T-Mobile Un-carrier 6.0 is all about the music, including streaming that doesn’t count against your data allowance


We had a feeling that tonight would be big, and it looks like we were right. Immediately after detailing Un-carrier 5.0 and the iPhone 5s Test Drive program, John Legere dove into the details of Un-carrier 6.0.

The focus of Un-carrier 6.0 is music. The first part of the effort is known as “Music Freedom.” Just as the name suggests, the Music Freedom program allows T-Mobile customers to stream as much music as they’d like without it counting against their data allotments.

Music Freedom applies to Simple Choice customers and includes a select group of music streaming services: Pandora, iHeartRadio, iTunes Radio, Rhapsody, Slacker, Spotify, Samsung Milk Music and the upcoming Beatport app. T-Mo is open to adding other services to Music Freedom and is inviting consumers to vote for the next addition right here.

Also part of Un-carrier 6.0 is Rhapsody unRadio. T-Mo has patterned with Rhapsody on the service, giving users access to Rhapsody’s 20 million track catalog. The streaming radio service also includes unlimited skips, no ads and the ability to save music for offline listening. Live streaming of certain terrestrial radio stations are also included.

Rhapsody unRadio will be available starting June 23 to users on iOS, Android and the Web. unRadio will be free to Simple Choice customers with an unlimited 4G LTE data plan. Those subscribers without an unlimited Simple Choice plan aren’t out of luck, though, as they’ll be able to stream unRadio for $4 per month.

And just in case the Un-carrier 5.0 and 6.0 double-whammy isn’t enough for you, T-Mobile teased tonight that Un-carrier 7.0 will be revealed in the “late summer.” What pain points would you like to see T-Mobile address with its Un-carrier 7.0 effort?

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