Carter: 20+20 LTE to be lit up in all major metro areas… Eventually


The subject of wideband LTE has cropped up a number of times this year, as T-Mobile seeks to build a “Data Strong” network capable of providing super-fast speeds to all its customers (within the right area). It comes in two flavors: 15+15 and 20+20. To use the old, basic highway traffic analogy: One’s like have 15 lanes each side of the highway, and the other’s like having 20. It’s not a perfect analogy, but it’s the simplest way to explain why the 20+20 LTE is faster than 15+15, despite the fact that both use the same frequencies and bands.

Currently, only a handful of metro areas with wideband LTE have the 20+20 variety. Most have been upgraded to 15+15 which – although fast – isn’t as capable. As it stands, 17 markets are on 15+15 and 9 more are expected to go live before 2015 rolls in.

Speaking at the Oppenheimer Technology, Internet and Communications Conference today, T-Mobile’s CFO, Braxton Carter claimed that “several” 20+20 LTE markets would be live by the end of this year. But it’s not going to stop there. T-Mobile wants to cover all of the major metro areas with the fastest network around, which means eventually upgrading its remote radio heads to be capable of delivering 30+30 or even 40+40.

As reported by Fierce Wireless:

“That speed translates into significant 4G data capacity that we can put over the network,” he said. “The faster it’s going through the pipe, the more we can carry over the pipe.” The carrier’s long-term goal is to have at least 20×20 MHz LTE configurations “in all of our major metropolitan areas,” he said.

A webcast of the presentation made at the conference is available to stream on T-Mobile’s Investor site if you wish to listen for yourself. He speaks on a number of subjects including why T-Mo is able to roll out its network so quickly, and why sprint can’t.

Source: T-Mobile
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  • Guest 2014

    T-Mobile’s “eventually” is much faster than Sprint’s, AT&T’s, and Verizon’s “eventually”. Now let’s hope that they continue to make giant strides and fix the coverage issues nationwide. Go T-Mobile!

  • Jay Holm

    Hmm. . .I wonder if Fairfield County Ct (Bridgeport) will be among the 9 markets to get 20×20 Wideband LTE by the end of the year???

    • 50atomic

      They have the AWS spectrum for 20 MHz FDD LTE and still maintain HSPA+21.

      • Jay Holm

        Sounds good. HSPA+21, what would happen to HSPA+42?

        • 50atomic

          Trade off. Unfortunately only enough PCS spectrum to maintain HSPA+21 and GSM only.

        • Jay Holm

          Well heck, if it results in 60-90+mbps then yayyy! So do you think Fairfield County will be among the 9 markets to receive 20×20 Wideband LTE before the end of the year?

        • 50atomic

          Given they shutdown MetroPCS CDMA recently, 15 MHz FDD LTE seems inevitable to come like in Las Vegas, but 20 MHz FDD LTE depends on amount of users on HSPA+ vs LTE imho.

        • Jay Holm

          Sounds good! Thanks for the info. It’s good to know there are resourceful & knowledgeable people here on tmonews.

  • archerian

    Did Braxton Carter and Neville Ray trade jobs ;)

    • Jay Holm

      I was wondering the same thing!

    • taron19119

      No but when you’re the only one from a company at the conference they ask all types of questions

  • monkeybutts

    “UN ALL” in the title

    I wish they would tell us which markets get 15×15 for the end of the year already.

  • Data Strong

    How about having a goal of data working anywhere you have good signal? I would prefer my data work in more areas than be wicked fast in one area. TMobile signal is pretty good most places where people are – but their data reliably more than three feet outside of town is abysmal.

    • Stefan Naumowicz

      They are already in the middle of the EDGE to LTE conversion, which will be completed by the end of next year, so the “goal of data working anywhere you have good signal” is already underway. These announcements are just about additional projects which they will be working on concurrently

  • Aurizen

    I’m stilling waiting for Philly to get 15×15 ._.

    • carcomptoy

      I was just about to ask if we’d gotten it yet. Center City used to be blazingly fast, but during the day, it can get so bogged down now. I just moved to Queen Village from Rittenhouse, and my LTE is so much faster and more reliable here (naturally). Glad to discover it hasn’t been my phone, but still, Center City needs a lot of work.

      • Eric

        There are coverage holes in Philadelphia. :(

        • taron19119

          Yeah I get LTE most everywhere outside in Philadelphia in building it drops to EDGE most of the most of the time

        • 50atomic

          MetroPCS has a very extensive DAS network in Philadelphia so after the CDMA network is shutdown in September it should get much better and also Wideband LTE can be deployed.

      • Aurizen

        When i get LTE in center city its pretty fast about 30mbps. 15×15 might be coming September.

  • Raiterio Patterson

    I’m hoping Mecklenburg county is getting 10+10 LTE by the end of the year *fingers crossed *

    • KingCobra

      Yeah I’m surprised we’re still at only 5+5 here. T-Mobile hasn’t made any extra spectrum purchases in the Carolinas.

      • Raiterio Patterson

        What is spectrum in lay men’s terms? I’m an android enthusiast not an android geek.

        • TylerCameron

          Basically, the amount of bandwidth that can be deployed. The speed and capacity is limited by the amount of spectrum in a given area.
          5MHz is very, very little. I think Verizon originally deployed LTE with only 5MHz of 700MHz, and it was great at first – until everyone got an LTE device.

        • Raiterio Patterson

          I understand somewhat. Thanks for the explanation

  • sushimane

    Come on spartanburg lol

  • Ashton3002

    So what’s considered “all major metro” for all I know that could be the 30 biggest cities it could mean the 25 biggest cities..that doesn’t say much.

  • nycplayboy78

    Hmmm I wonder where NYC and DC fall into that list?

  • Nick

    I’m lucky to even have 5mhz LTE in Cincy.

    • BearCat

      You are lucky, cause in downtown Cincy there is Zero mhz of lte LOL.

      • Nick

        Lol yeah I do go down there sometimes and I can agree 100%. I have been checking sensorly a lot recently and it seems like they just stopped rolling out LTE to the whole city. Spectrum issues? :/

        • J-Hop2o6

          Yes, shortage of spectrum for both HSPA+ & LTE. Think Tmo has a max of 20MHz of AWS in Cinci. Hope they work something out for you guys soon.

        • Stefan Naumowicz

          Yeah, you can thank Cincinnati Bell for that

        • Nick


  • PhilC

    Hope some of that speed lands in Va Beach – Tidewater area soon.

    • TylerCameron

      Near the Kroger off Northampton, I’ve seen speeds an upwards of 40mbps. T-Mobile doesn’t have a whole hell of a lot of spectrum here. At the moment, it seems there’s only enough AWS for DC-HSPA+ and 10MHz of LTE.
      Btw, it feels so weird to reply to a comment to someone from the same area as me lol

  • Guest

    This is how all of Sprint’s promises go LOL!

  • Fritz

    2015 is going to be the year when a lot of good things happen with Tmobile. And 2016 will be they year when Tmobiles investments will pay off, just wait and see.

  • GinaDee

    To be fair 2015 will see tons of investment from all major carriers. I think we’ll see AT&T swinging up top after they gobble up tons of AWS 3 spectrum later this year.

    They already have wide coverage but AT&T is seeking to add more capacity.

    Sprint has a lot of potential with the hoards of high band spectrum which could equate to incredible download speeds in metro areas but time will only tell if they can pull this off.

    • calvin200

      Is it true ATT stopped network work, and is that why, if the did?

    • Alex Zapata

      I’ve been keeping an eye on Sprint because of those gobs of spectrum they have. Even though they’ve made blunder after blunder I have a feeling that SoftBank might be slowly turning that around.

    • Eric

      Sprint’s 2.5 GHz can’t penetrate a paper bag.

      Jokes aside, I think with the new CEO, Sprint can actually succeed.

  • TBN27

    The Band 12 build out will make people finally see that T-Mobile with its value is a very strong competitor. I just came from work where I can’t get any reception in the break room. One employee chimed in how T-Mobile’s reception sucks after seeing their commercial. Had to let them know that it’s soon to change but the handset had to be upgraded to reap the benefits.

  • Stefan Naumowicz

    “To use the old, basic highway traffic analogy: One’s like have 15 lanes each side of the highway, and the other’s like having 20. It’s not a perfect analogy, but it’s the simplest way to explain why the 20+20 LTE is faster than 15+15”

    This anology portrays the increased network load wideband can handle, but doesn’t portray the max speed increase whatsoever (except for the increased average speed due to increased capacity, I’m talking about the single user max down/up speeds). Let’s think of another analogy that does!!

    • yeah right

      Whilst increasing the speed limit?

    • VR

      Yeah, the analogy doesn’t work unless you add in the capacity.

      So imagine having to move 100 trucks 1 mile down a two lane highway and the same test down a 4 lane highway.

      The 4 lane highway can move more trucks (and their payloads) at one time which allows the whole thing to complete sooner.

      Of course when you add in congestion created by induced demand, both the highway and the network start to fail.

      So that’s where traffic management can be just as important if not more important than raw capacity.

      If you clog them up with inefficient and unnecessary use – extra lanes or channels are just wasted space…

  • Terry

    Is anyone else still having the issue with dropping LTE and then having to reboot your device or turn Airplane mode on/off to get your LTE connection to come back? I have not had the issue for a few weeks, then it started back up again yesterday. Denver, CO.

    • brian9090

      YES! I’m having the issue. Tmobile says they are working on towers.

    • kevev

      Yes same issue here in San Antonio on my Nexus 5. Hope it’s upgrades and not hardware issues on my end.

      • Terry

        I have a Samsung Galaxy S3. I don’t think it is hardware, but I also just don’t want to jump on a bandwagon and blame T-Mobile. However the issue has cropped up in Both Colorado where I live and Indiana where I visit frequently.

    • PhilC

      That LTE bug was squashed on Galaxy S5 with latest firmware BNG3

      • Terry

        Not to sound like an ass, but good for the S5. Glad that was resolved, however I don’t have one of them.

        • PhilC

          No you don’t sound like an ass.
          GS5 finding is good news for all devices having LTE bug.
          We now know Network isn’t falling apart all that’s needed are firmware updates problem solved.
          So smile its a great day to be alive :)

  • JosephLagalla

    Think of 15+15 and 20+20 as the diameter of a pipe. Increasing the diameter of the pipe allows for more water(data) to be pumped through at a greater velocity

  • Louie

    I wonder how they’re going to pull this off in Chicago considering we’re only limited to 15×15.

    • 50atomic

      Carrier Aggregation or AWS-3 spectrum purchase.

  • Brandon

    Hey Terry, I’ve noticed a lot of weird data issues in Denver in the last few days especially. My guess is that they’re working on the 15×15/20x
    20 upgrade

    • Terry

      Hey Brandon, let’s hope that is the case. This issue has been going on for a couple of months with the exception of the last few weeks, it stopped for a bit. UGH!!! I love my tmobile and hope that it is corrected soon.

    • Stone Cold

      I keep going from LTE to 4G been going on for about a month now.

      • Terry

        Stone cold, What area of the US are you in? What Phone do you have? I have the Samsung Galaxy S3.

        • Stone Cold

          Denver, CO work downtown and that is where my signal keeps dropping in and out.

        • Terry

          I work near the DTC and this is where it happens to me. I also have some issues in Castle Rock.

    • 50atomic

      Denver has two dis-contiguous 20 MHz blocks of AWS so no Wideband LTE until carrier aggregation or spectrum swaps.

  • aidahoney

    Does anyone know what they use in los angeles? It just seems slower than att Everywhere i gone in 90022 east la,montebello,pico rivera,dwtn la ,bell,maywood etc.. My tmobile lg g3 brand new berly got it last week data wise is slower than my moms also brand new att lg g3. Everywhere tmobile gets 5to10 mbps down average with bursts of 15 ,att everywhere 15 to 25 w the exception of east la were it got 32 dwn, so i wanna know what they using in La cuz its slower than att.

    • Christopher Olson

      I’ve got a g3 as well and most of the places I’ve been in the inland empire, orange county and San Diego I’ve averaged over 30 mbs down with the exception of a few places. Not sure about L.A. since I don’t go there much but in Pamona I still get around 20 and that’s indoors.

    • Chris

      Hopefully they have 15×15 but in case they don’t, they probably still have 10×10.
      Don’t know much about LA since I don’t go there as much. But in OC area, I’ve averaged about 30 mbps, I pulled 70 mbps once in LB area.

    • 50atomic

      LA is 15 MHz FDD LTE. Speeds vary based on a variety of factors like cell site backhaul and load from users. Generally, I get 30-40 Mbps with certain areas closer to 100 Mbps.

      • aidahoney

        Were do u get close to 100???? I never seen anything close to that in los angeles highest i seen on my tmobile g3 is 25 once in Hollywood. I dont know if something is wrong with my phone or something cuz average for me in montebello were i live is 10 to 12 ,like i said att is always faster when i run speed tests. Att is 15 to 25 dwn average

      • ginagelatina

        yea me too i wanna were ur supposedly getting close to 100 mpbs in LA? NOWHERE in los angeles have i seen anything close to that on tmobile and i have an s5 which im sure supports all there lte bands .weho,riverside,orange county,san fernando valley, east la,compton,south central ,dowtown,picorivera,montebello,long beach ,santa monica NOWHERE near 100 highest i EVER seen is 40 . . . my friend on verizon xlte has gotten up to 65 and my sister up to 45 on att …. so yes please tell me were u saw those amazing speeds on tmobile cuz so far i havent seen em my average is 5 to 10 .. not saying 5 to 10 is bad but thats what i usually see on average.

      • tmomediocre

        You are so full of crap. Please Ms. Legere!!!!! Stoppppppp!!!!! 100 mbps!!!! Hahahaha

  • Dan Lodi

    I have a volte and 700 mhz A block lte capable phone and and I had a 243 megabyte update appear and I installed it and when it was done installing the signal strength shot through the roof and I have volte now as well I have the Samsung galaxy light

  • What about Austin Texas? What do they have now and when can they expect 20×20?

  • Raiterio Patterson

    I got a question about towers in my area so scoff at what I’m about to say. 300 feet from my house is T-Mobile tower with what looks like mini satellite dishes, & 1mile from my house is a T-Mobile tower with spires & rectangular panels. Which of these is the updated tower?