HTC Exec Tweets That One Android 4.3 Update Pushed To Monday

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HTC One owners patiently waiting for their One devices to receive notification of a new software update will need to extend their patience till after the weekend. In a set of responses on Twitter, HTC America President Jason Mackenzie explained that an unexpected cause had pushed the update back till Monday.¬†Unfortunately, Mackenzie didn’t offer much in way of detail or reasons about¬†the delay, and obviously some of the Twitter responses were less than cordial with their verbiage.

In a move that might have been partly trying to smooth over the disappointment some One owners expressed over the delay, T-Mobile CEO John Legere tweeted that the Android 4.3 update will arrive “on your phones in the next few days.” Unfortunately, that’s the same language we heard from Mackenzie earlier in the week but at this point we’re at the whim of the powers that be to release the update to the T-Mobile world.

Till Monday!

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