7,000 terabytes of music streamed since the launch of Uncarrier 6.0, Music Freedom


In its press release earlier this morning, T-Mobile announced that it would be adding 6 new music streaming services to the list of available providers and also gave us the low down on just how popular the latest phase of Uncarrier has been. Short version: It’s been very popular.

According to T-Mo, customers have streamed 5 million more songs per day than they did – on average – before Music Freedom was launched. In total, 7,000 terabytes of music have been streamed since it went live. An amount of music I find almost impossible to picture. Clearly then, I was wrong about Uncarrier 6.0 not being a real “Uncarrier” move when it was first launched. T-Mobile customers are clearly feeling much more free in their music streaming use now that they can use it as much as they want.

Music Freedom now allows the following services to be used on your device without it counting against your data allowance:

  • iTunes Radio
  • Rdio
  • Pandora
  • Spotify
  • Grooveshark
  • iHeart Radio
  • Songza
  • Rhapsody
  • Samsung Milk
  • Slacker
  • AccuRadio
  • Black Planet
  • Radio Paradise

Like we’ve already reported, Google Play Music is going to be made available later on this year.

Source: T-Mobile

*Edit – 10:35am EDT – Incorrectly typed 700,000 terabytes, instead of 7,000. Changed to rectify information.

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  • Manny

    Awesome! This is why T-Mobile is doing so well. Trend setting. I’m not sure how they’ve worked it out where it atleast breaks even… maybe cutting a deal with these companies like…. making it free to stream data from them to increase revenue? Idk… but thats a lot of data people are gonna want to get on T-Mobile for!

    • Stefan Naumowicz

      Yes, its called sponsored data – the providers subsidize the cost of the data in exchange for attracting more subscribers

      • Rick Perez

        Except the providers aren’t sponsoring (Paying Extra) for the privilege.

        • Stefan Naumowicz

          See above

      • qmc

        T-Mobile has said that no companies are pasting for this. This is not like the free data on att.

        • Stefan Naumowicz

          There are ways they can sponsor the data than by a direct payment for the data used to T-Mobile. Kickbacks based on increased customer base/usage are the most likely.

  • Jay Holm

    Wow!!! Just wow!!! And yet T-Mobile’s LTE speeds haven’t suffered. I swear, Samsung “Milk” is such a stupid, stupid name!!! Really!

    • Stefan Naumowicz

      Mine have actually increased, gone from 15-30mbps to 30-60. I’m also in a pretty small city, friends with VZW/att only pull 5-20

    • Evan Lam

      it is a stupid name, but it works.
      It sure would result in a laugh if someone asked what service you used to stream music:
      A: What do you use to stream music? Pandora?
      B: Oh, no, I use milk.

    • Techngro

      It is a dumb name. It makes me think of the names of those Japanese Anime that never make sense.

      But the service is great.

    • Jon

      Jay you look like Hank Schrader anyone ever told you that yet?

      • Jay Holm

        Uhh. . .I don’t know who Hank Schrader is. I’ll go Google him.

  • Josh Cooley

    I’m thrilled with the free data. But unless my math is wrong, this isn’t a very big increase in music consumption.

    Being generous, lets assume the average song is 7 MB. With 5 million extra songs a day, that’s 35 terabytes of extra data a day. If these numbers are for 70 days (launched June 23rd, and assuming 10 weeks ending this past Monday), then you get 2100 extra terabytes since they started. That’s a 0.3% increase in data consumed from music.

    Ultimately the real benefit to me is in the plan choices available since my streaming doesn’t count against me.

    • JamesG

      Err, that would be a 42% increase.

      • Josh Cooley

        Yes, I plugged in 700,000 terabytes of data instead of 7,000 terabytes. Seems the story has been edited to correct the number after I posted my math. That yields a much better percentage to be bragging about.

  • monkeybutts

    At high quality music 320 Kbps thats over 5000 years worth of music.

  • Deadeye37

    700 Petabytes of song streaming? That is a data strong network! I wonder what would happen if they decided to free movies also. How much data would we gobble up then?

    • JamesG

      was edited

      • Deadeye37

        I was going to say that that was a TON of data. 7 Petabytes still is a lot, but 700 Pb is insane.

        • JamesG

          Its terabytes……

        • Deadeye37

          7000 Terabytes = 7 Petabytes (Pb)

        • JamesG

          Bah, my bad you are correct. I still haven’t woken up this morning

    • xmiro

      doubt we’ll see same thing done for video. Music takes up around 160kbps, HD video is 2-3Mbps. The two don’t even compare

  • What happened to Tune In?

    • JamesG

      I would love this service as well but it may difficult since Tunein connects to thousands of different streaming links.

      • mingkee

        Moreover, you can even add your own stream.

  • Ordeith

    “It calls into question their data cap generally,” said Weinberg. “When they were talking about [throttling] a year ago they were saying that it was about congestion concerns … but now they’re zero-rating some apps. If you can handle the extra music data, it suggests you don’t have the congestion cap issue you suggested in the first place.”

    • UMA_Fan

      Point being? Does that jerk face Weinberg realize they offer uncapped plans?

    • S. Ali

      Let us know when Verizon or ATT offer unlimited anything.

      • matt

        I’d love to see verizon or AT&T offer unlimited anything on their $10 iPad plans. A lot of blogs seem to overlook that Tmobile gives iPads music freedom too.

        • dontsh00tmesanta

          really? I didnt know that, thats awesome!

        • matt

          the fine print is you have to pay something each month. like $10
          meaning any free data (like 200 mb) is burned before music freedom kicks in. it clearly says u get music freedom on their mobile internet plan page. 5 gb is on sale for $30 till 1/1/15 hint hint heh

    • DickCalrk

      Obviously you didn’t know music streaming versus other types of streaming isn’t all that bad in relative terms. Get a clue and respond when you figure out what kind of streaming puts a real strain on T-Mobiles network…

  • matt

    Even a $10 iPad plan includes music freedom. Something someone might want to try out who isn’t 100% sure they want to switch carriers

  • Jon

    I would probably care if Tmobile included those who have the older $20 unlimited data plan. I’m ineligible just because I don’t pay $30 a month.

    • Oms

      Why does it matter if you get unlimited music anyways? Plus all Simple Choice plans qualify.

      • dontsh00tmesanta

        probably talking about the rhapsody one

    • Noell

      Music Freedom is included in all the Simple Choice plans, but I think you mean the Rhapsody unRadio isn’t included for FREE in the older $20 Unlimited data plan, and that’s a little bit of a bummer for me. Even though it would cost $4/month, I have other ways to stream music, and already pay the $3.99/month for Pandora One.

      • Jon

        Agreed I tried to use it but said I had to pay extra to use the radio service. It’s not cool how those who were on an unlimited data plan already aren’t included. But hey whatever as you already said there are other services available to use.

        • Guest

          Lol rhapsody sucks. Who the hell cares you don’t get their premium subscription for free? I can but I choose not to.
          Because it sucks

    • xmiro

      so stop being a cheapskate who thinks they’re owed something and spend $4. Some of you will never be happy

      • Jon

        You don’t know my situation. Your just make an assumption that I’m cheap I have three lines with unlimited everything and I’m financing two phones my bill is around $250 a month. So excuse me for feeling left out when I’ve been a loyal customer for 10+ years I’ve been with them since they were voice stream. You can take the $4 and shove it…. I shouldn’t have to pay more for a service when I’m already paying for unlimited service.

  • mingkee

    Count Simple TV and Tablo and the data consumption will increase double!
    Simple TV works fine with LTE and HSPA (with lower quality).

  • Allan

    T-Mobile is going down a slippery slope with this. Categorizing and treating data differently can have harmful affects on the market and in the end, us consumers will suffer.

    • TechnoRealz

      When it’s in the consumers interest?

      • dontsh00tmesanta

        Until it isnt

        • TechnoRealz

          Prove it.

        • dontsh00tmesanta

          Don’t need to it’ll prove itself in time.

      • Tom

        Didn’t think you needed an economics degree to understand the big picture issue with this is. I guess I was wrong.

        • TechnoRealz

          I have one.

      • MastarPete

        It would be much better for consumers if they just bump up data allotments instead of trying to keep a white-list of sites they deem fit to not count against data use.

        • NoNameHere

          That’s why Tmo offers unlimited data! This is a benefit/add on/perk they give their customers that decide not to get unlimited data.
          Some people just want to bitch about everything!!

    • Techngro

      They’re not treating data differently, they are giving you an extra benefit that was not part of your original plan.

      You can still use your plan allotment of data any way you choose (within TOS). And they’re not discriminating between music services to distort money from them like you would find Verizon or AT&T, they are just letting the consumer choose which services they want to include in their bonus scheme.

  • DickCalrk

    AccuRadio wtf is that? Anyone use that? Odd TuneIn Radio didn’t make the cut. If that was included I would be 100% covered. Anyone using this freebie?

  • jack

    If one day t-mobile ever make movie streaming free then I guarantee that 95% of the data consumption would be streaming porn…

  • jdubb2600

    Being the nerd that i am why couldn’t they just say 7 petabytes.

  • anthon

    Tmobile we want Tunein Radio please, because a lot of your loyal customers are from around the world and we like to listen radio from around the world.