Simple Starter customers can now get 4x the data for $5 extra

simple starter

Back in April this year, T-Mobile launched its Simple Starter plan. It was an entry-level plan costing just $40 per month and giving customers unlimited talk and text, plus 500MB of data. And now T-Mo wants to make it easier for its low-plan customers to get a decent amount of data use. For $5 more per month, customers on the Simple Starter plan will be able to get 2GB of data. The new option launches on September 3rd.

“People who use loads of data use T-Mobile,” said John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile. “And it’s no wonder. The old guard telecoms punish people for using more data on their networks with crazy overage charges and fees. Get Verizon’s $50 plan and use just one gig more data, and the price jumps to $65. It’s crazy. At T-Mobile, we designed our network data-strong so our customers could use the hell out of it.  And that’s just what they’re doing.” 

For the full press release head on over to T-Mobile’s newsroom. 

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  • maximus1901

    I think this indicates TMO will make 2.5gb/user the new floor. I think the 10gb promotion will become permanent.

    • PHL

      That would be nice, but I suspect that it will be more like 2GB in the near term, just so the promo still has some meaning and incentive for 4+ line accounts. By sometime in 2016, however, it would not surprise me if 2.5 or 3GB were the new standard.

    • maxinut3000

      I think you think too much. All depends how well it does and tmo will make decision after seeing results.

  • sushimane

    Does this mean T-Mobile are going to adjust the data. The 50 dollar simple choice plan only offer 1gb but with the simple starter its 45 plus 5 dollar u get 2gb for the same price of the 50 dollar simple choice.

    • monkeybutts

      Simple Choice gives you unlimited data including music freedom, Simple Starter does not.

      • Ordeith

        Advertisement above says “no data overages, ever” do they just cut you off then, or is it throttled and unlimited like any other plan?

        • Simple Starter = cut off
          Simple Choice = throttle

          Simple Choice also gets all the international roaming/calling/texting perks.

        • Stefan Naumowicz

          And Tethering/hotspot and unlimited music

        • DaveTexan

          Thanks. Good info. I did not realize tethering is not included until you mentioned. I will have to stay with Simple Choice since I never use more than 500GB/month but do require tethering for work…

    • Stefan Naumowicz

      Simple starter is $40, or $45 for the 2gb option. Simple choice plans have a lot of perks that simple starter doesn’t, so depending on what services you need there is some justification for the higher price.

  • Zanzaras

    I like T-Mobile and I’m with T-Mobile, but so far this “data-strong” network is rip-roarin’ along at EDGE speeds. I have to drive 45 minutes to get a solid LTE signal. Isure wish T-MO would hammer-down on the LTE expansion.

    • dtam

      at least they are trying really hard. they are expanding their network as fast as they can. Where do you live anyways?

      • Zanzaras

        Rural Central Alabama. I suspect we will be at the very end of their upgrade list.

        • dtam

          I suspect the same…I think you’ll have to wait for VOLTE before you will get a fast signal…

        • Zanzaras

          Probably so. As much as i dislike them, i may have to jump back to Verizon or ATT… and i dread that. Everytime i think about it, it feels like deserting to the enemy side. ;)
          I’d much rather be supporting T-MO than the other two, but you do gotta do what you gotta do.

        • Trevnerdio

          VoLTE is only for making voice calls over LTE. The speed is not affected.

        • dtam

          it’s like a packaged deal. once there is widespread VoLTE, then they can upgrade their EDGE towers to LTE towers and shut down the EDGE network. That’s what I mean by needing to wait for VoLTE

        • Trevnerdio

          Ah, makes sense! Gotcha now

        • Dakota

          M curious what the other carriers are like there. It’s not surprising that carriers are going to focus first on areas with larger populations. Just wondering if Verizon or ATT provide a better experience.

        • Zanzaras

          Believe it or not, Verizon and ATT both have LTE here. I was just holding out hope for a TMo LTE light up sooner rather than later. Just wishful thinking on my part. :)

    • matt

      when i lived in san andreas i had to drive 45 miles to get a verizon signal.
      it was a partner area. but i still had to drive 45 miles to activate the phone
      golden state cellular had very bad cdma coverage there. and they thought it was a good idea to lock out everyone who had verizon who bought a fem2cell

    • Well, when you arrive @ the LTE location, let us know you made it safe!

  • Guest

    If you were to compare this plan to Verizon’s 2GB single line plan, Verizon would actually come out a little cheaper. Let’s say if you were to buy an iPhone 5s on both networks and hold out for 2 years, T-mobile would cost you over those 2 years $72 a month ($45 plan +$27 phone) and Verizon would come to $69.58 a month ($60 plan + $200/24 phone subsidy + $30/24 activation fee ). Now the differents is less than $3 a month but to have access to a nation wide LTE network could be really important to some people. Now there’s other things to consider like Verizon’s overage fee of $15/1GB and that T-mobile’s bill will drop if you keep your phone for more than 2 years but overall I think Verizon’s offer is a viable one.

    • Guest

      In other words Verizon ~$1670
      T-mobile $1728

      Verizon actually comes out cheaper in this case saving you $58 over 2 years.

      • Jay J. Blanco

        Don’t forget taxes and fees. It less then 58

        • Guest

          True but taxes will vary so I left that part out. Where I live the $58 savings with Verizon drops to about $40 after taxes.

        • hit_the_lights

          T-mobile offers more for the money, what part of this aren’t you getting?

        • use_your_brain

          value depends on user….. is that too hard of a concept for you?
          Besides he/she said cheaper which would be correct and makes your comment irrelevant

        • hit_the_lights

          Except that it really isn’t cheaper, what a dumbass.

        • kalel33

          That really depends on the user and area of usage. In Colorado there is a ton of roaming, which means you are limited to 2G with a 50MB hard cap. With Verizon you get the most reliable network and no cap on domestic roaming, besides your plan’s limits. On the interstate from Pueblo to Colorado Springs I had dropped the same call 6 times with T-mobile. My friend on Verizon didn’t have one drop. T-mobile offers more features and Verizon offers a more reliable and better coverage network. It’s a give and take.

        • hit_the_lights

          and you’re saying this on a TMO blog dude GTFO!!

        • kalel33

          I was here years before you decided to start posting.

        • hit_the_lights

          Just shut your dumbass up promoting other carriers on a TMO blog.

        • kalel33

          Telling facts isn’t promoting…..they’re facts. I also stated it depended on the user and their lifestyle on which carrier to choose. Who wants actual personal information and facts, obviously not you.

        • Dakota

          I pay $45 for 3gb LTE… Tmobile not offering more. I have my own music through Google music and dont use apps. Everyone’s got different needs. I dont tether. I currently don’t travel overseas constantly but if I did, guess I couldhget a Tmobile SIM for a month

        • Dakota

          I’m glad I pay no fees. That used to piss me off & you could never know in advance. You’re right, it uses to add 20% when I was on Tmobile. Now I pay 1.52 in taxes on a $45 3gb plan. What is that like 3 ⚂ percent? On price, I’ve got no problems. Tmo hasnt convinced me at this point to pay more and get less. Maybe if I was doing alot of international traveling..

    • matt

      the only thing bad about “single line” is NO NFL FOOTBALL and NO TETHERING

      if you sign up for “share” you give them half your data in exchange for tethering.

      for example
      $80 2 gig individual ( existing customers ) no tethering no football
      $80 1 gig Share comes with tethering and nfl football

      • G

        I’m pretty sure all of Verizon’s plans come with tethering. The spectrum Verizon uses has open access rules attached to it by the FCC which means that Verizon must offer free tethering. Look up open access rules 700 mhz C block

        • kalel33

          Not the single line plans. They are cheaper but they don’t have some features of the More Everything plans.

    • donnybee


      With T-Mobile you also get free music streaming, so that helps lengthen your LTE speeds.
      With T-Mobile you also get a faster network in metro areas, which could discount the need for coverage in areas you don’t visit.
      With T-Mobile you aren’t locked in a service contract, and can therefore pay off your phone however soon you want.
      With T-Mobile, just as you said, you won’t get charged overages if you use more data.

      Either way, it’s great that consumers have choices now when looking to keep costs low. I love competition and this just goes to show what can happen when even one carrier decides to rock the boat! But if you ask me, I would still say that I’d pay that extra $58 over the course of 2 years to receive these ^ ^ ^ perks. If you go over with Verizon during one month, you’ve just made up 25% of the 2 YEAR difference. That’s substantial, considering you have another 23 months to worry about.

      In the end – the choice will ultimately favor those who look into their needs and use case the most to make a decision. Not just someone who doesn’t look at ALL the numbers.

      EDITED: Originally quoted perks of Simple Choice in addition to these above perks. Corrected to only showing perks of “Simple Starter”. This may give Verizon a little more argument to some people now, but that’s assuming they never have any months of overages.

      • Stefan Naumowicz

        You still left unlimited music streaming in there, that too is only a feature of simple choice plans

        • Nick


        • Ken Keniff


        • Nick

          Lol there’s that lost messed up comment

        • Nick

          -sorry somehow I lost the first post so if its here along with this, ignore it :) –
          Anyway, on the T-Mobile prepaid site it specifically states (underneath the plan details) “And now you get unlimited music streaming on services like Pandora, iHeartRadio and more that doesn’t count against your 4G LTE data.” Correct me if I’m wrong, but to me, that means we prepaid customers get unlimited music streaming too.

        • Stefan Naumowicz

          Yeah, on the $50 and up plans. Those are still considered simple choice, and have all the same features as postpaid simple choice except international roaming. We’re talking about the $40 simple starter. That plan is not simple choice, along with all of the other prepaid options with no mrc or mrc lower than $50, and a result gets none of the perks of those plans

        • Nick

          Oh ok. Either way it doesn’t really affect me much because Im on the $30 plan and have more data than I ever use in a month. It is strange though that music streaming doesn’t seem to get throttled for me, even when I do use all my LTE data.

        • Dakota

          What’s even prepaid now if everyone on Tmobile has to pay for a phone?

        • Nick

          I agree. The phones are almost the same and the plans are too so it’s almost pointless for T-mobile to even have its own prepaid brand, except I guess for the very few people who use pay as you go (minutes/texts)

        • donnybee


      • Dakota

        You only get that if you pay for a streaming service or use an app. I have my own music thats uploaded to Google music cloud… But thats not included in Tmobile free music so that wouldnt help me at all. I’ve also noticed when your speeds are low, music steam won’t be smooth. Everyone’s needs are different. Competition is good bit carriers need to be very clear with their plans.

    • Idiotsthewholelot

      It’s simpler math: overage charges < no overage charges. Tmo FTW

    • Stefan Naumowicz

      If your gonna pinch pennies that hard, you have to consider the difference in tax on each service. Where I am, typical taxes/fees on cellular service comes out to roughly 20%, and sales tax is 8%. With tmobiles plan, I’d be paying 20% on the $45 service ($54) but only 8% sales tax on the EIP. Retail of the 5s 16gb is 648, with tax 699.84, divided by 24 = 29.16. Altogether, monthly cost should be $83.16 for 2 years and then $54 a month thereafter.

      With Verizon, since the phone subsidy is hidden in the service cost, I’d get charged 20% on the whole $60 plan – $72 per month. Then adding the cost of the phone ($200) and tax ($216) and dividing that over 24 months you get a monthly cost of $9, bringing our monthly cost to $81. Last but not least, the activation fee of $35 gets taxed at the same rate the service does, so about $42 on that – or $1.75/month if you divide it out. So now, you’d be looking at an estimated monthly total of $82.75 vs $83.16 for T-Mobile. Less than a 50 cent difference. Each plan has its perks, but price isn’t one of them. Tmobiles perks are the fact that you don’t have to sign a 2 year agreement, your monthly cost will decrease significantly if you keep the phone longer than 2 years, network quality is superb in areas where the majority of americans live, and there is 0% chance of getting charged an overage fee. Verizons advantage is their coverage area, particularly LTE. The better offer depends on your specific situation.

    • 3560freak

      Can you link to this Verizon plan? I looked on their site and it shows $40 for unlimited voice/text and an additional $50 for 2GB of data (for subsidised 2yr contract phones), you save $10 dollars for retail price phones (Verizon EDGE). Where are you getting $60, and I am getting $80 or $90?

      • Guest

        It’s there new single line plans. Sounds like you’re looking at the More Everything Plans. Try going to Verizon’s website, click shop > plans & Services > single line plan

      • Dakota

        Its $60 for 2gb (overages apply) or 50 with the Edge Plan. Current promotion is half off cell phones

      • Dakota

        Idon’t think they allow you to post links here. Just Google ‘Verizon single line’ plan and it comes right up. Not the everything more. By Verizon standards, its an amazing deal. I may have read wrong but I though the 60/2gb was for contract and subsidized phones which are half off now.

    • Dakota

      I think Verizon is having a half off phone sale currently

  • hanfeedback

    I currently have 2 lines on simple choice which have 1GB each, I am paying $80 a month for this. They also have this new simple starter plan and the 4lines for $100 deal.

    When are people with less than 4 lines and on simple choice going to get something?

    • handfeedback

      Maybe when the profit margin widens? Aren’t you satisfied already? Why does everyone think they deserve a freebie or promotional gift if a company tries to drum up business in another area they are lacking…..
      Aren’t you already getting a 20$ pricebreak since you have two lines?

    • JamesG

      All of these promotions are really just competition with other carriers

    • Moby

      You are getting something. $80 for two lines with 1GB each. If you don’t like it, take your business elsewhere.

    • Dakota

      You just said you’re getting something… Otherwise, add 2 lines to your family and pay $100

  • VG

    A nice Monday morning announcement by Mr. Legere. I wonder if he has any more announcements planned for this week? I await with eager anticipation!

  • jj

    Is $5 extra data for Simple Starter on prepaid as well?

    • loopyduck

      Doesn’t look like it, no.

      • jdubtrey

        I don’t see where it says that either way.

  • ZxyLady

    Sometimes it isn’t All about the money, sometimes it’s about Brand loyalty, I will gladly give T-MOBILE a few extra dollars for being innovative in its pricing structure and allowing for the extra perks that come with T-Mobile. I love having music streaming at little to no cost without using any data, I can’t even list all of the advantages of T-Mobile- there simply isn’t enough room on these forums-. But above all, does anyone REALLY think that any of the other 3 carriers would have offered even half of what they do now for the cost if it wasn’t for T-Mobile starting the trend and rocking the boat? That in and of itself deserves my money out of principle. It also helps that the T-Mobile network is getting better every single day.

    • david

      said no one ever

      • mY NaMe Is DavId dURRR

        well technically she didn’t say it but the words in your head came from her posting…
        thanks for asserting your intelligent comment if I ever need someone to flush a toilet I’ll be sure to find ya ;l

  • ***If It Ain’t About the Money……You can Miss me with ya BS!

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    Here is a money saving idea…no phone at all. You will save $25-40 a month but you will still find something else to whine about.

  • lani

    That’s 2gb of capped data. Hope it works out for you if that is all you need. Otherwise you can always upgrade to the $50 Simple Choice plan.

    • Dakota

      Is that the 1gb plan? They sure are confusing people for a company trying to make it simple. All different data limits, throttled, unlimited, capped data, roaming etc. Family, individual, simple, really simple, phone payments . As confusing as every other carrier at this point. And this is a limited time promotion.

  • Joe Smo

    There are way too many options for data service. Especially with recent launch 4-5 lines for $100. Does this mean there is going to be a new family plan for $90 offering 2 gb of data too? For a company trying to simplify plans it seems as if T-mobile is adding new stuff every other week. Great price points, but a lot of damn plans.

    • Yes, I would like an option for a family of two. I really prefer 3GB’s od data tho for $90 for a family.

  • Jeff

    Unless they’re also going to offer the $5 upgrade on Simple Choice accounts, this is a weird promotion. A Simple Choice single-line account shouldn’t cost $5 more for half the LTE data. I understand that Simple Choice includes other benefits, but it’s still weird.

    • Dakota

      So much for making it simple. I dont think most people understand what other “benefits” are. People these days basically are looking for amount of data and price is

  • jdubtrey

    Cricket is still a better deal, IMO. Yes, the LTE is throttled to 8mbps, but it’s 2.5GB, then 2g speeds, plus taxes are included in that $45.

    • Dakota

      Straight Talk is $45 for 3gb of ATT LTE. Ive gotten speeds exceeding 30mbps depending on what part of town I’m in. (I’m assuming this Tmobile plan still cuts you off at 2gb vs throttling?)…. If they’d match (or beat) it, I’d give them another shot. But at least theres finally a price war benefiting consumers

      • Turb0wned

        I don’t think straight talk does att anymore do they?

        • twiztid beans

          they stopped for awhile, but yes they do. They offer 4G LTE and 3gb of data on both GSM carriers.

      • jdubtrey

        That’s fair…but either way, neither one of us thinks that Simple Starter is a winner.

  • harry

    just came back to tmobile from verizon and im saving a ton of money what was nice the sales person said i could use my 3 phones ( two iphone 5cs and a gs4) that was a pluse right there glad to be back

  • Guest

    Anyone know what is going on Sept 14th with T-mobile?

  • jazz

    $40 Simple Starter : cut off ater 500MB
    $45 Simple Starter : cut off after 2GB
    $50 Simple Choice : throttle after 1GB

  • DaveTexan

    Simple Starter is more complex than I thought so it’s not really that Simple.
    Pros for Simple Starter:
    More data for $5 less(2GB) or $10 off for half(500MB) data
    Lose corporate discount forever. (To me that’s $2.5 off for 500MB after losing discount)
    Lose tethering (very important to me)
    Lose free international roaming (somewhat useful but not essential)
    Lose free music streaming (useless to me but YMMV)
    Lose free overage at 2G(not very useful to me personally)
    It seems to me there are far more cons than pros….even the $30 5GB plan is better…
    I’ll stick with Simple Choice…

    • Singleweird

      pretty simple.

      $40 Simple Starter : cut off ater 500MB
      $45 Simple Starter : cut off after 2GB
      $50 Simple Choice : throttle after 1GB

      stole from Jazz below you

    • Stefan Naumowicz

      You hit the nail on the head, its very simple to understand. You don’t get the perks of simple choice, that’s why its cheaper and gives you more data. If simple choice is better for you, then keep it.