T-Mobile helps Rhapsody pass the 2M subscriber mark



Today, Rhapsody announced that its recent partnership with T-Mobile has boosted its subscriber base to 2 million paying subscribers. That’s up from the 1.7 million it had in April.

In its most recent Uncarrier announcement, T-Mobile unveiled a service it launched in partnership with Rhapsody International. Highest tier Simple Choice customers get the service included in their plan, while others get it for a discounted $4 per month (down from $5/m).

The launch didn’t come without controversy however, as customers on the older $70 Simple Choice plan felt let down that T-Mobile didn’t let them have the same free unRadio subscription as the $80 plan subs. And that’s not all, T-Mo’s come under criticism from fierce supporters of the Net Neutrality movement who claim T-Mobile’s decision to allow customers to have free music streaming on all Simple Choice plans goes against the essence of what they’re fighting for. The same could almost be said of the decision to discount any data used by performing speed tests with popular apps like Ookla and Sensorly’s.

And while T-Mo’s partnership with Rhapsody is certainly having a positive impact on the music streaming company, we’re yet to find out how much the Uncarrier 6.0 announcements have benefited T-Mobile. We’ll get some indication during the earnings call on Thursday, but won’t get a full picture until Q3 is over and the latest phase of Uncarrier has an entire quarter under its belt.

Source: Yahoo! Finance

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