Tmo to offer 50,000 customers chance to download Shakira’s new album free, posts exclusive Q&A [video]

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Last October, T-Mobile announced a multi-year partnership with Shakira. As part of the deal, the company supported her “Can’t remember to forget you” single launch as well as offering access to an exclusive concert at Bryant Park in New York.

Now, with the launch of her new album just a week ago, T-Mobile is going to be offering even more exclusive content and offers for its customers. First up, an exclusive Q&A with the star behind the scenes in Barcelona:

Alongside the promotional video, T-Mobile will be kitting out 2,500 stores with original creative content, like mural (above) as well as video content, POS and window displays. Also, VEVO T-Mobile takeover videos will be promoted on desktops, mobiles and on YouTube.

In short: She’s going to be everywhere.

I guess the most important part of the latest promotional phase for you guys (if you’re a fan) is that the company will be offering 50,000 customers a chance to download Shakira’s latest album completely free of charge. So, if you haven’t already paid-for and downloaded it, hold on to your hats, you might get it for free.

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  • Chris Sanner

    got mine on wednesday….
    who knows if it’s any good, but I figured why not?

    • Alexis Hawk

      I downloaded the album from T- Mobile last Saturday.

      • Chris Sanner

        so…I guess “is going to be” should probably be replaced with “has been”

  • Roberto Jaimes

    Sooooo…… how do you win?

    • Chris Sanner

      random text.

  • Ben

    they’ve already hit the limit for the 50k downloads. Too late.

    • Gus

      Torrent, baby. Torrent!!

  • Bryan

    Why is this just posted now ? This was live last week.

  • 21stNow

    Does this mean that I will stop getting text messages about Shakira now? Yes, I’ve turned off marketing text messages.

    • TheVorlon

      Yes, this is the most annoying text messages to be getting from T-Mobile.

    • Bklynman

      I never got any texts about this,a cat got them but not me? :-(

      • Nick Gonzalez


  • Jim Philips

    This would be good news if Shakira didn’t suck.

    • The4thkind

      Who the hell are you to come for her like that? What’s wrong? Being spoiled mayo too boring? Gotta bring down a worldwide superstar to feel important? Have several seats please

      • E

        Go away, Shakira.

    • Rafael

      10 000 x better than Bieber or Miley Cyrus

  • Christopher Olson

    Isn’t Shakira like 40 something now? I didn’t even know she still made albums.

    • Verizonthunder

      Yes she still makes music and is very popular.

    • kalel33

      She’s 36.

  • ChristianMcC

    I am sorry, I should have tipped you off on Monday about this when I got my download.

    • Rafael

      I got the album too…. Awesomeness…. What a wonderful gift from tmo… I’m a fan of her work!

  • E

    They really couldn’t get anyone better? I think shakira would turn me away from Tmo if I weren’t already a customer…

    • Verizonthunder

      Really who else did you have in mind?

      • Rick Perez



        • WD

          One Direction? Bieber??

  • AussieB

    Sounds like Tmobile is promoting her instead of vice versa. If you want to download a pop album for free, it’s pretty easy

    • WD

      The word you were looking for I think is “Steal”

  • Well I never got a download for this. Looks like I’ll be switching to AT&T now. Thanks Obama.

    • Joanna Oates

      Wow… really?

      • I heard from my cousin’s friend’s uncle’s sister-in-law’s cousin’s brother, who has AT&T, that they offer unlimited Shakira downloads to all of their customers…every album. It’s a no-brainer.

  • Jay Holm

    I consider this to be spam from T-Mobile!!!!

  • WD

    Got the text, downloaded it and enjoyed it and what of it? ;-)

  • Mark

    I got no such message…. and I like Shakira! At the same time, I’m more likely to go buy the physical CD than listen on a portable device anyway, but I’m disappointed I didn’t get the memo.

    Has there been any word about whether TMo subscribers get free access to MLB AtBat again this year?

  • Fr0stTr0n

    Shak who?

  • ccnet005

    Hmm, if TMO is such an “uncarrier” they should have signed up “Texas Terri” as a spokesperson.
    We could mosh with John Legere, if he were brave enough to attend the concert.