T-Mobile launches “The Underground” to promote limited edition products

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In an effort to point more tech enthusiasts in the direction of products with limited availability, T-Mobile has launched a new section of its online presence dubbed ‘The Underground’. Devices like the limited Copper Gold Galaxy S5 will be heading their way over, as will other unique gadgets. If you want to head right over and stop reading now, you can do so: Just hit this link.

Along with highlighting and letting consumers “shop exclusive and performance-centric devices reserved for the true enthusiast”, it’ll also offer “news and reviews from the tech literati.”

Having browsed through and had a quick look-over, I have to say, I like it a lot. When you’re shopping, it’s nice to feel like you’re grabbing something a bit special. And it’s the same when you’re buying online. Having a fixed position on T-Mobile’s site to highlight and feature those special devices will not only give the consumer a more pleasing experience, but also help T-Mobile sell more limited products. What I also love is that it encourages you to get in touch with the company’s product guru, Des (@askdes on Twitter). Honestly, it’s just nice having such a large company giving you a way to contact an actual person, instead of the usual, blanket official company handle.

I’ll look forward to seeing how the site develops over time.


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  • Chimphappyhour

    So far I’m not impressed.

  • Chris

    Uh…I don’t get it. Is it like something I have to pay to be a part of like JUMP? Or is it just a special section on the website?

    • Justin Merithew

      I think it’s just a subsection for limited time items, not a program you enroll in. The current selection is a little meh, but it has so much potential, especially if they start doing some really cool limited time stuff like possibly phones from manufacturers they don’t normally carry.

      • Chris

        I’d love that. I would def buy stuff from here, but yeah, for now, there’s not much going on.

  • morbid

    Maybe they’ll have a top end device with a hardware keyboard in there :-/

    • Richard Finzel

      Not likely. The last flagship that had a keyboard was 3 generations ago.


    Nice idea. We’ll have to see how it develops.

  • D Velasquez

    even a RedMI note or a Fujitsu Arrows are way better than that galaxy bandaid

  • BlackJu

    This is the Xerxes phone. Goes great with your blue drapes.

  • None

    One phone?

  • mnaz105


  • impasse

    maybe we’ll get some more xperias, that’d be cool..

  • MastarPete

    Considering they’ve only got a Samsung phone on that section now I wonder if they’re doing this in preparation for the rumored Galaxy F/Prime.
    Last rumor I heard was that it’d be a limited release/production and also aimed at “enthusiasts”.

    Also, while it’s somewhat nice to be able to try and ask @askdes about new devices it’s also frustrating at the same time since he’s bound by NDAs and can’t really respond about anything that hasn’t been officially announced, from my experience at least.
    I’ve been getting the run around from him and @SamsungMobileUS as to whether or not T-Mobile will actually offer the Galaxy S5 32gb. Only anser I’ve gotten is Samsung is withholding the device from the US, and Samsung tells me to ask my carrier. >_>

  • Paul

    Time will tell if it develops into something more than just a Gold S5. There’s potential but I’m not sure how effective it will be for sales. I know a lot of friends were looking for the Gold iPhone 5S when it was released, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the Gold S5 does alright in sales. However, it’s not effective for selling products if hardly anyone goes to there.

  • D_Wall__

    This could be great. I wonder if your “Jump” will qualify for these devices as they become available? The Gold S5 is a hell no for me. But something may get my attention.

  • None

    Maybe some pre-selected Magenta flavor colors of Motoroa X, G, E, or X+1. I could see TMO ordering a couple hundred of otherwise unavailable colors. This could also tie into movies like Batman where you can get a movie-themed phone by some company willing to make a few thousand in a limited run. This “could” be incredibly interesting for those who like rare or unique items at whatever cost.