HTC One to be available from midnight tomorrow from T-Mobile?


Over the past few days we’ve read a couple of reports stating that when HTC launches its new HTC One (M8), that it’ll be initially be a Verizon exclusive. Droid-Life posts that this is more than likely just a retail, brick-and-mortar exclusive. And we have information that could confirm as much.

A couple of our sources came to us with information recently stating that T-Mobile will be launching it from midnight Eastern on Tuesday 25th; technically 00:00am on Wednesday, March 26th (not immediately after the event like some others locations). The reason for the delay? Apparently a technical glitch in the system. But it’s going to be an online-only affair. That is – of course – if this information turns out to be true.

As for brick-and-mortar availability, we don’t know. We’ve not seen any retail POS material or promotional posters, internal memos or anything that would suggest a retail launch is imminent.

Whether any of this information pans out, we’re yet to see. But thankfully we have little time to wait before we find out. HTC’s event is kicking off tomorrow at 11AM Eastern in New York City, with a separate event over in London at the same time (3pm GMT).

As for what to expect, we’ve got a pretty good idea thanks to the numerous leaks over the past few weeks. The latest – published today – is a 14 minute long hands on video which you can see below.

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  • HTC is in no position to do any kind of exclusive. for their sake, i hope this Verizon exclusive rumor isn’t true.

    • Fr0stTr0n

      *scoff* Wanna bet?

      • no need to bet. the numbers against the iPhone and Galaxy line are evidence enough.

        • Fr0stTr0n

          Nope, you lose. Its verizon only for two weeks

        • lol actually it’s Verizon only “in store” for two weeks. you can easily go online today and get it tomorrow from ATT, Sprint etc.

  • Bori

    Let’s hope this is true, I’d like to get my hands on that one…

  • Rob

    Online only? How the hell are we supposed to use our jump? *sigh*

    • JB

      As I have learned over the past few days, you’ll more than likely have to go to a T-Mobile store and have an associate to do a direct fulfillment at POS.

      • Rob

        How does that work? They examine my phone, order the new one, then I bring in the old one when they get the new one and swap?

        • JB

          I’m not entirely sure, to be honest. If I’m correct in my understanding, they ship the phone directly to you and you send them the phone (it could very well be the other way around) I was going to pre-order the S5 today that way but I couldn’t get away from work. There’s usually one or two kind-hearted associates that pursue this forum (that seems to know more than my local associates) that I’m sure will answer this question before the day is up…

        • Rob

          Hmmm, I’ll be on the lookout, thanks. I have my One S-OFF so if I have to mail it in to get it looked at, its going to add extra steps to preparing it so hopefully they order it and then I go to the store to complete the exchange.

        • Edgar

          kind hearted associate here : HTC one no clue. s5 pre-order w/jump it’s tricky. because the device isn’t yet available in store we’d have to do the direct fulfillment. as the other guy said you would send in your phone and you’ll get your s5 by release date (if it’s not back ordered ) the tricky part is normally you only have 14 days to send back the phone….count the calendar days…you’ll see the issue

        • Rob

          Sounds like I’d be better off doing it in the store and just being patient but thanks for the reply!

        • mustang8918

          Rob, I did the jump to an S5 today online via my tmobile account but it was this afternoon before the S5 showed up as a jump available phone. I have until May 13th to send my phone to Assurant solutions which is the company that does the jump program.

        • Rob

          See what scares me is that sending it in the mail, things can break during transit. I guess I’ll have to wait til it shows up in the stores so they can perform their inspection in the store and I can walk out of the store with a new device and not have the worry about “what if” the whole time. I dropped my One way back when I got it and it has a dent in the bottom but no other damage and the store said its fine but if Assurant decides its not then I have no recourse and I’m not going through that again (I have had to fight with Sprint over cosmetic crap before when doing warranty exchanges).

        • mustang8918

          On the form with the mailing label that they send you, they only care that there isn’t any water damage or cracked screen and that the phone powers on. They send you a free mailing label but say that you have to pay for insurance on the package if you want insurance and of course you would when mailing stuff. Of course going in the store is probably the easiest way to do it though.

        • Rob

          Hmmm if all they care about is no water damage and no cracked screen then my device is pretty much flawless, I don’t even have hairline scratches on the screen even though I’ve never used a screen protector on it. Thanks man, I’m known to be very impatient so I’ll likely do a direct fulfillment order haha.

        • Rolando

          The device will be shipped to you and then you must return your device using the pre-paid shipping label they send you

  • JB

    Well looks like I’m going to have go to a Verizon store and check out a physical display before going to making a decision :-)

  • galaxymaniac

    “We’ve not seen any retail POS material” – only truth in this article .. any POS

    • Dimitri Gatsiopoulos

      Point Of Service not Piece Of Shi……

  • Fr0stTr0n

    Just got a WORKING Note 3 after going through hell last two weeks with KitKat ruining my last 2 Note 3’s, so yeah, i’m happy and waiting for Note 4.

    • Rob

      And that has what to do with this thread, exactly?

      • g2a5b0e

        Thank you! People need to stop with the completely irrelevant posts!

        • Fr0stTr0n

          Because this is the internetz and their are no restrictions on topics

        • g2a5b0e

          The word you’re looking for is there, not their. This may be the internet, but in a forum it is established decorum to stay relevant to the topic at hand. If you had any sense at all, you’d probably know that.

    • JBLmobileG1

      I am curious, what did Kitkat do to your Note 3’s?

      • Fr0stTr0n

        Completely trashed battery life, made wifi unstable, made my cellular bounce around between LTE and 3G all the time

  • Kilroy672

    Anyone seen the video yet? Looks like its no longer available. Just curious?

  • uhhhhh477

    I handled a demo model at a verizon store today, solid phone. cant wait to buy it tomorrow


    I pray that THIS rumor is true, and not the Verizon exclusive rumor!!!! I will be at my computer at 11:55 tomorrow night!!!

  • tommy ///M

    I’m super excited! I hope this is true!

  • g2a5b0e

    I realize it would only be 2 weeks, but if the Verizon exclusivity period is true, I have to give a major thumbs down to HTC. Perhaps they have forgotten that Verizon was the only major U.S. carrier that almost didn’t sell the original One at all. I mean, c’mon. They decided to pick it up 4 months after the rest of the Big 4. Now you’re doing them favors? Think about how many Verizon customers picked up other phones in that time as a result. HTC will never learn their lesson.

    • bisayan

      Totally agreed with u there sir! Its really a nonsense with all these exclusively bs! Ohhh wells..

    • Orlando G.

      Totally agree with you. I’d really like to know the thought process behind this move. I know Verizon is the biggest carrier what what does two weeks really get Verizon or HTC for that matter. I highly doubt that people are going to switch carriers because of this. For me, It doesn’t matter because I’m going to wait for today’s announcement and some hands on reviews before I decide to “jump”. I currently have the HTC One so I can wait just a little longer.

    • Fr0stTr0n

      HTC was handed a BIG paycheck from Verizon and thats all it took. Get used to modern business.

      • g2a5b0e

        And as we’ve all seen in the past, carrier exclusivity agreements always work out so well for the manufacturer. /s

  • vinnyjr

    AT&T has it available right now. Again AT&T gets the exclusive. T-Mobile better be offering the 32gb version not just the pathetic 16gb version or I will pass on this phone as well. I will never buy a top of the line device with only 16gb of int storage. SD-Cards do not accept apps. The current OS on the new M8 will take up to almost 6gb of the 16gtb. Come on T-Mobile. Just checked on the new Samsung GS5, they only have the 16gb model, I won’t buy that phone either. T-Mobile is getting the 2nd rate Android phones and the other Carriers are getting the top grade. That just sucks.