Analysts predict success for T-Mobile throughout 2014 thanks to Uncarrier momentum


There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that T-Mobile’s Uncarrier movement is a big hit. It’s not just bringing in more customers for T-Mobile than it’s had in years, it’s also forcing other carriers to change their ways and compete. The most recent example of this was Sprint’s promotion, offering up to $650 to customer for trading in, and switching networks. Essentially, a point-by-point copy of Uncarrier 4.0’s “Contract Freedom” plan (except, it’s only a temporary promotion).

Analysts are taking notice too. Jefferies‘ analysis is that T-Mobile’s 1st quarter is set to continue the trend of adding a healthy number of new subscribers (probably at the expense of Sprint). As reported by Fierce Wireless:

“After positive management commentary at investor conferences, and recent price increases, we believe the company’s record 4Q subscriber momentum likely continued into 1Q,” Jefferies analysts wrote of T-Mobile. “As such we have raised our 1Q postpaid net add estimates from 1.0 million to 1.1 million, and fiscal year 2014 from 3.1 million to 3.2 million, above guidance of 2-3 million.”

If T-Mobile did manage to pull in 1.1 million subscribers, that would make  it one of the company’s most successful quarters in the past 12 months. Jefferies‘ analysis goes along with what T-Mobile expects for the year too, as Legere himself predicted between 2-3 million net subscriber increase for 2014. New Street Research analysts predict similar figures, stating that 1.1 million new subscribers in Q1 this year is easily attainable.

Analysts also predict that more and more customers will opt to sign up for the competing carriers’ financing programs, born as a result of T-Mobile’s EIP plans last year.

I’ve said this many times, and will probably say it a few more: Uncarrier is working. It’s disrupting the industry, which is exactly what T-Mobile intended it to do. I just can’t wait to see what the next phase is going to be.

Via: Fierce Wireless

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