T-Mobile and SFX Entertainment extend relationship


T-Mobile and SFX Entertainment, today, announced an 18-month extension to their relationship with the aim of “building a deep cultural connection with the millennial audience”. The two will partner to bring festivals and media events to the masses.

The deal comes on the back of an announcement that Magenta is partnering with SFX and SYCO to launch a brand-new DJ talent show, headed by Simon Cowell’s media company.

As part of the new marketing program, T-Mobile will become the exclusive mobile partner to SFX in the USA. The mobile company, renowned for it’s revolutionary Un-Carrier marketing campaign, will partner in 2014/15 with leading SFX festivals TomorrowWorld, Electric Zoo and in 2015 will add the newly established Mysteryland which takes place on the original Woodstock grounds in New York.

In short, we have more T-Mobile-colored music events to look forward to for the next couple of years.

Source: MarketWatch

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  • h

    What they need to do is partner up with insomniac. Just alone EDC Las Vegas brings in 345,000 people together. This doesn’t include EDC New York, EDC Orlando, Beyond Wonderland, Escape from wonderland, and White wonderland just to name a few.

    Oh and adding temp cell towers at EDC LV would be nice cuz no one gets service…

  • TechHog

    I’m guessing that this will transfer to Sprint after the buyout. :/

    • Tylerderk

      It not like you are implying.
      Its Softbank coming to the table Sprint will disappear and become a new company run by T-Mobiles CEO and M Son the new combined company will follow the direction T-Mobile has taken and will put a hurting on Verizon and AT&T.
      For those of you that Hate Sprint you will be fine Sprint will be no more.

      • TechHog

        This is baseless speculation.

        • Bob

          Nope. This has been reported time and again.

        • TechHog

          It’s been reported that Ledger might be the CEO. There have been no reports on which brand will survive.

  • Anonymouse

    magenta? not if its doused over by yellow! fugly!