Samsung Galaxy Avant available from today, costs $216

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After weeks of speculation, T-Mobile has finally launched the mid-range Samsung Galaxy Avant. The device landed on retail store shelves today, and is available to buy online for just $216 full retail price. On EIP, that’s $0 down and 24 monthly payments of $9). 

As per the press release: 

The Samsung Galaxy Avant boasts a stylish, slim design housing a powerful Quad-Core 1.2 GHz processor, 1.5GB RAM, and a brilliant 4.5” qHD screen that puts your world on display through ultra-high pixel density. Unique Samsung features further simplify the user experience, including Easy Mode to make the phone easier to navigate for first-time smartphone users, S Voice™ for convenient assistance in your daily life, and Samsung Smart Switch™ to make it even easier to transfer your content to your new device.

One thing not mentioned in the press release is the ‘Device Unlock’ app we’ve heard so much about over the past few weeks. The app is rumored to be able to remotely unlock the phone without needing to speak to any customer services reps. Test engineer devices had it installed, and it’s mentioned in the official support pages for the device. I grabbed the screenshot below this morning, from those pages:

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 14.17.26

So it’s unusual then that a press release wouldn’t include any mention of it, and neither does the feature list on T-Mobile’s online store. The rest of the specs include:

  • 4.5-inch, 960×540 resolution display (245ppi)
  • Quad-Core 1.2GHz processor
  • Android 4.4
  • LTE
  • 16GB inbuilt storage, expandable to 64GB
  • 5 megapixel camera
  • NFC
  • Front facing camera

Let us know if you plan on picking up a Galaxy Avant, and more importantly, let us know if you spot this mystery Device Unlock app and if you can get it working.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • mreveryphone

    Looks like a nice backup phone. It’ll be interesting to see how far this ‘unlock’ app feature goes…

  • BRyan

    if you can port that out and install it on other samsung phones to unlock it would be amazing.

  • Paul

    – Weak camera; I’m looking at the pixel resolution and not the 5MP description
    – 1.5 Gig of RAM isn’t proportional to a Quad-core chip-until they start putting 4 Gigs in the phones the Quad-core chips are being held back (Update: The sources I found said 1Gig of RAM, and I can’t find a reliable source, like Samsung’s site, to confirm.)
    – 16 Gig internal memory, but at least there’s the expandable memory (Update: The sources I’ve found said 8 Gig. but 16 Gig is likely the case.)
    – Screen resolution is weak for a modern phone
    – LTE
    – Unlock app, which we’re still not 100% sure about

    Drop the price a bit below $200 and I’d consider this phone as a backup. However, I’d rather invest in a better model with better specs and features. I don’t feel that this phone is on par for a “midrange phone.” I’d rather get a Windows Phone for my parents then give them this device. This is just my opinion.

    • Christopher Olson

      The spec list cam just posted says 16 gig internal. Is that incorrect?

      • Paul

        Yes, the sources I was looking at had it at 8 Gig. I was wrong on that one. There’s not a lot of site pages that have the specs as of today.

    • monkeybutts

      1.5 GB RAM (the uppper limit on RAM for a 32 bit OS is 3 GB)
      16 GB internal storage.

      This phone is pretty comparable to a Moto G with LTE aside from screen resolution. Performance may or may not be on par due to TouchWiz, but with lower screen resolution it would likely put it closer.

      • Paul

        I’ve founds sources that have 1Gig and 1.5Gig of RAM, but I don’t consider them reliable. I can’t seem to find a Samsung page for it.

        • monkeybutts

          The t-mobile page says 1.5 GB could be wrong though they don’t always put accurate info.

        • Paul

          I went and couldn’t find the RAM, but I’m also on a crappy “secured” version of Explorer so I could have easily missed it. They’re also known for not noting that kind of information on the pages.
          I appreciate you correcting me in the matter and not being rude about it.

  • Naruto44

    Something about band 12 or VoLTE?

  • Christopher Olson

    sounds much better than the Alcatel one touch fierce my son uses. This might make a nice birthday present for him.

  • coolmen777

    If I were in a market for a replacement for my old S2, would this phone (with LTE support, new OS, mostly better specs with 700Mhz coverage in CA) be a better Ioption then going with used or refurb S3? I am not a power user and just use phone for ocassional browsing and its camera capabilities. Not looking to spend more then $250 (prefer to stay in $200 range). Also, pretty much has to be an Android OS. Thanks for any feedback.

    • Nurdface Gamerhandz

      Grab a Galaxy Light from a store before they sell out, 99.60 with qualifying plan (postpaid value or classic, prepaid more than $35)

      • pseudoswede

        Wal-Mart is selling the Galaxy Light for $49.88 this week. Good luck finding it, though. There has been a thread on SlickDeals about it since Saturday. I picked mine up on Monday. It is a fantastic phone (for my 7-year-old to use as a game/media device).

        • landmarkcm

          Wow. Ya that is a great device at that price! & it’s easily unlockable too. I had tried a light in the past as well & the camera on it was better then some more costly Samsung’s too.

    • Yeah, if youre only doing occasional browsing then I agree with Nurdface, you should go for the Samsung Galaxy Light before its sold out. At the moment its only $100. They also have the LG Optimus L90 which came out a few months ago which has a lot of similar specs to the Galaxy Light and also is $100 dollars at the moment. The LG phone is also bigger.

    • Mschmal

      I just bought my hubby a Moto G to replace his Sam Galxy Blaze. One of the biggest drawbacks of the Blaze is the crap loaded on by T-Mobile and the overhead of TouchWiz is a big drag on a phone with otherwise respectable specs (for the time). Maybe being able to “unlock” and discard this riff raff might help. If not this phone too will be seriously compromised. So I wanted to try something different even though I was aware this was on the verge of launch.

  • Nurdface Gamerhandz

    The device unlock app is just so it can be unlocked remotely instead of having to track down a non t-mobile SIM and enter an unlock code, akin to what the iPhone can do. Its NOT going to let you unlock your EIP locked phone. Surprisingly, you still have to pay for what you buy.

    • Jesse James

      makes a great way to prove your phone is out of EIP for reselling purposes! Don’t buy a nonunlocked tmobile phone.

  • besweeet

    Its product page lists band 2 (PCS/1900) and band 4 (AWS/1700/2100) LTE, leaving band 12 (700A) out. Its tech specs support document lists those two in addition to band 12.

    • FluX

      Yep, it has LTE 700 so it’s future proof for now.

  • steveb944

    Pretty good price, truly unexpected from Samsung.

  • KO

    Be interesting to see how this compares to the MotoG LTE, which I’m using, having some similar specs and same pricing.

    • pseudoswede

      The lack of wi-fi calling on the Moto G (or X) is a major deal-breaker. I’ll wait for the Avant to drop in price (or pick up a refurb) to replace my daughter’s LG Optimus L9.

    • landmarkcm

      Oh yeah. I have had Moto G LTE. I am sure it’s much better. I am not a fan of touchwiz myself either.

  • landmarkcm

    I’ll take Moto G or X which I am using now with Cricket any day. The 299 price running on the X is worth the bit extra money. I even got a surprising 150.00 off the X from amazon due to the seller saying unlocked. Assuming factory, But it had AT&T logo (which still works for me). The camera still needs some work. But luckily apps solve it’s exposure problems. Until I get the latest update & then we shall still see. Anyhow point is though I am surprised that Tmobile is the only carrier that does not sell the X with any discounts through their channels direct. The G also of course is better then all these other mid rangers they keep releasing from Samsung, Lg & those Alcatels are the worst.

    • Clem2011

      So you only paid $150 for the Moto X?

      • landmarkcm

        153.98 to be exact :). I was just asking Amazon to send me another one, Or I was thinking I was going to send it back. But then the chat agent said what if I refund you & you keep it. I was like oh wow you mean the full amount. He said no partial &offered 125. I got 150.00 off.

        • Clem2011

          Nice! I won’t even attempt to duplicate lol.

        • landmarkcm

          Haha. You could try Amazon is pretty awesome. Top notch all the way around! Knock on wood.

    • skittle

      T-Mobile WiFi Calling and Visual Voicemail are some of my favorites. Motorola is not a branded phone for T-Mobile. I am sure there are workarounds though :) I do like the feature Moto X “always listening” and its dedicated low powered processor for that feature. I am still researching a mid level android phone for my wife. By the way, great price on the X and even better now that I know how to get it for $150 ;)

  • phone guy

    From what iv’e heard only tmobile customers can use the remote unlock so if you one of the large percentage of people that get the phone second hand and want to use it on one of the other numerous carriers or use it overseas and aren’t a tmobile customer you have to get an unlock code like any other phone and unlock it that way. Which would also explain why they still have a column for normal device unlock and it explains entering the unlock code

    • MadJoe

      Once the phone is unlocked from T-Mobile to use on whatever other carrier you might be imagining, it’s unlocked for use on any GSM carrier. By putting another carrier’s SIM card in the phone, it does not relock it.

      • phone guy

        That’s not at all what I was referring to

  • marty

    No band 12 support…just checked the box listing the bands, it’s band 1,2,4,5 for LTE only.

  • jefski

    Ok ive found specs for this phone.
    SOC= qualcomm snapdragon 400 msm8926
    CPU= arm cortex-a7, 1200MHz, cores-1
    GPU= qualcomm adreno 305, cores-1
    LTE=band 12/700
    Those specs arent bad for a budget phone..
    Heres the website for the entire spec list