Company planning to offer free talk and text to Mexico to Simple Choice subscribers?


Part of T-Mobile’s big wave-making last year was the addition of free international roaming in 100 countries as part of its Simple Choice plans. It was the first time any major carrier had been as bold, and has already seen positive results for those traveling abroad.  A handful of blog posts across the tech scene have lauded its benefits, even if the data is limited to EDGE speeds.

As good as roaming may be, there are still a massive number of Americans who don’t travel. Some – understandably – have friends or family abroad. And for those, it looks like change could be afoot.

We’ve heard from one of our tipsters that T-Mobile is planning to announce a new scheme. Simple Choice customers will be able to talk and text their friends/family in Mexico for free, as part of their plan. Both landlines and mobiles will be included, according to our source, who states that an announcement is expected on or around February 23rd. It seemed odd to me that the company should choose a Sunday, but, it’s been done before. Back in December, a new $35 unlimited talk and text plan was announced and released on a Sunday.

As for more detail, we have very little. It’s said by the source that it will initially roll out to Simple Choice postpaid accounts in February, and make its way to No Credit Check accounts in March sometime. To clarify, this is said to be calling and texting from within the US to Mexico. No other countries have been mentioned.

We’ve not seen any official internal documentation on this, so we’ll see if it comes good. If it does, will any of you be taking advantage? One thing’s for sure, if T-Mobile does launch this offer, it’ll suddenly become really attractive to Latin Americans with families across the border in Mexico.

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