Ownage Pranks targets T-Mo customer in its latest prank video

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We all love a good prank to keep us entertained every once in a while. Something about the balance of power and knowledge makes watching or listening to a prank so entertaining and suspenseful. That feeling that we know more than the subject of the prank is delightfully cruel.

On YouTube, one of the most popular prank-specific channels is Ownage Pranks, and in his latest call, the host turns his attention to an unsuspecting T-Mobile customer. Claiming to be from the carrier’s customer care team, he informs the mother that her daughter’s iPhone 5 line has gone over its data allowance by a huge amount, adding over $300 on to her bill in overages. But that’s not where the customer gets most outraged, it’s when he gives her advice on “parenting”, she completely loses her cool. It’s important to note, Ownage Pranks normally calls the subject back afterwards to ensure they know it was a prank.

Of course, we all know T-Mobile banished overages a couple of months back, and so the customer will have undoutedly found out that she doesn’t have an extra $323 on her bill.  Timing of the video is interesting too, as T-Mo’s attracted a lot of press over the past few weeks after the FTC alleged the carrier was guilty of “cramming”.

Watching it, I didn’t know what to feel. I was part amused, part tense and part hoping T-Mo didn’t lose a customer because of a prank. On another note, it’s an interesting insight in to how customers speak to customer care staff when they’re told news they don’t want to hear. This might be an entirely made-up scenario in the video, but I’ve certainly dealt with customers in my past retail life who were far more aggressive about much smaller issues.

Source: YouTube (ownage pranks)

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  • Billy Joe

    Stuff like this is why customers leave tmobile and don’t trust reps when they call

    • Almeuit

      It’s a prank.. It isn’t really tmobile.

    • Jesse James

      first, reps don’t call you. If they have something to tell you they will use SMS

      second, people are more likely to leave T-mobile on many issues before this.

      • TC Tier III

        Actually, T-Mobile does have a few things where they call people-signal booster are one of them.

        • They call, and ask you to give them your password or last four of social. This leaves a HUGE hole for scammers to get your info, as there is no way to verify that it’s really t-mobile. since legit T-mobile calls do this, you have to pick between extreme inconvenience and insecurity. Makes me so mad!

        • Austin

          When anyone from T-Mobile calls, and pretty much any other business for that matter, they only call a contact number and ask for the account holder, they will not ask for the password or SSN.

        • TwinkleTwinkle

          T-mobile’s policy, as any rep can tell you, is that if they make an outbound call to a customer they do not ask the customer for ssn or password. They call the customer only on line that are on account or marked as contact numbers by the customer. They ask for the name, inform the call may be monitored or recorded, and then proceed with the call. If you are wary that it is really t-mobile, there are steps t-mobile can take to ensure it is them, including verifying, for the customer, certain account information that does not violate CPNI or PII.

          There are also many teams that call customers, including a department that just does checkups to see how customer’s are doing on their service. There is no department that monitors usage and calls customers in case of overrage or similar billing isues. This is because it is impossible. With million of customers, it is impossible to monitor all of them and have a team dedicated to calling them once the issue is occurring. Already existing outbound teams maybe only get to around 80K customers a month on a good month. Meaning most customers would be overlooked by the time their next billing came around. So they use other notification methods instead, and in today’s age most billing issues like this won’t even happen.

          T-Mobile is one of the only companies to put such emphasis on making proactive calls to customers to make sure things are working well. There are many things that trigger an oubound agent to call, and sometimes it is certain activity on an account, and sometimes it is just in response to negative scores on a survey. However, you have to give props to a company that tries, and actually does give a shyte about what its customer’s think.

  • mingkee

    I will yell: GET YOUR SUPERVISOR NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THIS IS NO JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • monkeybutts

    I hope he called the woman back and told her it was a prank.

    • Cam Bunton

      Same here.

      • mingkee

        If I was the woman I will sue the program for sure.

    • Almeuit

      They always call the people back after pranks.

    • Jeff

      “Regardless of whether state or federal law governs the situation, it is almost always illegal to record a phone call or private conversation to which you are not a party, do not have consent from at least one party, and could not naturally overhear.” Taken from http://www.dmlp.org/legal-guide/recording-phone-calls-and-conversations.
      If they posted it online, certainly they have her consent or else they could face a lot of legal troubles.

      • Depending on the state, you do need their permission, however, the part you quoted would not require that. As the prank caller, you are one of the two parties to the call, and can therefore give the consent of at least one party. That statement only really says you can’t tap someone elses phone line

  • mingkee

    This program needs to be reported.
    It’s gone way too far and T-Mobile MUST SUE!!!

  • Eric

    That was toooooo funny…but that just shows you that people do not read what they sign up for…if she would have been listening to the store rep or read what she signed she would have known there are no data overages…but even if tmobile did charge overages they still want their money the same as AT&T would have…she overly got mad trying to get out of paying that overage and I’m sure if it was AT&T they would have told her the same thing about explaining to her daughter about data caps…

  • notyourbusiness

    This is such utter crap. I’ve been with T-Mobile since January 2002 and have never, ever had an issue with its customer service. EVER. My one and only issue happened at a T-Mo store I made an emergency visit to when I lost my phone in January 2011 and I had to get a replacement ASAP. The rep who helped me tossed in a case that I didn’t ask for (not a biggie), told me my unlimited $2.99 per month T-Zones wouldn’t work with my new phone (Nokia E73 Mode, what B.S.), made me buy a data plan and tacked handset protection insurance onto my plan without even asking me. I can’t fault T-Mo’s customer service line for any of that and they have always been great to me. This is just stupid and pathetic and is more true of other carriers than T-Mobile.

    • Chris

      Dude, it’s a prank call that T-mobile didn’t even make…

    • Almeuit

      Notyourbuisness… It’s a prank. It isn’t real…

      • notyourbusiness

        I know it’s a prank. I just think it’s pathetic that they would troll a company that actually has good customer service in this way. It’s like they’re begging to be sued.

  • JB

    The lesson learned in all this: Do your homework. Had she done that she would’ve know there were no overages, you just get throttled.

    Though one has to wonder how legit this “prank” is? I mean they guy would either have to know victim or someone contacted him to initiate the prank. Otherwise, how would he know the woman’s name, and the fact she had a daughter with an iPhone 5S…

    I did get a pretty hardy laugh out of this. I’m sure once she found out it was a prank she didn’t cancel her service.

    • jonathan3579

      People contact him to do pranks on their family members and friends.

  • Your Fave CSR

    this was hiliarious , see how she took that as parenting advice. lmao

  • Your Fave CSR

    and at&t nor does any phone company care if your kids are under 18 years , your responsible for all of your lines,

  • Doble-A

    Thanks for posting the video Cam. I sent you the link earlier today. Everyone needs a good laugh once in a while. My two favorites come together, T-Mobile and Ownage Pranks. I’m glad to have shared it.

  • lame

    So when did pranks become just mean…I thought a prank was supposed to be funny, not one moment of that video had even the slightest bit of humor

    • lame

      I’d also love to know who have out her CPNI to these “pranksters” so they would lose their job.

      • tmo_rep

        I don’t believe there was any tmobile rep CPNI violation. I started watching some of their other videos, and it seems like they choose their victims from friends telling them to call victim. In one of the videos, the victim caught on to it, and the ownage guy said his friend gave him all the his info.

    • Durandal_1707

      Agreed. This isn’t funny at all. These “pranksters” are just being assholes to this person.

    • tmo_rep

      I totally agree! As a customer care rep I was disgusted listening to this. And, yes there are customers who talk like this to care reps even though they are dead wrong.

  • Andrew N Jensen

    Hopefully they did more than just tell her it was a prank. Maybe pay that monthly bill for undue stress?

  • Darkside

    Funny how people get so rude on the phone and can say what ever they want. I bet if it was in person she wouldn’t be talking all that mess, she would of been tossed out the store. Hate how customers always try and find a way to get out of there own mess. Funny ass prank people are exactly like that unfortunately.

  • Clippers_FANactic

    Ownage Pranks are the best!!! It’s funny how unaware the lady was. She had no idea that it’s impossible to ever get data overages from T-Mobile.

    • tmo_rep

      This is not true, there are a small amount of customers who don’t have a data plan and are on the pay as you go 1.99 per mb. I ran into one of these customers a few weeks ago

  • maanshu

    Ofcourse an indian supervisor !! Lol

  • Ahhhhh. The old Parenting Immunity Clause. Guess we’re all perfect parents with nothing to learn and too proud to take advice. I’m not commenting on anything specific to this video (audio), but am pointing out how overused the “you can’t tell me how to parent” line is. If we accepted our fallibility and imperfection while adding a little dose of humility, we’d probably all be better off.

  • Just hilarious lol.

  • TmoRep

    Uhhh it was so hard to listen to that after being in teamwork all day lol