Verizon is open to airwave swap


Over the past few weeks we’ve heard various reports on what VZW is planning on doing with its A-block spectrum. Rumors have suggested that both AT&T and T-Mobile are looking in to bidding for the available airwaves, with the magenta carrier having raised over $3 billion through various means, specifically to acquire more spectrum. We also know that Verizon isn’t willing to sell unless it gets a good amount for it.

According to a report over at Bloomberg, the company isn’t only considering a cash bid. It would also consider unused airwave licenses as payment. So, if someone like T-Mobile has unused spectrum that VZW would find useful and valuable, it would accept those airwaves as payment. Verizon and Tmo spokespersons both refused to comment on a possible deal. But it does beg the question: Does T-Mobile have any unused spectrum to sell, that Verizon would find useful?

The only issue with the A-block spectrum is that it does get interference from TV broadcasts on channel 51, which just so happens to cross in to the same frequency in a few locations. AT&T’s CEO, Randall Stephenson, commented on the situation, stating that “They’ve got to get the channel 51 interference cleared to make it attractive.”

Until VZW actually sells the A-block spectrum, or T-Mobile spends its billions on airwaves, we’re going to be hearing rumors on this potential purchase for some time.

Via: Bloomberg

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  • GinaDee

    Would interference mean any wireless carrier who uses the spectrum would have to use it at low power thus limiting the value of using it in rural areas?

    • Trevnerdio

      All TV broadcasts should have ceased. The band is now supposed to be used for mobile broadband, so I believe carriers would get first dibs.

      • Ver

        We get broadcasts on channel 51 in Los Angeles.

        • Trevnerdio

          Yeah, that’s why I said should. But companies are really slow on that front.

        • Nick

          Yeah I get it in Cincinnati on 22-1 (which is actually 51)

      • SouthernBlackNerd

        Channel 51 is adjacent to 700Mhz A, which is why it causes problems. The 700Mhz A spectrum, which was channel 52, has long been cleared. Tv Broadcasters were there first, so the FCC has given them the right to continue to broadcast, but that should change once the 600Mhz auction happens. Channel 51 will be cleared first, but of course, this mean TMUS is going to be the only carrier without lower band spectrum for some time.

    • SouthernBlackNerd

      No, Carriers cannot broadcast 700Mhz A in said areas as long as channel 51 is up. The FCC expressly forbids it. there is a map of all the areas that cannot broadcast 700Mhz A. The good thing is that channel 51 is going away. That bad news is that it won’t go away until the 600Mhz auction, which has been pushed back.

      Carriers could follow USCC footsteps and pay the broadcasters to move to another channel, but USCC only did that in one area before stopping, so it is probably not cost effective.

  • Chris

    lol, A-block getting interference from channel 51. A-51. Area 51.

    • Paul


      • Gerad Munsch

        3rd post in this thread.

        Half-life 3 confirmed!!

  • Nick

    Channel 51 broadcasts in my area as 22-1.

  • sushimane

    Doubt T-Mobile would do a money and spectrum swap they would rather buy it straight up they want all the spectrum they can get their hands on. Or maybe they just buy out us cellular for more spectrum.