LTE pops up briefly in Cincinnati, OH [UPDATE: Speed Test]

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Over the past few months, T-Mobile been working hard behind the scenes to get its 20+20 network up and running in a few major areas, boosting LTE speeds up to between 60-100Mbps in Dallas. But, it’s also still on its LTE rollout across the country.

Although it’s not on the official list of markets covered yet, we’ve had one of our readers get in touch from Cincinnati, OH with evidence that LTE is being lit up. The screenshot (above) was taken at the university of Cincinnati campus – although the weather app shows Finneytown (not too far away) – and he was lucky enough to have a short taste of LTE before it disappeared again.

Like I said, this isn’t a big network power on. It’s more than likely an engineer testing and getting it ready. But, at least we know the city is going to be among the next to receive the US’ fastest LTE network upgrade.

Be sure to get in touch if LTE lights up in your area, or if you notice a massive speed bump on your device. Also, if you happen to be in Cincinnati and have seen the same, or managed to actually used the network to perform a speed test, give us a shout.  Any sightings or information should be sent to


A Speedtest done just North of Cincinnati shows the network is usable, pulling speeds of just under 15Mbps

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