Verizon is open to airwave swap


Over the past few weeks we’ve heard various reports on what VZW is planning on doing with its A-block spectrum. Rumors have suggested that both AT&T and T-Mobile are looking in to bidding for the available airwaves, with the magenta carrier having raised over $3 billion through various means, specifically to acquire more spectrum. We also know that Verizon isn’t willing to sell unless it gets a good amount for it.

According to a report over at Bloomberg, the company isn’t only considering a cash bid. It would also consider unused airwave licenses as payment. So, if someone like T-Mobile has unused spectrum that VZW would find useful and valuable, it would accept those airwaves as payment. Verizon and Tmo spokespersons both refused to comment on a possible deal. But it does beg the question: Does T-Mobile have any unused spectrum to sell, that Verizon would find useful?

The only issue with the A-block spectrum is that it does get interference from TV broadcasts on channel 51, which just so happens to cross in to the same frequency in a few locations. AT&T’s CEO, Randall Stephenson, commented on the situation, stating that “They’ve got to get the channel 51 interference cleared to make it attractive.”

Until VZW actually sells the A-block spectrum, or T-Mobile spends its billions on airwaves, we’re going to be hearing rumors on this potential purchase for some time.

Via: Bloomberg

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