T-Mo’s latest moves are certainly attractive, but are they Un-carrier?


Un-carrier, a term T-Mobile has coined since just over a year ago. To me, it means doing things no other carrier would. Or at least, getting there first. It’s about making moves that will change the industry for the better. It’s about the big picture, not about just making it easier to join your business and become paying customers.

It’s why its earliest move was to do away with the old subsidized phone model where the handset cost was buried in to your plan cost, and you were locked in for two years. It means offering unlimited data, free roaming, canceling overages, offering customers a way out of their contracts with other carriers or offering a way to upgrade when you wanted to not just every 24 months when your contracts end. Removing pain points.

All of those – although clearly meaning to be attractive offers for prospective buyers – had an air of industry-change about them. But I don’t feel that way about any of the announcements made yesterday. But that doesn’t mean I have an issue with any of it. But I do question if it was really Un-carrier?

iPhone 5s test-drive

We’d heard very vague and non-specific rumors leading up to the event that T-Mobile would be offering a way for customers to try out its network before committing to a contract. And I applaud that move. At the same time, I realize that it’s mostly about addressing the age-old stigma surrounding T-Mobile’s network coverage, more than it is about changing the industry.

For many, Verizon and AT&T are cellular security blankets. Customers may be paying more, and be more locked down in to their contracts, but at least they don’t have to endure a patchy 4G network that’ll disappear once you step outside the city. That is the mentality of many: T-Mobile coverage sucks.

Of course, we know T-Mobile’s LTE network has been improving at a ridiculous pace recently. Not only has wideband LTE gone live in multiple locations, we’ve also seen more rural areas and roads getting 4G coverage. And T-Mo needs to help people see that it’s network isn’t as bad as it used to be. Offering a free iPhone for 7 days will help those who aren’t quite brave enough to sign up to a Simple Choice plan and EIP.

I could be wrong. It could end up being something that all carriers end up doing. But, I doubt it.

Network Improvements

Uncarrier announcements are always used as platforms to show how fast T-Mobile’s network is expanding and improving. Even just in the past 4 weeks, with a huge number of people filling my inbox with SpeedTest.net and Sensorly tests, it’s been evident that Magenta’s network engineers are using some kind of witchcraft to improve the speed, reach and quality of the networks.

We’ve seen a number of locations upgraded from EDGE to 4G, more being boosted to 15+15 and 20+20 LTE, and others getting VoLTE service. But this is all part of any carrier’s improvement. It’s not Un-carrier to make your service improve. It’s very carrier. Everyone’s at it. But it just so happens that T-Mo’s doing it far quicker than anyone else at the moment.

So, is it impressive? Mightily. Un-carrier? Not so much.

Free music?

For those on the new Simple Choice plans, this was an awesome announcement. But, it’s already caused a bit of a stink with grandfathered customers on the old $70 unlimited plan. So much so, that there’s already a petition online to get John Legere to offer it to more loyal customers.

It’s part of any business model to offer perks and benefits to your customers for meeting certain criteria. I get money off my broadband bill for having mobile service with the same carrier. New customers get an extra 10GB for signing up as new customers now on the same carrier. Does it upset me? Maybe a little, but, it’s a reality of business.

But on to the actual offer: Having your music streaming from almost any service not being taken from your data allowance? How cool is that? I listen to Spotify all the time, and to have the freedom to listen to as many tracks and playlists as I like without incurring any charges, or have it come from my allowance would be amazing. Sadly, I live in the wrong country and I’m on the wrong carrier.

Dust has Settled

Like I’ve said, all these offers and announcements are generally fantastic. And they were presented in an incredibly fun way with plenty of anger and cursing from T-Mobile’s entertaining CEO. But I’m not convinced any of them should have been labelled with the Uncarrier moniker.

I could be wrong. Maybe this is my 30-year-old grumpy Thursday brain, or I’m just frustrated because I’ve not had enough caffeine yet. I could be right. Maybe I expected more from T-Mobile this time. Maybe you did too?

What do you guys think? Were you impressed by yesterday’s announcements? Let me know why I’m right or wrong in the comments, and I’ll get stuck in when I can.

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  • Jon

    Cam I have to say I agree with you. There’s really not much Un-carrier in the announcements made. Although they are doing great things in such little time. With 7.0 on the way it leaves something to look forward to.

  • VG

    Yep, I agree with you, Cam. Little perks like music streaming not counting towards your data allowance is nice, but is not a true shock to the cellular industry

    • I disagree. I know a lot of people who don’t stream music, because it eats entirely too much data. I think it’s shocking, because the carriers seem to do everything they can to rack up your data usage, therefore charging you more money.

  • HothTron

    I just wish I would stop dropping calls outa nowhere on my Note 3 after updating software to use VoLTE voice in Seattle.

    • Willie D

      HD voice was built into the device, it doesn’t drop the call, so maybe you meant VoLTE

      • HothTron

        Yeah that

        • Willie D

          Could possibly be an issue that is resolved soon with Wideband LTE opening up more capacity.

        • HothTron

          I dunno, but i’m also really sick of Kitkat draining my Note 3’s battery with the camera bug that STILL IS NOT fixed! I may be going to HTC this fall.

        • TMOguy

          The reason for that is that not all apps are optimized for KitKat. That has nothing to do with your Note 3.

        • HothTron

          Wrong, its a bug that has been a day one issue with Nexus 5 and 7 devices as well and Google is aware of it

    • TMOguy

      Try turning off your WiFi and see if that stops the call drop. I noticed the same thing and correlated it with my WiFi connection either connecting or disconnecting from an access point.

  • Aurizen

    I was expecting more, I’m not sure what else they could do to make it uncarrier. T-Mobile is great better then competitors by what they offer. The major and only thing i know they need to improve on is spectrum, the low band spectrum quickly.

    • Willie D

      They could include international landline calls as uncarrier, other carriers make a killing on that. But then again TMobile does charge by far less for them.

  • Willie D

    It is not uncarrier the way we are used to seeing, aka pain points… But it is uncarrier in the term that no other carrier is offering to give you free data usage, unlimited data usage for select apps, something I last saw in Canada being done for social networking apps.. It sets up the other carriers by skirting net neutrality however, and while AT&T wants “sponsored data” to be paid by companies to offer it to you without data usage fees, TMobile is doing it for free and not charging music streaming companies. What this does is make those companies that AT&T wanted to charge go look at them, and say, “TMobile isn’t charging us, why should you?” Making it harder for AT&T to negotiate and just open up their network more instead.
    As for the test drive, it didn’t blow me away.

  • Chad Dalton

    I was excited about Rhapsody unRadio, until I learned the $70 unlimited folks are not included, kind of stupid not to reward us as well. I expected more, not sure what more is, but yah something more exciting! I agree with you Cam

    • philyew

      How much streamed music do you listen to right now? Does the free streaming of other services give you a chance to reduce your plan and save money?

      • Chad Dalton

        I stream Google play music everyday…sleep at night…I’m my car…exercising…etc!

        But maybe I not understanding something???

        • philyew

          The Rhapsody UnRadio service is only a small part of the UnCarrier 6.0 offering. The main component is TM offering to ignore the data use for a number of streaming music services so they don’t count against data plan allowances.

          While that may not mean anything for unlimited data plan users who are heavy video streamers or file sharers, those whose use is mostly music streaming might be able to move to a less expensive plan because their monthly metered usage drops significantly.

  • Paul

    “…but are they Un-carrier?” Not really.

    Test driving the iPhone 5S? No, I don’t see this benefiting much.

    Free-ish music? No. It only caters to those that don’t have unlimited data. I’m not knocking that group, but it will only appeal to them. It’s also not free since users have to pay a fee to use the service. It’s an okay move and more “un-carrier” than the other announcements

    These are my opinions, and that’s all they are. Personally, I don’t see this shaking up the carrier industry. I am hoping to helps draw new customers, but I’m just not sure who they’re aiming at.

    • Deadeye37

      I think they’re uncarrier.

      Pain point: Is the network good enough for me without me signing a 2 year contract to test? Uncarrier 5: Test the network for 7 days (although I think its a Money grab for Apple since only the 5s is available for that program)

      Pain point: I have a small data limit because I’m cheap (I fall into this category), but I want to listen to Pandora, Spotify, etc in the car. Uncarrier 6: Music streaming doesn’t count against your data allotment (I would cheer for that if it wasn’t for the fact that I just got upgraded to unlimited data).

      • philyew

        So can you now drop back to the 5GB plan, or even less? You can change your data plan any time.

        • Deadeye37

          Actually, I had the old 200 MB data plan. Thanks to the loyalty department, I got upgraded to unlimited data and now pay $5 less a month. I’m not touching my plan anymore!!

        • philyew

          Then it sounds like you’ve already got a deal most of us would envy ;-)

          I think the opportunity to reduce the data plan for some customers is being underestimated in this article.

      • Paul

        It really does depend on how you define “uncarrier.”

        I have Milk Music, since it was free for Samsung users, and I also have SiriusXM. I have unlimited data and don’t pay much attention to the usage. I’m not sure how many users aren’t on unlimited data, and I’ll spare anyone from comparing the 2 as it’s a personal decision. I can see this as a good move but it’s the ONLY move that has any weight, and I’m not thoroughly impressed with it.

        The test drive is okay, but with no contracts I’m not sure how well it will play out. What about those that don’t want the iPhone 5S? What about those that don’t want a $700 device? I can see how this could help but I’m not sure it’s being executed the best way.

        It’s just my point of view on them, but you certainly bring up great points from the other side of the data argument. Thanks for contributing as it certainly helps to see how limited and unlimited users might see these moves.

  • Hudi G.

    I agree fully with Cam, although nice additions not enough to call this a back-to-back UnCarrier event.

  • Charles

    Totally agree with you! T Mobile does not care about loyal customers. We all still have the 70 dollars unlimited 4g LTE because we have been with them from years, since the first uncarrier day. Now, we don’t count on the new uncarrier 6. That is not fair. I feel so mad that I am thinking to switch to AT&T after being almost 10 years with TMobile. Uncarrier 5 and 6 does not make sense to me! This is not what we expected from our favorite carrier. I thought would be a big announce!

    • Roberto Jaimes

      Its only free music streaming. Calm down. Rapshody isn’t appealing to the eyes anyways

    • Jerry Rich

      Yeah, like you really would go to AT&T. Let us all know when you make the switch.

    • Manny

      Are you trolling? Or for real? You are gonna switch to ATT because they announced free music for everyone. If you are upset, so be it. I’m confused to why this is a reason for people to want to switch. Okay so they didn’t give you guys anything because you are loyal, but how does that equal out to leaving T-Mobile for ATT. You already are grandfathered in? 70 bucks a month for unlimited 4G isn’t enough I mean what do you want? For them to lower your bill? Free phones? I’m just confused as to what you could possibly want? Don’t say better coverage either.

      Sure it wasn’t “Uncarrier” but it certainly wasn’t a slap in the face of the loyal customers, except maybe they feel like their unlimited plans aren’t as cool anymore cause anyone can stream unlimited music.

      • philyew

        For those people who use enough streamed music to push them into the next data plan bracket, UnCarrier 6.0 was a real UnCarrier opportunity. Now they have a chance to drop down to the next plan below and save money.

    • Deadeye37

      So you don’t get free Rhapsody because you’re on a grandfathered plan, so you’re leaving to AT&T where you wouldn’t get free Rhapsody?

      • thepanttherlady

        Or unlimited data.

        • philyew

          Or streamed music not counting against your plan.

    • philyew

      Some of the people who have been with the company a long time and have had the $70 plan for a few years are getting carried away with the idea that being able to keep the $70 plan was something special to recognize their loyalty. That really isn’t the case though.

      People who joined the company in 2014 and took the $70 unlimited plan immediately before the change was announced got to keep the plan, not because of some non-existent loyalty on their part, but because it’s generally bad business to worsen the terms and conditions of existing customers, no matter how long or short their tenure.

      I’ve been a customer for around 12 years and I use Subsonic and my own server to stream music, so I’ll pretty much be out of luck until the end of time as far as UnCarrier 6.0 is concerned. However, IF I decide to move to another carrier, it will be because the whole package makes more sense than staying with TM – not because I’m butthurt over some $4/mo deal that someone else got and I didn’t.

    • Robert

      I, sincerely, think you are looking at it through jaded glasses. The unradio is really a Pandora-esque competitor. It’s not in the same neighborhood as Spotify so…

      If you have $20 unlimited Data and want a Pandora like service, you get Pandora for $5. You are now out $25 (still unclear if you can get unradio for $4).

      If you have the $30 unlimited data and you want Pandora like service, you get unradio for free but it costs you $5 more at $30.

      If you have the $20 unlimited data, and you want a better service, say something like Spotify, you now get Spotify for $10 and your total out the door monthly charge is $30.

      The only people who really get “screwed” if anyone does are the $30 unlimited data users who want something more than a Pandora like service because they pay for the data and then have to get Spotify.

  • SEBA

    I agree! Every move they make is to get more NEW subscribers. My pain point? How do you explain to 4 yrs old, that on the way to grandparents his Netflix just froze because we are in the bad coverage area and the movie will resumes in 15 min.

    • bob90210

      I think that’s Uncarrier 7.0; T-Mobile will launch new services that will make you a better parent.

      • SEBA

        Hahaha, that’s a good one!

      • Cam Bunton

        lol! Every new subscriber on Simple Choice gets a free copy of “Parenting for Dummies”?

    • thepanttherlady

      While I certainly understand the coverage frustration, really????

  • bob90210

    What is there to not like? It’s free stuff for most customers. No one is paying more. Faster service announced in some markets. So everyone is paying the same for the same service or better. Who cares what’s it’s called. It’s free stuff for the same price.

  • Michael Tran

    I didn’t expect anything until I started reading rumors via tech blogs and websites. Those rumors hyped up something that wasn’t going to happen therefore my expectations were a little higher. As it is now, I’m not disappointed except I am on the old 70 dollar unlimited plan and was looking forward to the free Rhapsody music. Without it, the changes have zero impact on my account but will be a welcome change for others on my family plan.

    • Cam Bunton

      Pre-launch rumors were definitely interesting. Like I said in the article, we heard vague rumors about a network trial. Changes to billing look like they’re happening, just not as part of Uncarrier.

  • Robbo

    I think the test drive is a good way for those hesitant or weary from rumors about the coverage in their area to get a real world feel of how the coverage actually is before taking the plunge. It’s different getting to use a phone to judge actual coverage than trying to decipher shades of coloring on a map. With no obligation it is a real step of being able to try before you buy. Much better than having to go all in at first and then trying to rely on a 14 or 30 day return with fees period if things don’t work out.

    • Cam Bunton

      I agree, it’s a great move. It makes sense for the carrier too, loaning out a phone for 7 days is much cheaper for them than having a 14-day return.

      • Dion Mac

        Not to mention the $100 fee if broken. Under current conditions, if you break the phone in the buyers remorse period, oh well… You cannot return it period. Hope you have insurance.

  • Haverhill_John

    What are the grandfathered folks whining about? What would you expect to get from this? The can’t give you more unlimited data.

  • Roberto Jaimes

    Honestly, it was a bit of a let down, all the other UnCarriers changed the wireless industry. These 2, not so much, more like gimmicks to get people to switch, nothing groundbreaking like the others. Wouldn’t called them revolutionizing. I think they’re just running out of ideas. Next month: free netflix.

    • Cam Bunton

      Hey, I would not complain about free Netflix. Bring it on! ;-)

      • Roberto Jaimes

        Only those with the $80 true unlimited plan.

    • philyew

      Testing out the TM network for a week without having to cancel your existing service first may not be earth-shattering, but it certainly gives people a chance they don’t have already to decide that TM is not for them without it turning into a major hassle. It’s a risk that favors the consumer and isn’t one that the other carriers look like being willing to take voluntarily. It is therefore UnCarrier.

      Enabling users to opt for a cheaper data plan by ignoring a large part of their current data usage is significant – particularly for the demographic that TM targets. Who else does that?

  • BlackJu

    Maybe the 7 day trial is uncarrier. The music thing sounds more like a traditional carrier incentive to me.

    • philyew

      How is giving someone the opportunity to cut down their data plan, because a sizable chunk of their monthly usage no longer counts, a traditional carrier incentive?

      How many carriers go out there and say; hey, you may not need to spend as much money with us because we are going to ignore a lot of what we were charging you for before! That’s the essence of UnCarrier.

      • Cam Bunton

        I like your spin! I knew part of it was my lack of caffeine, and general grumpiness. That is a very good point.

  • Verizonthunder

    I saw majority of the video feed and while I love the two ideas very much but for people who have the $80 unlimited talk text and data were left hanging. I would think those who like myself pay for the $80 a month should include unlimited tether and hotspot usage. As majority of the segment was talking about data usage in general.

  • Felix

    Is there confirmation that the $70 unlimited users are not included versus newer subscribers?

    On closer inspection the launch date is next week so would it not be true that the special pricing may not be activated.

    • philyew

      The support document and presentation team said clearly that Rhapsody UnRadio was offered free to those on the latest unlimited plan. $4/mo to everyone else.

      Simple Choice and Pay in Advance customers get the advantage of the named streaming services not counting against their data plan, assuming they don’t already have unlimited data and are using the service app, rather than just a browser link to the service.

      • Tinger12

        I have the $70 unlimited plan and tried to get the UnRadio service….$4.00/month. Don’t really care. I have unlimited and I don’t listen to ANY of the offered streaming services. Now I did vote to add TuneIn Radio. Offers the best options of all in my opinion. Pretty much is a poster case for Net Neutrality anyway. Not impressed.

        • philyew

          The latest unlimited plan is the $80 version so your experience would confirm that.

          I use Subsonic with my own server, so I’ll be SOL. You win some, you lose some…

      • Steve

        I am curious as to where you saw that Pay in Advance customers get the streaming services, I’m currently on the $60 3GB plan, but I would be glad to go down to the $50 and use my spotify all the more.

        • Steve

          Nevermind, I went to tmobile.com and looked at their support document. Just like you said…

        • philyew

          It’s in the support document that TM published last night.

          “Music Freedom is already included if you’re on one of the following data plans:

          Simple Choice™ Plan
          Simple Choice Plan with No Credit Check
          Pay in Advance (Prepaid)
          Pay in Advance Mobile Internet

          Some of our Classic plans also include Music Freedom. If you’re not sure which data plan you have, you can find out by logging in to My T-Mobile and clicking PLAN at the top of the page. If you’re still not sure if Music Freedom is included in your data plan, please contact T-Mobile Customer Service.”

  • Chris

    I was really hoping for T-Mobile to include all taxes and fees into my monthly cost, a la pre-paid. To me, that would truly be uncarrier.

    And to those of you who don’t understand why us loyal T-Mo subscribers are complaining about Rhapsody, we have to pay $4 a month for it where as newer subscribers get it for free even though you pay more a month.

    • bob90210

      So you’re complaining that you get less stuff since you pay less money but people who pay more get more stuff.

    • philyew

      The key part of that last issue being that they pay more per month than you do – $10. It’s not just new subscribers, however. It’s ANY customer who elects to buy the unlimited plan, whether they’ve been with the company 10 minutes or 10 years.

    • gto5830

      Yes I was also. Am with Metro PCS and if TMo would do the same thing with their plans, I would switch over in a heart beat!!! They also have a better phone selection.

  • Deadeye37

    I think having the test drive option is an uncarrier move. You don’t hear anyone else offering that. I think its a marketing thing with Apple since you can only do this with the iPhone 5s, but its cool that people can try the network before they buy. It removes the pain of seeing if the network is really what you’re hoping it is.

    The free music offer, if it stays, is definitely an uncarrier thing. I don’t think any of the big 3 operators would even think about letting their customers get free music streaming. I had the 200 MB data plan and had wanted to listen to Pandora & Spotify in the car. I think that’s a very customer friendly thing to do.

    Uncarrier moves? Yes, IMO!

    • Cam Bunton

      Good to hear. I can see how it could be, for sure. I just wasn’t convinced that this move (or set of moves) is as big as the other ones, and it it’s as industry changing? Will other carriers follow suit?

      • Deadeye37

        I think some of the carriers may follow suit. It all depends on how well it works for T-mobile. Test test drive option would be relatively low risk, so other carriers can imitate this. Although, Sprint (if they can fix their network) and smaller, regional carriers will be the most likely copy-cats.

        The music option could definitely be copied if everyone starts ranting about how great it is. I could actually foresee this being included in inexpensive data plans at other carriers to help draw value conscious customers. Also, other carriers may throw in social networking in the deal also to try to one-up T-mobile (wink wink, nudge nudge)!

  • Randall Lind

    Rhapsody sucks it is own by Real. I don’t see the big deal you get unlimited stream but pay for the service. I pay $37 a year for Pandora. I have unlimited data so doesn’t effect me as I watch videos for money. I guess if all I did was listen to Pandora and not other things I could reduce my bill. Before I started running apps to make $$ I ordered unlimited data for Pandora.

  • Frettfreak

    Imo you are way off base. I think everything with the exception of network improvements are very uncarrier. Free music (my music consumption is at well over 3 gbs a month) so on any othr carrier i would be screwed. They might not be first with volte but bet they will be the fastest deployed. Still in the carrier realm but being the fastest or first with something is still a little uncarrier. There is really only so many things they can do here guys. Don’t know what you were really hoping for but imo these are awesome.

    As far as the unlimited people batching about not getting the data allowance for music… YOU HAVE UNLIMITED WHAT DOES IT MATTER?

    • Cam Bunton

      I agree, they’re awesome. And, I’m happy to be proven wrong, and welcome other people’s opinions. If other carriers start offering free 7-night-stands, T-Mo was right and I was wrong. I’m okay with that.

    • Tmosince2003

      It’s the $4 a month for the app if you have the $20 unlimited that is the source of friction and reason fo the petition. People on the $30 unlimited get the app subscription for free.


    As someone who has the old $20 unlimited data plan I don’t really expect to have new features for the old price. T-Mobile is giving me a very reasonable set of options here. That is, I can keep my old plan for the old price or I can upgrade to a new plan for the new price.
    I just don’t see a reasonable basis for the anger at not getting the new features at the old price.

    • JBLmobileG1

      I agree 100%. Now if the ones who had the older $70 everything plan, like myself, were told that in order to get the expanded network coverage of the future…. only then could I see why you’d even want to complain. So I don’t get the free music, which is just $4 more if I wanted, yet still is $6 cheaper than anyone who has the $80 plan. I guess if you really really want the free music an extra 2gb of Mobile hot spot then you’d want to upgrade your plan for $10. Personally I think whoever complaints should be happy T-Mobile let us even keep our old plans…. try getting this data from another carrier without having to pay an arm and a leg for overages. Maybe with uncarrier 7.0 would give you unlimited tethering…. I’d upgrade for the extra $10 in a heartbeat.

  • chardog

    Un-Carrier seems to be more for “big announcements” now, not necessarily huge breakthroughs… I think we’ve done most of the really big industry changing moves at this point- gotten rid of contracts, most roaming, overages..

  • Don Goyo

    So… the mayority of people here have unlimited data, could use 10, 20, 30 GB a month, do whatever they want with their gibs… but they rather spend the day using them to cry and bitch about not having free “UnRadio”…

  • Tmo1082

    I was disappointed I wanted to see taxes included in the plan or maybe something like a vanishing insurance deductible. The 7 night stand is great for new customers but the music isn’t that important to me. Also it’s not very un-carrier to not include all T-Mobile customers for Un-Radio.

    • TheCudder

      You’re getting unlimited streaming — they’re being extremly generous. They can’t give everything away for free. The UnRadio was to make the top-tier customers benefit from the Music Freedom change as well. Otherwise unlimited music streaming wouldn’t mean jack to someone who already has unlimited 4G data.

  • ant

    it seems like a lot of people want a lot of things for nothing in return. they’re giving away free data usage, and a lot of it — music streaming every day during work is a ton of usage for me! I have unlimited data, but would really consider going down to a smaller data package (and CHEAPER) solely because a huge chunk of my data is streaming spotify, iheartradio or tunein radio (hopefully this gets added).

  • Nathan S.

    My apologies for the Book.

    I am an old $20 dollar unlimited customer. Initially, I was of the thinking that we somewhat older early adopters of unlimited are getting the shaft by not getting the free Music service. But then I thought, Do I really care about this one service all that much? Is it really better then all thats out there right now that I already use? Probably not all that much better. Different sure! Better, I dont really know and dont really care too much. I have an unlimited data bucket already, I already have other music services and choices in play. So this whole music announcement for me did not really get my juices flowing. For anyone else with a set bucket, this is really awesome news, i’ll give em that.

    Free trial of iPhone….yeah….maybe when the next iPhone comes out I will give it a try to see how it works and to see if it has made any earth shattering changes but am I really all that excited about it and impressed by the announcement? Not so much, I am already a Tmo customer and know what my network can offer. iPhone, well lets just say that until the new one comes out and we find out what its all about; it too is old news and not really anything to get excited about. I know, I know, i’m sorry that I am not all excited and jumping of the ceilings but I am just not really feeling it with these two announcements. Sure they help make Tmo more appealing but yeah, its not all that earth shattering for me as a current subscriber.

    I am still proud to call Tmo my network and provider and I will most likely use these two announcements to upsell Tmo to my friends and Family. So thats a win for Tmo.

    Something Earth shattering and un-carrier for me would be a loyalty discount on device purchases through tmobile stores and website. Something like 5% off the top of the phone price for each year you are with Tmobile with a max cap of say 50% off. THIS WOULD BE AWESOME!! A person with 10 years of service could get devices at half off! Come on, get out a here. The discount alone would almost make me want to stay with them forever regardless of network growth. Just sayin. That would be un-carrier!

    • UMA_Fan

      The new Jump is basically giving you 50% off the full price of the device whenever you want you just have to turn the old one back in.

  • Do yourself a favor and get the Pandora Patcher. And then you’ll really enjoy your Unlimited Data…lmao

  • Adrayven

    Based on what you just said cam.. nothing is technically uncarrier.. kind of a click bait article.

    • Cam Bunton

      Not really. The whole point was to get a discussion going on what your thoughts were on the Uncarrier event. So far, looks like the article’s doing exactly what I meant it to..

    • Paul

      It really does depend on how you define “uncarrier.”

  • Eric Blackman

    T-Mobile invented Uncarrier. They can make it be anything they want.

  • Don Kim

    Uncarrier 1 : No contracts
    Uncarrier 2 : JUMP
    Uncarrier 3 : Simple Global Data
    Uncarrier 4 : ETF Reimbursements

    And then, T-Mo ran out of ideas.
    Taxes and fees being inclusive to rate plan was what I was expecting.
    while test drive and free music sound nice and all, they’re not even close to being as important as previous 4 moves.

    Very disappointed.

    • Matt

      Would love it if T-Mo would offer a a package for like 20.00 a month that would allow for unlimited international roaming/long distance :)

    • philyew

      I think you are underestimating the value of UnCarrier 5.0 to existing customers. Not everyone is already a smartphone user. While the numbers have taken off over the last year or so, there are still many millions of customers who have yet to make the leap from feature phones. The ability to test drive, even if it is limited to just the iPhone initially, will help make the decision to spend a significant amount on a smartphone easier to evaluate.

      UnCarrier 6.0 offers existing customers who stream music the possibility of reducing their monthly costs by dropping down to a lower-priced data plan.

      Why is that any less significant than offering reductions in international roaming costs to a population in which considerably less than 50% of people own even the basic means to travel abroad, i.e. a passport?

      The possible inclusion of taxes and fees was published as a rumor, nothing more. Maybe it will still come this year, though it is, on reflection, very unlikely because the resulting cost to TM would be prohibitive.

  • JMF_mobile

    I think the free music is great and will prove to be a bigger perk than most people posting here realize. This will become more obvious when we don’t see any of the other big carriers offer it. Somehow I don’t see them mimicking this move because they’re too cheap or greedy to do so. To me that does make it an uncarrier move.

  • Stefan Naumowicz

    Here’s my two cents; since uncarrier is not a real word, you can’t really definitively argue whether or not certain initiatives can be deemed uncarrier moves or not. However, I think we can all agree that the essence of uncarrier is revolutionizing the mobile industry to benefit customers. In this respect, the music freedom, iPhone test-drive, and network improvements are initiatives that absolutely fall into this category; allow me to explain why.

    Music freedom allows you to use an extremely popular smartphone feature that consumes large amounts of data without any repurcussion for doing so. Carriers drool over customers
    who regularly use this feature because it greatly increases revenue by allowing them to sell large, expensive data plans or charging overage fees to those without ample data plans. The uncarrier is striving for the exact opposite scenario; allowing customers who might potentially sign up for an expensive plan to accommodate their streaming needs to instead opt for a less expensive plan because their streaming is given to them for free. To those of you on unlimited plans complaining that it doesn’t benefit you because your usage is unlimited anyway; if your reason for having an unlimited plan is because you stream music a lot, nothing is stopping you from switching to a less expensive plan and saving money. If you need unlimited for other reasons, be grateful that the best performing network in the nation will give you an unlimited data plan at a reasonable price. No other company offers that, making that an uncarrier characteristic on its own.

    IPhone test drive; this gives customers a relatively hassle free method of trying out a service before committing to it. They will even take the phone back if you break it, only keeping enough money to cover the cost of repair. The only real pain point is that you have to put a deposit down for the retail cost of the phone, but do you really expect them to give anyone who walks into their store a $700 phone with the hopes that they return it without any kind of security? Come on now. Compare this to how the carriers handle this type of situation; you want a trial of our service? Ok, we’re still going to go through our normal process of checking your credit and signing you to a contract. If you decide you don’t want it, there will be a restocking fee and you will still get billed for an activation fee and prorated service charges. No free trial here buddy!! Oh you broke your phone during the grace period?!? GREAT!! now we aren’t legally required to let you out of your contract (so you can bet your ass we won’t!!) And we’ll get MORE money from you because you have to buy another phone from us!! Muahahaha!!

    Last but not least; network improvements. As Cam said in the article, network improvements alone aren’t an uncarrier move by any means, all carriers do this to remain competitive and to attract customers. What makes T-Mobile’s situation different is what they have done in terms of plan changes that were made simultaneously to this expansion project. A carrier would use such improvements as an excuse to charge more money for less allowance. Example; in the early days of LTE, when only Verizon had it in a few cities and AT&T only had rollout plans, you could get a single line with unlimited talk text and data on either of the big 2 for $90/month. Fast forward to today, and the same price point now gets you capped data – 2gb for Verizon and 4gb for AT&T. Also worth noting is that there was a long period where that cap was 1gb for Verizon and 2gb for AT&T, but competitive pressure forced them to up their offer somewhat. “Our service is better now than it was then so we have every right to charge you more while giving you less, and we sure as hell will.”. Compare this scenario to T-Mobile’s. When T-Mobile was in the beginning stages of their LTE development and only offered HSPA the plans were as follows: $50 for 100mb, $60 for 2gb, $70 for 5gb, no true unlimited offer. Now, T-Mobile has LTE in most areas they have HSPA and even some areas they don’t, and their LTE footprint will cover their entire service area by the end of next year. Given this fact you would expect a carrier to respond by making their plans more expensive (as Verizon and at&t did). T-Mobile did the exact opposite here as well, their plans are a better value now than they were when their service was significantly inferior by comparison; $50 now gets you 1gb (up from 100mb), $60 gets you 3gb (up from 2gb), $70 stays the same, and there is now another option; $80 for unlimited. Also add in free global roaming, discounted broadband service, included hotspot feature, and now unlimited music streaming. Same price, better service, WAY more features. Uncarrier all the way baby.

    On a semi-related note, I want to touch on the subject of people on grandfathered plans complaining how these changes only benefit new customers and that T-Mobile ” doesn’t care about long term, loyal customers.” Nothing is preventing you from switching to the same plans that are offered to new customers, so if they are such a good value in comparison to yours why don’t you do it? The answer is because your grandfathered plan is better for you, otherwise you would have switched already. An uncarrier move would be allowing these customers the option to keep their old plan that is no longer offered or switching to a new plan if they decide that’s what they want; which is exactly what is being done.

    Good night all!!

    • Guest

      Finally, someone who actually has a clue! It blows my mind how there are so many cry babies on this site. Do any of the other major carriers offer anything close to what tmobile offers for the price? And, if so their mimics are based on what tmobile is offering to their customers. Most of you who complain must really hate life, and the highlight of your lives is to complain about something. If you try to blame lack of coverage vs. the big 2, most of you already know at this point tmobile has never been known to have a strong nationwide footprint, so you can blame yourself for wanting something cheap but expect the best. I think it’s about time some of you seriously need to start re-evaluating yourselves.

  • nextgenius

    The announcements made the other day, I don’t think are “uncarrier category.” The fact Tmo is offering music that doesnt count towards your data says alot of what we are paying for in regards to our plans. It is def something that consumers have not seen before and I believe its attractive. In regards to trying the service its a win win for tmobile and Apple. You try their service and on top of that the most popular phone out and you get to try it for free. So tmo and apple both reach customers who don’t have t-mobile service and who may have not tried an iPhone or anything Apple. The feeling of “what do you have to lose” just makes it more secure. What if you actually do like the service or an iOS device? #winning

  • johnny_x

    I cannot even begin to fathom why there are those who would crack & moan over s**t that is handed to them for free. Blows my mind.

  • KY

    Its not un-carrier because TmoNews said so!


  • YABD

    Uncarrier 6.0 and music freedom is not so free. I will say music freedom have a bunch of asterisk************ during the show he said that will be free for persons under the simple choice plan and I have it, well I tried to install Rhapsody unRadio and it says I have to pay 4.00 or 9.99. I contacted customer service and this is the bla bla bla I received:

    What can we help with: I tried to activate raphsody unradio and is charging me 4.00 or 9.99. But I am in the simple choice plan.

    Kharla C: Hi tmo user!

    You: hello

    Kharla C: I understand that you are having issues with the new UnRadio feature. Don’t worry I’m more than happy to look into this for you.

    You: ok

    Kharla C: One moment please.

    You: ok

    Kharla C: I’m still here, tmo user. I’m just checking my resources just to be sure.

    You: ok

    Kharla C: Thank you. I appreciate your patience on this.

    Kharla C: Thanks for patiently waiting, tmo user. Per checking, I see here that you are indeed under the Simple choice Value plan with Unlimited Data 3GB hotspot.

    Kharla C: I double checked and to be eligible for the free Rhapsody Unradio you need to have an active Unlimited Data Feature with 5 GB -11 GB hotspot.

    Kharla C: This is why you are being charged $4 for the Rhapsody Unradio or $9.99 for the Rhapsody Premier.

    Kharla C: I want to make sure that I did not miss anything from you, do you have other question for me?

    You: no that’s it

    Kharla C: I hope I have answered all your questions to your satisfaction and felt my sincerity in assisting you with this issue.

    Kharla C: Again, my name is Kharla C. We really appreciate your business with us. Thank you for contacting T-Mobile Live Chat! Have a great day! Bye and Take Care!

    You: ok bye

    Kharla C: Bye for now. Cheers!

    • AJ

      Ya I got the same thing! I have unlimited data plan and wasnt getting the “free” unradio. they told me its because I dont have the 5-11gb hotspot. Such BS!

      • Tony Yayo

        I agree. I had the highest priced plan with everything unlimited so assumed I was good. Nope, only have the 3gb plan, didn’t even know there was a 5gb plan until I tried to add Unradio. I knew this no contract thing wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

        • AJ

          I have the very first simple choice unlimited plan. I don’t even have the unlimited international talk and text included in my plan. Thats extra.

  • YABD

    Uncarrier 7.0 = Free Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and any video service free streaming.

    • Mike Palomba

      How are they supposed to make any money? Isn’t it enough that we already have Music freedom?

  • Max

    I’ve been using Iheart radio app since the announcement, i went over my 3 GB already and they are telling me if you use it a lot that you might see an increase anyway.

  • Mike Palomba

    You guys are being a little hard on tmobile. They’re doing things that other carriers wouldn’t dare to do. Do you get music freedom on other networks? No. What about no overages ever? No. Focus on all the benefits and stop wanting more.