T-Mobile Galaxy S5 pre-orders now live

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The day has arrived, and you can finally pre-order your next generation Samsung Galaxy S5’s from T-Mobile. Of course – you already knew that – but, a healthy reminder’s not terrible is it? Pre-orders are open to anyone wanting to switch and take advantage of T-Mobile’s Contract Freedom offer, paying off your contract with another carrier, or for any existing customers wanting to use a JUMP! upgrade.

As we mentioned a couple of days ago, if you’re among the first to pre-order between today and March 31st, you’ll be guaranteed to get it before the April 11 launch day. You can also get $120 off the Galaxy Tab 3 for a limited time.

If you pre-order, the S5 is available for $0 down with 24 monthly payments of $27.50, costing you $660 in total. This – as usual – is 0% APR for well-qualified buyers. You can pre-order online here.

If you’re with another carrier, and want to switch to T-Mobile and have them pay off your existing contract (up to $350 plus trade-in on your existing device), hit T-Mobile’s “break free” page. It gives you the step-by-step guide on how to do it.

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  • What.. hey, I still haven’t received my s4.. :P

  • vicryixiv

    Oh good. Does this mean i wont get those stupid notifications on my phone any more? I really wish they wouldnt abuse their app by advertising directly on my phone with it.

  • no thanks. i’m sick of the white and gray/black color choices. i’ll wait for when/if electric blue comes out.

    • 21stNow

      I’m with you and waiting on the gold.

      • yep. doesn’t appear that any carrier is offering the other colors though so it’s not a TMO thing at least.

        • MastarPete

          based on previous samsung devices, the additional colors are mainly left up to carrier choice or for exclusives. at some point though samsung will probably release the back covers in additional colors, so maybe that could be an option you you.

        • oh .. thanks for the info. i guess i’ll pass on the S5 then. i know it may seem silly to some about color but that’s a lot of money for a phone and i prefer to have exactly what i want ya know. :)

  • Guest

    I tried but the only way to order it from that link is to also order new service. it’s always about that new customer. Existing customers always are screwed. Be warned new customers this week, you’ll be the last one asked to dance next week.

    • Hogpistol

      You’re wrong. It’s available for existing customers too. Stop spreading lies ATT.

      • Guest

        Nope, I am an existing customer. The S5 didn’t show up under my “upgrade” phone location on the website, and the only place I saw it was form the link provided in this article. That link walks you through a four step process that only includes selecting a plan, in addition to your new phone. There is no option to select the phone without a plan. Maybe I need to go to the store.

        • thepanttherlady

          This wouldn’t be the first phone launch on T-Mobile where this has happened.

        • elmodern

          im an existing customer and pre ordered mine last night

  • Nearmsp

    I tried to order. ONly black?

    • Hogpistol

      It should be available in white and black.

  • Nearmsp

    I tried again, black only, even though I logged in and selected a line it says add a line charge of $20. Don’t these dolts try out the system before going live? My charge shows monthly charge $120 before new $147. Guess, my enthusiasm has gone.

    • Alexander

      You have to select show all phones where it says featured and scroll almost all the way down and select the shimery white. I had same problem.

  • Nearmsp

    I was finally able to order what I wanted – White with full single payment. The default is charcoal. One has to select from all choices to get to white. At the top there is an option for full payment and installment. The default is installment. I was thus able to order a white S5 with option to pay full price ($715). The message on completion said expect delivery around 16th April. I chose the $6.99 4-5 days ground UPS.

    • Rolando

      If you’re a T-Mobile customer you should have only paid $660. Unless the $715 includes taxes.

      • Nearmsp

        Including taxes and delivery fee.

  • Dan Garcia

    Was able to pre-order without issue around 7am CST. Got the white one, looks like 16gb was the only option? Oh well, Amazon has the SD cards on sale right now.

    • henry

      Thanks for reminding me about buying sd cards! I had completely forgot.you were right the ad cards were on sale

    • MastarPete

      there was a leaked photo of a T-mobile device comparison sheet that listed the Galaxy S5 as being available with 16gb or 32gb. If you really want 32gb I suggest cancelling your order and waiting it out – if you can! :-)

  • bryce roseborough

    t mobile says their systems are down. cant pre order at this time

    • Hogpistol

      In store is working fine. Might try that.

  • sidekicker89

    Has anyone seen any new LTE sightings? Besides Cincinnati, Ohio there has been LTE sightings in Bloomington/Normal, Illinois!

  • mustang8918

    I’m on the east coast and tried jump online this morning and it just gave me refurbished phones so I waited a few hours and went to a tmobile store and they said there systems wouldn’t let them do the jump. I just went back online and it actually showed the S5 under jump this time and I had gotten almost done, they had accepted my trade-in phone, and the system then went to a system issues screen and said try again in a few minutes. They are obviously having some real issues with the jump and preorder but I’ll keep trying.

  • mustang8918

    Now it’s hanging up at the we will payoff your eip balance screen.

  • mustang8918

    Now the S5 has been removed from the list of jump eligible phones.

  • mustang8918

    Almost got it done but now I can only pick expedited shipping (24.99) from the three options.

    • Val

      Just call them. My Tmobile was telling me I was ineligible to jump even though I’ve had it for longer than 6 months so I just called and they took care of it.

  • mustang8918

    I was finally able to get the pre-order completed via jump, now I just have to wait three weeks to receive the phone.

  • David Wittlich

    I went to a T-Mobile store and she told told me they have already cancelled their “guarantee” that you would receive by April 11 if you pre-order today thru March 31. And you’re not eligible for pre-order as a Jump upgrade. Very disappointing.

    • Georgie1234

      A lot of in store employees are very misinformed

  • bryce roseborough

    they have now taken the pre order down from the website for jump customers. this makes me very angry, and hope they are still planning on allowing jump customers to get what we pay for

    • elite2291

      They were having a system issue with jump customers but now you can go to a t-mobile store and do the jump upgrade for the s5

  • Mustang25

    Pre-ordered mine. Hoping to receive it before the 11th!

  • WhippetNYC

    i cannot seem to get a definitive answer on whether the S5 FULLY SUPPORTS the MicroSDHC or MicroSDXC card.

    It is not clear if the MicroSDXC would work flawlessly at all because the S5 doesn’t specifically say “SDXC enabled”.

    May I ask if anyone knows for certain please?
    Thank you in advance.

    • MastarPete

      wikipedia is your friend!!! en wikipedia org/wiki/SD_card
      SDHC starts at 2gb and is capable of 32gb.
      SDXC starts at 64gb and is capable of 2TB.
      The SD standard allows for full backwards compatibility.

      Samsung’s own marketing material states it supports up to 128gb microSD cards.
      Based on that claim the S5 should be SDXC compatible.

      Based on previous experience with older phones and SD formats, you can usually plug in a larger capacity card than the device is advertised with. So long as the card falls into the same SD format category.

  • mustang8918

    Got mine finally done online today. It currently states that it’ll ship on the 10th and arrive to me on the 11th.

  • grandfather jump vs new.jump

    okay me and my roommate tried to pre order, the s5, this morning, under jump, T-Mobile asked me to put $300 down, I am grandfathered in jump program, my roommate who is new to T Mobile, asked, him for $0 down, and he need to pay half his s4 off, which total $300. His credit score is lower than mine. My question is is T-mobile trying to make people, who are under the old grandfather jump program. put more down because, we can jump from our phones, without half balance bEing paid off …..

    • elite

      No the down payment is based on credit classes not credit scores so you have to put more down because his credit class is better than yours.

    • mustang8918

      I’m also under the old jump program but I didn’t have to put anything down. I had to pay tax and shipping.

  • MastarPete

    IMpatiently awaiting 32gb availability…. *refreshing store page at 5 second intervals*

  • Max

    Just got this email from T-Mobile about my S5:

    Your order is currently backordered. You will receive another notification when your order is in stock and shipped.

  • Guest

    I’m under the old jump program and didn’t have to put anything down. I had to pay tax and shipping.

  • Brian Richards

    The page just tells me the server cna’t handle the request right now after I login. I guess it’s popular. LOL

  • Brian Richards

    I can’t seem to pre-order white if I login and go through upgrades. I can only order white if I want to do a new account from the pre-order landing page? Also is this the 32 or 16? If it’s 16, I’ll wait.

    • Nearmsp

      16 MB.
      To order White, just go to phones, and then select white from there. If you go directly to the promotion, you can’t choose white.

    • vinnyjr

      It’s 16mb, I called in and asked just that question. I am pissed, refuse to buy the 16gb model, must have 32gb or I will buy a different phone. I believe the new HTC 1 M8 is 32gb to all North America Carriers, no 16gb versions availoable.

  • Nearmsp

    Did anyone notice 2 downgrades in S5 from S4?
    1. S4 Standby time 427 hours. // S5 280 hours.
    2. S4 front camera 2 M. // S5 front camera 1MP.

    Can anyone clarify why that is the case?

  • guest

    seems to be a lot of confusion when it comes to the s5 pre order so let me tell you all..

    from today (well the 24th until the 31st) you can pre order your s5 and it goes on sale April 11th. as far as jump upgrades it’s now back on as there was a system issue (cant discuss anymore than that)..

    With respect to why you have to pay for a higher down payment, that’s reflective on what you have for 1. available “credit” and 2. your credit class.

    Hope this helps clears up any issues.

    Any questions please let me know.

    • Max

      I got this email from TMO yesterdat:

      Your order is currently backordered. You will receive another notification when your order is in stock and shipped.

      I ordered on Monday

      • guest

        Because of it being in very high demand it will be in back order, but note that you will get it, after April 11th. just be very patient.

  • mustang8918

    The Samsung Galaxy S5
    went on sale in South Korea today, more than two weeks ahead of the
    planned global launch date of April 11, as local carriers released the
    phone early.