While T-Mobile’s deal may be better than other carriers, their offer is still below even the stingiest online trade in stores, such as Gazelle. If you do not have to pay EIP, you are better off selling it yourself or Amazon Trade-In Store, which tends to offer highest amount (if you don’t mind spending credits at Amazon anyway).

    • Trevnerdio

      Old JUMP! = <3

  • jimmiekain

    Hmm I was gonna sell my Nexus5 on Craigslist or Swappa but I might as well see what I can get at tmo.

    • Turb0wned

      LOL seriously? You actually think they are going to give you more than Swappa for Craigslist?

      • John

        If you’re breaking a contract plus trading in a newer phone you may get a better deal since the total value of trade in and ETF refund may be more than just selling it out right. Mind your manners

    • markw


      • John

        He’s. Being smart by shopping around. Shut up

  • Roberto Jaimes

    Has anyone noticed that if you have bad credit you have to pay more upfront now then before? When I got my Note 3 in January I had to pay a down payment of $300+tax. When I was looking around the the T-Mobile store at the mall I noticed that the down payment was $340 now. Same goes for other phones.

    • jp

      Yeah, they recently changed the credit classes. If you a were new customer, your security deposit would most likely be only $50, instead of $75, $100, or $200. The new down payment/deposit combo was designed thinking new customers would pay about the same out of pocket out the door. It’s actually more difficult for retail store reps like myself too, since there used to be a bunch of different deposits, but the down payment was essentially only a couple different options. So the worse your credit class as a new or existing customer the higher your down payment. In my opinion, they kind of left upgrade customers behind with that move. Let’s hope Ledg fixes that too.

    • TechnoRealz

      Credit risk management best practice would say TMO is doing the right thing by getting more up front on risky credit customers.

  • Irfan

    its better to sell phone in a open market rather then trade , always get lowest price on trade phones , and other hand T-mobile knew that if they can not offer different things they will lost people interest and i believe its hard for T-Mobile to improve coverage ( or Extend Coverage ) that’s why they offer deals and always try to remain in the news : T -Mobile you need more coverage better coverage Not deals to stay in the Market like the Boss

  • Turb0wned


  • iOSX

    As much as I like T-Mobile I still refuse to trade-in a smartphone anywhere, including T-Mobile. Selling it yourself on eBay gives you a lot more bang for your buck (ex. Gazelle wants to give me $190 for my iPhone 5 that I could easily sell for $400 or more on eBay).

    • DJ_CodeBlue

      Yeah but don’t forget about T-Mobile’s jump program. I’m gonna be abusing the hell out of that when iPhone 6+ is out

  • Craig Southwick

    Swappa did right by me

  • Justin

    Does anyone think you can do the verizon deal and match that on t-mobile and get an iphone 6?

  • Vic

    Any chance T-Mobile will match AT&T and Verizon’s iPhone 4 trade-in for $200 and then throw in $50 on top of that?

    • B_Eng

      Likewise, I wonder if they’ll match the Sprint/Samsung double your trade-in offer