New Lumia device incoming? Microsoft sends out IFA event invites


A few minutes back, and invite hit my inbox showing us that Microsoft has plans for this year’s IFA convention in Berlin. The invitation, in its entirety is displayed above.

On September 4th, in the German capital, the Lumia-makers are going to unveil the next generation of devices. All we know is, it’s something with a camera. The black circle would perhaps indicate a successor to the 1020, but that’s a complete guess on my part. There’s also the “face time” reference, perhaps indicating the long-rumored “Selfie” phone. Who knows? It could be both, it might be neither.

Since we don’t know what it is, we can’t tell you if it’s going to be available on T-Mobile or not. But we certainly hope it is. The carrier has yet to offer any Nokia flagships this year. So far we’ve had the Lumia 635 and Lumia 530, both of which are under $200 and don’t even threaten to compete with the likes of the iPhone 5s, Galaxy S5 or LG G3. I know many of you have been crying out for a great Windows Phone device for months. A 1030 would certainly be a welcome remedy to those complaints.

Let us know in the comments if you think we’ll see the 1030 and/or 730, and whether or not you have your hopes set on whatever it is landing on T-Mobile.

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  • kev2684

    any rumors about 1525 release date yet?

  • Whiskers

    Nokia/Microsoft take note , drop the square edges and rear facing speaker design.
    Rear speakers are weak sounding and a flat phone with square edges is not comfortable .

    • BlackJu

      The problem with design is that no one agrees. IPhone users love square edges evidently.

  • mikeh

    If i could have a Nokia 1030 on TMo I would be so happy

    • Gregg

      If T-Mobile just got a successor to the Lumia 925, I’d be happy…

  • BlackJu

    Most likely the 730/830 announcement. We really haven’t seen or heard anything about a 1030. And my guess is that T-Mobile will continue to disappoint those looking for a feature packed Windows phone. Still I’m happy to see Microsoft continue their focus on imaging excellence and releasing phones for every price point. Maybe when my contract is up…..

    • Joe Sirbak

      Microsoft should push it’s camera technology as the biggest differentiator from its competitors. Every platform has (or will have) phones in a variety of sizes. They all are perfectly competent media players, internet browsers, and messaging machines. They all have hundreds of thousands of apps. The great cameras really allow Microsoft to stand out from the crowd.

    • jawash22

      According to wpcentral, the “Join us for more Facetime” on the invite is a dead giveaway for the 730 “Selfie” phone with 5mp front camera. The 830 will probably get shown too. Going by Magenta’s track record they will offer the lower end 730 and ATT will get the 830…lol.

  • Roger Sales

    Theres a hole in T-Mobile’s lineup in the form of a high end WP8 device in the 400-500$ range.

    • S. Ali

      Is there any demand for high end WP devices on T-Mobile? Right now WP is about value because their OS simply doesn’t have ecosystem to support high end customers. Heck, it doesn’t even have enterprise features that Windows Phone 6 used to support. Not sure TMO wants to sit on tons of unsold WP inventory.

      • BlackJu


        • S. Ali

          MS is doing a fine job crapping on its own. Its got so bad they are release a feature phone (Nokia 130). Nice try though.

        • BlackJu

          They bought Nokia’s device division, which has been making basic and feature phones for years. You’re just a sour threadcrapper. Everyone reading this article probably already has a Windows phone, we don’t you to educate us about Microsoft or the Windows phone ecosystem.

        • S. Ali

          I too have a Windows Phone (521) and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone except as a side hobby or for the tech illiterate. Hardcore WP fans are well aware of the ecosystems shortcomings, the sales figures speak for themselves.

      • Roger Sales

        Right now T-Mobile’s only LTE windows phone on sale is the 635, which is midrange at best and has no front facing camera. A windows phone can’t command the 650ish pricetag of a new iPhone or Android device, but at 400-500$ could competitively sell against them with similar specs and an always on the up app store selection.

  • AdamBath

    Give me a phone with a PureView camera and quad core that works on T-Mobile and I’ll be happy…

    • bisayan

      Its been available ever since and thats lumia 1520.3 it all supports tmo frequencies..u can find it @ newegg.

      • AdamBath

        1520 is too much phone for me, my Z1s is about perfectly sized. I want a new 1020 basically, also want to be able to use my JUMP upgrade, not pay outright.

        • BlackJu

          The Microsoft store sells the 1020 unlocked with T-Mobile compatibility. Of course, JUMP will do you no good as a Windows phone user on T-Mobile.

        • gadget_hero

          as far as I know only Rogers in Canada had a Lumia 1020 that had the AWS HSPA+ bands on T-Mobile.

        • eanfoso

          I have a Lumia 1020 that I got from the Microsoft store and I get all (2G, 4G and LTE) signals with t-mobile

        • gadget_hero

          Are you in a PCS re-farmed market for HSPA+? The specs on the Microsoft site are confusing as it mentions 3 different models in cellular bands area…

        • eanfoso

          No man, I’m in a small town where metro pcs never existed, plus I’ve been getting these signals since November last year, which is when I got my lumia 1020

      • spartanjet

        1520 is too old at this point the 1525 might even be announced at this event. Not to mention the 1520.3 doesn’t support wifi calling which is a pretty important feature for me.

        Fingers crossed they are announcing the 1525 AND its on Tmo or I’m heading to a carrier that has it.

    • eanfoso

      The Lumia icon works perfectly fine with t-mobile, it comes unlocked right out the box, which is basically what you just described, including a 5″ screen size

      • BlackJu

        I thought there were issues with LTE data connectivity. Have those been resolved and can you point me to a source that explains how to configure the device for T-Mobile.

        • eanfoso

          Dude not everything has to be technical, I never once had an issue with LTE, other than the normal loss of LTE when going inside thick buildings like my school, but I was already having that problem with my previous LTE mobile, as far as configure the device for t-mobile if you don’t get an Internet connection when the phone boots up download the Nokia apn app, it’ll do it automatically, I did this for my mom’s lumia 920

        • BlackJu

          I’ve set up two ATT devices before, no problem. My understanding from reading about experiences with the icon on T-Mobile is that it has intermittent SMS/MMS issues and data connectivity does not display correctly (it’s connected but the signal indicator is null).

  • Ordeith

    Sure. Incoming for Verizon, possibly AT&T. T-Mobile? I am not so hopeful anymore.

  • bisayan

    Just want everybody know that Nokia Lumia 1520.3 has been available through newegg and its onsale for $519.It supports all TMO frequencies. :) heres the link:

  • Bklynman

    All I know is this,everytime TMO,had highended windows phone they never keep them for long. Case in point,810,925. The HTC window phones,that came out with 810. I just did check on the 925,on ebay and on Amazon,they sell for, from $130-$250. Used and new. So if TMO does get hignend window phone how long will the keep it? 1 yr. or less? I also read in Forbes that about to give up on windows 8.1,and go to windows 9. So any new phones they come out with, what OS will they have?

  • notyourbusiness

    I would guess this is going to be the 1525 that’s supposed to be coming to T-Mobile and two other carriers. Shame it’s not a T-Mo exclusive. I’m sick of AT&T getting everything and yet, its customers continuously complain about “no new Windows Phones.” Oh, please.

    • Cam Bunton

      That would also be a good thing!

  • isn’t “Face Time” an Apple licensed marketing thing? Meaning only Apple can use those terms.

    • Cam Bunton

      Nope. Apple’s trademark is FaceTime. One word, upper case F and T. Microsoft typed ‘face time’. Whole different thing entirely. :-)

  • Alex Zapata

    I’m guessing it’s the 730, possibly also the 830. Sadly, I don’t think a 1020 successor will be announced :-/

  • eanfoso

    Yai! No more lagdroid related news! Saying that the Lumia 530 and 635 can’t compete against Sammy galaxy 5 or apple iPhone 5s is such a vague statement, ever since Symbian days I’ve loved my offline navigation, and being that these two bad boys can deliver me that I’d take any offline capable mobile phone any day over a piece of cheap plastic called galaxy s whatever

  • guatemala7

    From all the leaks in guessing that it is going to be a 730 and 830. But that camera in the letter more makes me think it could be a 1030

  • ThomasBDX

    Camera on the invite image is the same as leaked pictures of the “830”

  • Tamara

    I am anxiously awaiting a T-Mo flagship device…I love Windows and do not ever want to go back to an Andorid or even try an iPhone!