New $35 unlimited talk and text prepaid plan coming on December 8th – UPDATE: Official Statement


When it comes to value for money, few carriers come close to offering what T-Mobile does. And that value spreads to the pay in advance plans, and is set to get even better. According a recent Field Sales News update, Tmo is set to offer a new plan for a limited time. For $35, from December 8th, you’ll be able to get unlimited talk and text. This plan is very much aimed at people who don’t really use any mobile data, and would rather call or send messages to their friends/family. I must reiterate, this plan will not come with any data.

As most of you will be aware, around that price range at the moment there aren’t many options. $50 will get you Unlimited talk, text and web (4G speeds for the first 500MB) or $60 (with 4G speeds up to 2.5GB) or $70 for completely unrestricted data. For devices purchased from Wal-Mart, or those activated on you can get unlimited web and text with 100 minutes talk for $30, or in-store, you’ll get 1500 talk and text with 30MB of data.

So, for those who love chatting and texting, there really isn’t a massive amount of choice if you’re on a budget.

If this plan comes to life – which it looks set to – it would add another string to T-Mobile’s already impressive bow. It’s supposedly going to be available in two days time. And I guess that’s what I find odd about this plan – it’s set to launch on a Sunday. Seems like a strange day to start offering a new, well, anything. For now, this is just a rumor, but it’d certainly be good news if it turned in to reality.

[UPDATE: We received an official statement, confirming that this plan is going in to place. 

“We wanted to provide an additional service option for customers who don’t have a need for data. This Sunday, Dec. 8, T-Mobile will begin offering a limited-time $35 Unlimited Talk & Text monthly Pay-in-Advance option in all its sales channels. This is designed for those customers who want unlimited minutes and texting on T-Mobile’s nationwide network, but are looking to spend less.” ]

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  • Kufat

    Hey T-Mobile, you have a $30 plan with a lot of data and very little talk time and a $30 plan with a lot of talk time and very little data. Think you could come up with one with a moderate amount of each? Say, 1GB 4G, 300 minutes, and, I dunno, 500 texts?

    (My guess is that they don’t offer such a plan because it would cannibalize too many sales of the $50 unlimited talk plans. Yes, I know they’re not reading my comments, I’m just grousing.)

    • besweeet

      People from T-Mobile actually do come to this site and read comments. Well, at least the former… Comments would be pretty beneficial as well.

    • jdubtrey

      Yes, that’s why TMo doesn’t have me as a customer.

      I was hoping this $35 plan had 300 minutes, unlimited texts and 4gb (or something along those lines). I agree, having a $30 plan with a balance makes a lot of sense.

      I’d rather have the $30 “1500” plan than this new $35 plan (though I don’t doubt that there’s some minority that would love this new offer).

  • vrm

    It is a smart move and they should have done this a long time ago. Actually, voice only plans were common but at&t and verizon got rid of them ( or offered them at very high prices).

    In voice (and text) only plans, the LTE build out advantage of verizon and at&t disappears. Many old timers really do want just voice and many youngsters want voice/text. The low cost will appeal to both demographics as well as the unlimited aspect of it. The GSM network (esp when factoring in roaming) will give this plan a coverage on par with anyone when data is excluded.

  • Brent

    Will these new plans include the international talk, text, and data roaming?

    • niftydl

      International voice roaming is still $0.20 per minute on postpaid. Texting should be free. This plan has no data, so no unlimited 2G data either while roaming.

    • besweeet

      That’s only available for postpaid plans.

    • ChitChatCat

      Prepaid plans still have old-fashioned roaming (read: several dollars per minute).

  • S. Ali

    Why would you get this when republic wireless has unlimited talk/text for $10 or you can get the same with 5GB of 3G for $25? If you don’t talk much, you can get Virgin mobile for $35 and get 300 minutes and 2.5gb of data. T-mobile’s own MVNO (gosmart) offers the same $35 plan with data. AIOWireless has a $40 basic phone plan with 250mb of data and you get ATT coverage. Who are they marketing this plan towards, because it is a terrible deal

    • niftydl

      But would you seriously want to limit yourself to Sprint’s network and super limite choice of CDMA/custom phones? The greatest part about GSM is phone flexibility and roaming ease. I think this is a great choice for many phone only people who use a lot of WiFi. Not a great value if you need data, but it is targeted at a very specific demographic IMO.

      • jdubtrey

        Outside of possibly wanting to use your phone overseas, does it matter? After a year on this plan and the RW version of the same, you’d have exactly the same costs outof pocket. However, 1) your Moto X would have been paid for and 2) your RW rate would be $10 in month 13. If a user has any expectation of keeping this kind of service for over a year’ there is almost no downside to choosing RW over this (that I can see anyway).

    • Stone Cold

      AIO is a dead duck as soon as the Leap Wireless/AT&T merger is completed

      • archerian

        The current AIO subscriber base will be merged into the Cricket brand, they certainly won’t let these customers go as they are potential T-mobile targets

    • JBrowne1012

      Republic wireless has to predominantly use it over wifi

  • ggfb20

    Does this include any data? Say 100mb 4g and unlimited edge?

    • ChitChatCat


      • ggfb20

        Thanks, a perfect plan would be that one with unlimited web and text with 100 minutes talk for $30 but instead of 100 minutes talk they should include 500 min talk, I’d even pay $35 for that plan. It would sell like crazy especially if they offered it to everyone.

        • piratesmvp04

          They also have one with unlimited talk and text and 50 MB of data for $30/month. I wonder if they are cancelling that one because that is a much better deal than this.

  • tomarone

    Great idea because All You Need Is WiFi!

    • Mark McCoskey

      I started out on T-Mobile with a talk and text plan with an unlocked and jailbroken iPhone accessing the internet via wifi. I now use their $70 plan with a Note II.

  • tech916

    2 Reasons I stick with Tmobile and it’s not for their plans. I HATE COMMUNIST VERIZON WIRELESS aka Big RED….I hate ISRAEL LOVING AT&T…. So I will stick with Tmobile for now.

    • You need therapy.

    • T-Mobile is a supporter of marriage equality and they do not secretly spy on their customers, unlike the other two companies you mentioned. Furthermore, T-Mobile is the only company with Wi-Fi Calling.

  • Aaron Peromsik

    Ultra Mobile offers unlimited text/talk plus 100MB 4G for $29 on T-Mobile’s network. Only thing you lose is voice roaming on AT&T. But for people who don’t need that… many T-Mobile MVNOs offer more in this price range. Ultra is just one example.

    • Irfan

      but they are virtual providers base on 4 providers in USA, i just lockup the site its feel cool , and tried to find about how much unlimited minutes but i did not find it , the problem with those providers they have limited minutes in its unlimited calling plans plus limited numbers to calls etc …simple they are virtual providers ..

    • archerian

      exactly, GoSmart which is actually owned by T-mobile themselves offer $30 UL Talk & Text. $30 + sales tax. It would be better to go for an ATT MVNO, better coverage and most of them are around the $30 range.

    • Danny

      The downside for MVNO is no short code texting…

  • Nate778

    I got a better post-paid deal: my EM+ original grandfathered plan ($59) unlimited talk, text and data (2.5 GB LTE), was reduced to $45! Im one of the lucky one who got the letter last month.

    • archerian

      when did they migrate you to the Select Value Plan?

    • eneka

      I’m on the EM+ 1500 TTW …I have yet to get anything..

    • Dakota

      That’s what I pay on straight talk, but I don’t pay any extra fees. T-Mobile doesn’t allow their LTE bur AT&T does

  • Irfan

    this is cool …

  • Ae Tee

    Can you send picture texts with this plan?

    • You should be able to, because current plans like this do not require data to send pics.

    • danny

      No. Pic texts are data. U get no data on the talk-text plan.

  • Dakota

    There are similar prepaid plans out there currently for less. No big deal

    • JJHIguest4

      shut up you troll. Go sell your crappy mnvo somewhere else.

      • kalel33

        It’s MVNO.

  • Yeah this is nice of them because they I believe they offer this on their other prepaid company, I forget the name. Good job on this one.

  • danny

    Solavei is a T-Mobile MVNO and their prices smash T-Mobile’s. They offer the unlimited talk-text plan for $29. They also offer the T-Mobile $50 plan for $39. Check ’em out at NoCellContracts dotttttt-commmmmm.

    • MG

      So what, you can get a better deal @ 35orless with Live Plan. No MVNO stuff. Not looking to employ people just give them a great price on T-Mobile service

      • danny

        What planet are you living on? With 46 MILLION people on food stamps, why aren’t you looking to EMPLOY people?????????????????

  • jake1

    What is tmobile planning to do in metro pcs markets with no tmobile coverage?

  • tmo

    Is this active?

    • Guest

      I don’t see it on the site yet.

    • Found it, If you have a prepaid plan, login to change your plan and you will see it.

      • wralford

        Does this mean that this new plan is only for existing customers?

        • Nah, if you sign up for a new prepaid account, it is there as well.

  • maximus1901

    This is NOT a good deal.
    H20 wireless: $30 unlimited talk, text + 500 MB data on ATT’s network
    Red Pocket: $30 unlimited talk, text + 100 MB on ATT’s network

    • edfranco1

      YOU ARE CORRECT.. I just got my mom a 30.00 dollar plan ON At&t’s HUGE NETWORK.

  • If you have a prepaid plan, login to change your plan and you will see it.

  • No thanks. I need the unlimited data. I’m sticking with T-Mobile’s most valuable plan: the $70.00 one.

  • mrast

    can somebody confirm if u send a pic message on this plan? it was asked below but not really answered.