T-Mobile nationwide outage, were you affected? [Update: Fixed]

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Over at DownDetector.com the site’s been receiving outage reports from T-Mobile customers across the U.S. most of who have been experiencing  issues with phone calls and mobile internet. The most recent reports originated in a host of major cities, including New York, Philadelphia, Chicago and Dallas.

Thankfully, for the past hour or so, reports seem to have died down, but they’re not quite dead yet. Have you experienced, or are you experiencing an outage today? If you have a problem, let us know and be sure to head on over to DownDetector.

[UPDATE – T-Mobile’s network team has been hard at work fixing the problem. Statement:

The T-Mobile network team was able to quickly resolve call processing issues affecting some customers briefly this morning. We apologize to our customers for any inconvenience.”]

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  • Glenn Yudenfriend

    No problems, downtown Brooklyn.

    • kirt

      No problems in Brooklyn? Getouttahea.

      • JosephLagalla


  • Ben

    No issues in Bloomington, MN.

    • Small World

      Same area:

      Had a few calls not go through (ring to vm but never actually ringing the device) but it only seemed to last 15 minutes or so and seemed pretty hit and miss.

      • Ben

        Did this happen last week or just yesterday?

  • Sean B

    No issues in Mesa, AZ.

  • Mike Dye

    Nope. All good here in Fort Worth, TX

    • HonestBrotha

      Wow my phone was tripping for like 4 days it affected my phone but seems to be good now today.

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    Fresno, CA all good

  • Willie D

    I was affected at like 2AM last night in San Francisco, but then again, my Nexus 5 always has issues staying connected to LTE. It will connect, and show LTE, but the data will suddenly randomly stop on its own.

  • Miguel Matos

    The network is working good in MIA, FL.

  • taron19119


  • Stefan Naumowicz

    My aunt and cousin both reported being unable to make and receive calls around noon (Albany NY) and customer service informed them of this.

  • mattdistro

    LTE signal was intermittent in Columbus, OH. Found myself on HSPA+ a few times today.

  • Glenn Yudenfriend

    No outage problems rather

  • hanfeedback

    Had call issues today in Houston

  • mfr118

    Was having problems this morning in Boston. Seems to be fine now.

  • SEBA

    No issues in Philadelphia, PA

  • romeo

    No issues at all here in westminster ca.

  • jjs81

    I’m in Philly and couldn’t make or receive calls from about 10:30AM to 1PM. Data worked fine, just no calls. Working fine now.


    its funny to see people complaining about hold times, I mean really people. not a single one of you is that special. if the entire country is having problems what makes you think YOU are gonna get right through. There is an issue with the network. DEAL WITH IT, be patient, put down your phone and spend time with family, go out and enjoy the weather. Do SOMETHING other than tweeting, facebooking and instagramming. SIGH…. I weep for the youth of today. The zombie apocalypse has arrived and instead of brain eaters it is a bunch of “smart” phone users. It is true what they say, Smart phones make people dumb.

  • fsured

    Are these all areas which are being upgraded with VoLTE or just 15×15 or higher networks?

  • Paul

    I did see a drop in speeds a couple days ago, and some issues with data connection, but nothing to freak out about. I figured it was work on the nearby tower.
    I haven’t experienced outages, but I’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to pick up the phone to notic

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    San Jose no issues that I noticed

  • Devdev

    MMS/SMS API connectivity issues are still at large

  • didn’t have any issues in Dallas.

  • Abe_The_Babe

    Miami, everything’s been working fine.

  • sahib102 .

    and here it thought I was finally getting LTE :P oh well I guess i have to enjoy my 2g ._.

  • steveb944

    Who calls anymore? As long as data and text work I’m good.

    • Antonio Ivan

      I agree lol

    • josephsinger

      Evidently some people do. Just because you or someone else doesn’t use voice doesn’t mean that everyone doesn’t use voice any longer.

      • steveb944

        I know people still use voice, and in emergencies it’s still the foundation for communication. But I was merely pointing out that the norm nowadays is to text or use alternative clients to connect. I myself still use lots of voice but in my company phone which is non T-Mobile as they love overpaying.

        • Stefan Naumowicz

          The outrages affected data as well

    • 0neTw0

      The thing for me was Data. If I don’t use wifi i get nothing.

  • Antonio Ivan

    Everything is working for me in Tampa, FL 33613 area

    • Oohkillem87

      same in 33549 lutz area. got perfect lte

      • Antonio Ivan

        same here….my second line is getting HD calls as well.

  • Jesse James

    in philly couldn’t use data most of the day. had to look up a video on a friend’s att phone. my bill is cheaper so eh

  • Rich Holt

    Problem is NOT fixed. Still no voice in Downey, CA (Los Angeles). Text never went down but still no voice working

    • George

      Yeah it was a mess in Cerritos and Bellflower

  • CPPCrispy

    I wonder if this has anything to do with VoLTE.

  • harry

    No problem here in Philadelphia had perfect service all day (oh dam thats right I have verizon) lmao get what you pay for

    • Bob foray

      Verizon has had two national outages in the last couple years. Must have nothing better to do than roam the Interwebs looking to troll.

    • itguy08
    • patt

      I also got VZW but we got caps :D

      switching to T-Mobile in about a year unless VZW does something to raise caps ;)

  • Rob H.

    No issues in 48083 today. Did get a random call this afternoon from a 919(NC) number though.

  • James Kozak

    i wonder if it is from all the upgrading?

  • Baz

    Had no issues whatsoever today in Northern DE (1 hour South of Philly) and Maryland. I received a missed call around noon, so I know voice was ok around that time.

  • b-rad

    Incoming calls to my phone in Orlando failed for most/all people the other day. CS said problem began on 6/1.

  • zerep

    Can’t make calls in north Jersey. Text and data seem to be fine. Just got off the phone with customer service rep who had me power down, remove battery, and SIM. After that he was able to call me but my dad on verizon still received “the number you’ve dialed is not in service” so the rep gave me a credit and said it should be fixed today.

  • brand1399

    No issues in Washington DC area.

  • Oliver Jackson

    Had the issue yesterday in Miami but was fixed quickly.

  • $15454173

    No issues for me in 92780.

  • Tito!

    “Major cities…”
    hmm. Uncarrier 5.0 preparations…

  • iOSX

    I had issues with data for a few minutes in 08648.

  • Joel

    I’ve been having complete signal loses as well as Internet loss. Also a lot of edge coverage when I’m usually at 30mbps at that area.

  • Justin

    A couple weeks ago I was in an edge only area on the Oregon coast for 2 days and could not receive any calls on 2 phones, yesterday I was in an AT&T roaming area and everything was working fine. Also working fine today in a wifi calling only area.

  • notyourbusiness

    Nope, no outages here, and I’m in Queens, NY. I didn’t get service in a building in NYC on Tuesday, but I attributed that to the building itself. Outside, I got full bars and LTE.

  • digital45

    Thank God for this one. I just about went to T-mobile.

  • lorrie

    out again in WA State NOTHING